Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman


When we see a middle-aged woman and compare her to the middle-aged man we're socially programmed to see the imperfections the woman has - all of them, no matter how small are magnified on the female gender. The male gender revels in the fact they've never been valued or rated on the number of wrinkles, size of their pores or their sun spots.

Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman

These are a few reasons why it's socially acceptable to accept the older man, but not the older woman:

1. We're used to seeing woman's skin as perfect - rid of ALL imperfections and if she has any wrinkles she's not taking care of herself, she's not eating right or she has really bad genetics > While men's wrinkles we disregard entirely because that 'brings a certain charm to their faces'.

Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman
Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman
Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman
Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman

For the No.1 on this list; This is something that happens all the time. No exceptions. It's just what it is.


2. We've seen women slathered with foundation, photoshopped to anorexia and unachievable perfection, often times accentuating their physical attributes > While we see men get down into the dirt, slathered in oil, mud (distracting from the small imperfections) or simply photographed for the purpose of revealing their eyes - as the windows to their souls - emphasizing those wrinkles and making them seem more 'human' but still appealing instead of portraying them as physically perfect objects.

Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman
Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman
Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman
Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman

For the No.2 on this list; Now...I'm not saying this happens all the time, but this is what the portrayal of people started from based on society - and it's still the main focus of people's view of aesthetics...which is sad...but true nonetheless.


3. We're used to seeing women being portrayed as the objects > while men are the intellectuals ---hence their looks don't matter as much, because they have better things to do.

Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman
Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman

Almost constantly...seems like the world just feels bad giving women credit...


Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman

So, in conclusion, it is my feeling we should just accept ourselves for who we are, what we look like and live with it. We should always try to better our own lives with healthy food, exercise and moisturizing regiment, but we are all going to get those lines - life lines - and there's nothing any of us can naturally do about it.

Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman

*A lot of you have missed the basic point entirely. This MyTake concentrates on how people of the same age range are not accepted or even viewed in the same manner. Has nothing to do with 'fertility'.

Why the Aesthetic of an Older Man Is Socially More Acceptable than the Older Woman
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  • levantine99
    What a bunch of conspiracy nonsense. I bet even if all magazines were read only by women and the editors were all women, STILL women would be photoshop, and STILL women would be obsessed with their appearence.

    If you care so much about equality, walk around makeup and drama free as i do. still managed to get a husband. he wasn't a part of the ominous misogynisstic patriarchy that conspires against us i guess... .
    Is this still revelant?
    • As for the world having a hard time giving credit to women, man aces at NASA exams "meh, as expected of little nerd forever alone". girl makes a lukewarm environmental or feminist speech "you go girl! girl power!". I see noone persecuting women, especially seeing the way men are treated in the court and how heavier sentences they receive. Or how they are still supposed to be the dinner buyers, the bread winners, the initiators etc.

    • Sounds like wife material to me.

    • *I do walk around without makeup... and my goal in life isn't to be a wife, sorry.

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  • HorrorFan
    1. This is perpetuated by women, though. Women are the ones that airbrush/photoshop pictures, take a bazillion selfies until one comes out perfect before sharing it, wear tons of make up and even resort to plastic surgery.

    The issue is that women are hyper-competitive with other women. They aren't content with being merely attractive enough to get a partner. They seemingly aim to win a non existent award and simply HAVE to be known as beautiful. It's a complete obsession. Sure, men buy into it but only because it is the societal standard at this point.

    The main reason it's more acceptable for men to look older is because they simply don't give a shit. Men generally only aim to be good enough to not be alone. They collectively declare they don't really care, so it's a non issue from a societal standpoint because it's always been the norm.

    Women also value a lot of characteristics in an older man. More experience, both in life and in the bedroom, higher probability of financial stability, more mature, probably past the phases where they want to bang every female they can, etc.

    Men value female youth for both window of fertility as well as statistically less partners. This might seem unfair or whatever, but reality is reality.

    2. You are using examples that show a bunch of magazines that are completely directed towards women. Time magazine is in no way about someone's look and Esquire isn't trying to sell based on a man's looks. Men aren't competing with other men in any real, meaningful way in an effort to win the 'most handsome man' award like women tend to do.

    3. Women are portrayed as objects, not because its the demands of some evil partriarchy or whatever, but because the rabid hyper-competitiveness they have with each other.

    Marketing in general is much more effective when you can put yourself in the model's shoes. Hence, it uses the same sex in most of it's marketing campaigns. Attractive women appeal to other women and can assist in selling something to them in some way. Attractive men do not appeal to other men. You need to sell to us with ideas, thus what they look like doesn't factor into the equation as much.

    I agree with your conclusion, but most men simply aren't going to care enough and women aren't going to stop using whatever tricks and tools they have to convince everyone around that will look at them that they are beautiful.
    • cipher42

      1. The source of the issue isn't girls though. Maybe girl's participate, but the reason they do is because they've learned that that's what they're supposed to do. The issue here is that the media is sending these messages to begin with basically.
      2. Even men with wrinkles are considered handsome is the point. There's hard data showing that the media tends to present even middle aged men as desirable, but for women generally they stop being presented as attractive far younger.
      3. No? Women aren't objectified by themselves, they're objectified by directors, writers, and photographers.

      Basically, it's a complicated issue, and there's a lot of layers to it. Yes, women do perpetuate some of these things, but they're not acting alone, or really of their own accord. When these issues are perpetuated by women (and they aren't always- often it is the media/advertisers who do this as well) it's largely because women have been taught to act this way due to societal teachings.

    • Bobbyhill1

      @cipher42 and guys also have a lot of flack within the media in fact, now men are being displayed as undesirable or not needed in many media outlets. You are just complaining about your problems and acting like you are the victim when men also face the same thing you do. Who gets fat shamed the most? Why are there no plus sized modeling for men? why do we have to be unrealistically ripped like you have to be a tooth pick runway model?

    • cipher42

      @Bobbyhill1 That's not relevant. You want to have a conversation about negative portrayals of men? Then go do that, don't try to usurp a conversation about something else. Also, you're just objectively wrong about overweight men having less representation than overweight women. According to this study: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1447967/ about 24% of men on tv are overweight or obese, as compared to about 14% of women. And that's not even factoring in the fact that there's more men on TV to begin with.

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  • AleDeEurope
    Well, you're the only ones to blame. If you can't even go to buy some bread without putting make up on, what do you expect? You lie to everyone about how you look, so of course they're gonna be more put off when you look different than how you've been presenting yourself.
  • Mrwoo99
    Biology says women are valued for youth, beauty and fertility (20's) which is always on constant decline since there beauty keeps on fading year by year. Reasons why women should trade up their party years (whoring) in their 20's to find a nice caring loyal guy.

    You can whine all you want cupcake, you can't change thousands years of evolution. Women are depreciating assets that hit the wall and plateau in their mid 30s when all those love handles kick in. Men's paper value increases overtime since we look distinguished, attain resources, dating age range increases and develop solid game.

    Don't worry though chin up! women can be still attractive and earn more browny points if they behave obedient and make a great sandwiches :). Men age like wine... women age like milk. Awww such a privilege to be male.

    • Mrwoo99

      Just thought I'd add this as well to prove my point on the female biological clock. Here's my motto; Nice guys are the ones who eventually finish first... its women who are the ones that finish last.


    • No they are not. Most nice guys either get desperate and wife up a girl who in her 20's wouldn't give him a chance or end up bitter, cynical about women and use escorts or some variation of it.

    • Mrwoo99

      @BubbleBoy69 Keep the old hag then to cook and clean for you while you sleep with escorts... best of both worlds then lol

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  • 0112358
    Because fertility. We don't find young looking women attractive because we're conditioned to it, we find young women attractive because they are more fertile as a group. If female fertility didn't decline with age, we would have evolved to find older women just as attractive as younger ones.

    Also, when women complain they are 'only appreciated for their looks, while men are appreciated for their accomplishments', that's a stretch. Most men are not appreciated at all and are ignored by society (though they may have quiet personal relationships). We value men with accomplishments for those accomplishments. It's also true that women who are very attractive also get attention. But for -most- of those women, if they weren't attractive and were male, they wouldn't be valued for some other thing - they'd be invisible. When women get older and complain they become invisible, it's sort of like 'welcome to the world of men, where if you're not a big success or very funny, you're invisible'. I say mainly true, because there IS a reality that even successful women get judged on their looks. But while they are judged on them more than men, I question how much that matters. Because if we're discussing a successful woman being not that attractive, yes, we might not have that conversation about a man, but clearly it did not prevent her from being successful.
  • Tanuron
    can't say I agree, like who is these people who supposedly look down upon women for having wrinkles and what not or who dont accept them?; I never met anyone, but I do know women in genral sadly like to put other women down, so without doubt if anyone do, its most likely women, while if its about acceptance from the opposite gender, it has ALWAYS been far more accepted than not. Like who are these supposed perfect people again too?, I never met anyone in real life who have the "perfect" skin, face, wrinkle free etc that you talk about. No person at all, is without body "flaws" although not flaws in my opinion, basic human looks. Not a single person either really think of their body as perfect, certainly not any women for example that I have met, may look "pefect" to other women for example, but to themselves its never good enough, its always "flaws".

    And who also again though contribute to these skewed images that society may or may not affect you, since example is a woman on a magazine, she choose to be there, she choose to do this. A woman again who contribute to these fake/false images, but this common for men too though naturally, but its silly again really, cause guys dont really care about other guys looks, so the irony is that it would be a lot better if women in general stopped caring so much about looks.

    Women can age very well, like any other, all depends on the invidiual, both my parents look way younger than they are for example while other people who are even 20 years younger look way older. I never really seen any signs at all that society supposedly dont accept older women or not as much as older men. There are naturally a lot of women again though that would want and prefer a "man", so in that sence its more likely that many older men can get desired in general, since pretty much no women wants a "boy". Guys in general again, the taste and acceptace is kinda all over, young, old, slim, thick, busty etc. Some care, most dont really, although perhaps better to say, is that its always an equal amount or more amount of guys who accept women in all shapes or forms, than vice versa. I never met any woman for example who would want, desire or would be completely fine with being with a guy who is fat, vice versa I know like 8 couples in real life where that is the case and a whole lot more of men who even prefer or completly accept that.
  • curiousnorway
    I thinks it's individual who's good looking and who's not. Some people age better than other. It's genes and lifestyle that affects the aging. I've seen both men and women who aged good, and I've seen men and women aging baldy. So I thinks both genders can age good and bad. It exists women who prefer young looking guys (20 - 30) and women who prefer older looking guys. Same with men, some prefer young looking and other prefer older looking women.
  • reixun
    Old people are old, they aren't meant to have sex appeal to me tf. I don't find george cloony hot or any of the old "studs". Why? Because they've all got dad bods. College age everyone is the most attractive.
    • I think men tend to take care of their appearance more in their middle-aged, where as women are prime in their 20's.

      There is a major difference in appearance for "college age" people.

    • reixun

      @EnglishArtsteacher Not so much, women and men who take care of themselves look equally as good in their middle ages. See the Rock and Taraji b Henson

    • Some examples, yes. But I know many young men who look like total slobs, and don't even care.

  • dudeman
    well I think you missed the big picture here. women main value to men is her ability to have children. age shows she is no longer of value to anybody other then her family.
    • Mrwoo99

      Fertility decreases with age, thus they look physically unattractive. Women in their 30's know they have competition with young beautiful women reasons why they end up settling with unattractive men or being alone with dozens of cats.

    • Extremely harsh but accurate.

    • well said

  • Warmapplecrumble
    I think men can't be bothered to put up with demands of media wants... but women we like to please everyone... so we buy into it more.

    Now because all women try to look younger... we automatically think there must be something wrong with the older ones. And here a new cycle begins.

    We as humans are very habitable and we like to not deviate from the herd mentality.
  • Jorge567
    TBH men are pretty much tossed aside in teens and early 20s It's obvious especially with all the questions on here of women loving men who are older or 5-6 years older etc, in a woman's words once to me, "women don't like me because i look like a child with a pizza face, yes that was said to me. As I got older I noticed that women pay more attention to you especially as a guy around 30 years old. A lot of guys remain single though and never get a girlfriend and I believe this ties in because women have their pick of men when they are 18-30, I have had women literally be rude outright or ignore me as if I am garbage and they are royalty. But as I got older and I was settled I lt seems the more attractive I become and I feel that the tide shifts when men are around 30 because women start paying attention to men like me and then talks of settling down and marrying or having kids come up where 10 years ago these same women would've never looked at me, but like I said I thing it's just a shift where the ball in the court shifts from women to men, you see some women that post a picture on facebook and instagram and you have 100s sometimes 1000s of men of different ages races religions cultures trying to woo her or get her number. It is what it is and then you see a lot of men who are established career wise on social media around 30-35 who have 100s of comments from women saying he's perfect or in their words "perf" it is what it is.
  • candyaurora
    Firstly I dont find older men (5 or 6 years older than me) attractive or a husband material. Secondly you will see many older women looking gorgeous as compared to their male counterparts.. for that you have to look outside the "all supreme" white race, for instance google Gabrielle Union, Mahnoor Baloch or any Asian actress. Thirdly for all those saying that men remain fertile or virile throughout their lives should check out this link which states: "The risk of miscarriage is twice as high for women whose male partner is aged over 45 than for those whose partners are under 25." https://yourfertility.org.au/for-men/age/ Fourthly it has also been biologically proven that men have lower life expectancies than women so women should marry guys 5 or 6 years younger than themselves if they dont want to raise fatherless kids. So my conclusion find a partner within 5 or 6 years age difference to yours and you would be fine!
    • "Firstly I dont find older men (5 or 6 years older than me) attractive or a husband material."

      Speak for yourself. Every since I've hit my 20's, I've had so many underage girls flirt with me (And most guys in our age range tell me the same thing). Females tend to find older guys more attractive. I think it's because we're seen as "more mature", and seen as ready to "settle down."

    • @EnglishArtsteacher perhaps in your culture not mine.. where it is not socially or religiously acceptable for a guy to sleep around whether he is in his 20s or 40s. So a guy is ready to settle down as soon as he gets a good job (most do so in their late 20s!). Plus maturity is not in any way related to age. I have seen 40 yo behave childishly and 20 yo acting mature. So it is just cultural and societal mostly And you may find many commitment phobes in late 40s too!

    • Wow Gabrielle Union i'd have guessed was in her 20s by her pictures same with Mahnoor Baloch they have aged really well.
      Though I hate having a lower life expectancy.

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  • BruceJender
    "When we see a middle-aged woman and compare her to the middle-aged man we're socially programmed to see the imperfections the woman has "

    Horse shit.

    It's a question of biology, not "social construction".
    • lumos

      Back up that claim with some scientific sources then.

    • @lumos As opposed to posting a quote without any sources?

      Burden of Proof is on OP.

    • lumos

      You're the one who made the claim that it's biology. So prove it.

  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    There's nothing wrong with that illusion. The question is: why are dumb s*** females looking at these old prunes and thinking they somehow level up when they score a closet hebophile? Seriously, you're going to outlive him on average, why risk the lonleiness? And young bucks your age don't want you back when you reject them for used goods. Shit girls, he may be a survivor, but likely he survived by not taking risks other better men did.
  • LoloWaye
    Just another reason I hate biology to be honest. Older women are just as attractive as older men. It makes me angry when I see men downing older single women because they "hit the wall" and they'll never find a good man. FYI you'll never find a good woman with that attitide. Ugh.
    • Mrwoo99

      You should trade in your party years to nail a nice guy for long term before those love handles kick in sweet cheeks. Women in there 30's are unattractive because they become infertile. Men age like wine... women age like milk.

    • LoloWaye

      @Mrwoo99 I wonder how I'm exactly supposed to find a nice guy when the men my age want to fuck everything in sight or have no confidence in themselves. And I don't want an old man, he'll die before our kids are grown.

    • Mrwoo99

      What do you mean guys want to fuck everything in sight? lol

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  • 10dsw
    Well... why is the aesthetic of a younger woman socially more acceptable than the aesthetic of a similarly young man?

    Same question.

    I think you're just worried that you're hitting the big 3 0 and men stop paying heed to that age =P
  • raspberry0416
    If you train yourself to look at women as HUMANS and not as objects, it helps a lot. The photoshopped images of young attractive women are there to sell products. It's no secret that sex sells, but reducing women to just that is a mistake.
    • I think i agree with this I find there are plenty of very attractive older women mahnoor baloch for example.
      and i use adblock and don't like regular ad field and less convenient tv vs the on demand ad free netflix , youtube , and just reading articles.

    • So i dont see may of the photoshopped images just actors doing things.

    • amphet11

      Women are innately sex objects, as 1% of men can knock up 100% of women, thus 99% of men are superfluous to reproduction. Shit even "straight"(there is no such thing as a straight women) are more aroused by the female body than the male body indiana.edu/.../Chivers_Seto_Blanchard_2007.pdf (Scientific proof of that statement).

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  • BubbleBoy69
    It's because the genders value things different in each other and it shows. Men value youth, beauty and kindness because men want healthy children and a woman who will be a good mother to them. While women often care more about how much a man makes and his height both of which relates to protection for her (and her possible child) and ability to provide for them. Kindness is not necessarily a big concern to women as it is to men.

    Overall older men are more accepted because older a man gets he often acquire more money/status both of which are desirable to women. The older a woman gets 2 things that men value in her decreases: beauty and fertility (woman loses about 90% of the eggs she was born with by the time she turns 30).
    • LoloWaye

      I need my man to be kind 😣

  • Browneye57
    Because the primary attraction of a woman is her youthful appearance.
    In a man you can throw success in there, money, power, graying, wrinkles, and he's still sexy.

    So if men age like fine wine, women age like milk. It's a horrible imbalance. Who want's old pussy? [shrug]
  • Metlahaed
    I personally love women in their 40's and 50's. So, yay for me!

    But yeah, men also tend to age better only because they look more masculine, rugged, the same wear and tear doesn't play well into stand beauty norms. Guys of any age usually think girls are hottest at 22.
    • I don't see how 22 is any different from 20-29 really. Once you hit 20, you basically age by decade. I saw that study, and they probably did an AVERAGE of ages, and the number was 22, but I can ask any guy, and they can't differentiate between 22 to 24, 26, etc.

    • Metlahaed

      @EnglishArtsteacher Yeah, I thought that was a given.

  • JohnDoe3000
    It's not social conditioning: older men are still fertile, that's why they're seen as more attractive. With young people it's the other way around.
  • j8k322597
    its in our DNA. younger women are more attractive because they are more fertile. we can't help that. #sorrynotsorry
  • amphet11
    Women are sex objects, men are success objects! Hey at least men like women for gender specific traits and can actually be considered heterosexual unlike women. Anthropologists say women don't even have a sexual orientation, just an amorphous mess based on narcissistic sexual self affirmation.
    • amphet11

      Girl it's all biological not enforced by society, i can go far deeper, bateman's principle etc. this is basic biology.

  • AriadneSky
    just bc people look at something a lot does not explain why its acceptable.

    Why is it acceptable- bc Women accept it. wen you accept things they become acceptable. if women did not accept it no one would have a choice but to get used to real women. which many people are by the way. most people dont live with their head in their ass and their eyes glued to reality tv loosely called.

    it not like life just happens to people. there's no magical force that makes us see certain things and not others. you want to be accustomed to real women look at real women.

    i dont find wrinkles attractive on men. i dont look a magazines or watch tv. women i see are real as are men. wrinkles are not great but a part of life. thats reality. everyone looks their best in their twenties.

    rationalize it 100 ways, it changes nothing. aesthetically people are best in their 20s. personality wise they are the worst in their twenties. life is full of trade offs.
  • Intraluminal
    I agree with your central premise, that we should accept ourselves and others for what we are. That said, the reason men are accepted at older ages asmen, is that they can continue to function reproductively as men.
  • TuMeManques
    I think this is a great take. It's silly that society views women this way. Hopefully it will change one day but I doubt that day will be soon. I hear all the time "you're pretty... for your age" "you're sexy... for being 37" really? Is that a compliment or an insult because I'm not sure.
    And it's almost laughable when I hear guys age so much better than women. I see so many middle aged men with gorgeous wives close to their age. The women try so hard to maintain and the men don't seem to notice or care that they look bad. 🤔

    Bring on the downvotes men...
    • Mrwoo99

      Oh yeah whatever save your tears darling... save your tears. You might be able to fool mangina's, white knights and simps but not red pill men. Play the victim card all you want, us mgtow know its just a tool in a women's arsenal they use against men. I was going to actually say something quite awful that people might of found amusing and reply to your other comment but I thought nah best not she's already got it going bad with her looks depreciating and her sexual market plummeting an all, best just leave her be.

      I'm not a cruel person, even Mrwoo the local misogynist and chauvinistic bastard has a heart.

    • @Mrwoo99 meh, I'm married with 2 kids, still pretty hot, still have sex daily so you and your red pill go have fun together because I have nothing to cry about.

    • Djaaaay

      Opinion owner. You know , I'm going to agree with you alittle bit on this. It is bad that society does look down on some women this way , especially from some men. In my life I've been attracted to those who display wisdom along with great characters and a great personality all in one. I find that in older women , they tend to age according to thier ability to maintain thier aesthetics and find beauty throughout thier character and personality as they get older. To me , it's the same as a paint job on a car , with environmental damage collecting on it. It's just a shell we live inside of. Now I do care about myself , and try the best I can under my circumstances to maintain as I can also. So I do see your point in all this somewhat

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  • sedrftvgyhujik
    It's a generalisation not a rule take the 2nd from last pic the woman aged vastly better than the guy.
    I think men and women both look better as young adults.
    • When you have less wrinkles more hair no potbelly more toned body.

  • cross98
    this is true. i've realised this with people like jennifer lopez versus george clooney. people love george clooney for his looks as well as his acting career. non the less, i've only really known j-lo for people hyping her body, not saying i didn't know her singing career, but its not always spoken about. however, i remember j-lo along with other older women dating younger guys have always been trashed and would always mention the line of divorces they've had and automatically blame them for why their husbands left. unlike clooney, who has married a girl that is 38 while he is 55 and he didn't get much if non at all criticism for it but just people saying "congrats".
    • Tony1974

      Talk about false equilency. J-Ho is a no talent hack whose ass is 10X better looking than her face... She can't sing or act ; all she knows how to do is shake her money maker. She's a home-wrecking, selfish POS.
      George has several Oscars and has been nominated many other times. He's been a bachelor the vast majority of his life, playing the field with class and doesn't have any baby-mommas or broken homes in his wake. FYI - marrying vs. just slumming around like J-ho. I hear she's on to Drake. I wonder how long it will take before he dumps her

    • cross98

      @Tony1974 mkay tony. have a nice day

  • yourmom89
    more propaganda from this user, of course

    I've got news for ya, it doesn't matter who's older. age is nothing but a number

    my mom and dad prove it
  • Scrambledagain
    Luckily for men, women are attracted more to what a man can offer, rather than a man himself. So looks don't really play a part. #hughhefner
  • normalice
    i think girls are more interested in 'facial expressions' than 'face,' for example..
  • Chief16
    Its just a stigma.
    Younger women who marry up tend to be compensating on professional life. Are in general immature.
    Now the story with people who date someone about their same age is that they really have to work, but the payoff is very rewarding. These people are most likely to find the best partners for life. But are also most likely to break up before that happens. High risk, high reward.
    And if you're like me, someone who prefers older women. Then the same as first case is true. Older single women tend to be more successful, or at least as successful as men their age. So it becomes hard to find someone who's more successful than them while dealing with aging. So they have a downtrend in dating beyond that point.
    Where as for men, who've attained financial stability at that point of their lives, its a no brainer that most will date younger women, as they tend to be less mature and lower on expectations compared to older single women.
  • RasmusAiken
    Remember that almost without exception all of those magazine covers have been severely PhotoShopped.
  • Zorax
    After I saw the picture of Hilary Duff in shorts - I forgot what I wanted to say, great photo... I mean Take :P
  • Wwwyzzerdd
    This argument completely disregards the FACT that men are photoshopped and presented as sex objects by media in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY WOMEN ARE. Go to the store right now and not only will the magazines have airbrushed women but men too. Disproportionaly the men will be wearing fitted suits, expensive watches, $500 sunglasses, driving a $100,000+ sportscar... It's just different portrayls of the same thing. Men have no value unless they are rich, powerful and sucessful. All of your pictures used as evidence support that so you are comparing apples to oranges when the subject matter is their sexual value, how attractive they are based on social norms.
  • LogicBomber
    Women wear make up through their youth and cover up all imperfections, then when they can't hide them anymore, the difference between before and after is striking. Women have created a fake "beauty" with makeup and we have grown accustom to it. Where as men don't wear makeup and you have never been lead to believe we can look any other way so there is no false look to men.
    Like if we never had dentist fixing peoples teeth, our standard for teeth would never have become perfect white and straight, because that image would never have become a reality.

    But in regards to people of the same age being accepted or viewed the same... Young women are treated like royalty for the early part of their life while boys are treated like parasites generally... so it's simply that females start at one end of the acceptance track and males on the other, we both meet in the middle (about 30ish) and switch places.
  • Ovidiu-Nicolae
    They are just because they want to and media provides sexy and erotic just because it sales better
  • dolemite68
    "women have what men want when they are young, men have what women want when they're older" thats why lol
  • yotes-of-472
    Older men can still bring forth children. Many older women are extremely limited in her fertility.
    • Nobody looks at an 80 year old man and thinks, "now that's the absolute epitome of virility". Older men usually aren't reproducing, nor are they expected to. The fact that they CAN reproduce longer than women can has nothing to do with the fact that wrinkles are a flaw on women but not on men.

    • Plus, women can begin to get wrinkles as soon as their early 20s, depending on their skincare routine, stress levels, genetics, etc. Wrinkles aren't actually a sign of infertility.

    • @samhradh_leannan
      Yes but it is acceptable for wrinkled men to reproduce but not wrinkled women. People sadly astute attractiveness as applying more to women when being fertile than they do men and mainly on appearance.

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  • DizzyAster
    I don't even think this take is universally acceptable.
    This is all speculation and subjective.
  • Mr-Kabuki
    cause they look better. simple. we like things that look good
  • TheDevilInside
    That's patriarchy for you.
    • Pure Biology and Nature's own thing... Not Patriachy. Any small thing you call patriachy... Go and blame the nature that made it that way. Beauty is an attribute to women... But unfortunately; nature has it that as a woman ages, so was her beauty as well as fertility. And if the beauty fades away, so was a man's attraction for that woman. You don't have to blame us, 'cause we are so engineered biologically to be captured by a vibrant, young and a beautiful body.

      But as it is.. it is not actually so in the case of a man because even at 40 men even began to rock in handsomeness adding to the stylish rinkles which are boasters as in the pics above.

    • Mrwoo99

      @TheCreativeMan I think men around 40 just need to hit the gym regular, eat healthier, have some resources and dress smart to get access to young beautiful women. Men that are married and in long term relationships tend to become unattractive around 40s because they get lazy, stressed and most of their income is taken away from the woman they're with and kids but when your single your stress free, have money and no choice but to stay healthy if you want to attract women. An if you want quick sex just get model escorts while your building yourself back up again after relationship.

    • Think I'm interested in your blabbing around, blue users? That's my opinion. Go write your own and get out of my hair

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  • Liisjak
    We age better.
    • Except you don't. I see more middle aged men that have let themselves go than women tbh.

    • @TuMeManques we age better.

    • Mrwoo99

      @TuMeManques... we age better

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  • Blitzkrieger
    yeah we get it, just wear make up.
  • ElissaDido
    Nice! Totalky agreed !👍🏼
  • Eternallylucky
    They are seen as the dominant sex
  • kickme
    there is no woman over 30 for me