Planned Parenthood and Their Advocates Have Been Lying to You


Many women believe they could walk into their local Planned Parenthood clinic and get prenatal care when they need it. Hell, there are many women for years now who have gone up on stage to tell you that. Knowingly or unknowingly...they lied to you by and large. If you haven't seen the video already, then here you go. It's a little over 3 minutes so don't worry it is a short video. This really exposes the lie that is often parroted, even by a good number of women on here:

Again. I don't doubt that there are a lot of women out there that weren't aware it is a lie. But now you do, only 5 out of 97 clinics that were called offer prenatal. This lie is ever clear in this video especially when it gets to the clinic in my home town Virginia Beach, VA where the answering machine outright says they offer prenatal care, but when a person finally answers the phone they tell the woman calling that they do not offer prenatal care. Several clinics even say no Planned Parenthood in their state offers that and that they specialize in abortions.

Planned Parenthood and Their Advocates Have Been Lying to You
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  • Anonymous
    Many times over the years. PP has been great for those who really have needed it. PP was actually a life savor.
    However, in the last year or so, maybe longer which I never knew, taking a baby at full term for body parts when being aborted, and I no longer have respect for them.
    De-fund them, like Mr. Trump is doing. They are the devil in red.
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    • rjroy3

      It's been much longer than that. I haven't watched that old video, but you're talking about the one they sold baby parts?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and this is why I am so against them. xx

    • goaded

      "A Houston grand jury that had originally been investigating allegations of criminal misconduct by Planned Parenthood has — in a surprise move — instead indicted two people involved in making videos that provoked those allegations.

      David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were both indicted on felony charges of tampering with a governmental record. Daleiden was also charged with attempting to purchase and sell human organs, a misdemeanor."

      Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong, but the video makers did.

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  • Waffles731
    Yeah, cause offering abortions to people who can't afford it is just criminal and using our ta... oh wait, its on the books saying they can't use federal funding by law to fund abortions, oh wait, life doesn't begin with conception and getting rid of a bunch of cells is totally fine.
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    • rjroy3

      Sounds like someone fundamentally missed the point of the video and post in general.

    • actually it sounds like he just doesn't care for that. As neither do I.

    • rjroy3


      He cared enough to comment. As you did as well. Feel free to move along *waves*

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  • OlderAndWiser
    Many on the left truly believe that the end always justifies the means, so - in their mind - it is okay to lie for a good cause.
  • goaded
    Another deceptive video, how nice.

    "The Live Action video is based on the implication that Planned Parenthood claimed to provide prenatal care services at all of their facilities, or that the organization was misleading the public about how often it provides these services. However, that simply isn't the case: [...]
    “It is safe to say that not every single one of our health centers provides prenatal care, and we’ve never said otherwise,” Ms. Carter said. [...]
    Ms. Carter said that “100 percent” of the organization’s health centers would provide what would be considered an initial prenatal visit, which would include a referral for further prenatal services that would be available elsewhere."

    "It should be noted that the organization's web site states that "Planned Parenthood health centers focus on prevention: 80 percent of our patients receive services to prevent unintended pregnancy," and that Live Action chose to compare prenatal services (approximately 17,000 in 2014-2015) to abortions (more than 300,000) for this video, which gave the misleading impression that Planned Parenthood rarely provides reproductive health services other than abortions. In reality, Planned Parenthood provides more STD screenings (4,218,149), contraception services (2,945,059), and cancer screenings (682,208) than they do abortions."
    • The instances of prenatal care are about one twentieth the abortions performed. They also do other services, however the point OP is trying to make is that Planned Parenthood has always lobbied for money and support based on it's massive "prenatal care services" which even this article points out is not that significant. Even it's other services are well in excess of prenatal care.

      So basically "We need PP because of its prenatal care" is a lie used to garner support and money. Shocker biased political groups lying to get money.

    • rjroy3

      Just now seeing this.

      My only issue with that snopes analysis is that the video didn't suggest that PP offered prenatal care at all facilities. They suggested that PP and their advocates presented it as if prenatal care was a predominant part of the services they offer, when it isn't. Which is why they showed clip after clip of women talking about the massive importance of Planned Parenthood and the reasons they gave included, "Prenatal Care". When the reality is there is a minute number of clinics that offer it.

      Watch the video for the wording they gave. They didn't say or suggest that it was stated "all" clinics have it and that they lied. The people in the video makes they claim PP and advocates suggest that it is a major service included at most locations, which is false.

    • rjroy3

      This is kind of like when someone says, "we have to be concerned about Islamic Extremism" and the response to that is , "It's not ALL Muslims!".

      Well... they never said ALL anything. They suggested that it was merely an issue with some. In this instance it's similar. Snopes is responding with NOT ALL, when the video never made the claim that all PP clinics were saying they offered it.

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  • Cccgala
    I legit laughed when the holding message just said prenatal care is offered when the phone agent told the caller that they don't offer such.

    Oh, I see. There's a discrepancy between the advocacies and the actual services offered.

    Planned Parenthood is a misnomer.
    • rjroy3

      That was pretty funny lol. And that's my hometown. I almost want to ask around to find out who that woman was on the phone XD

  • AleDeEurope
    Yep, PP is bullshit. I support abortions, but you can't call yourself "PLANNED Parenthood" when you don't even offer prenatal care.
    • rjroy3

      I'm for limited abortion myself, but yea. The problems with this are clear. Several clinics specifically saying, "abortions are our specialty. Oh and we don't offer prenatal care"... while the public message clearly states they offer prenatal care and that no tax dollars pay for abortions. Even if it's true they don't use tax dollars on abortion we're all still supporting what they do with the power of our dollar. When people were pissed about the owner of Chic Fil A's views on marriage Chic Fil A was boycotted and people voluntarily chose not to offer them their money because of it.

      What do anti abortion people do about Planned Parenthood? They don't give a shit they already got your money. You're literally supporting them whether you choose to or not. That would be like giving tax dollars to the KKK if they offered a public service. "Yea, we used to lynch black people. But the new KKK movement is a movement for change and betterment of our local communit

  • Red_Arrow
    Planned Parenthood's web site states that "Planned Parenthood health centers focus on prevention: 80 percent of our patients receive services to prevent unintended pregnancy," Nothing deceptive there. They also offer some prenatal care at some locations, but usually not, since that is not their focus. However, most of the sites that do not offer prenatal care do provide a list of local providers who do.

    The very name, Planned Parenthood, makes it clear that they offer service to avoid parenthood if you are trying to avoid it until you are ready... "planned". Again, no lies there. @goaded stated it well in his opinion here. And these voices on the phones could have been anyone. Since the group that made the video was so deceptive and misleading with its out of context quotes, I do not doubt that these "phone calls" were made up. (Kind of like most Trump "facts").
    • rjroy3

      You sound like a conspiracy theorist

    • Red_Arrow

      So anyone who looks at the facts (what is on the website that Planned Parenthood is actually saying), doubts the legitimacy of what a group is saying when it conflicts with what what other sources show to be the truth, and does not drink the Kool Aid of a Trump "cultist" is a "conspiracy theorist"? LMAO!!!

    • rjroy3

      I'd imagine you'd have more depth of thought. It sounds like conspiracy for a couple reasons. Like

      " And these voices on the phones could have been anyone. Since the group that made the video was so deceptive and misleading with its out of context quotes, I do not doubt that these "phone calls" were made up. "

      You've clearly already come to your conclusion about the matter, when you don't know they were deceptive. If you listen they outright said they called 97 Planned Parenthood offices and only 5 offered prenatal care. And at least 3 of those offices told the girl calling that no PP in their state offer prenatal care. So when you said,

      "They also offer some prenatal care at some locations, but usually not, since that is not their focus. However, most of the sites that do not offer prenatal care do provide a list of local providers who do."

      You missed the fact the basis of their claim was that PP and their advocates pretend prenatal care is a major part of it and it's not.

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  • godfatherfan
    So your just a replublican bullshit peddler. Sorry, the good planned parenthood does helps thousands of women and children a year. So even if your one of those closed minded individuals that doesn't believe in the right to your own opinion, and the woman's right to do what she chooses with her body, you can't argue against it. We have a complete waste of a human being that was put in office by an outdated election system. he was NOT elected president. He lost the election. He was elected by the electoral college. Big difference. All we can do is hope he doesn't destroy this country and the next Democrat will be able to undo all the damage he does.
    • rjroy3

      TLDR past "So your just a replublican bullshit peddler.".

      Nope. Not Republican. So feel free to take your bullshit elsewhere. If you think my post is wrong, then do your research and prove it, because the facts are on my side. Later days.

  • John_Doesnt
    What do you care? It's a woman's right to abortion.
    • rjroy3

      Sounds like someone fundamentally missed the point of the video and post in general.

    • I understood the point was to try and say most planned parenthood's only provide abortions. But there's nothing wrong with abortion.

    • rjroy3

      That was not the point. You inferred that of your own choosing. So yes, you clearly fundamentally missed the point of the video and post in general.

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  • starryeyedkitten
    Here we go yet again with "plan parenthood is xyz" its so boring to hear people bash this place now.
    • rjroy3

      Actually not bashing it. I'm saying we've been mislead in regards to them offering prenatal care. Personally, I don't care about them as a stand alone business. I just don't think they should be tax funded. If it's a service enough people want, then they will stay open by having customers just like any other business.

  • Izumiblu
    Well, after watching this i certainly feel as though i've been deceived about their services.
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    There is a disconnect between advocates and the actual agency itself.
    I have no way to verify what you are saying, however, it is an automated telephone, meaning that it streams across the country. If 5 centers offer prenatal care, then Planned parenthood offers pre-natal care; that's politics for ya.
    Also, it is uncomparable to the clinics that Christians employ to steer mothers away from raising a child. Advocacy groups that parade themselves as abortion clinics when in reality they lure mothers there in the hopes of changing their minds.
    Now i can't really debate you on anything that i have said, or you have said for that matter because i lack knowledge of what is going on with planned parenthood other than a brief overview.
    However, i am pro-abortion because i believe it is the right of the mother to decide unless a father is involved.
    • rjroy3

      Find any pro planned parenthood speech or video online. In the list of reasons they give for why they say we need Planned Parenthood, which receives tax dollars, they say prenatal care. Problem is that a very very small number of clinics actually offer that and per the video at least 3 of the states called didn't have any planned Parenthood office that offered prenatal care. Yet still any women's march or feminist convention talking about Planned Parenthood will say we need it because of prenatal care. It's deceptive.

      To verify it all you have to do is 1. Find pro Planned Parenthood sources on why we need it and see their reasons why. 2. Then if this video isn't sufficient, just call individual Planned Parenthood offices and ask if they offer prenatal care.

    • I would have to call the centers around me, planned parenthood says that they have those things because they do. It may not be at your local facility... but lets be honest. I am gonna guess here... Who would want their kids to be cared for at a medical facility that specializes in ending a forming life.

    • rjroy3

      It's misleading. Comparatively you could say the same for a Taco Bell commercial marketing their tacos, only to find out that only 10% of their stores actually serve tacos. I mean, Taco Bell still does offer tacos. It's just at select locations. But that's not how it's marketed or talked about by advocates for Planned Parenthood. I agree with you on the stigma and that it could be part of the reason why they don't. But being deceptive isn't a good move if your goal is to tell people why we should have something. On a personal level I don't have much against Planned Parenthood. I have a problem that my tax dollars go to it, when I don't use it or support what they do. That's my big issue. If they were a standalone facility that was licensed by the government, but were not tax funded then cool.

      But forcing people to support Planned Parenthood... rubs me the wrong way.

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  • Iraqveteran666
    It's not a big shocker
    • It's all political and they just want to keep this gravy train funded at the expense of the taxpayer. We need a nationwide referendum on abortion. I don't think the taxpayer should funderstand the fixing of peoplesome bad choices.

  • Anonymous
    One wonders why this lie of epic proportions has not been exposed by the media. I'm sure exposing a huge lie like this would be no problem...

    Very informative, thank you!
  • Anonymous
    A channel named "Daily Sh*t Show" is bound to post s____.
  • Anonymous
    I have always found the name Planned Parenthood to be so dishonest. More like Unplanned Birth Control.