"The Hotttest Places in Hell Are Reserved For Those, Who In a Period Of Moral Crisis, Maintain Their Neutrality. " - Dante

"The Hotttest Places in Hell Are Reserved For Those, Who In a Period Of Moral Crisis, Maintain Their Neutrality. " - Dante

"The Hotttest Places in Hell Are Reserved For Those, Who In a Period Of Moral Crisis, Maintain Their Neutrality. " - Dante

I don't care which side of the aisle you stand for, so long as you aren't fpr ethnoc cleansing and violations of the Geneva Convention please speak you voice. This is no time to go unheard.

Your voice matters, your life matters as do those that can't yet speak for themselves.

"The Hotttest Places in Hell Are Reserved For Those, Who In a Period Of Moral Crisis, Maintain Their Neutrality. " - Dante
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  • BlueCoyote
    In theory, I completely agree with you. Our world would definitely be a better place if people always spoke out for the weak rather than staying quiet and not doing anything.
    Unfortunately, in practical life, this is not always possible. Two examples, one from every-day life and one from politics.
    In every day life, it would be great if people always stood against bullies and mean people. But this may not be possible for a variety of reasons. Say I came across a group of men physically hurting and abusing another guy or a woman. The moral thing would be to jump in and save the victim. However, since I'm facing a whole group, I also have to be concerned about my own safety. In fact, I am personally in a very special situation because I'm almost completely blind. Not only does this make me very vulnerable because I can't defend myself but any kind of physical fight also poses a serious danger for my health. Just a single punch in my face could have absolutely devastating consequences and make me lose the precious bit of vision I have left. So even a conflict with one single thug is very dangerous for me. I can always hide and call the police and I will definitely do that if I ever get into such a situation but I am also forced to stay passive unfortunately. I know it would be excruciating to experience a person getting severely beaten without helping him/her but playing the hero is just not an option for me.
    And an example from politics: think of North Korea. I have lived and studied in Seoul and while I was there, I took seminars at my university about North Korea and it's society and politics. So I'm quite well informed about that country. It is difficult to put into words the misery many North Korean people experience. Roughly 20% of the population are estimated to be held as prisoners in concentration camps. These camps are no better than what the Jews experienced in Nazi Germany. From North Korean refugees, we have all kinds of unimaginably horrible accounts. Inmates are randomly shot for fun, parents are forced to kill their own children or watch them get killed, pregnant women are kicked in their stomach by the guards until they miscarry, people are forced to eat rats and work as slaves with almost no sleep. We all wish we could do something against this. The more you read about North Korea, the more you hate the regime and you want to kill all the leaders. And rightfully, some people will ask "Where is the US? Isn't that the country that (cont.)
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    • BlueCoyote

      saved Germany and is still proud of it?" But we all know that's just not an option at the moment. As long as China at least half-heartedly supports North Korea and considers North Korea an ally, America (or the rest of the world) can't do anything about the situation. As much as we want to free these people and as sad it is to hear all these horrible stories, it's just not possible. An attempt to bring freedom to North Korea might just start a third world war.
      I've always struggled with this problem because you're right: morally, it would be the correct thing to act. But for practical reasons, that is not always possible. And sometimes, this inaction may in itself possess a certain moral value if we compare them to the possible outcomes (such as a world war).

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  • BellePepper
    I agree. Standing around doing nothing while atrocities are commited is just as bad as committing them yourself.
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    • sjoes006

      Yep. It's like the refugee Ban is on and my boss is a stump suporter and will see the pattern. But as long as I give reasonable notice for PTO fuck her. If I have to find a job, even better.

      I guess for. many ignorance is bliss but to know and do nothing eats your soul. Actually deportation being the main problem as business owners here on visa for decades aware being deported.

    • Exactly. You see people taking glee in the suffering of others but that stops real quick when it happens to them

    • sjoes006

      The poem I quote a thousand times here, "First Theu Came".

      If you are a business owner supplying jobs and contributing to society you would usually be cons Served legal if you got the right paperwork ahead to f time. They are adding to GDP not taking from it.

      I don't see a taco truck owner as here breaking any laws. He isn't taking jobs and he may even be employing people.

      You don't have to be a lawyer but if you are a citizen and know a family in trouble find out from free legal aide what you can do to help both educate them on what to do if ICE comes and resources you can contact for help.

      They don't have warrants and don't have to let ICE in.

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  • madhatters4
    i tend to agree. if something is occurring that is harming someone or something and you feel strongly about it you should do something. it doesn't mean you have to change the world but just do something small to affect change.

    sign a petition, make a donation, write a letter to a congress person, etc... if you feel something do something
  • Hans222
    I think that's the definition of a politician :-(
    They look away when intervening could harm their electoral interests 8)
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    • sjoes006

      Most politicians yes but don't be discouraged. There are those still out there who say these are my beliefs, these are my people's beliefs and we aren't going with the party line.

      However successful are nonsuccessful they are these voices are important. Wendy Davis famously filibustered for over 12 hours in Texas on the new abortion laws. She knew the long game was against here but she wanted to draw attention to the issue and it came out that Texas legislators tried to lie about when the filibuster was finally ended in order to pass the law.

      Carter was an honest man. Many, many senior lifers in the state dept have stepped down. They aren't politicians but they are the finest members of the US govt in my opinion. They care about their country and the relationships we have with our allies.

      Joe Biden was another very genuine politician. It was made him so laughable a lot of the time. But it's ultimately why most people really hold him in a special place.

    • sjoes006

      As for Ryan... I don't think he is a bad man. I think he has been delusioned into the web. Trump has no ideas on healthcare reform so he adopted Ryan's. Ryan's thinking okay this is good I can't step down I can control this. But he can't.

      If I were him I think it would feel like giving up to say fuck this I'm not going to be a part of my it. The president is acting unilaterally and the speech he gave last week is the first time he's even interacted with Congress. He is running the US with less than a dozen people.

      Sure it's the first 100 days. But China just passed through 60 New Trump patents in less than 30 days when it usually takes 18 months. Emolument issues such as this continue to crop up.

      We need Congress to each take action legitimizing the president or starting an impeachment. It's ther job to check his power.

    • Hans222

      I'm happy you know the word filibustering as well, we use it frequently here too :o
      Summary of the story: we have lots of useless politicians in common :-(

  • coolbreeze
    The world is a sad and messed up place. So much bad stuff happens from war's, fighting, corrupting, etc. a lot of countries and people don't do nothing but sit on the sidelines and watch or be quiet. I think thing's will only get worser in the future.
  • dolemite68
    I agree, especially during the civil rights movement
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  • Likes2drive
    I guess they just deserve to go to the hottest parts of hell if they just sit there and do nothing while all the atrocities against mankind happens to others
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  • lord_chilled
    I wouldn't be so quick to judge.
    sometimes, the neutral ones just don't want their families and children hurt or involved in a mess.

    but it is hard not to judge when you are the oppressed

  • echoaj
    I would like to see how JFK would be like as a president in the modern day.
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    • Prof_Don

      Like every other public figure out here in the modern world, he would be hated and ridiculed due to the "social media effect"

  • jacquesvol
    That's a quote for people who pretend to see a moral crisis.
    Those same people vote war budgets.
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  • chrisbigman
    This is only accurate if they have no plans to do what's right which will put them on one side or the other.
  • apexalpha
    I think apathy makes a society dysfunctional
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    • sjoes006

      I very much agree. I've always liked the French passion for politics yet it seems to be headed further in a way I don't currently agree with. I hope Germany will be the iron shore that breaks the tide.

      Merkel seems strong on insisting we aren't going back down that road.

  • Anonymous
    Posted by an anti-white paranoid, it sure sounds good and convincing.
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  • Anonymous
    Exactly, fuck the swiss. I wish someone would invade them.

    I figure Israel should, after all the Nazi-looted-from-jews money they sat on. Israel should invade Switzerland, and the rest of us could just go 'fuck it we're neutral'.

    TBH Israel should then just... keep Switzerland, say fuck it to the middle east, sit in their new mountain fortress and consolidate the jewish and swiss banking systems. Rest of us would hardly notice, we'd just be like 'damn, swiss bank account seems to be paying a little more interest, seems like they got some more skilled bankers running things now not just the super private ultra conservative guys they used to have'
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  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    If you want to speak up, speak up, but don't try to manipulate others in doing so. That quote is no different from 'There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women" Yet the people that say these stuff, tend to hate on others the most.

    *That was about quotes in general and not you personally.
    • sjoes006

      If you want to speak up don't go anon perhaps maybe? But no I left that option open on the take, which don't often leave open, because the very point of the take is speak up whatever your voice may be.

      Thank you for your comment because it does focus in on the root of the problem.

      First I don't think you can apply this particular piece of philosophy generally.

      You personally have to feel something deplorable is going on, that you feel in your core is wrong yet refuse to say or do anything even though it's causing you an ulcer or because you fear political or social backlash for what you believe is the right thing.

      I'm not applying that philosophy to any specific political ideology yet merely saving stand by what you live by whatever that is. Those in a position of power who cower in their beliefs and people they are elected to serve need to ask themselves if they are right for the job.

      For me personally it means I'd happily give my life to stop e