I Will No Longer Identify As A Feminist

Why? It's really pretty easy. I don't think that by-and-large the modern feminist movement properly represents my values and as such I don't want to identify with it. My views have remained the same, I've always thought that disadvantaging people for arbitrary characteristics is both stupid and immoral and should not be done. I think we should and have removed the legal barriers disadvantaging women (in most western countries).

I think I should preface this with a pretty obvious statement. Feminisim does not need me. It has been doing just fine achieving it's initiatives on it's own without me, and I'm sure it will continue doing so without me again. Additionally, I had been thinking about writing this for quite some time, but decided to do it today after seeing @SpiderManFan2002 's recent myTake We Need More Male Feminists.

My Background

At the outset I figure it's best to give a little of my background to help you understand where I'm coming from. I was raised in a single mother household and most all of my female family members are incredibly tough women. Some were in the first few graduating classes at West Point and dealt with physical abuse but stayed strong. Some were fighter pilots in afghanistan, one (I think) was a drill sergeant, two just came back from hiking one of the highest mountains on the planet, and I'm sure I could go on. As such I've never really believed many of the stereotypes about women being dainty or less capable or anything else, I still don't. Going through school and learning American history I was disgusted by how women were treated in antiquity. I then started hearing about feminism and was informed that it meant "equal rights under the law" or something similar and I agreed. Thus for years I've considered myself a feminist and just been happy to talk about my own beliefs from there. Recently though I've had my eyes opened to some very troubling trends within the feminist movement and originally I just brushed these off as being a troublesome minority, but as time has gone on it seems that these "radical few" are either shaping the movement itself, or are simply being tolerated and not spoken against by the majority. That s not something I can abide. I'll describe some of these things below.

What Is Feminism

Ok, so the first thing that obviously needs to be done is defining what we're talking about. If you go to most dictionaries you'll commonly find definitions like, "the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes" or more colloquially "equal rights for the sexes." If this is all we mean by feminism then I'd happily still consider myself one. I believe that men and women are citizens and as such should be treated equally under the law; HOWEVER, that does not appear to be what people are commonly meaning when they discuss it today. For ease I'm just going to take some information from the Wikipedia page about feminism because feminists purposefully ensure that this page is regulated.

- Defined: Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes.This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to those for men.

- Feminism "aims to understand the nature of gender inequality by examining women's social roles and lived experience"

- Intersectional Feminism appears to have taken over the modern feminist movement so I will also get the definition for it. In fact you may not be aware that if you're not an "intersectional feminist" you're actually a racist. https://www.bustle.com/p/what-is-white-feminism-here-are-7-sneaky-ways-it-shows-up-into-your-life-7921450

- Intersectionality is an analytic framework which attempts to identify how interlocking systems of

power impact those who are most marginalized in society.

- Intersectional feminism proposes an interlocking matrix of oppression and is based on marxist theory, hence it's said to "add a new dimension to Marxist economic theory."

To conclude this section. Feminism appears to no longer be the general "equal treatment under the law", but as pointed out in most places it is a group of ideologies and focuses on social equality rather than legal equality.

Collectivism V Individualism

One of the biggest problems I have with Feminism now is because it has become a collectivist ideology in the same vein at Marxism. I do not accept collectivism because I am an individualist. I do not like or accept grouping people together by a set of arbitrary characteristics and then generalizing their experiences and views. When I look at a person I don't see them as a rich black female transgendered lesbian and then presume things about where she comes from and the amount of privilege or effort she's put into life. I view her as a person and talk to her to hear her story and come to my conclusion based on her actions and words. This is not something that feminists by-and-large appear to be doing today. They instead view everything through the lens of race, gender, sexuality and class. https://www.hastac.org/blogs/cathy-davidson/2016/02/15/what-justice-ginsburgs-tribute-justice-scalia-teaches-us-hastac it's incredibly frustrating.

Man-Hate & Deplatforming.

This section will mostly just cover some of the atrocious things I've seen and found no-one, or almost no-one speaking out against it in the "mainstream" feminist groups. If you want me to believe that these people don't represent you, then you have to actually make it known. You can't just pretend that they don't exist. For this section I'll just post a few short videos and then pull out some quotes to show what I'm angry about.

(3:23) "Bitch and moan with the other guys that are upset about the unfair divorce settlement, or because they never get to see their kids, or because the girl they like won't go out with you. There's a place on the internet called the men's rights movement its a little bubble of misogyny" This is quite abhorrent. How dare these men be upset that they never get to see the people who matter most in their lives, how dare they be upset that all of their possessions are being taken, and then the strawman equating these issues with not getting asked out.

Professor's and students bullying other students for merely attempting to document their protest.

-The professor was eventually fired-

"It's a privilege to teach future dead cops" - Again professors taking marxist feminist (intersectional) as a weapon to enact change. In this case arguing for the destruction of the government and by all means necessary including violence.


-Movember is a movement to celebrate North American guys not practicing basic facial hygiene for a month in order to raise money [for prostate cancer, a leading cause of death in men] towards saving a group of extremely privileged people—themselves." Now this article was since removed and an apology proferred, but it certainly isn't alone. http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/doublex/2015/11/movember_mustache_campaign_for_prostate_cancer_is_misguided.html https://www.mcgilldaily.com/2013/11/movember-as-micro-aggression/

-Women banned from their jobs by feminists https://www.businessinsider.com/f1-grid-girls-have-lost-their-jobs-but-are-fighting-back-on-twitter-2018-2

-Female centers on campus? Of course. Male center? Absolutely not- https://nationalpost.com/opinion/robyn-urback-on-shocking-anti-male-hatred-on-the-sfu-campus

-The listen and believe mentality which has led to incredible harrassment of men on college campuses of which several have been found to be false allegations leading to the destruction of people's lives including but not limited to Emma Sulkowicz's, The Duke Lacrosse team, Brian Banks, Jackie Coakley, two personal friends of mine, and undoubtedly more. This tends to not be quite as bad with the police, but the public outcry and demonization of innocent persons in public is abhorrent yet it always appears to be ignored or downplayed by feminists. This has gotten so bad that women (mothers) have had to form groups like Families Advocating for Campus Equality.

In conclusion, I will not call myself a feminist because of the direction or normality of views that I find abhorrent within mainstream feminist movements. Thus, I'll just call myself an egalitarian and go from there.

That'll be all for now. As always criticism is appreciated.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • I dont label myself if i can help it. Im glad i live in a time when women can vote, lead and represent in government, and dont have to put up with sexual harrasment. It can be argued that many still do, but society condemns it MUCH more than in decades past.

    The thing i do want to happen? I want men to be treated more fairly in divorce court, because i want EVERYONE to be treated more fairly in general.

    What i dont want to happen? Society backing up the progress feminism made in the past as a retarded means of "balancing out" the injustices some men face.

    Im not a crazy blue haired cunt telling people their nazis if they dont believe in 8094 genders, thats not feminsim, i just dont want to end up raped and told it was my fault! Move forward society not backward!

    • I don't like labeling either, but it's an easier way of conveying a set of ideas. Then I can clarify from there if need be.

  • "When I look at a person I don't see them as a rich black female transgendered lesbian and then presume things about where she comes from and the amount of privilege or effort she's put into life. I view her as a person and talk to her to hear her story and come to my conclusion based on her actions and words. This is not something that feminists by-and-large appear to be doing today. They instead view everything through the lens of race, gender, sexuality and class."

    That's admirable of you and I wish more people were like. And I've found many of those in men's rights groups (and A LOT of guys in the 'manospere') do the same thing as feminists groups. For some reason these people (feminist and men's groups) want to see us all grouped together into certain categories and under certain labels where they can apply their preconceived notions about us.

    • Mm. Collectivism is no bueno in my opinion. I don’t care what “group” you’re in. You’re a person with your own ideas and I’ll deal with you as such.

Most Helpful Guys

  • I didn't even know you were a feminist to begin to be honest, but good for you. Feminism doesn't do anyone any favors man or woman now a days, useless organization that has far outlived it's usefulness.

    It's been about supremacy and taking over for years now, filled with the toxic, despicable and naive.

    I honestly almost feel sorry for all the men who spent years fighting for women's rights just to be spit on in the end and have comments like "Yeah well you are a guy so"

    Because it's not like men don't face hardships right? We just have the easy life lol.

    And honestly I wouldn't even go as far as to call yourself anything, all these little groups with all these little names it just over complicates the entire thing because you have a 1,000 different groups that are all just a spec different from the group before it just under a different name.

    I'm for equal rights and that's it, I'm not a feminist, not pro black, gay, women, men or anything else anyone can come up with. Short, sweet, simple and to the point and covers everything short of made up genders and sexual orientations that have no basis in reality or science.

    • Yeah because I have my own views and typically just say them. If I had to though I would have called myself a feminist. Now I just won't. If I have to call myself something I'd call myself an egalitarian.

    • Fair enough.

  • Why you are wrong:
    1. If your views have remained the same - you're a feminist.
    2. If the so called "modern feminists" (actually feminazis) don't represent your values - they should stop calling themselves feminists, which they are obviously not.
    3. Feminazis are pretending to be feminists, but in fact, they are not for gender equality, they are for female supremacy, they don't even have a right to identify as feminists.
    Conclusion: Why should you change anything? You are right, feminazis are not.

    • All of your points are pretty much the same. If by feminism you're still talking solely about equal treatment under the law then I would still be that. The problem is that it no longer appears that is the meaning of the movement. As the entire latter half of this myTake addresses, if these people are not representative of the movement then people need to make that clear. The problem is that people are not. If they wish to simply ignore these people and not stand against them then they can't blame people for assuming they're complicit.

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    • That's because most people are like a herd of sheep, basically, that's the reason why democracy never works.

    • Thank you for MHO

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What Girls Said 15

  • nice my take, while i agree with you on the fact that some feminists have become not so good, its important to get that there are feminists that dont man-hate etc. i usually call myself an equalist, cuz i believe that everyone should have the same opportunities, and that usually makes people confused, mad, or interested...

    • Egalitarian, but yeah. As I pointed out I don’t really think it to be the majority of feminists. The mothers who started an advocacy group for their sons would be an example of traditionally feminist women that I’d agree with. They were attacked by mainstream feminists though and at the very least the mainstream group today has a serious image problem that needs to be addressed.

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    • @AmerRestInit Feminists also got the definition of rape to be extended to men, and paternal leave to see their newborns if I recall correctly.

    • Yup... Actually, female child rapist get paid child support rather than getting jail time, and men who are attacked by women in cases of domestic violence largely get to be the ones arrested just because they are men. Feminism, eh?

  • Thank you for reading my MyTake and if you don't want to identify as a feminist then that is your choice.

    I just want to say, many have this idea that feminism is an ideleogy against men. That is not the case. It's not the ideleogy which is warped moreover, people who have twisted this ideleogy who call themselves "feminists".

    Don't confuse Feminism, and Feminists with feminazis.

    • Thanks. I would normally agree, but the fact that no one is calling anyone out for this behavior needs to change.
      If the group can get it’s ducks back in a row then by all means, until then I just won’t.

    • I totally agree with you.

      There are people calling out for this intolerable behaviour to change, just not enough :/

  • My partner is getting their masters in Women and Gender Studies, and wants me to ask you if you have ever read Kimberly Crenshaw.

    • I have not. Why do they ask?

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    • Gender studies... a worthless "degree" that leads to practically 0 career chances or the possibility of contributing to society positively.

      People around the world want it abolished, which is precisely what Hungary is doing. I believe Denmark is already voting on doing the same.

      Good luck.

    • Mm. What should I read about her? Remember that the main point I’m asserting here is not that “academic feminism” or “true feminism” is wrong. I’m addressing the perception of what feminism has become. As I pointed out above if feminism was still fighting for the same things I’d still be a feminist, but they don’t appear to be fighting for the same things, and nobody seems to be willing to call these “feminazis” out and as such I can only presume they’re complicit.

      If they’re not then they (figures in power) need to make it known.

  • Good, well done. I believe in old-school feminism, basic equality. Not this warped mindset the present day feminists seemed to have adopted. Feminism was all about equal rights, male and female, working together in harmony, but now all we see is constant screaming and yelling and claims about an infinite amount of genders and stuff. How can we have equality between men and women when these people are making up their own flawed sciences?

  • if you're not a feminist you believe women do not have rights

    • But feminism hasn't been fighting for women's rights for years. It's now just a party and a festival of talking shit. You're 17. You've NEVER seen a world where women don't have rights.

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    • No, we just believe men are human beings.

      I believe that women have a capacity for understanding and compassion which man structurally does not have, does not have it because he cannot have it. He’s just incapable of it.
      - Barbara Jordan, former Congresswoman

      I do want to be able to explain to a 9-year-old boy in terms he will understand why I think it’s OK for girls to wear shirts that revel in their superiority over boys.
      - Treena Shapiro

      Politically, I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated.
      - Catherine MacKinnon

      Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience.
      - Catherine Comins

      Probably the only place where a man can feel really secure is in a maximum security prison, except for the imminent threat of release.
      - Germaine Greer

      The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.
      - Sally Miller Gearhart, in The Future – If There Is One – Is Female

    • @AmerRestInit It's not hate when the words are used against men. OR feminist cunt pieces of shit will say "those women aren't real feminists"

  • in my life I've experienced being a feminist u may lost a lot of good male friends

    • Sorry what?

    • She’s saying that when she was young and indoctrinated by feministic views she lost a lot of male friends because she didn’t understand that her behaviour was emotionally abusing men. Once she experiencdd the destruction she realised it’s wrong.

  • Are you against the METOO movement?

    • No. At least not how i think it was meant. I had friends (both men and women) who shared their stories and I was more than happy to believe they had such an experience and I thought it laudable that they were letting others know that they were there for them.

      If however they started to try and prosecute or get people punished socially I would question the accuracy of their statements. Thankfully that was not the case. I’m also more than happy for people to go to the police and have a thorough investigation to arrest and prosecute perpetrators should they be guilty, but I am not ok with demonizing and ruining the lives of people who are “not guilty”.

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    • Wait, when was #metoo ever anything but life-destroying anonymous accusations with no more evidence needed than #believeher so that men in positions of power would know that their #timesup and they could be replaced with feminist women after being fired, like so many were?

    • What are your options of California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia?

  • Yeah well you're a guy so.

    • I mean for all those years Man supporting woman rights and in the end "Yeah well you are a guy so" and by this statement you proved FEMINISM never spoke for equality, it only speaks for woman rights.

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    • @AlphaGhost Your name is alpha ghost, I don't care what dead people think, stay out of earth's affairs dead man.

    • That's the most ridiculous thing anyone can even use to offend someone :) its nice joke anyway.
      Stay cool and suck well !

  • To eac their own.

  • Very interesting post. Totally agree with you.

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What Guys Said 29

  • 👍 Feminism = Misandry
    I suggest everyone to watch a documentary called "The Red Pill". It shows real facts and experiences about what feminism truly is. The best documentary I have ever seen. You can watch it for free on Tubi TV. Just create a free account and you are all set.

    • Mm I've heard it but I'm not sure if I want to take the time to watch it yet. I probably will break down in a few weeks and do it.

  • Changing a movement doesn't take much effort, especially if it only took about 20 years for the media to portray feminism as this unruly thing, making others follow under it.

    Feminism is the belief that as sexes... We are still not equal, and that fact isn't rocket science.

    • The mainstream media doesn't portray feminism in the same way I have. In fact they do quite the opposite as pointed out in the last video I posted calling the supposed fella a rapist and lady a victim even though he was found not guilty and eventually she has been largely reputed to be a liar (with quite a lot of evidence supporting that conclusion.)

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    • Look I'm not trying to undermine your decision, nor paint you as if your decision matters, plenty of good people aren't feminists, I'm just confused why you wouldn't want to be associated with that label anymore.

    • Did you read the take?

  • Pretty solid.
    Maybe I could nitpick but eh, whatever. On the whole a pretty accurate assessment.

  • Good for you, what I found interesting is your. statement "now is because it has become a collectivist ideology." Feminism has always been a Marxist movement even as far back as the suffragetts. Susan B. Anthony and the rest were all openly socialist.
    Here's a thought experiment try defining feminism as Marxist class warfare but instead of class use gender. Interesting hunh? Well welcome to the red pill... :)

  • Labels are for products and not normal human beings.
    There are freaks literally everywhere and not just feminism.
    There are also many freaks in MGTOW, religion, atheism, politics, barbarians, bronies, anti bronies, natalists, anti natalists, patriots, anarchists, hedonists, families, childfree members, MRM/MRA's, capitalists, communists, nationalists...

    Take none of those and just be yourself.

    But then again, we are the governments product ourselves or why do we have an ID?

    • I largely agree. Hence my spiel about individualism vs collectivism. We SHOULD not care about labels and deal with ideas themselves. Unfortunately, today many people are identitarians and will saddle you with all the beliefs of any particular “ideology” you happen to associate with rather than taking you as an individual. For this reason, plus the negative connotation associated with feminism for the aforementioned reasons, I’ll just tell people I’m an egalitarian and if the conversation continues I can explain my own beliefs.

      I think the latter to be better because it’s more likely to stimulate conversation than quell it.

    • I rather avoid this kind of talking with people like at all.
      I am not interested in politics like at all since they barely make any sense.
      So I'm not taking any label and if someone calls me anything then it tells a lot more about the sayer than me.

      You will be called X if you do or say Y. People love to complain and attach labels. And I don't like said people.

      Imagine there were no labels. We would be really freer.

    • Mm. I enjoy discussion, but agree other than tht.

  • I dumped feminism almost a decade ago now. I'll never go back. I dedicated a portion of my life to the cause of women's right and only got showered with hatred and spite in return. Never again. If they overturned Roe v. Wade tomorrow I wouldn't bat an eye.

  • Well since you're a guy, I'm pretty sure feminists doesn't care about your opinion. As long as you bow down and obey while apologizing for everything, that's all that matters to them.

  • Good! Egalitarianism is the way to go and I am glad that you are an individualist rather than a foolish collectivist.

  • Good for you. Bravo. They surely don't need or want you or me. :)

    • Oh, and all the men-haters that 'don't need no stinkin' man' do just fine 'till their roof leaks, or their pipes quit, or their car won't start. Then they need a man. LOL

      What they fail to realize is that MEN are what keep things going, and running, in society. If men quit doing what they do, our society as we know it would come to a screeching halt within about 48 hours.

  • Wow, I thought my opinions were that important too. You should submit that to NY Times.

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