Intentionally Having Unplanned Babies is Breach of Contract

Intentionally Having Unplanned Babies is Breach of Contract

In America Today, girls and boys lose virginity at age 14. In doing so, they are just having fun. They're intentions are innocent. Yet, when we as adults do the same, we are shamed.

Common sense would suggest that consenting to have sex is consenting to have sex. To say it is anything more than that is wrong on the part of a lady. For a woman to carry a child to term is even more egregious.

In American law there is a term called "Breach of Contract" One idea of this is that if someone changes the terms of a contract or violates it...then the contract is null and void.

Thousands of lawsuits are based on this. Even marriage. If someone cheats in a marriage they can be granted a divorce.

Women are having one night stands or having sex with boyfriends outside of marriage. They are opening their legs and accepting the terms of having sex just for fun or pleasure. Then they get pregnant and blame a man for not "stepping up" when choosing to violate the initial terms of consent.

These days its even worse. Some 1% of girls in the country have sex with a guy and then change their mind because they cheated on a boyfriend and the boyfriend found out, or they feel embarrassed, or they have a negative social status as a result of their consent..then they change their mind and declare rape. Say this never happens? Take a look at the Duke LaCrosse case.

What is the logical or philosophical argument for why women have a right to universally force a child to be born without a father (or LGBTQ wise 2 parents)?

Intentionally Having Unplanned Babies is Breach of Contract
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  • Broken_doll
    the Duke lacrosse case is very rare, so rare that it made headline news. And the players who were accused each got $20 million in the settlement. Not bad. I'm sure a lot of men would love to be in their shoes.

    on the other hand, there are several rapes that go reported on University campuses that are ignored because University wants to protect its reputation.

    It's obvious you are attacking women by The language you use and the double standards in your argument. "Opens her legs," etc. As if it's only the woman's idea to have sex and the man isn't involved at all.

    it takes two people to have a baby, not one. If the man is so concerned about the girl getting pregnant, he could use a condom.
    and what about all these guys who get girls pregnant then leave them? Is that not considered a breach of contract?

    And what is this contract that is being violated? Does a man and a woman before having sex decide to sign paperwork that they can have sex as long as a girl doesn't get pregnant?

    Your whole rant just screams stupidity 😂
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    • Apope16

      First, you start out by saying that Duke LaCrosse cases are rare and then you make an argument about how there is an abundance of university rapes in society.

      You apparently overlooked the fact that I actually said that in my article above, "Some 1% of girls in the country have sex with a guy and then change their mind..."

      Clearly, by saying "1%" of girls is implying that the such situations are rare. In other words, I am agreeing with you and yet you act like my agreement with you is somehow the ranting of a madman.

      When I say "Breach of Contract". I am being metaphorical. Apparently, there are people here who take it literally. I thought that the way that I worded my article, it was clear I was comparing it to business breach of contract. Maybe most people are just reading the title. The point is that women are lying and being manipulative because they know the guy never intended to have a baby.

      Lastly, you are correct that it takes two people to have a baby. That is true. But all it takes is one person to end it. That is the woman. Women focus their argument on blaming a man for having sex but they never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever take the responsibility for actually choosing to carry the baby to term instead of aborting the fetus or taking the morning after pill. That is the entire point of the mytake.

    • Your my take exhibits two different arguments. You talked about the lacrosse team and then you talk about baby trapping, two different things. So it looks like you are criminalizing women.

      Sex is at your own risk, we all know that. If you don't know or trust a person you are sleeping with, then you probably shouldn't sleep with them.

  • "Women are having one night stands or having sex with boyfriends outside of marriage. They are opening their legs and accepting the terms of having sex just for fun or pleasure. Then they get pregnant and blame a man for not "stepping up" when choosing to violate the initial terms of consent."

    I'm not sure what you mean by this. You can have sex with the intent for fun or pleasure all you want, but if you get pregnant, you're responsible for the child - both man and woman. That is, unless you consider abortion an option. Then that man should help support her in that event as well.
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    • The problem with that is it gives women disproportionate power when entering the social contract. Unfortunately, men are so pussywhipped they'll gladly accept any extent of power imbalance.

    • @DonCachondo If you don't want to get a woman pregnant, use protection.

    • No shit but even that's not foolproof

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  • Adam1978
    I don't think there is a point in reasoning with you. You views are to screwed up to be open for that. Sex is not a contract, kids are not contract and no one is forcing a kid to be born. That is the natural thing that happens if something doesn't go wrong or someone prevents it. Kids do not need fathers they need men and women showing them how to live in a good way.
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    • Apope16

      Apparently you don't seem to understand metaphors. The breach of contract was a metaphor.

      You said kids dont need fathers they need men. Yes, that is entirely my point. Women are forcing a child onto people who never intended to have a child when she could just end the pregnancy and allow the child to be brought up by a "man" who intends to raise the kid.

    • Adam, I've tried talking to him about it as well but he's so far gone with his delusional wacky thoughts that it doesn't seem to matter what we say.

  • djmzes
    Simple People cannot make Justice and will never able to make the upmost justice, but just follow law. Law is not justice.

    Like it or not, only the creator knows what and how to use the creation. Sit down and realize why you are given a manual guide when you buy any stuff.
    Why you go to manufacturer website and look at stuff on how the machine operates.
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    • Apope16

      Thats exactly what the article is about. It does not say that men are not at fault. It is only saying that women should take responsibility too for choosing to open their legs to unfit fathers and choosing to carries their babies to term rather than end the pregnancy.

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  • thegirlfromthething
    I agree that women shouldn’t be having kids with men who don’t want to be fathers. But unless they explicitly agreed that she won’t purposely get pregnant or carry an unintended pregnancy to term, there is no formal or informal contract for her to breach.
    • Apope16

      Hi! Nice to meet you! Thanks for your intelligent reply. I only meant the breach of contract as a metaphor. Its not really a true legal argument.

    • I know they aren’t using formal, legal contracts but I’m also including informal contracts like verbal discussions or conversations over text. If they never reached even an informal agreement that she wouldn’t have his kid, then she didn’t breach any contract. It’s still wrong for her to have a baby he doesn’t want but she’s not changing the terms or violating the contract if there was nothing to change or violate. They need to have some consensus before she can breach their contract by having his baby against his will.

  • YourGirlGigi
    Hm? Interesting. Um, was this a verbal consent of accepting the terms? Anyways, whether she opened her legs with or without a verbal or mental agreement (terms of having sex just for fun or pleasure) what "I" don't understand from both parties as to why you don't use protection. Unwanted pregnancy or disease is always going to happen one way or another if you don't use protection. If you don't use protection, you both are dealing with "buyers or fools beware" If you don't want to be responsible or ready to be a father or mother use protection. Too many products on the market not to use protection. There's condoms, Plan B, Morning After Pill or any other birth control. Or, just plain abstinence. It's that simple.

    How can a man say a woman trapped him when he has the genital that cause the trapping?

    Did you get her to sign an agreement? Probably not, because she will flee the scene. Maybe not. Everyone is different and will take the risk.

    I don't know where this logic is coming from but it is ludicrous. LOL! You blame the woman for your genitals creating life with her.

    I believe in having safe sex. I feel whoever I have sex with is a potential co-parent. I must be wise with whom I sexually engage myself with in case there's a slipped up with or without a condom. I don't want to deal with a irresponsible individual/don't carry the same mindset about family values.

    We're not teenagers. We are supposed to be responsible adults 🙄.
    • Apope16

      It doesn't matter. That's the whole point. None of these pregnancy prevention methods are perfect. So what you are saying is that a woman should force a pregnancy on a man when he never consented or intended to have a child. That is WRONG. When a woman has sex with a guy for fun whether it be a boyfriend or whatever, she isn't consenting to a baby. Every unplanned pregnancy has a story of a mix up. I think it is stupid... completely stupid to act like every unplanned pregnancy happened and it is the man's fault. Both people make mistakes and they shouldn't have their lives changed because of it. Its selfish. Value wise morally wrong.

    • No, nothing is perfect in this life. I agree.

      But, if you don't protect yourself "you both" set yourself up for failure straight out the gate.

      And, no, "you" are saying a woman is forcing a man. A man that has much going on his life is not going to allow any woman to force him into anything. A woman cannot force a "MAN" to do anything he doesn't want to do. Most men and women that are about reaching for their goals and enjoying life are not irresponsible with themselves because they don't have time and don't want to lose their lifestyle and freedom because of an irresponsible choice not to use protection. A man should wear a condom and a woman should be on some form of birth control with back-up birth control (Morning pill, Plan B). And, a condom.

      LOL! It's like bringing a loaded gun into the house, both you and another person are playing with it and it goes off and shoots the other person. You say, "Well, we both were playing with it." Yeah, but you brought the loaded gun in the house and fail to put the clip on it. The gun went off in your hand not the other person. Both are responsible for not practicing gun safety.

      "A man never consented or intended to have a child" Then way do men that think like you on the matter have sex with a women he did not consent to have a child with. That makes no sense. Now, that's stupid. Yet, she is consenting because she opened her legs for him to have sex with. What? Huh?

    • Unless, you verbally discuss your intentions and desires with her, your intentions and desires will be
      misconstrued. No one's a mind reader. Both are to blame for being irresponsible. No matter if you want to accept that fact or not. There wouldn't be a mixed up stories, if people were responsible and protect themselves. And, it's stupid if you did not want a child and did nothing to prevent pregnancy.

      "Both people make mistakes." -Yes... Yet, only the woman is to blame for the mistake?

      And, everyone involved "life" is messed up. The man, woman and baby. Everyone pays the price for two irresponsible people. So, since both can't be responsible and mature "you" both will be held accountable and suffer the consequences of your actions.

      It's morally wrong to have sex before marriage.

      I will conclude summarize this into one statement...

      "Do wrong right."

      I digress.


  • continentalbreakfast
    lol you need to relax and find a new hobby. Hating women isn't it.
    • Apope16

      Please read the following mytake in the link below. You are example of #5 on the list...

      Women Dont Take Debate Philosophically, They Take it Personally ↗

    • Lmao so you made up an entire list to categorize us because so many women were calling you out on your bullshit, nice one buddy 👍 😆

    • Apope16

      I made an entire list characterizing how women do not call guys out on anything. Instead they take things personally, launch character attacks, and never actually debate the merits of what is being presented. That is why the majority of men have disliked you and the herd mentality of women support you.

      Whether you like it or not women have babies with unfit fathers because of selfishness and child support payments. They dont have babies with unfit fathers for the best interest of the child.

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  • Rebeccalions
    So of course you blame the woman for "opening her legs" and don't blame the man. You obviously have double standards.
    You know what else is a breach-of-contract? When the guy lies to a girl and says he's in love with her just so he could get laid. Then he dumps her right after. Why isn't that illegal?
    • Apope16

      It is not the man who is in charge of sex. It is the woman who allows the penis to be inside her. She is the gate keeper. She decides. But you dont get it do you. A woman can take the morning after pill or get an abortion. The question is why does she choose to move forward with a pregnancy with an unwilling father?

    • It takes two people to fuck. you shame women for "opening their legs" but don't shame men for sticking their dick in anything that moves--because that's what the male equivalent is of what you are saying.
      why would she go through with pregnancy? because some women dont want to kill babies.

    • Neither party should be blamed for having sex because sex is something natural and enjoyable, and now with technology we can enjoy it without the natural risks nature used to saddle us with! The problem today is that while women have a foolproof way to terminate pregnancies, many choose not to at the expense of the man who only consented to non-procreative sex, a perfectly reasonable presumption given the technology available.

      For your last question, you can't prove unless he admits it that he lied to her to get laid. Maybe he simply lost interest? Maybe the sex wasn't what he thought it would be? lmao Women lose interest all the time! They initiate most divorces, and that's totally legal.

  • AperolSpritz

    Unplanned pregnancies are just one of those things. It's a risk you take and it happens. It's not this person's fault or that person's fault. It just is what it is.

    My eldest daughter's father didn't want her at first. He left me and went travelling, and that was his choice, just like having her was mine. I believe we should all have a choice. No one should be forced into anything. I wasn't angry with him.
    There is always that chance that you're dealing with someone who just doesn't want to be a parent at that time. We all have sex knowing this.

    I get why guys feel resentful. It feels like women hold all the chips when children are involved. I think a guy should have a right to give up all parental responsibility in the same way that we have the right to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy or not.

    We can say until the end of time that both people know what they're doing when they choose to have sex with each other, but it solves nothing.

    I don't know what the solution is but, unless you're fucking multiple women without using anything, it's completely understandable that you're so frustrated.
  • dmvgirl16
    Which is why there is birth control and condoms and birth control pills or emergency day after pills like i think the reason for the unplanned is because guys when teenagers often think that they don't need condoms or that girls when teenagers often think that they love a person and often especially if they are like 15 or my age and they get their period early like me and since they have hormones and stuff and see a guy that there dating or just find attractive same goes for guys when there teenagers they see girls who maybe are so attractive and good looking or maybe there dating that good looking or attractive girl and they feel that they really want that girl or guy so they just decide to have sex and sometimes guys say that it does not feel the same with a condom which I think is not okay because I get it guys and girls have hormones and really like a girl or guy but does not mean that we won't use protection which is why now there are clinics in schools or in public areas that are for teens to get condoms or to get tested or to get birth control for females because now a days teens find a lot of girls attractive and often have sex with a lot of girls or guys and sometimes use protection sometimes no but its because they do anal or oral but I feel like boys always need condom because it is always good and girls do need birth control especially the shot because its good because one for females it reduces cramps and also u dont have to do the birth control shot every day u do it every 3 months i think but just know for teens my age that ur parents will not know because it is confidencial
  • btbc92
    Sex before marriage is not innocent. Period. These women do it because guys like you support it as long as your having sex. Come on. Common sense.
    • Apope16

      In my experiences in life (and I think most men would agree), women have no true understanding of themselves, their nature, or why they do most things in life. Because of this, they don't even understand each other or why other women do what they do. As wonderful as you are as a person, you as a woman are no exception.

      "These women do it because guys like you support it as long as your having sex."

      No. Men have sex with women because it is our biological nature and purpose. We are created to have sex and advance the species. A part of this are the hormones and parts of our body that create orgasms and intense please from the act of sex. That is why we do it. That is why we prefer not to wear a condom. And you know what? For all those reasons stated, that is why women have sex with men and don't have a condom. We are biologically made that way via pleasure and existence.

      The question is not why women have sex. The question is why do women choose to move forward with pregnancy with unfit or unwanting fathers?

      Please answer this question because inquiring minds want to know.

    • btbc92

      That is a bold face lie. We are complex human beings and each of us is different. That is how God intended it. No, it has nothing to do with biological nature of purpose it has everything to do with choices. Nothing can control you. It's your choice to do it or not to do it. Then when you go through these consequences then you can't complain about the consequences you made for yourself based on your choices. That has nothing to do with it. The word of God is very clear. Sin is a sin. If one cannot contain they should get married. Women choose to do it because again I already answered your question. You choose to do this before you are married. You choose to come out to us for sexual reasons. You don't build relationships with us so you destroy what. Naturally intended for us to be wired to. You broke the wiring. Of course you supported. Because if you didn't report it that means you would not get sex from a woman. We choose to move forward because at the end of the day we are the ones that made them the choice is to do so. If we didn't. Then you know you not going to get sex. It's really Common Sense. God knew what he was doing when he made us. Home Alone, have nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with showing who you are the person for the time of your conception all the way to the what time you give away your virginity. That's what it means.

    • btbc92

      When you become one flesh you combine with who you are with. I have nothing to do with pleasure, have nothing to do with normal, and it had nothing to do with how your biological has made. It has everything to do with what you choose to do with those choices or else you're going to stop a bottle choices. It's the same with drinking, it's the same with smoking. Nobody has to force you to take a pill bottle, nobody has to force you to take up a cigarette. If you become addicted to the nicotine in the cigarettes, and alcohol, then whose fault is that? That is you the one who made a choice. It's not about advancing the species. It's about being a family and creating a ministry as it was originally intended it. You people have it so backwards this is why you so miserable. I'm very much of an exception because I understand very much of who I am. I always knew about who I am. And God already informed me of who he made as a person. You people don't know who you are because you try to validate that with other people. You people don't believe in God, so therefore you technically have no identity.

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  • Ámayas_20
    Look hun like it or not consent to sex includes consent to possible consequences, don't go around shoving your dick in women.
    • Apope16

      Thats not true. Consent to have sex is just consent to have sex. And a man doesn't shove his dick in a woman. A woman opens her legs up and allows the unfit father to be inside her.

    • Ámayas_20

      Lmfao babes sex is a two-way street, you shove your dick into her and she opens her legs equal split. Consent to sex like literally everything else on the on this planet is consent to risks attached to the activity, just because you're slowly and slowly becoming more red-pilled it doesn't change the facts. If you don't want kids that badly keep your dick out of women maybe try men you seem to like them better anyway.

    • Casili

      The ''unfit father'' is choosing to cum inside those open legs.

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  • Girlpower1010
    To state it simply, it takes two to tango. Two people agreed to have sex, two people should deal with the consequences. If men were the ones bearing children I would see it the exact same way. It's really quite simple.
  • sensible27
    Didn't read the thing but yes the initial statement seems correct and something that would be considered common sense by some...
  • MountAverage
    You sound like a giant bag of bitter doucheness.
  • Gwenhwyfar
    Then the guy should wear a condom. Or pull out.
    • Apope16

      Women are responsible too.

      A) Condoms are not perfect. 2% chance of pregnancy
      B) People are human. Feelings and accidents happen. Why should that mean that a woman has the right to hold a guy hostage with a child in his life?

      Let's call it what it really is... blackmail.

    • Gwenhwyfar

      She’s not gonna kill her baby just cause he wants her to!

    • No one is putting a gun to the guy’s head to have sex. He made a choice to

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  • How can a baby be unplanned if she willingly had sex? She already knew the baby was a possibility.
  • Casili
    Wtf man. If you were the one getting pregnant, as soon as the baby is in your belly, you would get overwhelmed with hormones, with paternal love for that child, and the idea of abortion for most is just murder. Planned or unplanned baby, as soon as its made, its a part of the womans body and she might love it from the very start. Now I know this is not all women, as millions of abortions happen. Giving away the choice of abortion is bad enough, but its humane for the baby. But forcing an abortion, to literally rip a baby out of a womans belly, you are seriously sick. If you dont want unplanned pregnancies, paranoid about girls scheming or doing some twisted shit? Wait till marriage, get a vasectomy or use male contraceptives that are 99% effective. You can control where your sperm goes to.
  • kespethdude
    Uh, 14 year olds cannot consent, you PEDOPHILE.
    • Apope16

      I am not a pedophile. I stated a fact here in the united states of america based on research studies. the average age of losing virginity is age 14. They cannot legally consent. I understand that. But kids ARE having sex with each other at age 14.

      Nearly 40% of high schoolers reported losing their virginity.

  • jgdteeg
  • Anonymous
    Honey you need a penis to make a baby.
  • Anonymous
    Even though some people say the birth rate is at the lowest point in the US history
  • Anonymous
    'Women are having one night stands or having sex with boyfriends outside of marriage. They are opening their legs and accepting the terms of having sex just for fun or pleasure. Then they get pregnant and blame a man for not "stepping up" when choosing to violate the initial terms of consent.'
    Nooo, of course you blame the woman in the situation. Even though sex is a two-person thing you blame you fucking woman. And yeah, if he doesn't help out if she gets pregnant he's a piece of shit. Sorry, i dont make the rules.
    • Apope16

      There is only ONE person to blame for carrying a child to term. That is the woman. Only the woman makes the decision. She can take the morning after pill or have an abortion. She is unilaterally choosing to have a fetus in her belly for 9 months when she knows that the father never intended or wanted to have the entire life uprooted.