Taking a Closer Look at the Third-Wave Feminism Movement...


Feminism is an ideology run mostly by women who view the world through what is known as the “progressive prism. In other words, if they don’t see ‘progress’, which to them seems to mean not being given what they asked for pronto, then they may decide to resort to ridiculous methods in an effort to attain it. Methods that, to people who aren’t on-board with their crusade, may seem more like ways to get attention. Milking the media phenomenon known as ‘sensationalism’ for what it’s worth.

Because, y’know- it should be crisp and clear to others that a group of adult women marching down the streets with blood stains on their trousers are obviously doing that as a progressive way of asking that sanitary products in female washrooms such as tampons/pads be free, right?

Taking a Closer Look at the Third-Wave Feminism Movement...

To me, this whole ‘feminism’ movement is a classic case of a group of people (in this case, of one gender in particular) never being satisfied with what they accomplish (better known as the victim complex). Especially if this group of people have been formerly oppressed, this may fuel them failing to ever be satisfied, even if they’re given what they ask for. I’m not trying to ding this on the ‘feminism’ movement, alone, nor am I trying to say that all women agree with this movement.

As a psychology student, however, I’m very much into analyzing the validity of people’s arguments and… this one is a bit of a dud, in my opinion.

‘I’m a real, strong woman.’

Well… okay, okay. Don’t let me impose on how you see yourself.

If you insist on push that particular aspect down my throat, though, let me first ask you-

How do you become strong?

How do people generally build strength? By having every little thing that annoys you removed, and being protected from the slightest inconvenience?

Taking a Closer Look at the Third-Wave Feminism Movement...

The way to become ‘stronger’ would be by having to endure and put up with things that are more of a struggle than anything else, and coming out (relatively) unscathed. You become objectively ‘strong’ by exposure and resilience. Not by being handed them on a silver platter.

You don’t become more tolerant by having the ‘right’ to reject everyone else’s point of view because not having things go your way hurts your feelings. To be perfectly honest, thinking that your way is the only way that anyone should be permitted to do things sound more like the thought process of someone incredibly narrow-minded. Maybe, as suggested by author Diane Elam, this is a side-effect of sorts of women being raised in a culture where gender equality is for the most-part attained, yet girls continue to be pelted with the idea that we 'deserve' more from a young-age, nonetheless.

That we should continue fighting for women's equality within the workforce/politics, in combination with modern-day or third-wave feminists seeming to be more focused on embracing differences in women (be it regarding orientation, skin colour, religion, etc.) world-wide). With the most recent wave of feminist's focus being less on political changes and more on individualistic identity (non-unified in their goals, to boot), this makes for a messy situation tough to make sense of;

Is there another kind of injustice committed when all discussions must revolve around "the problem of women" in history, science, literature, society, etc.? Feminism as thematic criticism (although I would not want to dismiss it's legitimacy altogether) tends to forget the variety of inflections of feminism. For some, feminism means equal pay, abortion rights, and a partnership in a law firm. For others, feminism means a celebration of women as separate and distinct from men. To others still, feminism is a subversive ideology used to undermine authority and create alternative power structures. There is no thematic identity to "woman" in these various arguments, which doesn't mean that feminism ought not to support them all in different contexts.

Taking a Closer Look at the Third-Wave Feminism Movement...

Lastly, just little tidbit to finish this up with something that I learned at school ages ago but, correct me if I'm wrong, does seem to ring true (especially in respect to the third-wave feminism movement, as mentioned above)-

Victim/martyr complex- Someone who displays a destructive pattern of behavior in which they habitually seek suffering or persecution as a way to feel “good” about themselves. Actively seeking out suffering or persecution because it either feeds a psychological need (maybe a way to get attention, for example), or a clever way to avoid responsibility.

Alas, what are your thoughts to third-wave of feminism? Do you feel like their goal to seek out equal rights of women in all minority groups, be it based on race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc., is valid? Do you feel like their method of working towards this is effective, and if not, what sort of alternative technique would you propose?

Taking a Closer Look at the Third-Wave Feminism Movement...
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  • Maypai
    I don't agree with third wave feminism one bit, and anybody who knows me, knows that. However, I do agree with feminism as far as women in third world countries not having their rights and minorities but that goes for females as much as males. The way you go about these things is how effective the outcome will be. I used to be a third wave feminist, which probably explains my hatred for the satanic movement, but after looking into what they called and stand for, I just can not agree with it. One thing that I hate about this form of feminism is the amount of work and ethics they try to remove from the females and place on the male. I don't see an issue with both males and females pulling their own weight despite what country they may live in. Third wave feminism does not call for that. This society already treats females a certain way, from a young age were have it easier than our male peers, so when we grow up we tend to have that still applied to us and expect it as well. I don't understand how privileged women in a first world country is going to complain about inequality when women. Again, the way a lot of third wave feminists go about things, they don't accomplish ANYTHING. I have never seen women (I don't even want to call them that) act in such undignified manner such as walking around on their menstrual cycle without any form of pad/tampon/period cup.
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    • kaylaS91

      amen! In theory, if you hear about it in passing, it's easy to respond with an 'ooh yeah. I'm totally down for equality'. Especially in third-world countries or countries where women are still hugely oppressed from driving or even being allowed to leave their house unaccompanied by a man for whatever reason'. Which is true, that I do hope that will one day be resolved. BUT trying to do that by penalizing men in first world countries and making them always get the short end of the stick is in no way going to fix the real issues that exist elsewhere.

      That basically just results with making a joke of what 'equality' even means, and by proxy, a joke of the movement in whole. 😑

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  • Anonymous
    To be honest, a lot of what people complain about with feminism is second-wave stuff. There's a significant lag between the leadership/academics and it working it's way into society. So second-wave feminists were taking over in government, and changing laws and things in the 80's, and the fallout is still happening. How courts handle children of divorce, the bias against men in terms of DV support shelters etc, anti-sex stuff, is all second wave driven still working its way through the culture.

    The third wave is more like a rainbow of conflicting opinions all trying to respect one another while not remotely agreeing on anything, beyond the white male patriarchy being bad.
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  • Wolfwarner
    I think that the pay gap between male and female is a joke. Of corse it exists but its not because employers conciously or even subconciously pay you less because you're female. For instance there are many jobs that are better fit for men (not saying wimen can't do it but they just in general arnt as good) for instance i work construction, now due to genetics males are inheritantly stronger than wimen thefefor in the construction field he will most likely be able to get more work done than a woman so i should pay him more because he is more valuable to me, but now say i come across a woman who just happens to be really good at construction (could be due to anything such as her being more precice knowing how to do more or being stronger/faster) i should pay her the same as a man who can do equal work as her. It is because of this that the pay gap exists and in socioty today it leans towards men. Second of all i dont give a fuck who you are, man, woman, gay, strait, bi, unidentified, tranny, white, black. Im going to treat you in the same manner as everyone else i think y'all need to just smoke a blunt get the fuck over it and chill the fuck out were all people so who cares how you identify your self. Also feminists, not all of you but some, noones trying to screw you over mmkay quit playing victim no one wants to hurt you start fighting for equal rights not the special treatment
    • kaylaS91

      ... I was in full agreement with your opinion in the first few sentences. The more I kept reading, the more blaringly obvious your inability to read the WHOLE FUCKING TAKE became.
      Next time, keep your opinion to yourself unless you're willing to actually read the piece you're trying to be a smartass on, k?

    • Wolfwarner

      No i did not read the entire thing but who really cares do i not hold tge right to speak my mind and share my opinion on a subject based off of the knowledge that i already have and not the long ass college fucking essay you wrote. I gave my opinion on the subject isn't that the whole point of this stupid fucking website anyways

    • kaylaS91

      ... of course you hold the right to make yourself look like an idiot. 👍

  • ADFSDF1996
    This is a pretty decent take. To answer your question, I think Egalitarianism is a much better alternative to feminism.
  • Library
    I don't think there is anything wrong with third wave feminism. I think their goal for equal rights of women in all minority groups based on race, sexual orientation, political affiliation etc. is valid because of intersectionality. It's the theory about how different types of discrimination interact. A black woman's experience of the world is generally not the same as a white woman's experience of the world. I don't know if their method of working towards their goal is effective or not. People should try to listen to them instead of ignoring them and marginalizing their issues. The Third-Wave Feminist movement should try to reach their goal by being reasonable, using professionalism and use evidence for their arguments.
    • Botchie

      I'm going to mostly agree on this. Everyone has different experiences and views of the world depending on a lot of social and economic factors. Which you'd agree with. Where I will slightly disagree is that people tend to only see the extremists voicing their opinions because they are the loudest. To paint a better picture, I'd like to use the analogy of Trump vs. Obama in calling ISIS radical islamic terrorism. Obama says that ISIS does not represent Islam in the same way that the third wave feminists say that the extremists aren't real feminists. On the other hand, the other side claims that they really are feminists just how ISIS claims to be muslims. Whether or not they are a member of said group depends on which side of the debate you are on. And that's basically why this post is asked. The asker is one of the "good" feminists who strives for equality while a lot of the guys commenting on here talking about feminism being cancer are focusing on the extremists.

    • kaylaS91


    • User107

      You lost your mind. There is no vast conspiracy in America against women. They are the most catered to group of people in this nation.

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  • jman46241
    What bothers me, in addition is the men that just fall right in line.. it's unfortunate, but I see it. It only fuels this ridiculous movement.. The fortunate thing is that most that seek more than they should have, end up getting more than they bargained for..
    • kaylaS91

      .. what?

    • jman46241

      Really? You don't think that some men indirectly cause other women to want more? I am not only agreeing with your take, but adding my perspective. Is that ok? Do you have a little attitude left over from my silly drinking question?

    • kaylaS91

      Some men indirectly cause other women to want more...
      Can't say I understand what you mean with that so I can't really say that I agree/disagree.

      What drinking question?

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  • bedroomdweller
    Modern feminism is cancer. No one has said it better than Milo.

    • Djaaaay

      Opinion owner. Yes... more than cancer !!

    • kaylaS91

      @Djaaaay lol @both of you thinking that making a mockery of 'feminism' without even attempting to make a valid argument against it. By putting some actual thought into it, at the very least.
      This is a classics case of the pot-calling the kettle black. You two look no better than the feminists. Maybe even more ridiculous because you're 'calling them out' on shit when your behavior is no better. 👌

    • Djaaaay

      Just ask us... that's all , what do you want to know?

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  • SvetlanaSavachenko
    I really want no part of being in the feminist movement. I prefer the way things were in the 60's before hanoi jane and her bra burning crusaders.
  • castratedwhiteguy
    Second wave feminism was the sin that destroyed western civilization. Third wave feminism is just the collectivist nutbags groping for any reason to justify their continued existence. Third wave feminism is a zombie apocalypse...
    • kaylaS91

      ... western civilization is destroyed? Do tell.

    • Haven't you been around kaylaS91, the whole country is falling apart

    • Thanks to feminism our families are breaking up and our birth rates are falling to extinction levels. This has led to the massive migrant invasion in both the US and in Europe. As a result, we're being overrun by third world hoards. If that isn't a slow motion collapse of civilization, then I don't know what is.

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  • front2back
    2nd wave is awesome though.

    The main idea of 3rd wave was that everything is "fluid" and that all gender problems could change with various factors. Not bad, but it became radicalized and that's the vocal group.
    • kaylaS91

      mhm. This take was mostly a bit of my picking apart the way that the third wave is going about trying to achieve their goals. Neither of which (method of getting there nor destination which they hope to arrive at) are clear.

      They've kind of lost sight of actually trying to increase gender equality and are just throwing everything into the mix, trying to create a more 'equal' lifestyle for:
      -women falling into the lgbtq
      -women who are of minority ethnic groups,
      -women who are living under the poverty line,
      -women who don't want to embrace their sexuality
      -women who do want to embrace their sexuality and find it empowering

      ... Kind of spreading themselves a bit thin in terms of what their cause really is as, in my opinion, each one of these groups are very individual in terms of what inequalities, advantages/disadvantages they face in comparison to the more 'privileged' chunk of the population (namely cisgendered, hetero males). 😑

  • MaiNameIsSunshine
    Generalizing is just the worst. I am a feminist and egalitarian. In my philosophy they are the same, and while agree that the ideologies of many are twisted, that's not all of us. It is irritating that people refuse to understand that.
    • QooLipBite

      Why can't you just be egalitarian... Why do you have to be feminist... And egalitarian 😂😂😂

      (Not tuning or attacking, genuinely just interested in what your answer will be)

    • @QooLipBite I'm not going to take that part off just because people feel negatively about it. When I say feminism I mean exactly what it was intended to be about, equality. Let me make it plain and simple, I am agnostic whereas the majority of my family is very Catholic, particularly my grandparents. Now I'm sure you understand how being agnostic works, you essentially choose to believe in God or not but you generally don't follow any set religion. I am not going to go to my family and pretend to be someone I am not just because some of them are under the impression I am a bad person or that I will go to hell. I am true to myself, and I will not change that because of the pure ignorance of others.

    • QooLipBite

      So you included 'feminisim' to intend equality?

      Why can't you intend equality by using only 'egalitarian'... If divine equality is what you truly mean to intend... Why not balance out with a 'Menism' to balance out the 'feminism' adding to 'egalitarian'... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • UnknownReflection
    It is a good take but i have my points to make toward it.

    -Actually 50 % of the information you have provided belongs to "The modernized" Feminism which is not part of Feminism movement at all. Some consider the phrase "Modernized Feminism" referring at the last wave which have an ending-starting from 90's. But it is not. We have a modernized Feminism which created out of the unknown. It suddenly adapted the society and the practices are unofficial and not part of the real identity of Feminism. Therefore, the "block quote" at the ending must be reconsidered, i mean if we suppose to express what feminism is really about, you have said Some believe this, the others that, and some other something else, that's true, but the only "argument" that belongs to feminism is "feminism means equal pay, abortion rights, and a partnership in a law firm" . The other ideologies are created by unknown individuals for personal agenda achievements. (For this matter i suggest you to take a small look to my "MyTake" regarding feminism. www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a33521-feminism-from-equal-pay-opportunity-to-armpit-hair-free-bleeding

    -In other paragraph, you have mentioned a quote from the author Diane Elam, don't take me wrong for my opinion because maybe i understood the meaning from another perspective and the author or you as the reflector of the quote could have another goal to accomplish. However, what i understand from this quote, is strongly similar to the argue "West reached the gender equality, spoiled people, look at other places, such as Middle East". There is a goal to Feminism, however, because the birth of the movement is the Western culture, the affect of the movement goes to it's own location mostly, adding the fact political decisions and categories stop the progressions to be global. But yet, Feminism trying to achieve the goal for all women worldwide, with that said, Because Western culture attained the equality at so many levels and countries like U. S, Canada, Germany, Finland etc. . reached firm amount of rights and involvements while in countries like Saudi Arabia people still fighting to have a full-right for driving and owning driver license. This is not a reason for West stop adapting more rights for women. We are not still there, women is still underrating because of the gender. Feminism should not stop till we reach a generation without thinking "Women? this is not built for women" "Women? let's pay them less" "Women? no i only make deal with men"
    • kaylaS91

      thankyou. :)
      Regarding your first point, I just occasionally said 'modern-day/modernized feminism' as anther way to refer to the third-wave of feminism. I'm aware that each wave, including the two preceding the current one, had different goals to attain and work towards in quite different ways as highlighted in a picture above.

      As by the quote by Diane Elam, she was just highlighting how girls today continue 'fighting for equality' in the same way their mothers or elder female would highlight for them to do. Meaning towards goals that have already been resolved rather than realizing that, if times have changed, so must your goal/method of attainment. I never said that the west should stop adapting more rights for women. Any women participating in third-wave activities, though, just have to update their agenda, + start working together with women across the globe to fight one issue at a time rather than spreading themselves too thin and mocking a bit of a mockery of their efforts.

    • I understood the points better. Thank you for the explanations. :)
      I am fully agree with you. Specially about the updated agenda, however, the main agendas must remain till it gets fully covered. The payment and opportunity. The result is not still as pleasing as it should be. But surely, we need to take step forward and come with new and correct agendas. When you said "Modernized" most likely in my mind the idea of the other side of feminism which are the wrong ones and out of real feminism loop came to mind! such as free bleeding. These are not feminism agendas. Just personal's agenda of certain people who wish to redirect the society's mind from the real purpose. So we must make sure if we want to step forward and find new agendas and goals to reach, they be really the ideas by seed of Feminism not other stupidity-childish movements who destroying the real image of Feminism.

  • vonasaurus
    i find that third-wave feminism has veered horribly from its original aim and now demonizes masculinity instead.

    i agree with your comment that "feminists" today are basically misandrists and professional victims... "hmm, how can i be offended today?"

  • ACrazyHaggis
    im personally not a huge fan with third wave feminism if im being honest i mean i believe that stuff like identity politics is kinda in itself a from of segregation within different types of people.

    With that and even being told as being a white male personally and sitting in a class room while in college and being told not to rape and how bad it is is kinda condescending to me when i had it done to me to be rather honest.
    O and how UK lad culture is bad also
  • Anpu23
    Good, my take. I've written extensively about feminism and feminist thought. I agree that it's toxic, and a cancer on society.

    To me feminism is defined by patriarchy theory. As to what can be done. Ultimately there is so much entrenchment that deconstruction should be first and foremost. Organizations that specializes in women's problems that directly disenfranchise men should be closely looked at. As a start.
    • Who's being disenfranchised? Most people who complain about "the white hetero patriarchy" don't really do anything about it besides spam facebook

    • Anpu23

      @frozenhorizon such people as domestic violence victims that are being arrested, or rape victims who are being prosecuted, or fathers who want their children in their lives or the legal language of domestic violence shelters for men being barred from government funding. I refer more to the big feminist organizations such as NOW or the International Womens Group, etc. The ones that help shape policy or directly effect funding.

    • Domestic violence victims being arrested? I feel like these people are all a very small minority

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  • DaddyRollingStone
    I think we should take feminism and flush it down the fucking toilet, but that's just my opinion. www.popculturebeast.com/.../taxi-driver.jpg
    • Jorge567

      Ha taxi driver reference... classic

    • @Jorge567 it's my favorite De Niro movie, although its a tight race

  • Dipsy
  • Phoenix98
    I took a good look at it multiple times, it's an obomination.
  • Browneye57
    A reasonable explanation. A lot of women don't support the extremism of this type of feminism. Certainly the men don't, and they're going their own way in droves because of it.

    Got any solutions? It's ruining a lot of people's lives and screwing up society in general.
    • kaylaS91

      thank-you, glad you enjoyed. :)
      Solutions, though? Not really. I think it's a bit dramatic to say that feminism is 'ruining a lot of people's lives' and screwing up society in general. That sounds like something you'd say based off of a sample consisting solely of the particularly whiney bunch online. A group consisting of men who have been wronged by women and, rather than using their broken hearts/bruised egos as motivation to act wiser the next time around and/or improve themselves as an individual as 99% of the population has been doing for centuries, and still is perfectly capable of doing (myself included).

      No. Instead of picking themselves up and moving on, they choose to resort to almost reflexively throwing out insults. 'Slut'. 'Gold-digger'. 'Feminism is cancer'.
      I wouldn't view men who call themselves as adults but back it up with temper tantrums pretty level with what I'd expect from someone cognitively equal to toddler as being in a position to give very valid critique.

    • Browneye57

      Ah well, surely there are guys that do that, although they have learned their lesson as well, and so you hear from the post-wall ladies, "where are all the good men". These poor women have squandered their youth either riding the cock carousel, or settling for some beta schlub, become completely bored to tears, and then dump and run or have an affair and blow up their marriage. FI tells them this is their right, it's all great, and they deserve to be happy. Only it's not quite working out that way, so we have a LOT of unhappy people of both genders, children being shuttled between to 'homes' and a plethora of other ills. Seriously, the children bear the brunt of this.
      So yeah, that's why it's dramatic, because it is. It's ruining the basic household of a 2-parent family where children have a stable environment to grow up in.

      Now we have the infamous 'single mom' that raises her sons to either be career felons or to be just like little girls. It's societal breakdown at it's finest.

    • kaylaS91

      nah. couldn't hear that over the bitch-men whining about where all the virgins or untainted women were. As they bragged about all the sluts they got their dicks wet with just that past weekend.

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  • PT1911
    It isn't GaG without the never ending feminism discussion lol.

    Tumblr and victimizaton complex, as you mentioned, pretty much hijacked the movement. They don't seem to care that other civilization still gold women in regard to less than that of cattle.

    • kaylaS91

      agreed. Frustrating as the more I read about this 'feminist' movement, be it blogs, forums like reddit, or even about the many movements to raise 'awareness for their cause', the more I feel like pulling my hair right out.

      Unfortunately, it's inevitable that you'll run in to it sooner or later, though. 😩
      (ps. regarding the victimization complex and more specific critique of the movement, I'm writing a take narrowing in on that atm so stay tuned!)

  • chigurl33
    The third waste of feminism invalidates opinions... like the whole boardroom thing. How can there be more women in the boardroom when they are so many women taking gender studies in college? Should a person just hand over their company to a person who does not share the same values and have the Same vision?

    They feel women are not qualified for their boardroom because they iare too emotional and you call him sexist? Make your own companies then and stop whining about the male made ones... I thought they were the patriarchy.

    Thanks for letting me get out my rant... nice take.
  • Djaaaay
    Lesbianism ) is the hidden agenda for feminism !! It's also rebellion against GODS authority.
    • Djaaaay

      Men... equality is what feminism claims just as in communism. Socialism is communism

    • Djaaaay

      Asker... And?

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  • GoodLuckCharlie
    I used to support feminism. Now, I don't because the number of feminazis who have disgraced the name of feminism is too high. I don't want to be grouped with those kinds of people.
  • User107
    Feminism has been the single worse thing for America. It has led to vast amounts of hatred between the sexes and most of the statistics and facts they use, are made up. The quicker feminism dies the sooner things gets better.
  • Nik1hil
    Hehe great to see another long time sexy user online!.. And been a delight to read this take!..
  • oddwaffle
    I don't know... as a sensible and wise man, I shall retreat to my bunker and watch the women going from cat fights into nuking each other. I shall emerge after the fallout.
  • ExperimentalMale
    Amen. Thank fuck there are girls like you out there.
  • Visaroth
    Personally I believe that sexuality gendercetc have little bearing on identity, sure they're a minor part. What ever happened to hobbies, interests and vocation being primary indicators of identity?
  • DooMguy

    "this whole ‘feminism’ movement is a classic case of a group of people (in this case, of one gender in particular) never being satisfied"


    Remove the pussy pass


  • lumberman9
    Original feminism was good, but now a lot of it nuts
  • Centurion20000
    Third wave feminists are toxic as hell for other people.
  • likitb4istickit
    Just more proof that not all "progress" and change is good.
  • Thisperson98
    Modern day feminism is cancer.
    • kaylaS91

      Can you back up your opinion with some actual reasons, though?

    • everydayfeminism.com/.../ complaining about something completely natural.

    • kaylaS91

      complaining about someone (regardless of gender) who sits completely splayed out=cancer?

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  • ThatonegirI
    Spot on take. I wish I could like it twice lmao
  • lumos
    Intersectional feminism ftw <3
  • carmeth
    meh... women should know their place.
  • kickme
    The 2nd picture is perfect!
  • Anonymous
    When I see a pile of dog poop on the sidewalk, the last thing I want to do is take a closer look. I know exactly what it is and I know it smells awful. It is composed of the waste and toxins left over from something that was once useful. It needs to be scooped up and put in the trash can where it belongs.

    Such is the case with third wave feminism.
  • Anonymous
    yeah fuck this feminism nonsense. its like the new fuckin race card. I get it 200 years ago shit wasn't the best for women. get over it and move on.
  • Anonymous
    Who cares the majority of kids grow up in broken households and chivalry is gone, no responsibility and no reason to get married, I'm pretty happy nowadays especially with the whole friends with benefits thing.
    • kaylaS91

      ... obviously you care enough to be posting in an attempt to justify your going against grain.

    • Anonymous

      I'm proud of it 😊

    • kaylaS91

      yup. sure.
      If you repeat it enough, you might start actually believing it. 👌

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    It's all 'political lesbianism', and nothing more... 'Feminism', in all three waves it has supposedly come in, has been nothing more than one of a myriad of tools, used by the state, to deconstruct traditional western values. People often point to Britain and the "suffreagette" movement in the early 20th century as a bastion of social and political reform regarding the political 'emancipation' of women within society... Emancipation for the wives of the upper-middle class and ruling elites maybe, but not for women in their entirety.

    Unfortunately much of the reforms that came for working and lower middle class women only came within the package of culturally subversive demagoguery, post-60's. Third wave feminazism is only designed to further castrate and emasculate primarily the white western male, and it has done so marvelously... Waxed chests, skinny jeans, unquestionning hipsters and bieber look-alikes trying to pass as young men is proving catastrophic to the cultural makeup and foundations of gender relations, and our ability to procreate stable householdss... It's all about population control, without direct genocide you see.

    This is coming from someone who is certainly well versed in one night stands... Something deemed as irresponsible by my ideologically conserative friendss...
    • Well, traditional western values were junk to begin with, but the replacement isn't good either.

      Are you serious this is about population control? lmfao what

    • If population control was a thing then why does the government give money to single parents

    • Anonymous

      @frozenhorizon Well first of all, I think its a hideous idea to label western values in their entirety as "junk" to be a little silly. Whilst even I can pick holes in them, we must not forget who we are, and our 'values', rooted primarily in ancient Greco-Roman and Christian enlightenment principles are a huge part of our collective cultural foundations - as much as I am not a fan of religion myself!!
      More so, I'm glad you agree that "the replacement" isn't good, despite casting my point out on population control as "tin foil hat time"... Let me make this clear...
      If (primarily) white western males, are so culturally, emotionally and physically emasculated by our modern cultural climate, how on earth do we breed stable households? You see, I also hate MGTOW, they blame women for everything, now they have their faults, but more often than not I've seen couples and families breakdown due to the woman realising she hooked up/married a male who's more of a woman than she is!

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  • Anonymous
    Nice article, learn to break up your sentences though. They can get confusing to read.
  • Anonymous
    Feminists can't be same. Just admit that. There are stupid sexist feminists and are good feminists. What i believe is there are still some things we have to change.
    • kaylaS91

      ... sure, no problem 'admitting' that not every feminist is the same. Not sure why you say that as if I've ever claimed otherwise?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Great take. I'm all for women have equal rights and equal pay. The only "feminists" that annoy me are the ones who say their gender roles and stereotypes must be negated but hold men to theirs. I don't know if those fall under third wave feminists but I can't stand those.

    Why is it though that in today's world when I see a woman as a self described feminist, I tend to think she might be a third wave one?
    • kaylaS91

      thankyou. :)
      As for why you assume that a girl who states that she's a feminist belongs to the third-wave... probably because just about everything the first two waves were fighting for has already been attained. We already have the right to vote, the bulk of reproductive rights lay in the woman's hand, so there's no reason to continue fighting, y'know?

    • Botchie

      @kaylaS91 Exactly! Everything I can think of has been accomplished for them. Now it seems like they are fighting for the extra advantages over equality. I can understand if they were to protest against the injustices on a case by case basis such as that college guy getting only 3 months after raping a woman, but all the "rights" have been obtained.
      I just look forward to the day when they hold up the other end of the deal about the "equality" they preach, such as male suicide rates. Domestic abuse victims of either gender as well.

    • kaylaS91

      @Botchie... what can women do about male suicide rates, though?

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