The Last Abortion and "Pro-Life is a Stupid Stance" Argument I Feel Like Having

This was originally meant to be a single response to a new GAG user's implication that Pro-Choice people are "selfish or callous." Nothing pisses me off more than stupidity, so this simple post ballooned into a post too long to respond to. Hence, this MyTake here, which is effectively my response to this. I also commented about this five months ago.

Now I have a lot of right-leaning associates here on GAG. If you are strongly conservative, I suggest you NOT read this MyTake, because I frankly hate the anti-abortion argument. It's like the dumbest shit ever, and I really struggle to be polite about it. I had to cut down 12 F-bombs to 6. You very likely WILL be offended by it if you are strongly conservative, so this is your official Trigger Warning.

With that said, here it goes.

The Last Abortion and Pro-Life is a Stupid Stance Argument I Feel Like Having

I really don't feel like getting into this retarded "pro-choice is murder" argument made with retarded logic, but the most dumbed-down explanation I can give for this involves food:

Fried eggs aren't the same thing as chicken wings.
Dough, cheese, and sauce doesn't make a pizza.
And a living pig doesn't make pork chops.

A six week old embryo is NOT a fully developed human being. THAT is why, some people can approve of abortion. It's not "murder" and only a mental midget would think otherwise.

You know; like how jerking off into a sock isn't murder, or fucking every woman in sight with a condom on isn't murder; but you'd be hard-pressed to find a pro-life person who abstains from sex only with the intent to make children. Ironically, most pro-life people LOVE sleeping with women just for fun, despite it going against their code.

Now I'm not mad about this issue. I'm pro-choice, but don't really care much about abortion either way. As I've explained before, we have billions of people on this planet we can't currently take care of, and like others have mentioned, almost all pro-life people don't give a flying fuck about a child AFTER its born, including paying more taxes and supporting more government programs to ensure that child grows up healthy and happy.

If you really WERE "pro life," it would extend beyond some shitty argument that abortion is "baby murder." And you'd actually care for children AFTER they were born, instead of just trying to control people's bodies like the same "libtards" you all claim to be so against. Cause vax mandates are bad, but not forcing unfit mothers to raise children they don't want and don't love, right?

So no. Someone being "pro life" doesn't annoy me...

It's the absolute stupidity COMBINED with the hypocrisy I pointed out, that pisses me off on this issue. If people actually give a shit about the lives of random, unborn children, then put your money where your fucking mouth is, and support taxes and programs to help these mothers actually raise these children so they don't end up another school shooter or serial rapist or something.

Or at the very least, don't have recreational sex, which completely makes you out to be a hypocrite, as condoms are just another form of abortion and it goes entirely against your beliefs of not wanting to avoid the "natural process" of human reproduction. As if condoms don't do that.

And if you can't actually support your beliefs with ACTIONS rather than some stupid shit about what your fictional imaginary friend "God" wants, and you still engage in sex with women without the intent of creating life...

Then shut the FUCK up and worry about your own fucking lives.

Now, I'm not the smartest person on GAG. But I'm not holding my breath anyone on this site is intelligent enough to argue against the hypocrisy that is the religious, right-leaning pro-life argument. You are not pro-life if you don't life a fucking finger or pay a cent to help out these random mothers you don't give a shit about, but want to control the lives and bodies of, anyway. You are merely anti-abortion and no one gives a shit. Again, worry about your own life and stop "acting like a libtard." You all annoy me just for making me even side with a left-wing issue like this.

It isn't anymore "selfish or callous" to not confuse scrambled eggs with a bucket of fried chicken. Or pizza dough with a hot and fresh pepperoni pie. The true "selfish and callous" thing is speak empty platitudes of being "a good Christian" and pretending to care about unborn children as a pro-life advocate, while laughing at single mothers as whores and sluts for raising children by themselves that YOU told them they had to, "cause God" or some retarded nonsense. You probably don't even raise your own damn kids properly to be telling other people how to raise your own.

The world is overpopulated, existing people are already suffering, and you don't actually lift a finger to actually help these children you claim to care about post-birth, so stop trying to tell other people how to be parents if you can't do anything more than bitch on the internet about their decisions to engage in the lifelong responsibility of parenthood or not.

The Last Abortion and "Pro-Life is a Stupid Stance" Argument I Feel Like Having
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