How Men's Rights and the Men's Rights Movement Are A Lie

How Men's Rights and the Men's Rights Movement Are A Lie

When I was growing up in my teen years I was like many young guys who felt slighted and unhappy by society for the way it seemed to esteem women and feminism, and I started going on a mission of my own to hate, blame, and attack feminism and any kind of rights or advantage for women. I was even writing my own book that was supposed to be about the evil of feminism and the plot against men, which would’ve been no different than all the other in-the-minority books other men wrote that nobody cared about either back then.

I got caught up in the modern day lie that men were being badly beaten by society, covertly being worked against, and were in desperate need of rights. Is it true that society and the system have failed men and is unfair to them in some ways? Definitely. But eventually I had to see what was really going on, and you’ll see too.

Campaigning as a victim gets you sympathy…

Don’t get me wrong - although I’m not a follower of Men's Rights I certainly am not an advocate or believer in feminism either. Feminism has a shameful history of racism and is notorious for using the focus of rape as terrorism in universities and society and whining about how women still have a long way to go.

How Men's Rights and the Men's Rights Movement Are A Lie

So having said that, men who favor or are active in the Men’s Rights movement know that portraying yourself as a victim, casualty, or affected individual can get you some kind of sympathy. They saw how feminists have done this for years and have been successful at it, so they decided they would start trying it: magnify the issue of male anorexia (in the very early 2000s this was a short-lived cry for attention) because “even boys are negatively influenced by images in the media,” highlight male rape victims as an enormous issue that gets ignored, cry about the difficulties of being a man so people can take it more seriously, dot dot dot. Unfortunately, trying to make males look like a victimized or affected demographic has not been very successful for MRAs.

How Men's Rights and the Men's Rights Movement Are A Lie

Once I started seeing what the Men’s Rights movement was doing with the victim/injured party thing, I took a step back and had to ask myself: is this how men are supposed to be taken seriously? By making ourselves look helpless and in need?

Men are still in control…

As much as many men - and also some women - want to blame feminism or women’s advances for how masculinity has been short-changed, the ultimate truth is that men are still largely the ones causing this. Men are giving women and women’s terrorist groups too much credit. They achieve nothing without a power structure deciding to take them seriously. Are there moments and areas of life where women really are the bad guys with some kind of control and screw men over? Most definitely, but on the larger scale of things, men are allowing unfairness to hurt their own gender.

How Men's Rights and the Men's Rights Movement Are A Lie

Government, the justice system, the employment world, the media, even the medical system, and everything else, is still largely run, decided, and controlled by men. It all basically is an IlluMANati. Men who run the courts are the ones who give favor to women in divorce and custody cases. They give female pedophiles and teachers lighter sentences for rape because deep down those men are aroused by women being sexual with young boys. They give female murderers less years in prison. Male police officers have also taken sex from women who wanted to avoid a speeding ticket or write up. Employers give women the job over a man who was more qualified because they feel that women are a better image, or because she gave sex for the position, or because the boss thought she was attractive.

How Men's Rights and the Men's Rights Movement Are A Lie

Men are the ones who hurt other men with their decisions and rules. Women and feminists have the right to cry all they want about what they feel is wrong towards their gender and what they think should change or be given to them, or how they feel about men, but ultimately men are the ones who have the most power to decide. And what they decide is to favor or esteem women where they don’t care about men being put down.

To be sure, women are not blameless and are without a doubt dirty crooks of their own doing and they do exploit men and exploit men’s disadvantages, but men in control still aren’t in a hurry to stop that either.

Men are giving women too much credit…

As I said before, men accredit women with too much power. They complain about women having some kind of might or influence a lot more than they really do. The problem is that men choose to give in to what women are doing. And by complaining, men actually satisfy women. Whether they say it or think it or not, women like that men are believing females to be powerful, influential, persuasive, etc. And they like that men are frustrated by it.

How Men's Rights and the Men's Rights Movement Are A Lie

In these times I find it sad to hear guys being jealous of women’s orgasms, women getting sex, getting dates, or accrediting women with some higher power that they perceive them as having in an envious way. These guys think they are somehow guilting women or insulting them with a sideways tactic, when the truth is that women actually like it that those things bother guys, and that’s how women get power. And they eat it up. Guys make masculinity seem more powerless and inferior than they really are, not realizing that it satisfies the female ego.

Men created the rights…

So they can give them. I’m not saying that men do have all the rights or have everything perfectly, there are certainly things that men should be given or should have to deal with less, but my point is at the end of the day the power structure is still mostly male and they can decide.

How Men's Rights and the Men's Rights Movement Are A Lie

But have you also noticed that the only things men have started to get a break with are matters of effeminate similarities? If men talk about it alone no one cares, but if it gets the approval of feminists who will also cry about it then people will start to listen, like with men being stay at home dads or being transgender. Even domestic violence against men and male sexual assault victimization has been taken more seriously - which I do think is good - but only because there have been women who also cried about it, and because it’s an area where a man is the helpless one.

How Men's Rights and the Men's Rights Movement Are A Lie

In situations where men are more commonly being wronged and overlooked and women really are the crooks or unfairly favored ones, are still not the areas that our male dominated power structure is in a hurry to fix.


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Most Helpful Guys

  • Ok but you clearly still sympathize with the cause of MRA's, you're just critiquing the tactics.

    Modern Western culture is a spiritual hellhole. It makes everybody miserable, even its most empowered and privileged: straight cis white men. It isolates people and makes them fear and resent each other. Even the billionaires are miserable.

    Now look at in-tact indigenous cultures all over the world. (I have to specify "in-tact", because your culture has decimated and corrupted almost all of ours.) Everyone knows their role, and has a spiritual connection with eachnither, the earth, and their ancestors. Men and women aren't fighting each other. There is no class structure, no drug abuse, no prostitution, and very little violence and crime compared to these moder urban wastelands you call civilization.

    • Very true points.

    • 2d

      Just curious. What are examples of "in-tact indigenous cultures all over the world" where "Everyone knows their role, and has a spiritual connection with each other, the earth, and their ancestors. Men and women aren't fighting each other. There is no class structure, no drug abuse, no prostitution, and very little violence and crime compared to these modern urban wastelands you call civilization."? Not up for debate, just genuinely curious. I would like to find a place like that.

  • Have you ever wonder why old white men are still in charge mostly even though half the votes would come from women?

    Is it because the women vote for the men instead of women? Or maybe women didn't make good popular politicians? Or maybe people have this image that men should be and decided that men fitting into this mold would be okay?

    Just ask yourself: is there something a man shouldn't do but you don't feel as much negativity when a woman do it?

    If a wife beats her husband then it's funny. If a husband beats a wife then it's domestic violence. Shouldn't they both be illegal and get treat with the same disgust?

    If a guy wears a pink dress then he is a freak but a woman wear men's clothing then she's curious or dyke.

    Where is the equality?


Most Helpful Girls

  • The biggest issue is that it's basically impossible to get men to care about issues that negatively effect men. They just don't care, not most of them anyway. They don't care enough to get passionate about it, like women do. Maybe their pride gets in the way of admitting that something is wrong? They want to protect women, and they see the issues of need in men as a sign of weakness. "Suck it up and deal with it" is the attitude of many men, including those in power. Only a minority of men really care, and as long as it remains a minority, they will not be taken seriously.

    • This is also true.

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    • I think sex is the issue, not fragile masculinity. Feminism has caused all the oppression men have today.

    • Men simply like the concept of survival of the fittest and nobody, feminism neither, is probably going to change our nature as a whole anytime soon.

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  • Feminism is an unnecessary evil. I think women today have too many rights. I. E. free education, better job opportunities than men get, etc. My opinion: abolish feminism and send these bitches back to the kitchen where they belong. Men are hard wired to protect and take care of women. We want wives not career oriented feminist cunts who insist on going their own way instead of finding a quality man. Fuck that shit.

  • Nice take. I'd add that the broader issue is that identity politics is pure bullshit. Doesn't matter what the "group" is: women, men, racial group A, racial group B, sex preference group C or D, or whatever. It's. All. BULLSHIT. What matters is the individual.

  • The key to all of this ID politics garbage happening nowadays is this... Are you a victim? Do you choose to be offended? Or do you rise above all of it and realize how stupid it is, and say "no, I'm not apart of XYZ 'oppressed' group."

    We're all better than that... the ones that think they're the victims of oppression are people that probably have nothing happening in their lives and were never held accountable for their actions, or lack thereof. Someone tells them to get off their ass, or gets after them for poor behavior, and they think they're being discriminated against.

    Bunch of sad individuals. I'll tell you this, I go to work everyday, with countless people of different backgrounds and nationalities, and we all respect each other, because everyone is an intelligent, respectable adult with different sets of knowledge and skills we all bring to the table. And frankly, we don't have time for politics. It's not an issue if you don't allow it to be an issue. Do you choose to let it hurt you, or do you wake up and realize that it's all a big joke?

    Nobody is oppressed in this country. Are there idiot people out there that make life more difficult, sure, but they don't matter. As long as you're a well put-together, respectable person, you're doing great, and you're not at fault for any negativity thrown your way. If not, maybe it's time to look in the mirror and make some changes if you aren't getting the treatment you feel you deserve. You get out of life what you put in.

  • Y’know I was expecting this to be a bad take but it’s very well thought out. Nice.

  • Firstly you can’t deny women have suffered more repression than men ever have throughout history! Secondly there are feminists who are taking it too far now! Thirdly in reality this isn’t that much of a problem, males and females still get one well together in my experience, I’ve never come across any case of false accusation, I’m sure there are but I’m positive they’re a low minority, this only seems to be a big topic in Internet forums etc.

    • Repression yes. Women also always survived at greater rates.
      Example: 20.5 million Soviet men dead during the war and 6.5 million women. If men who fought as soldiers are removed, this leaves 5.9 million civilian men. Meaning that despite there already being an inherent imbalance in the population, due to the Great War, Civil War, and political repression — all of which left millions more women than men in the country. Even something like the Soviet-Finnish war left roughly 200 000 men dead, many from Ukraine. Meaning, that when the Axis forces occupied the western portion of the USSR, there were already a great many less men there: 1 — the natural population imbalance, 2 —millions of men originating from the future occupied territories were in the army; 1 — meaning many became prisoners of war and died or died in battle, 2 —many retreated with the army into Russia proper.
      Thus, in territories where the ratio of men to women was perhaps 0.73 to 1, the death ratio was 0.91 man to 1 woman.

      Women may have been repressed, along with "just" 95% of all men, but men have always been the first to die. And they died in order to receive pay to stay alive (mercenaries.) —Quite idiotic: risking your life to stay alive. Or they died in order to defend their land from foreign invasion, which will always have normal civilians suffer at the hands of the occupying force.

      In essence: for most of human existence both sexes have lived like shit.

    • @Naydyonov You're forgetting that women are the primary victim of war!
      They lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat.
      -Hillary Clinton

    • Oh yeah — the real fucking equivalent.
      God damn

  • It is all total BS just a way someone thought of to divide the country same as feminism.

    • Or maybe there are extreme double standards against men, and extremely rigid gender roles for them that have never been addressed? How we view men is pretty much the same as it was in the 1800s. It’s never been addressed because people lack empathy for males which is the core of the problems that men have.

    • @subtopewdiepie There are really powerful people in this world and they are the reason for most of our suffering they start things like feminism and this so we get men vs women they also love white vs black straight vs gay it is all about division and this kind of thing is just playing right into their hands doing exactly what they want the more we are all divided the more we are not looking at the bad things happening to us that we can stop

  • Once upon a time I thought about joining a MRA. But I also hate the crybaby campaigning. Victimhood will get you sympathy but never respect.

    However I will never hesitate to call out modern feminism.

    • I absolutely agree with that.

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    • Exactly. Some women are wising up to this crap but too many are so impressionable it’s disgusting. The worst are college girls who are being brainwashed. There are plenty of them on GaG. Some of them are just young and dumb. When they get older and have more experience they tend to understand that being a man is not exactly a fairytale kingdom. But others get even dumber with age.

      All I know is my fathers generation was very dismissive and naive about feminism. They underestimated how destructive it would be become.

    • @UncleJessieRabbit speaking of radicalism I regret not punching a disruptive radical political activist in the face when he disrupted me and other people just getting food at subway. He didn’t get physical but I wish he did. I would I have beat the living shut out of him.

  • There's no law on men's rights but there are laws on citizens rights and human rights.
    Why should men have a law giving them other (more) rights than citizens and humans?

  • This 4K character limit is really working for me... sorry.

    "Victim campaigning"
    Yeah it doesn't work for men, so that's an issue. But it's essentially a reaction to feminists playing the victim card. MRAs are looking at that and seeing that their measure of the situation is verifiable so they feel like they can play the same game and win, but people just don't *feel* the same about men's problems.

    "By making ourselves look helpless and in need"
    As opposed to what? "we're all fine here, dont worry about us"? If there's no need for anyone's help then people aren't going feel like there's a real issue. Highlighting victimhood doesn't really work for men, but is anyhting else going to do much better? There are *completely * different angles to come from to help men but eventually the question comes up as to why you're doing these things and then sooner or later you have to cop to the idea that society isn't treating men right. At some point we have to admit to victimhood, but we don't have to be snowflakes about it.

    "Men are still in control"
    "Men" as a group are not in control. More accurately, the people in charge are largely male. This doesn't mean shit unless you're operating from an identitarian perspective. The reason they talk about feminism being responsible a lot is because society in general and consequently people (many of whom happen to be male) in power respond to that. People in power are mostly just normies trying to please a voter base and have a good public image. We shouldn't treat them as uniquely responsible, feminists can't just shift all blame to "men in power" as if it's a jab against men. These men aren't that special, they have the same bias as the rest of the mainstream and it's these attitudes that work against men that are the problem.

    "ultimately men are the ones who have the most power to decide"
    No. The people who have the power to decide are male. Not the same thing.

    "the power structure is still mostly male"
    As if it really makes a difference.
    At best it'll stop them from having blanket laws that put all men in camps or anything ridiculous like that, because they are male too. But it's far from a new idea that leadership finds itself exempt from the rules it imposes on it's subjects. The idea that they aren't exempt is historically the new and strange idea.

    "male dominated power structure"
    Again, it doesn't matter that they're male. It matters who they're beholden to. Let's not get sucked into identitarian bullshit.

    • Basically I don't think calling them "a lie" is remotely accurate.

  • Men don't care about other men and I hate myself for being born and having to defend this curse called humanity. I have nothing left after trying to believe in friendship and comradiere. I ended up with depression after thinking people would understand my naive ideals of prosperity for all would be welcomed by all with open arms. Everybody hates us men, women everyone or they simply don't care. young boys are just pawns with emotions to men, women, society the sooner they understand this the lesser pain they will have to endure.

    Men who are castrated are insulted for not being a man, even baby boys with a micropenis were degraded and humiliated with forced gender assignment simply because they were born with a small penis.

    It's fun to mock and laugh at a sexually mutilated man even on TV shows and real life. I only hope that more men commit suicide because I can't bare what will happen in the future, young boys are mostly abused to death in the name of survival. whats the point of living in such a situation where you can't see them live prosperously or help them out in their situation. I am utterly powerless to see them truly happy and fulfilling lives.

    We are doomed to chase after women if we want to have a family of our own and I don't think it's worth it in the modern world where men feel so alone and isolated. Being a man has become a lifestyle where death is preferable to life. Thats why it's best to advocate suicide for most men. Exactly what do men and boys have to live for in such a world for. you tell me if you know.

    I just want what's best for them even if it's death.


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