Some Imperial advices for the young conservative White men who feel HOPELESS in this Modern World

I will start this Take by wishing a happy 2019 for all you GAGers!

This Take is intended for all those young conservative White men who feel that they have got stuck in the "cultural war" and seem to be skeptical about the way how things are turning out in our societies. That man who has been trying hard so long to understand what's going on, but hasn't been able to…

The Background

It is no secret that the modern society has chosen us as scapegoats. We - White men - are supposed to be blamed for everything (as if we were the only ones who have the means of action in our societies, or, even more telling, if our opinions and actions were on equal terms with the ones of the dozen people who run lobbies and have the hegemonic power on our countries' political scenario). Mainstream media is increasingly portraying us as "weak, unintelligent, cucky and immature", see 01, 02, 03. Also, there's an effort from them to exclude White men from leading roles on movies and even history. Also, We are becoming minorities in universities, which is connected to the next point: Liberals accuse us of having "privileges".

They say White men are "privileged" at the same time we have by far the highest suicide rates in the Western world, have you ever seen a Lib talking about it? And you will never see... We are living in a society characterised by declining levels of social connectedness, weakened communal institutions, and fracturing along familiar, cultural, geographic, and educational lines. Do you know why middle-aged White men are the most affected? It happens when you realize there's no future for you, because our culture of "having fun" is meaningless, the social expectations that you have to be super rich and famous are unrealistic, apathy and ausence of true virtues can make your life an insufferable hell. Having family and fighting for a good project is a future, being a money-grabber or living as a bonobo, not.

SJWs are trying to emulate a Bonobo's society. No wonder why society is failing...
SJWs are trying to emulate a Bonobo's society. No wonder why society is failing...

And how can we deal with that increasingly hostile society? How can we find a meaning for our lives?

Let me clarify something, you can't expect everything to be handed to you on a plate... You've got to make a bit of effort... As Theodore Roosevelt once said:

Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.

We have to make ourselves stronger, there's no other way indeed. We can use the hardships in our paths as a kind of training, like a weight we lift to be stronger. Being used to self-discipline is mandatory in order to make yourself stronger and able to achieve our goals, discipline yourself to have self-control, self-awareness, self-esteem, you have to learn the value of Loyalty, Courage, Prudence, Perseverance and, fundamentally, the WILL TO ACT. In this world of uncertainty, ours should be a path of discipline!

Some Imperial advices for the young conservative White men who feel HOPELESS in this Modern World

It means no unhealthy behaviors, no drugs, no porn, no compulsive, no guilt, no mental issues. To summarise it: no self-destructive behaviors. Either you choose to be a HONORED STRONG MAN or to be a MAN-CHILD "WHO LOVES SOME FUN".

Some Imperial advices for the young conservative White men who feel HOPELESS in this Modern World

A better life isn't going to be found watching television, mindlessly surfing the social medias, feeling guilty, or engaging yourself in dishonorable and degenerate behaviors. It's a cultural war, victory is a matter of honor survival, the other option is to be a forever emotional wreck and a loser.

Some Imperial advices for the young conservative White men who feel HOPELESS in this Modern World

Family is our "batallion", life is our "war", hardships are our "battles". A soldier are not supposed to give up on fighting just because of the hardships in his path: either life and war are about facing hardships. So think about that before freezing with fear towards trivial situations (like getting rejection from a girl), take in mind that you grandfather didn't fear losing his life in a battle, so why do you fear trivial situations in your life? Also, you are supposed to set realistic goals for yourself, don't overtax yourself with unreachable goals.

We need a new elite and community

Being strong is precondition for the next step: creating a new elite and community. We should turn ourselves in positive role models for others, a new elite. How we could form it? By following all my previous advices and I'll add a new one here: being intellectually prepared. Instead of spending your time jacking off to porn movies made by "sex-positive" FEMINISTS... Why don't you look for true knowledge? Julius Evola, Aristotle, Plato, Dostoevsky, the Roman moralists, books about history or logics, just for starters. It can change your life.

Some Imperial advices for the young conservative White men who feel HOPELESS in this Modern World

With a new elite, we can work on the next step: creating a new and healthy community. This is something that is definitely needed, taking into account that we live in a broken society.

Some Imperial advices for the young conservative White men who feel HOPELESS in this Modern World

It seems as an exaggeration? Do you think it's normal that millions of people are on antidepressants and thousands are giving up on life right now? We should rebuild our communities, with the values of our ancestors (and I said values, not bad deeds). The societies of today can't stay much longer because nothing worth can come from their core values: materialism, hedonism, individualism, consumerism and nihilism, many men even give up on life when realize it.

Some Imperial advices for the young conservative White men who feel HOPELESS in this Modern World

Modern values mean weak bonds with people, and it leads to depression and social retraction.

Some Imperial advices for the young conservative White men who feel HOPELESS in this Modern World

We shall reject the values of Modern culture, which some people wrongly call as "White" culture... But materialism, hedonism, cosmopolitanism and nihilism were NEVER part of our traditional White cultures, we shall revive our roots and reject this cultural Frankenstein of modernism. We shall replace the broken modern society with new communities based on a culture of honor and excellence.

How to improve your relations with women?

By working HARD on your self-improvement. You can't imagine how much you can boost your bargaining power with a woman if you:


No excessive attention, especially on social media. No time and money for porn, which is made by "sex-positive" feminists, no e-girls, no girls who had a promiscuous past, no girls who behave in any other dishonored way in their past, no girls who have mental issues. If she had a "sexual bucket list", you'd better stay away from her, even for the sake of your health. No need to slut shame them, just make it clear that you want nothing with them.

Some Imperial advices for the young conservative White men who feel HOPELESS in this Modern World

There's no such thing as "people change", don't fool yourself. Reject the consumerist view that says that "the more experiences, the better".

Some Imperial advices for the young conservative White men who feel HOPELESS in this Modern World

. Show dominance and confidence.

You can build that kind of traits if you follow my previous advices (self-discipline, self-awareness, self-esteem, strongness, vitality, pride, honor). If you haven't confidence in self, just ask yourself: how much of your time do you spend with games, porn, parties and complaints about life? Your time would be better spent if you work on your self-improvement, and the results can change your life for better!

. Make your girl feel secure in your arms and trust you.

How could you protect your girl if you are weak, anxious and no one fears you? The key here: being feared and respected, by feared I mean people around should know there are consequences for messing with you, your girl will tend to feel protected by you. That's why some girls fall for bad boys: they can protect them better than the self-proclaimed "nice" and nerdy good boys. Learn how to defend yourself, self-defense is one of your biggest goals in life. Cowardice or weakness should not be tolerated, you have to be virtuous just as much as you demand your girl to be, and you are supposed to set the example.

. Make your girl beg for you in bed.

You have to be able to please your girl in bed. The key here: confidence, mastering your skills, foreplays and healthy fantasies to spice up things, but - FOR GOD'S SAKE- *HEALTHY* fantasies, so it's imperative that you exclude any possibility of engaging yourself in degeneracy. And this is an ABSOLUTE rule.

Marriage is not a place for experimenting alternate lifestyles, especially the degenerate ones...
Marriage is not a place for experimenting alternate lifestyles, especially the degenerate ones...

If you are not confident about your skills, patience, creativity and willingness are fundamental, you can watch a sex tutorial - tutorial, not porn - to learn how to please a woman, and her pleasure should come first. Porn will not give you that lesson, it will make you insecure and prone to lose interest in women, either by loss of libido (you're conditioning yourself to a screen, not to real women) or ED.

. In order to attract a woman, you have to have at least a minimum of "game" and social skills. There's a lot of info about it on internet, so you have no excuses to suck at everything and anything. If you are a lazy and unlikable guy, don't complain about getting rejected by women.

When you have those qualities, you can set your rules and the girls who don't agree with it can only silently clench their fists. There'a difference between having standards (for example, refusing to date a girl because she had a promiscuous past or whatever) when you are an average guy and when you are a man who is respected by people around and has a good reputation on everything. Work hard on your self-improvement and your personality's flaws (if it's not bizarre) will be a non-issue for most people .

Being attractive is a bonus, it was what saved me from being shunned by women when I was a teen: I was too much antagonistic, serious, ill-tempered and associated with far-rightism at that time, I was a also really bad dancer (see? I was aware of my flaws). Although if I approached a girl, my looks usually saved me from getting rejected, but not from losing girls after some funtimes when my personality's flaws started to be unsettling for them, sometimes they went for average looking guys. So if you are "putting your money" on the idea that women care only about attractiveness and good sex, bad news for you: virtually all women put social status, PERSONALITY and even money above attractiveness and orgasms (women don't even need a man in order to get an orgasm, but it is a nice extra if you can please your girl), at least for a committed relationship.

The turning point of my life

About five years ago, I had met my wife. Immediately we get along very well, she is an upper-class (which was a disadvantage for me, I'd be considered rich in my native country, but in West' countries, after the money conversion... Well, not that great) and really pretty Swedish girl but - yeah - she was somewhat liberal and unsurprisingly naïve at that time. Despite that, things were gone so well, I decided to check her past, her personality signs (being versed on Psychology helps a lot), her social medias at that time, and didn't find anything that could embarrass me in the future, so decided to give a chance for us together. Best thing I made.

Some Imperial advices for the young conservative White men who feel HOPELESS in this Modern World

Although I normally avoid to talk with her about politics, she always knew I'm very inclined to right-wing ideas. It's remarkable how she was changing her mind about conservatism, step by step, by her own merits all this time. Do you know why? It's because I've become the most important person in her life, if she have to choose between me and her friends, even parents and status, she will choose me, for the simple reason that I've mentioned: she is happier with me, not with them...

She won't pick fights with people over politics (which would be silly, let's be real), but she supports me and became what the Americans would call "an alt-right wife". By the way, if you wanna see women in right-wing movements, it's about time we brought those good-for-nothing misogynistic men with MGTrollish tendencies down a peg or two, and start to act aiming to win women's hearts and minds too. It's not a task for weak men, of course.

Some Imperial advices for the young conservative White men who feel HOPELESS in this Modern World

Thanks for reading!




Most Helpful Guy

  • Great take man!

    There's little, if anything I find myself twitching at here, for what it is guys like us wish to see restored, is singularly the greatest impediment to the (((Brave New World))); without a population of strong men willing and able to lead their women and children, is where reach the height's of degeneracy that we have at this present time.

    Without that strong and firm leadership that masculine energy brings to his society, our women run astray - and look around us, our current cultural weakness has spawned a hellfire of damned and untermensch women... And men...

    I find your story about you and your partner highly interesting, and somewhat close to home, for I've dated a few Nordic girls and they're either extremely sedate and apologetic for the fact they merely *exist*! Or if they haven't been like this, then they have been, frankly... loose... It sure saddens me when I see such otherwise good looking girls be so spiritually degenerate!

    I'm happy for you though brother, sounds like your woman's keeping you well fed and warm at night ;) -- just make sure the knowledge you have of our culture (by "our" I mean simply, white Aryan man) is passed onto her, for traditionally it has been the women who pass the culture orally to their children!

    If I'm right in saying your from Russia, then I needn't tell you about a certain (((tribe))) of ideological subversives that have taken their psy-ops used in the Bolshevik times and spread it across the western hemisphere. As (((Antonio Gramsci))) said when writing his prison notes under Mussolini's Italy, they have been waging a Culture War by "The Long March Through The Institutions" against us...

    It's time we started marching through *THEIR* institutions now, is it not?

    I still need to chomp through some more of Plato, but you should also read Tacitus' Agricola & Germania; it's an incredible read from the point of view that a man who was aiding in the military foundation of civilised (Roman) empire across Europe (Celtic and Germanic lands). He pays reference to how the comforts of civility (least not modern high-tech society) break down and wither away our cultures in favour of a base and servile existence, where we aspire for nothing more than a false sense of security and ease of access to food, water and sanitation...

    In other words the ancient ways of relative hardship, reinforced by a rich (pagan) culture and strong honour code running through the veins of the tribe and race, is what keeps us strong and alive, spiritually. What we have now (and the Romans then) is a spiritual desert (read Dialectical Materialism by Marx)...

    • Having re-read, the only thing I will say is that I'm too cool to dance! Just smile and approach!!! Mwahah!

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    • Ah I'm glad you've already read the Bonobo's chapter from Donovan!

      I do also agree, even I haven't quite fully pinpointed, *truly*, where the female psychology truly roots itself in, with regard to group-think - what we do know ofc is that women do adhere to it as if it were their only lifeline. I think what goes at least in part-way explaining how this occurs, is due to the general lack of masculine energy, at both the interpersonal and societal level; women's psychology has been attacked in ways us men could never truly absorb, at a primitive level women want/need the men of their tribe/nation to be the strong protectors, not just from external threats, but of the love that we're meant to give to our women.

      But where so many "men" have lost their balls (or never had them "screwed on" by their fathers/other male role models in the first place) gradually over many generations, they have also lost their abilities to be what they need to be, and therefore have lost the art of handling their women. I believe this alone is enough to drive any woman insane at a very deep, primitive level. She wants a man to have kids with, and to raise genetically strong children with all that nurturing energy that she has - this energy feeds off of her mans adoration and protection of her... Literally like the sperm and the egg fusing to make a baby, man and woman need to come together in complete symbioses. Most women do not have access to this in this age...

      But of course not all modern women deserve to have this, because their empty emotional wells have been abused and perpetuated by a lethal concoction of weak men, cucks who have been unwilling to prevent the poison of state-driven propaganda (Feminism etc) and "culture" from poisoning them.

      I see this all the time IRL - many bad women who just use their cucked bf's actually despise them *because* they're weak.

      This behaviour spirals to the degeneracy we see nowadays - this is the ultimate bonobo society in action.

    • In other words, I'm not denying the accountability that bad women must face by any stretch of the imagination - many of them are dangerous with it, and need to be got rid of! - but where we live in a society that represses and warps the human condition to such an unnatural degree, we see a wide range and raft of weakness, mental illness and degeneracy in many, many men and women.

      We can only begin fighting this off by leading by example, I mean whenever I come across a girl who's truly worth my time, I'll be sure to be everything that I *need* to be, I'll be everything I need to be to also *attract* these women in the first place.

      This then sorts out the degenerates from the good ones of our own gender too; people that also want to be Ubermensch will try to learn from people like us, and those that wallow in their degeneracy will probably just sit back and get jealous.

      And if they try and challenge us... we stamp on them like the maggots that they are ;)

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  • Good take.

    I think that the methods employed by Jordan Peterson (Whom I'll assume you must have heard of) are among the most reliable strategems available towards achieving this goal. Unfortunately most the old dogmas were cultivated in the past were easily appliable to the scenarios of our history. Being engaged in the cruelty of the weather, famine, war and disease, the notions such as courage evoke meaning from within and we easily understood. The word itself carries little meaning but applied to one's own environment it unfolds itself and all of it's esoteric primciples. Our environments in a way gave birth to the significance of these words. Whereas today we cannot know what such bold terms mean, they do not present themselves, they are ethereal and mystic. Jordan Peterson has a brilliant way of starting at the finest, comprehensive, and comprehendable means of understanding. To clean your room. As trifling as it sounds, its the framework that teaches the basic principles to greater concepts, much like how a child cannot learn how to clean up after themselves but can put item A away, then item B. His methods also allow people to witness first hand the wonderous joys of meaning cultivated only in the immediate presence of experience yo feeling. Its not until one is immersed into a fire that they understand what heat is and it's not until then that the glory of fire is understood.

    • Good comment, it's interesting that you brought Jordan Peterson into the discussion, I really would like to elaborate better some of my points here, but the Take was already too long. There are parallels between some of my points and this great lecture of JP:

      I think he has set the basics of self-improvement in a magistral way.

    • Peterson's way of story telling is genius as its so simplistic. Like, one of the biggest issues between communication between groups of people is the synthesis of biases. We have our own world veiws, and understandings and we don't treat each other as if this were always true. Whereas these topics of gender roles often get confusing because people dont even set an agreed upon idea of discussion. One talks about one thing and the other another. The hygelian dialectic. But peterson draws upon our most fundamental perspectives, the most elusory and imaginative components to thinking. His story telling connections implant subconscious realizations and presuppositions which a person can relate to whether or not they are consciously percieving the message. Its like he inflitrates the matrix of the brain and uses its own ability of immersion into mass associations to specify ideas and understandings through enabling the minds most fundamental mental proccesses. Its incredibly brilliant stuff.

    • I brought it up because often words dont have meanings and ideas are without a "backround of logic." I mean consciously we can percieve logic here and there but our subconscious draws upon another logic. It gathers data from all espects of our existence and compiles it into little tidbits of imaging thumbnails, thats our real sense of logic and sometimes that logic expresses that we believe fairy tales over experiencial life itself. When people encounter near death experiences their "life flashes before their eyes" which is this same process in hyperactivity.

      So often words like courage, confidence, or whatever. They really mean nothing. Like, unless you know how to use a wrench, you'll probably treat the wretch as just some miscellaneous object that exists in the backround like the air. You dont really even see air either until its sucked out of you with a vacuum.

      But I see how it can be a bit challenging to go over every little nuance to meet a concise objective. Just thought Id point that out.

  • All I'm getting out of this is that the whole "sensitive snowflake" thing is just conservative white dudes projecting their own insecurities.

    • Of course they are. Your ideology has been destroying the traditional family concept since generations ago, people you made the very simple thing of "being a man and having a white skin color" be seen as an infamy (tolerance and equality, lol, hypocrites, be real about your true intentions), there are not enough good role models in Western societies...

      And now are you surprised that conservative youngsters struggle to find a place in society? At least, they are not MOCKING serious issues like your stupid peers who claim to develop PTSD from trivial annoyances.

      The bad news for you: they can make themselves proud again and DESTROY your pathetic utopia once for all.

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    • 1. I'm gonna need an argument backed up by something that's not a fallacy. "It's natural" ain't an argument. Besides, families can be broken even when they're a "traditional family". Better the child grow up with a single parent than in a family where the parents hate each other.

      2. You only feel like you're on a "black list" because you're used to being special and you're not anymore. Can you go find me some actual sources showing discrimination against white men? Because I can find plenty about discrimination against minorities and women.

      3. Sourcedy source source cite your sources. Give specific arguments, with specific examples, don't just spout your (rather nonsense) opinion in vague ass terms without any real logical grounding.

    • 1. If you can't deal with the reality, it's you problem, not mine. Every child has a mother and a father who gave them life, in other words, the father and the mother have a natural bond with their child. And children have a natural right to be raised by their mother and father, their personality's development is fundamentally linked to upbringing.

      I'm not talking about your rotten values, who said those families you were referring to would be "traditional"? Broken traditional families? Seriously?

      Or broken bourgeois families?

      There's a fundamental difference between that and the other kind...

      And I'm sure you don't know what it is!

      2. Don't be such a hypocrite. You know that you'd never tolerate that people spew against minorities the same kind of vitriol usually directed against White men. You Libs unabashedly call White men every sort of names: terrorists, mean, bad, racists, not "woke", potentially rapists, oppressors, "we need to be educated" (coincidentally, by you, yes, you want to exert power over our minds and sugarcoat your real intentions at the same time), sexists, and so and so... Some of your peers openly call violence against White men without even being disavowed by you!

      Is demanding the same respect that you demand from us "feeling like we are special"?

      3. Why am I the only person who is obliged to provide sources? You can do it too! Show me yours, and I'll show you mine.

  • In my opinion there’s no such thing white culture, not in America... unless you count Starbucks and Taylor Swift music 😂

    • You Libs are really funny, do you know why?

      Because you resemble a serial killer who, after cutting someone's head, cries out with astonishment: "WTF? They have no pulse anymore!".

      If you didn't destroyed the traditional White cultures of American people to replace them with this cultural Frankenstein of modern culture, based on self-destructive values like guilt, nihilism, materialism and hedonism, maybe you could see what is White culture...

      What a surprise! Is it really a mystery the reason why you aren't seeing a White culture in your country?

      By the way, you sound really jealous.

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    • No.

      It's me the Liberal here.

      I'm the one here who uses that kind of language cut-and-paste from Liberal "Critical" Theories, like "systemic racism" and think "there's not such thing as a White culture".

      You are not a Liberal, it's me.

  • What must be understood is that this all started after the Soviet Empire fell apart.

    These are Commie Leftovers trying a new tack. Cultural Marxism has replaced economic Marxism.

  • I realized early on that all the whining from the Left was nonsense. All the groups they claim are disadvantaged are anything but. They are afforded special opportunities in schools, relaxed college admissions policies, their own scholarships to pay for college, and hiring preference for internships and permanent positions. Meanwhile, white men are told that we should be happy at the back of the line because we are "privileged," which is contradictory and illogical. How can we be privileged if we get only the leftovers of everything? Plus, college taught me that there is a real hatred of white men coming from the Left. The Left can and will say what they want, but curse white men if we respond in any way. That's why I don't pay attention to them anymore. They're the proverbial boy who cried wolf, and I no longer believe a word the Left utters.

    • And Liberals play the outraged when they realize that we don't like them, those cynics. How could we have some respect for those types whose work is intented to backstab us?

      Excellent comment, thank you for contributing with your thoughts!

  • Are young white men feeling like loser? This is new to me

    • Not really. It's just too much social transformations (and a bad social structure) that are making many guys to feel confused about life. To a some extent, that "state of things" affects minorities too (and will be much more visible in the future), but by now it's more related to the "White" culture.

    • Of course is new to you bro, we rule da world. We don't suffer from anxiety and we're all fucking wealthy.

    • I was being sarcastic with my commment.

  • Longest mytake ever. Awesome job, man. You should be getting paid for this stuff.

  • Solid post.

    • See the downvotes... Those weak libs, they know that their utopia is coming to an end, and then they get triggered. 😂

    • I think even that's giving them too much credit. They're too stupid to understand the things you're saying.

    • I second all sentiments (no... matter of reality) here!

  • If you're a young white man who feels life might be unfair, you need to go into rehab for your Fox News and Info Wars addiction.

  • Dude, can you help me with this girl that I like?

    • Are you serious? C'mon, if I can help you, I won't deny to do it, buddy. Send me a private message if you want.

    • Well... Yeah.. These youngsters are really weird, lol. Nah I just really dont know what to do.

  • I don't like your nick lol

  • Epic!

  • ummmm TLDR

  • Did you just conflate characters in a Shakespeare play with history?

    You're just adding fuel to the paranoia that guys who don't go outside much already believe. You aren't helping them get better you're just helping them be more angry more frustrated and more isolated.

    • Being angry is not the problem. Having misplaced anger is the problem. It's beyond dishonesty to claim that we aren't living under a Liberal cultural hegemony. Is mainstream media conservative? Is the entertainment industry conservative? Are the modern social expectations conservative? So how can you say that "I'm adding fuel to paranoia"?

      The problem is that many young conservatives, out of sheer lack of positive role models, end up choosing the defeat in their lives: bitterness and impotent rage.

      I'm just saying that I understand their reasons (I've even mentioned I had the same problems when I was a teenager), but they need to focus on building their path and choose to love themselves and people they could count on. I'm talking about creating a kind of "new elite", it was not my intention to talk about incels and MGTOWers, I even mentioned that it should have no place for them in conservative movements, they drive people away from conservative movements.

      You are arguing just for the sake of arguing. No wonder why you are anon.

  • Classic enumeration of conservative paranoia

  • It’s not a bad piece of advice but you lost me at Plato. I used to read his work when I wanted to fall asleep.

    I’m going to use Nietzsche philosophy and quote this in a few words.

    “If you want to help restore the traditional male role in society, go to school, get a job and don’t be discouraged. Be productive. “

    • Don't underestimate Plato. His "Dialogues", specially "Gorgias", are a great work. If we pay attention to the essence of Sophism, we find the roots of the left-liberal philosophy of today, too.

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    • Dude, I grew up in Eastern Europe during the 90s, do you really think that the economic situation in every stage of the American history was/is comparable to the mess that EE faced at that time? Do you wanna tell me that the fall of the Iron Curtain and ulterior liberalization's period didn't affect the social structure and market's organization of EE societies? What you call a "poor" in America could be a comfortable middle class person in EE, we had even postgraduates who were homeless. You complain about America for transferring its industrial plant to East Asia, well, EE was industrialized, but what we could gain from it? People didn't have a cent to spend with products out of basic needs.

      So are you really telling me that America is the only place in the world where it is difficult to be productive? Or that in no other country the market would be so picky with job applicants? Well, I did myself college, M. A., I've learnt several languages and so. Do you think it was easy for me to be productive? That I liked to spend hours studying?
      Who wants to win first have to find a way to win. No excuses.

    • And - unlike you - I value knowledge. Just for example: classic books don't make me sleepy, because I read in order to gain knowledge, not for entertainment. Do you wanna read to entertain yourself? Go read a Marie Claire magazine, snowflake.

      Watch yourself before you try to accuse me of "trying to create a group of uneducated bigots". I indirectly suggested men to study, make their own path and keep themselves quiet, under the radar. We need a new elite and new communities in order to defeat Liberalism, but it's not a goal we can achieve anytime soon, because Liberalism is a hegemonic power that has enough power to crush us, as it happened to the alt-right, and that's exactly the scenario I'm trying to avoid. Do you think I'm that vocal about my ideology in my personal life? Only when I was a teenager. I didn't even talk about politics with my wife these days.

      White conservatives should inspire themselves with the history of Quintus Fabius Maximus and how he paved the way for the Roman victory against Hannibal: with patience, attacking the weak points of the Carthaginians while avoiding "frontal attacks", in which the Romans would surely be defeated.

      So... You are just another person arguing for the sake of arguing, with no real knowledge or intention to point out something relevant.

  • White privilege and male probe added together lmao white males can never feel hopeless.

    • Poor answer indeed. Is that the best you've got?

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    • 💩 skin, you are so insane... I'm not even from the USA, it should be obvious for anyone with more than a single-digit IQ (not your case, of course).

      The "education" system of your country failed miserably with you, such a waste... Your parents should send you to a dog trainer.

    • Your ancestors were still slave owners dumbass plus it’s calleed chocolate skin you uncooked looking mf

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