My Opinion on Animal Rights Activists and Hunters


When it comes to this topic, I actually care about animal rights a lot but I don't have a problem with hunting or hunters at all as long as the hunters don't break the rules or show cruelty. However, I notice that people who to hunt and animal rights organizations tend to constantly clash. Here is my opinion on this.

1.) Both groups have decent people

Let's not be harsh with either group, we have to admit that not everyone on both sides is bad. Both sides have decent people.

My Opinion on Animal Rights Activists and Hunters

2.) Both sides have their bad apples

It's true, both sides have people that take things way too far, that's one of the main reasons why both sides tend to clash a lot. There comes a point were both sides just need to relax.

My Opinion on Animal Rights Activists and Hunters

3.) Both sides do get bad reputations based on how they attack each other

Sometimes, there are people on both sides that make things way too personal which causes them to resort to childish ways of attacking each other.

My Opinion on Animal Rights Activists and Hunters

4.) Some animal rights activist organizations are subtle bigots

One of the groups that has a reputation for being bigots are the "sea shepherds" a very controversial animal rights activist group that focuses on marine life. They are a organization that has supporters from all over the world but mostly from Australia and Canada.

The founder of this organization is named Paul Watson, he's a Canadian. However, Paul Watson has already dismissed claims of racism but he doesn't have that much control on the way of thinking his organization has since a lot of the sea shepherds constantly show hostility towards Japan.

One major blunder of this group happened around 2011, during the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan. Many Sea Shepherds posted many disrespectful comments on social media mocking the Japanese during the Tsunami, a video featuring a compilation of negative comments from the sea shepherds went viral which caused the Sea shepherd's reputation to be tarnished.

Keep in mind that Japan's relations with Canada and Australia hasn't been the best because of WWII. While Japan and Canada are slowly starting to improve their relations, the sea shepherds make it very difficult for Australia and Japan to improve their relations.

5.) Some Hunters constantly try to provoke angry responses from animal rights activists

There are hunters who always try to provoke groups like PETA by posting pictures of their trophies while mocking PETA. Seriously, in cases like this you can't really blame PETA for being upset about things when they are purposely being provoked. While I don't have a problem with Hunting in general, this kind of behavior is just appalling.

My Opinion on Animal Rights Activists and Hunters

6.) Trophy Hunting

This all depends on what you do with the game you hunt. If you are going to eat the animal you hunted but want to keep the antlers or skull as a trophy then go ahead. However, I don't advocate hunting for trophies and don't end up keeping the trophy or having excess trophies because that's disrespectful towards life and pointless animal deaths.

My Opinion on Animal Rights Activists and Hunters

7.) Mocking misfortunes

Occasionally you hear stories of hunters who met their demise after they became the hunted. For example you might hear a story of how a hunter met his demise at the hands of a mountain lion or a bear. When things like this happen, there are some hardcore animal rights activists who show joy and celebrate the hunter's death. That's just disrespectful, just because they don't agree with hunting does not mean that they should be glad a innocent person perished.

My Opinion on Animal Rights Activists and Hunters

8.) Hunters getting threatened

Another thing that happens is that extreme animal rights activists make threats against certain hunters. Or they wish misfortunes against the hunters. This kind of behavior is immature, they don't even know the hunter as a person and they already assume the hunter is a bad person. That's just preposterous.

My Opinion on Animal Rights Activists and Hunters

9.) Poachers

A major problem and threat to endangered species are poachers. Poaching is hunting or catching animals illegally usually as for profit. These poachers tend to give hunters a bad reputation since poachers hunt whenever they want even when it's not the right season. Some countries allow people to shoot poachers on sight.

My Opinion on Animal Rights Activists and Hunters

10.) Some Hunters and some animal rights activists tend to get offended by everything

If a PETA supporter speaks out against hunting in a civilized manner, there will be a pro hunting person who will take it too personal and will start talking bad about that PETA supporter.

If a pro hunter tries to explain how hunting isn't a threat to the animal kingdom, a PETA supporter will get offended and start taking bad about the pro hunter.

My Opinion on Animal Rights Activists and Hunters

11.) Overall

A major problem with some(not all) animal rights organizations is that they are excessively defensive. Any little thing a person says can anger them. I follow a couple of animal rights pages on Facebook, I use to follow quite a lot of animal rights pages but I've noticed that a lot of them were filled with bigots and people who are very defensive, any little thing someone says, they get angry at the person even though the person didn't say anything bad. Which is why, one by one I started to unfollow those pages. Right now I follow only a couple of animal rights pages on Facebook

I've noticed that when Cecil the lion was killed, a lot of people were upset about Cecil's death. I think there were some hunters that were upset by Cecil's death as well, I was sad that the Lion got killed but I didn't take it personal like a lot of people did. However, there were some cold hearted cynical people who just relished in the sadness of the those people who mourned Cecil's death. A lot of the people who laughed at Cecil's death were a lot of pro hunters. That surely didn't help ease the tension between Animal rights activists and pro hunters.

I support animal rights but I'm not one of those hardcore animal rights activists that exaggerates everything. I also don't having anything against hunters as long as they don't hunt excessively to the point where they put the existence of a group of animals in danger. My opinion is that both sides should do their things in moderation.

My Opinion on Animal Rights Activists and Hunters
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  • Blitzkrieger
    Hunting actually does more for the environment than animal rights activists. Animal rights activists dont care about the ecosystems. They want all animals to be alive. Animals are being fed by human waste and sometimes directly by humans themselves. This disrupts ecosystems because certain animals will breed too much. When this happens pest control by shooting animals from the certain species need to be shot.

    Do you see any animal rights activists fight against waste in the environment as to protect ecosystems? They dont do that. They only love animals but not nature.
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  • BlueCoyote
    I don't have anything against hunters as long as they hunt for the right reasons and as long as they don't hunt endangered species.
    I am a very strong supporter of animal rights and I believe there are definitely worse things than hunting. It sickens me much more when I think about the food and farming industry in America and other countries where animals are treated like 'things' without feelings than when a guy goes into the woods and shoots a deer.
    The same also goes for the clothing industry in Asia. Avoiding real fur should NOT be controversial. It should be freaking straight-forward. The animals whose fur you wear are violently beaten to death with wooden sticks and in some cases their skin is ripped off while they are still alive. From all we know (biology and science), these animals feel pain just as much as human beings do. So I don't understand how anyone can possibly be okay with such cruelty. Compared to this, I really don't care about people shooting a boar or catching some fish.
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  • Nyx_85
    In my opinion hunting should be for food and population control only. And preferably animals hunted for population control will be used for food. And using as many parts of the animals as possible. Too much is wasted. Like bones are often thrown out yet broth made from them is extremely good for you.
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  • Rissyanne
    I dont mind hunting. I am from the south... so there is a lot of hunting. But I dont believe in sport hunting. Use what you kill and kill the animal quickly. I dont believe and entertainment at animals misery. No dog fighting. People who fight dogs ought to be shot. Sorry but that is the way I feel. And animal abusers should have the same thing happen to them that they are doing to the animal.
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  • BaileyisDarcy
    They dont focus on Japan for nothing.

    Are you unaware how Japan CONTINUES to slaughter whales even though theyre a protected species?
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    • ADFSDF1996

      Not all of them do.

    • ADFSDF1996

      In case you didn't know, Denmark does similar things yet they don't focus on that country as much.

    • They dont focus on Denmark because Paul Watson anf Sea Shepherd are BANNED from Danish waters. They did before the ban tho

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  • Redstang88
    I get frustrated with all the hostility between these two groups. I'm a hunter, and a strong supporter of animal rights. I, and many other hunters, support conservation efforts around the world.
    And people are entitled to their opinion on hunting, but when they start criticizing me as a person, I'm definitely guilty of poking the bear a bit.
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  • John_Doesnt
    I have to disagree on #7. Even if you believe hunters help the "natural order" the natural order requires that the hunted have a chance to hunt back. That's how natural selection works.
    Those hunters knew they were gonna kill an innocent animal so they got what was coming to them.
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  • Greek_God
    Lets face it, hunting is wrong. Kikling animals just for fun is retarded and its abusing your own position (since humans are the most advanced and superior species). I am 100% against it. But also, believing killing animals for food is "wrong" and talking how animals have a "soul" and "feelings" is retarded too. Believe it or not, even from a biological side, proteins from animal origin are healthier and more useful to humans than those which come from plants. Also, as I said, humans are the dominant species, and we have been using both plants and animals (plants are living beings too) always to satisfy our needs. Thats how it goes. I am also against killing animals for their fur, horns and other bullshit that humans use for aesthetic or superstitious reasons. But for food, its perfectly justified. Get over it. Its how life works.
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    • ADFSDF1996

      Did you read it all or did you just skim through it?

    • Greek_God

      Yes I read it, this wasn't directed at you, I just wrote my own attitude about the whole situation

    • ADFSDF1996

      Sometimes it can be confusing but yes I agree with you.

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  • OrionH
    I am an hunter I dont hunt for fun or trophies hunting can be fun but hunting for trophies should not be allowed
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  • NoLivesMatter
    I love it when a hunter gets killed while hunting.
    Not because I feel particularly strong one way or another about hunting, but I just love a good tale of poetic justice.

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    • Yeah thats what happened to a bunch of your anvestors bro. Nice way to speak of them

    • If my ancestors died then I wouldn't be here.

      And if a hunter brings a gun to a paw fight and still can't win, thats pretty pathetic. He had it coming and his death is absolutely fucking hilarious too.

    • Did you think that maybe a guy can have children with a woman, and then die?

      Tha person is still of your own species. Have some respect

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  • lord_chilled
    I think hunting is both a basic instinct and an art that has been forgotten. I get exited when i hear about stories of legal and illegal hunting. ancient hunters hunted for food and always respected the animal. I think that was a good system.
    I despise hunting for sport, you are just killing animals without reason. However hunting with a purpose (food) is great.
    I think non endangered species of animals, with protein-rich meat should be allowed to be hunted. Better than all this processed shit.
  • pinkanon
    awesome mytake
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  • Anonymous
    Why is it ok to unjustly kill an animal?
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