Sexual Offence In Britain: It Needs To Be Ended

I have had countless debates with people on this website about sexual offence in Britain. I've seen crazy figures (many times with no credible backing) being thrown around this website. I'm a British citizen, I've lived here my whole life and have never left England and I've done my own research and I have gathered statistics and information from unbiased credible sources and here is what I have to say about sexual offence going on in the UK.

Sexual Offence and Ethnicity

Statistics from 2009-2017 by GOV.UK
Statistics from 2009-2017 by GOV.UK

Link to the stats themselves:

Over time, I've seen many people point the finger at South Asians and black people, and specifically Pakistani men. Well, I am not going to deny it, yes there are South Asians, black people and Pakistani (which falls under South Asian) men committing these disgusting crimes which make me sick to the stomach.

These statistics clearly show there are people of many ethnicities, therefore, I myself have come to the conclusion that this is not a race issue because if it was then, only one race would have this issue but it is evident that many races have these sick people within their communities.

Note that these few sick people in a community do not represent the race as a whole. And that goes for any race!

And GOV.UK came to this conclusion:

Sexual Offence In Britain: It Needs To Be Ended

Now recently, I wrote a MyTake about living in a multicultural society, and one person responded with this image:

A biased claim about Naz Shah
A biased claim about Naz Shah

UPDATE: It has recently come to light, that she did not say that, but she liked and retweeted a tweet saying that. However, the mistake was said to have been "rectified within minutes" as she unliked the tweet and unretweeted it. It was most likely an honest mistake. Tell me this, why would somebody who has been working on these cases for approximately 20 years, do something as such? Firstly, if she really didn't care about the victims then why has she been working with and for them for so long? Secondly, why would she pour all the work she has done down the drain, just for one tweet?

It's not impossible to accidently like or repost something. It's happened to me on many occasions. MPs are human, and they will make mistakes just like you and I.

Borish Johnson, the man running to be Prime Minister of our country, has made comments suggesting he believes the police spending money on historic cases of child sex abuse is a waste of time:

Sexual Offence In Britain: It Needs To Be Ended

I'll tell you what this will do for the public. Bring those victims which are apart of our British public justice, and if the offender(s) happen to still be alive, they will be locked up behind bars, which will prevent them from hurting any more children.

Why did the person who responded to my MyTake with the meme of Naz Shah, not also respond with a meme of Borish Johnson with the words he actually said?

Plus Naz Shah said this so is admitting a problem within her own community, and within other communities too:

Labour MP, Naz Shah's actual words.
Labour MP, Naz Shah's actual words.

Firstly here is the source of where I got this quote from:

She is a British Pakistani, and she knows and identifies the problem with certain men who happen to be Pakistani which are represented disproportionately when it comes to such sick crimes. She knows that isn't racist to say. But also she highlights the fact that on the UK sex offender register, 90% of the offenders are white males.

When I told somebody about this statistic they claimed that white men making up 90% of the sex offender register was more acceptable because it is proportion the amount of white males in the UK.

That made me sick to my stomach.

Do you know what would be a more acceptable figure for any race on the sex offenders register? 0%. Because in this day and age, in my country, in any country for that matter, the sex offenders register should not exist because sexual offence should not take place!

Nazir Afzal

A little bit about Nazir Afzal
A little bit about Nazir Afzal

This man is one brilliant man. Nazir Afzal is the reason that grooming gangs are prosecuted and behind bars and are not walking in the streets of Britain eyeing up their next victim.

What I find ironic is that so many people rush to talk about the Pakistani men who groom young girls, but I don't see anyone give credit to the Pakistani solicitor who got these same men who groom people off of the streets!

Afzal had the power in his hands. He could have easily thought: "These are men from my community I'm not going to send them down because us ethnics need to stick together" and set them free.

But instead, he prosecuted them, because those what those men did was disgusting! Those men don't represent Pakistani men or the Pakistani community for that matter. Those men don't represent ethnics in Britain or anywhere. Those men don't represent multiculturalism. Those men don't represent humanity! And nor does any man or woman or any ethnicity who commits a sexual offence.

How about the police?

The police. Police officers often get blamed for not being able to do anything about this, but what good is it blaming the police officer when back in 2015 their services got cut even further? The police are working with what they have, and what they have is simply not enough.

Theresa May accusing the police of crying wolf one time and then denying it:

Theresa May: "I'm NoT sUrE iF I uSeD eXaCtLy ThAt PhRaSe"

Also Theresa May: "ThIs CrYiNg WoLf HaS tO sToP"

I mean they didn't make the "liar liar" song for nothing. ;)

The police weren't crying wolf, they were crying for help. Because they knew with less of them to patrol the streets criminals get more comfortable because there are fewer police officers around to potentially stop them so committing crime becomes easier. And if someone calls 999 chances are they're not going to get here for a while because they just don't have enough resources to get to a crime scene fast enough.

For the British readers, I don't know if this happens in your area, but in my area, if someone's robbed your home, the police will come but there isn't much they'll do apart from telling you to get CCTV. They won't even do a fingerprint test to see who's been there, they'll only do a DNA test if the robber has left any blood. My dad sometimes tells me to leave the light on downstairs so that way the robbers don't see our house as a target, and he always tells us to close the windows at night.

It's no good blaming the police for things like this though because when they were telling everyone what would happen they got accused of "crying wolf" whilst MPs got a raise. So really, not one of us has the right to sit here and point the finger at our police officers.

How does this link to a sexual offence?

If more police were patrolling the streets, they could keep an eye out for these young girls. If more police were patrolling the streets, some of these disgusting sex offenders would immediately get off the streets in fear of getting caught. Some may stay and still try to commit horrific acts, but a policeman could stop a young naive girl getting into a car, and then do a check on the man which told her to get in the car. Chances are the disgusting sex offender wouldn't do that again, and may even be behind bars sooner.

But because there are less and less police patrolling the streets, in fact, in some areas there are no police patrolling the streets the disgusting sex offenders do not have the fear of a policeman or woman stopping them and asking them questions so that instantly makes young people more vulnerable to their attack.

And you have the nerve to blame Sadiq Khan?

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London.
Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London. In a discussion, one person blamed Sadiq Khan for these disgusting crimes happening! If Theresa May was the ones who made the cuts to the police, then how is it in any way Sadiq Khan at fault? His government isn't power, the conservative government is, the one who made further cuts to the police. And before you use the argument "Well labour started the cuts the police cuts back in 2000", that may be true, but the tories had the chance to change that, and did they? No. They added fuel to the fire instead of putting it out! Had the tories given the police officers the money they needed I'd have no reason to be against them, and if you're going to say to me "well you're not against Labour" actually, I strongly dislike Tony Blair, so yes, I am against what he did too.

One person went on to say "Sadiq Khan stopped police from doing their jobs because he put an end to stop and search." Actually, that is false, because if he did put an end to stop and search then why does GOV.UK have a page about 'stop and search' still up?

The GOV.UK "Police powers to stop and search: your rights" link:

This article states that Sadiq Khan wants to increase stop and search but would like to make sure it isn't done poorly and nobody is targetted purely because of their race:

So Sadiq Khan is doing what he can, much like the police, Sadiq Khan is working with what he has which again just isn't enough.

Final Conclusion:

Firstly, we need to stop focusing on the race of the sex offender. It is evident that people of black, white, Asian, mixed, and other ethnicities partake in a sexual offence, so it's clearly not a race issue. If we spent time in actually listening to the victims and the police than just gawping at the offender's ethnic background, voices which need to be heard will be heard and we would all be working together to get these sickos off the streets of our country.

Secondly, we need to listen to the police. They need more funding it is said that since the Conservative Party police cuts, that since 2010, more than 20,000 police officers have been cut from the police. Imagine we had those 20,000 police officers across England helping to look out for our youth, a lot of these sickening crimes could have been prevented.

Before we move on from the second point, here is where I got my 20,000 figure from:

Thirdly we need to stand together. Not point the finger at different communities because these sick horrendous people don't represent any community, other than the sex offenders. No parent of any ethnic background wants their son or daughter or any child for that matter to be assaulted in any way especially disgusting assaults like these. We as UK citizens need to work with the police, with the victims, with the prosecutors and with each other to put an end to this.

I'm willing to stand with anybody who wants to put an end to this. Are you?

Let's Stand Together as Human Beings and End Sexual Violence
Let's Stand Together as Human Beings and End Sexual Violence
Sexual Offence In Britain: It Needs To Be Ended
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  • SkipStop

    Women commit a lot of assaults against men. A lot. But they are done in private. Because of feminism / misandry, some men don't report them because they won't be believed and taken into custody. Some report it but the woman doesn't get any jailtime because hey, she's a woman, and all women are sweet little angels. They wouldn't hurt a fly. It's called a "Pussy Pass". Time to stop female violence against men and bias against men because this is ridiculous.
    #mensrights #MenToo #HimToo #RedPill

    • I know, let's fight against all sexual assault regardless of race or gender! Those things shouldn't matter all that matters is:
      The victim's voice is heard
      The rapist gets locked up for it

    • SkipStop

      I agree on that. Everyone should be treated as neutral human beings. Unfortunately, our society disagrees with that. Mainly because of feminism and gynocentrism. That's what Men's Rights groups are trying to achieve. But libtards have been brainwashed by feminists into believing that we are misogynists and racist. Just watch The Red Pill Documentary. All the truth is there.

    • Honestly, I consider myself a feminist and let me tell you this, I care just as much about mens' rights as I do womens' rights.

      I know what you mean with these women going around the place supporting double standards claiming absurd things such as "all men are dogs" and I for one do not believe that is true feminism.

      I'll watch the documentary when I get time, thanks for recommending it. :)

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  • eminde

    I’m totally down for anything which is against sexual assault

    • Same! <3

    • eminde

      What’s wrong with this britanic tho?
      I can’t believe someone who’s 17 can be so toxic!!!
      I can’t believe that, just can’t

    • eminde


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Most Helpful Girls

  • z3lda

    There’s so many double standards when it comes to race. White kids shoot up schools in America and no one is pointing fingers at white people. But then a few people of a specific race commit a horrifying act and all of a sudden their entire culture is deemed as bad.

    The truth is most of the time these aren’t race issues.

    • Precisely! You spoke so much sense just then, something of which most people need ;)

    • z3lda

      Thank you for MHO!

    • ... no one is pointing the fingers at white people in America?

      Go back to your sandbox, child, you do not belong in this discussion.

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  • kaewk

    She purposely invites me to her questions. I’m pretty sure she wants a reaction from us. I feel like her main goal isn't just representation for white people, at least anymore. It seems the only people she approves of are the ones who look and think like her.


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  • Britantic

    Nazir Afzal was put in charge for the optics because if a white Christian judge was put in place the Pakistani community would scream they were being targeted because of their race and religion in other words how can a Pakistani Muslim judge be racist and islamaphobic. It's why Labour councils in england ignored the problem and still do.
    That's 90% of the sex offenders register, that includes other sex crimes not just rape and it doesn't take into account rape numbers and 90% is the demographic of white people in Britain.
    1800 ÷ 19 is like 94 victims each for the Pakistani rape gang in Rotherham, now that doesn't include how many times they were gang raped, each instance rape being a separate crime, if each girl was raped a minimum of 5 times in one instance 1800×5= 9000 and if each victim was raped at least on 5 different occasions that's 9000×5= 45,000. So if we low ball it then that 45,000 rapes by 19 Pakistani men over a period of 10 years. Bear in mind thats only one Pakistani rape gang. 45,000 rapes. So given that Pakistanis commit the such huge numbers of Britain's rapes despite being only 1.5% of the population it's more likely that a Pakistani male is a rapist than a white male.

    • @Britantic You know what? I am so done being polite with you. I have tried, and tried and tried to reason with your narcissistic racist little ass.

      It doesn't matter if the rapist or sexual offender is Pakistani or white or from any ethnic background. A RAPIST IS A RAPIST! THEY'LL HURT ANY VULNERABLE PERSON THEY CAN FIND IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT SKIN THEY COME IN!

      Nazir Afzal got put there because he was damn good at his job! The reason you were saying he was put there may or may not have had a part to play in why he was put there but he got those gangs sent down and that's the important part! Aren't you happy about that? Some people in the Pakistani community may view him as a traitor but the majority of us actually love this man! So shut the hell up and stop putting words into our goddamn mouths!

      Rape falls under sexual offence. And yes, not every man on the sexual offence list will be a rapist but that doesn't make it any less sickening or immoral!

      You can't blame Nazir Ahmed for what his brothers did either. If you had a sibling and they murdered someone would it be fair for an employee not to employ you because of what your sibling did?

      The Labour council ignores people really? If you look at where the Labour councils are most of them are in poor working-class or lower-class areas! What can the Labour councils do if there isn't enough police on the damn streets to prevent these crimes from happening? The tories are in power remember!

      A lot of people on this site are getting sick to death of you and your racist tendencies. I don't think you want to represent white people, you want to represent white supremacists. And no, white supremacists aren't the whole white race, because the majority of white people believe in fairness and equality for all.

      And I'm not the only one saying this @kaewk a white girl has said something along those lines too. Even white girls are getting sick of you.

    • Britantic

      You are the racist one with your takes explaining away the suffering women suffer at the hands of Pakistani men. Fact is white girls are being racially targeted by Pakistani men, that's racism. Labour council have actively suppressed the truth from coming out, rapist labour councillors like Nazir Ahmed.

    • If @Britantic had a brother, and if @Britantic's brother was a rapist, and @Britantic started being a teacher a school, would the kids have a rapist teacher?

      White women aren't the only women being targeted! It happens to vulnerable black girls, vulnerable Asian girls and vulnerable white girls. These people they don't care who they rape, as long as they are young and vulnerable that's good enough for them!

      The reason for you saying I'm racist doesn't even make sense. You're the racist one because you portray all coloured people in bad light and portray white people as a tier above the rest of us! Even your profile picture is implying that and I'm not the only one to have said it!

      The truth is you a racist and you probably can't stand the fact the coloured people have their rights.

      You're a white nationalist, just like @JDavid25 said.

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  • young_old_soul

    Harvey Weinstein walked free because he is a close ally of the Clintons and a huge donor to the Democrats. If you followed the Jeffery Epstein arrest you'll see that Bill was a frequent flyer of his private jet to the satanic pedophile island. That's the deep state protecting their own, as always.

    And yes, migrants most certainly ARE disproportionately responsible for rapes in Europe. Most of them are not rapists, of course, but the places that have had the most third world migrants arrive (like Malmo) saw a large increase in sex crimes around the same time.

    You can cry white racism all you want, but it's clear you have a far-left agenda. Just like here in the States, illegal aliens commit crimes far disproportionate to their share of the population. And regardless, the fact that they're here illegally and not even from this country makes it worse. I think rapists should get the death penalty or life imprisonment if convicted, regardless of who they are. But it's especially problematic when someone who isn't even legally allowed to be in a country does it.

    • Let's say you got rid of all immigrants out of the country, would that eliminate crime? No. It'd have a massive strain on the economy though because many immigrants are hardworking individuals who work in decent job and contribute to society, like my grandfather did when he first came to Britain, he was called from Pakistan to England to work in the factories.

      I have no far-left agenda. I'm not left, I'm not right, I'm just me.

      I'm crying white racism? What by stating facts? By saying that people of many ethnic backgrounds commit these sick crimes? That people of many ethnic backgrounds are victims? By saying regardless of the sex offender's ethnicity they should be locked up? By saying regardless of the victim's ethnicity they need to be heard?

    • Amazing how you completely create strawman arguments that have nothing to do with what I said. I never said that deporting ALL immigrants (let alone, the LEGAL ones like your grandfather) was the answer, but rather the ILLEGAL ones. And yes, you are in fact very far left - I've seen you support AOC on here, and only far leftists support her. Given how you always make things all about race, and will demonize white people every chance you get, yeah you are crying white racism. Liberals like you always repeat the same script - I've heard the same thing too many times to count.

  • Oram52

    Again you've completely dodged the relevant problem and why people are so angry about it. Why it is related to Pakistani men. Again you're just trying to deflect yet not acknowledge the relevant problem which exasperates the problem to begin with, and antagonism gets even stronger.

    What part of Pakistani men DISPROPORTIONATELY involved in child grooming gangs do you not understand? How is it hard concept to grasp? Ethnically British Pakistani account for 1.9% of the population yet were involved in over 80% of gang rapes? Please tell me which part of it do you find it hard to grasp? Why are you finding it difficult to comprehend?

    The very fact you're trying to find way to deflect this issue same with Muslim/Pakistani community as a whole is the reason opposing opinion is also hardened against Pakistani/Muslim community on this. Muslim/Pakistani community refuse to come forward and participate in dialogue as to what happened. No one is saying all Pakistani men are bad that there is a clear problem within Pakistani community if they were disproportionately involved.

    As you can from your graphs conviction rates are not too far apart. White men are roughly same in terms of proportion. You've also been told over and over sex offenses can mean anything, here were are talking about gang rapes of young girls majority of them white, but their were Asian girls too but they were told to hush as not to bring shame or dishonour on the family. One young Asian girl was raped by 30 men which also included a young Asian school kid with his father. We are *SPECIFICALLY* talking about gang rapes here which would be part of larger sex offenses, but are a completely different offense.

    Lets say:
    Pakistani = A
    Rest = B

    A is involved in over 80% of child rapes, rest hence would be less than 20%. A is merely 2% of the population.

    So A, ie 2% of that specific group accounts for over 80% of gang rapes.
    REST of 98% are responsible for less than 20% of gang rapes. 98% only 20% compared to 2% responsible for 80%.

    How is it hard to understand? Gang rapes and sex offenses as a whole are not the same. For gang rapes specifically Pakistani/Asian men were responsible for over 80% of gang rapes WHY? How can merely 2% of specific group be responsible for 80% of rapes? Why would it be so specific and prevalent in Pakistani community? Why not as prevalent in rest of 98% of community? What specific VARIABLES exist or are unique to Pakistani community that gang rapes be so prevalent despite accounting for merely 2%?

    I remember Nazir Afzal he was appalled and its great he finally did something. But tell me why didn't Pakistani community as a whole did the same and come forward engage in wider society? How come Pakistani community didn't know what was happening? Why didn't they try raise this issue. I;m sure at least some would've done so as police were being warned for many years.

    Nazir Afzal knew the community better so he would be better for the job. Also political correctness problem to begin with. Police knew for years even before budget cuts, couple of reasons given are not wanting to be come of as racist and girls being from poor back grounds. There was whole inquiry into it. And I condemn Johnson for saying it wasn't important.

    As long as you refuse to acknowledge their is a problem people will continue to keep shining light on it. No one is saying all Pakistanis are like this but there is a clear problem. You're doing the same thing as Naz Shah not be embarrassed instead of acknowledging and tackling the issue head on. If you're British why would Pakistani part even matter, wouldn't you as British be forthcoming and condemn everyone regardless and try protect everyone regardless of their race? So all this effort in trying to counter it yet not accept the problem? Why are Muslim/Asian communities silent on gang rapes and terrorism. Why not participate in wider dialogue, and put an end to it.

    • How am I dodging the point when I added a quote from Naz Shah mentioning that Pakistani men were represented DISPROPORTIONATELY?

      Of course, the fact, hear that THE FACT that Pakistani men are represented disproportionately within stats, is a colossal problem and we need to stamp that out.

      But don't ignore the other races doing the same thing because if we just focus on one group of people and nobody bats an eyelid at anyone else, it actually makes it easier for people of other races to attack, which makes victims more vulnerable.

      I don't want to point the finger at one ethnicity of sexual offenders, I'd like to point the finger at just sexual offenders, I don't care their gender or ethnicity because one thing I think we also as a society tend to ignore is sexual offence happens to men too. It might happen to women on a larger scale, but it happens to men too and it doesn't matter if happens to men on a smaller scale, it shouldn't be happening to anyone at all.

      Yes, I would love to stop the Pakistani grooming gangs just as much as you, they need to be off our streets for certain. And let's say, we do get them all off our streets, that would be amazing. But that doesn't end the problem of grooming gangs or grooming itself because there will still be people of other races going around committing the same disgusting offences.

      I want everyone to be protected regardless of their race and every sick disgusting sexual offender to be behind bars regardless of their race. That's how it should be.

    • Oram52

      No, Naz Shah "pointed" to the fact majority are Pakistani but then turned around down played with 90% being white men.

      Pointing to any ethnicity is irrelevant for the mere fact 2% of specific ethnicity are responsible for 80%. Its literally impossible to ignore ethnicity in this specific aspect. Stabbings in London are being done by Black youths its impossible to ignore that. Ethncity has direct relevance here, its an important variable.

      "But don't ignore the other races doing the same thing because if we just focus on one group of people and nobody bats an eyelid at anyone else"
      Again just proved my point. Simply accept the facts, simple facts. 2% of Pakistani men were responsible for 80% of gang rapes. People do bat eyelids on everyone else.

      I genuinely do not believe you do not understand the specific circumstances here. You completely understand what I'm trying to say here, what everyone is saying. The significance of this specific issue. Why is it hard for Pakistani community to come out without making excuses oh 90% white simply acknowledge condemn these white gangs and figure out how we can prevent this happening.

      You're going to keep making excuses rest are completely focusing on race. You want embarrassment to go away and not focus on obvious part they were of Pakistani origin. Others will simply keep pointing to that Pakistani part.

      Imagine if people ignore Islamophobic abuse women being target for most. Hey Jews get Antisemitism too. Many others face racism. Why focus on Muslims? If we focus on Muslims then there would be less focus on others?

      Point people in UK are making is accept the significance of it. Stop trying to diverge or try deflect and accept the obvious. Not to mention it simply leads to stronger anti-immigrant sentiment as failure is pointed out by pointing at these Pakistani gangs. Also don't forget Asian and Middle eastern men are more likely to sexually harass women in London. Doesn't mean not all do it but specific group is more

    • She didn't flip it, she was just pointing out another fact which a lot of people tend to ignore. As I said we need to focus on all these crimes not just one small proportion. I'd be saying the same if people were only focusing on white, black or just one specific race.

      Islamophobia is a problem and like anything, it needs to be eliminated. But that doesn't mean I'm going to ignore any other kind of prejudice against religion. Yes, Jewish people do get antisemitism too I know, so I'd like to eliminate both Islamophobia and Antisemitism because both are hate crimes and both are wrong. I'd like to focus on all forms of racism, not just one.

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  • Ámayas_20

    1) 86% of the UK are white the remaining 14% commit a disproportional amount of sex crimes. While I don't believe it's a race issue it's certainly a culture issue that can't be ignored in this discussion.

    2) No he wasn't Andrew Norfolk and Jayne Senior were. (Not forgetting the amount of people who had been screaming about it but had been silenced in case it seemed racist)

    3) Completely agree the woman is an idiot, cutting youth services, police funding, and mental health services funding is only going to increase these crimes.

    4) I really don't know how you can like him but hate theresa may, the guy is a psychopath and literally doesn't care about the people. Not to mention he's implementing some shall we say heavily religious bylaws. He cut so many services and funding to things which while not increasing sex crime but has made knife crime and gang crime sky rocket.

    5) I agree to an extent but the culture someone is brought up in be it due to race, class, family situation, or other life experiences can influence them and tackling a problem at the root is much better than snapping off the head.

    • 1) Am I ignoring the fact, and I'll say this again, THE FACT, that Pakistanis and South Asian men are represented disproportionately in this type of crime? No. I'm just pointing out that while South Asian/Pakistani men are represented disproportionately in these sick crimes, we can't ignore everyone else doing these crimes.

      And how is it a cultural issue if 90% of the sex offenders register consists of white males? Is that because of white culture?

    • 2) You know what? It's all good people exposing it I'm not saying it isn't. But Afzal had the power to lock them up or set them free. He had them locked up because like me he is disgusted by people like those!

    • 3) Okay, fair dos.

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  • First of all I’d like to say that Britantic blocked me 😅 she gives but she can’t take and really is a coward and a racist who makes pretentious statements hoping no one will challenge her. Please mention her here if you don’t mind. It’s sad to see that the one calling himself Jersey2 from Lancashire caused this because he also is a racist. I myself know that Indians and Pakistanis harass girls to the point where when a decent guy comes along the girl is reserved and takes a good time trusting them 😑 this can be said however for any guy really but the girls tell me how they felt about Asians up until they met me. This mytake had some serious thought and I find it to the point evidence backed, ok it’s a bit pro Pakistani but it paints a picture that all races equally have sexual offenders but are mostly of the white kind. I myself have found over my life that white social groups have directly targeted me in order to commit a sexual offence. Can you believe this? A group of white girls and boys who think it’s ok set up a situation and use mind games to get one of their conforming girls to sleep with me. I was cultured enough to recognise and stop it. These are educated university students who will later go on to work amongst us. Create more social groups that prey on others. It took me a while to fully understand what they were doing because when I refused the situation I found myself being bombarded with accusations to get away from what they did. When I got into an exchange I found that the group leader was indeed the Vice President of a student union. In another case it was the popular girl group of my university classmates. In halls of residence they called their predatory behaviour the wall of shame. They wrote names of who they got. I twice eluded them. I had my number called by them. Found by them at a club and approached, approached outside my uni residence. These are white English girls who also used jealousy mind games which didn’t work. I was even threatened several times and they got a guy to punch me to get my attention. They sat on me full on at house parties to sexually arouse me. Sat on my lap on a student bus when at the back of the bus. Imagine if a Indian or Pakistani guy behaved like how I’m describing? It doesn’t happen!

    • I'm not mentioning anybody in my posts, most people know who I'm referring to anyway. ;)

      And see? Grooming happens both ways! That's what those people were trying to do to you, groom you- but you were smart enough not to fall for it. Anyone can be a victim of grooming though, regardless of race or gender.

      So, what the important thing is, we put an end to all kinds of grooming not just focus on one demographic of groomers, one demographic of victims because then that actually brings more injustice to the other demographics of victims whose voices aren't being heard, and it makes it easier for other demographics of offenders because nobody's looking at them, and it's easier to commit a crime when nobody's looking.

    • exactly, it is grooming. However half of it boils down to me being sexually immature and ignoring girls which had them wondering. Their society is controlled relationships. "I choose him as im head girl, now help me get him, if he doesn't like me you all get to form a queue and get your shot" It is also a thing in america as you can see sorority girls on American movies play the same thing. Guys just accept it for what it is to get laid. But the question is if it is acceptable?

  • BabyBoyAnkur

    So. Many moslems told me that rape is not considered as a crime in religion of them known as islam, you can google about islamic countries of moslems where rape is not considered as a crime, pakistan is also a Moslem country with a huge population of rapists, criminals and moslem terrorists. Most of rapes and terrorists attacked are done by moslems, you forgot about London attack?

  • MackToday

    No one except whites belong in the UK they are it's native inhabitants simple as that. These others need to leave.

    • Are you sure about that? Haven't you heard of cheddar man?

    • MackToday

      You mean the cheddar man hoax? Ya I've heard all about it.

    • It ain't a hoax it's science. Life was said to have started in Africa, so if that's true which it probably is because if you think it about people would have come here naked and Africa has one of the hottest climates, hence their survival. If life started in Africa most likely the first people on Earth would have been black because black skin absorbs the sun better than other skin tones. So chances are, our ancestors would have been black, but as humans moved lands, the melanin in our skin got weaker over time, due to colder climates.

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  • Shezadi

    Even though I am a Pakistani and a Muslim, I don't like your attitude.
    This is about women but you are turning it into a political issue by talking about races. You are bias.

    You always defend your race or your Muslim community to make people think your people are angels and white people are villains.

    In Asian and Islamic countries, rape victims are blamed and shamed. At least, in western countries, victims are blamed and shamed by orthodox people. Some rape victims are even accused of fornication and are given 100 lashes. Some are killed in the name of honour. Some are disowned and abused for bringing "shame" to their families. In Asian and Islamic countries, people blame short clothes because men are supposed to control themselves.

    I am also a Pakistani and a Muslim like you but I like to acknowledge the dark side of my community instead of being oblivious or in-denial.

    Anyways, truth is bitter and will always be.

    • "This is about women but you are turning it into a political issue by talking about races. You are bias. "

      Me in the MyTake: "Firstly, we need to stop focusing on the race of the sex offender. It is evident that people of black, white, Asian, mixed, and other ethnicities partake in a sexual offence, so it's clearly not a race issue. If we spent time in actually listening to the victims and the police than just gawping at the offender's ethnic background, voices which need to be heard will be heard and we would all be working together to get these sickos off the streets of our country."

      Did you not read that part of the MyTake where I clearly stated that it's not a race issue? Because it's not because clearly people of many races, including my own, commit these sick acts which need to be stopped.

      "You always defend your race or your Muslim community to make people think your people are angels and white people are villains. "

      "Well, I am not going to deny it, yes there are South Asians, black people and Pakistani (which falls under South Asian) men committing these disgusting crimes which make me sick to the stomach."

      Did you not read that part? Yes, I will defend my community because I know there are many innocent people in my community who like me are against these sick crimes, but because they're Pakistani men, a lot of people will generalise and put them under the same category as these sicko offenders. I'm speaking for those people, not for the sicko offenders.

      And no, I don't want to make anyone, such as white people out to be the villains. Because there are so many good white people out there who will be with me on this kind of thing. I want us all to come together. White people are also my people.

    • Shezadi

      Thanks for clarifying in a polite manner because if it was a Pakistani boy, he would have resorted to verbal abuse.

    • "In Asian and Islamic countries, rape victims are blamed and shamed. "
      I'm aware, and that is wrong and sick and against Islam, so the question is: are these countries really Islamic or are they only Islamic just by name?

      "At least, in western countries, victims are blamed and shamed by Orthodox people."
      There are many different definitions of Orthodox. Which one are you referring to?
      Victims shouldn't be blamed or shamed at all. There's not "at least" or any kind of justification about it. It doesn't matter who blames the victims anyone who suggests a rape victim has nobody to blame but themselves, is completely and utterly wrong, and very immoral. Nobody deserves to be raped.

      "Some are killed in the name of honour. Some are disowned and abused for bringing "shame" to their families."

      Honour killings are sick. Disowning because of honour is sick. I plan to write about this too, but am currently in research phases of it because I want to make sure I have sufficient evidence to support my claims.

      And again, killing in the name of honour is haram.

      "In Asian and Islamic countries, people blame short clothes because men are supposed to control themselves."
      Do you mean people blame short clothes because men can't control themselves? Because that's the case and again these men aren't very Islamic themselves as they are not practicing by the teaching "lower your gaze" now are they?

      "I am also a Pakistani and a Muslim like you but I like to acknowledge the dark side of my community instead of being oblivious or in-denial."

      I acknowledge the dark side of my Pakistani community. Just like I acknowledge the dark side of my British community as a whole. Because it doesn't matter what their race is, but girls and boys who are apart of my British community are getting sexually assaulted. A lot will be girls getting assaulted by Pakistani and South Asian men. But also a lot will be getting assaulted by white men, black men, men of other ethnic backgrounds.

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  • British women and Liberals want Muslims to enter England, then they rape white women. Who’s to blame🤷‍♀️

    However white women like to be the property of Muslim immigrants and stuff, so what can we do?

    • You sound really educated! :o

      Did you even read the MyTake? Most likely not, you were probably wallowing in your own self-pity about how as usual you're the victim, and everyone else is the bad guy ;)

    • I didn’t read it no.

    • They why even bother commenting if you're going to be ignorant in the first place?

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  • tartaarsaus

    Hmm I suppose naturally I agree with the general notion that sexual offences in all forms are bad.

    And yeah, it's cherry picking to just look at grooming gangs but ignore any good Brits with Pakistani background. Generally speaking, the things that reach the media are also a minority of things that happen in relation to the presence of minorities. Like it'll be big news if some Moroccan youths beat up a kid, but at the same time, a hundred thousand Moroccans will just go about their day, like everyone else.

    That sad, on the police, you mention that if more police were patrolling the streets, sexual offences would decrease.

    I guess that's true, but the logistics and the vast amount of places where sexual offences could take place implies that - and I think it's pretty obvious and you know it - it could basically be just a drop in the bucket either through being caught directly or a deterrent (I just noticed you basically wrote that as well).

    That said, how high are the recidivism rates on sexual offenders? I don't know the statistics, but if they are high among those already sentenced, there'd be a clear tendency where prosecution doesn't matter that much for recidivism.

    As for Sadiq Khan, no idea. Not up to date at all with British politics.

    All that being said, in some areas there is a tendency of specific ethnic groups that they are statistically significantly more involved with criminal activity. But then we get the entire discussion of whether this is related to their background, culture or their living conditions. After all, lower wealth usually leads to more criminality. As minorities often are worse off in terms of wealth and experience more poverty, the link with criminality could be clear.

    One last note, people like to think countries like the Netherlands (speaking from my own experience) was a beautiful paradise full of harmony among its citizens, but everything ended when there was more immigration (usually excluded to the weird ass racists). Simply not true. Immigrant groups, when they are more likely to be involved in criminal activity, are usually more likely to do it with mere few percentages. That still implies the vast majority is not perpetrated by immigrants.

    This was just a bit of rambling tbh 😅

    • Thank you for your opinion. :)

      It's sad how some people view immigrants like an evil alien species ready to dominate the world when in reality they're just people like the next man who just want to get on with it.

      As for the recidivism rates, I don't know actually, for some reason, I never thought about that, but thank you I'll check and get back to you on that :)

    • You're welcome 🙂

      I forgot to add, the MyTake itself is well written, though I'd probably highlight some sentences that really form your point (like in a bold font).

      Oh yeah, that's definitely true. Some people view us lot as evil, while most immigrants are just regular people. Like my dad (who is an immigrant from Israel) works at the home of people to install stuff, and he had unemployed people complain about immigrants leeching and destroying the country, while the immigrant (my dad) actually works and they leech.

      I just read some Dutch reports, which say that the recidivism for very heavy crimes is quite low, though it includes other things than just rape

    • Honestly, the way people talk about immigrants it's as if they think there'd be no crimes without immigrants.

      I think what a lot of them tend to forget is at one point their family would've been immigrants too. Like in America for example, the indigenous people of that land were the native Americans.

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  • zagor

    Well, Britain is nearly 90% white so it isn't surprising that a similar proportion of sex offenders is as well.

    • I know it isn't surprising.

      But they still exist, as do sex offenders of many other ethnicities, if people aren't pointing the finger at Pakistanis, they're pointing the finger at Asians as a whole, and if they're not pointing the finger at Asians as a whole or just Pakistanis they point it at the black people.

      But I don't hear anyone saying "the white guys which sexually assault (or rape) girls"

      I'm making people aware it isn't just ethnics who partake in this kind of crime. There isn't a single race which is full of angels who would never even say boo to a ghost. In all communities, such as race, there are good and bad people. And if you look closely the bad seem louder but the good usually outweighs the bad.

      Many ethnic groups partake in this kind of crime, and it is wrong to look at the ethnicity of a criminal.
      "The white committed crime A"
      "The Asian guy committed crime A"
      "The black guy committed crime A"

      Now, what do they all have in common? Not race, the fact they committed crime A. Now because they all committed crime A they should be recognised, exposed, and sent down regardless of their race.

    • It's not disproportionate to the population

  • patrickjvv

    First of all, you distort the facts blatantly in this post. For example, it's true Naz Shah didn't say the quote in that meme. The scandal was about her liking a tweet that said the same thing.

    I'm quite sure you didn't bother reading the source you presented because it clearly states there's little data to present definitive data about the ethnicities of the attackers.

    You continue to talk about this not being a "race problem," which it clearly isn't because brown men aren't automatically attracted to little girls so that's an argument that can be literally dismantled in seconds. It's also an argument you made up. It's childish to say men who commit great injustices aren't representatives of anything. That's denial. Men obviously get their misogynistic worldview from either their culture or personal experience, and there are not enough police officers in the world to stop men like that from doing what their urges tell them to do.

    • Did you even the MyTake?

      People are treating it as if it is a "race issue" when in actual fact it isn't! And no, I don't believe any man who commits a criminal offence is a representative of the community as a whole. For example the Pakistani grooming gangs. Those men don't represent my father, they don't represent my uncles, my brother, or my cousins. My father and uncles worked so hard to provide a good life for their children, they made sacrifices just so we could have a good life. One of my cousins is studying abroad to become a doctor. My brother is only 12 and he can take a whole computer apart and reassemble it and he knows what each part does as well, and he knows some parts better than some adults we've met in our time. My dad, uncles and other family are apart of the Pakistani community, but no, people don't focus on people like them, focus on the few bad apples and act as if they speak for the majority of us.

      This goes for any community, the few don't speak for the many.

      I didn't know about her liking the tweet incident, I thought because that meme distorted facts in the first place, they were coming at her for what she was saying. And she accidentally liked and retweeted the tweet. It happens, I've liked and retweeted tweets by accident too! She has been working on these kinds of cases for 20 years, don't look at all the work she's done for 20 years though, just look at one mistake she made.

      And yes, I've said about the police, if you'd bothered to read the article I wrote properly.

    • Muslim immigrants to European countries believe white women are trash and should be treated as such.

    • @ZeussLightningBolt No, the majority of them do not. Do you live in Europe or actually know any Muslim immigrants in Europe to comment on that?

      My grandmother and grandfather were Muslim immigrants and they did not care about skin colour at all. My aunties had friends who were white girls and when they came over to their house not once did my grandparents say to them: "Get out you disgusting trash" they treated them as their own daughters! They treated any kid of any colour and any gender as their own because that's what Islam is!

      And my own father carries that on today, when my friends come to our house, my parents always make sure they eat, they always make sure they're welcome and comfortable. One girl (who was white) used to come to our house every morning to walk to school with me and my dad always used to give her breakfast so she'd sit and eat breakfast with us!

      My dad learned to treat everyone with respect from his parents, the Muslim immigrants.

  • Passinggas

    This is obviously the rebuttal of the result of libtard-sht run amuck. Let every immigrant in to eliminate the whites so that the left gains MPs. Police have to sit on their hands to not be racists. Then every man gets compared to these rapists so that men approaching women in some counties are now considered sex criminals and men begin to avoid women completely and then the women are even more isolated. Now women become even more dependent on the government. This is the perfect storm of the left infusing Cultural-Marxism into to UK. The problem is, what will the left have remaining when they eliminate the whites? More barren desert land? I don’t think they care as long as the whites are gone.

    And so I bet this gets deleted as usual.

    • Nobody wants to eliminate white people they're people just like me trying to get on with their lives as are immigrants!

      This problem wouldn't be solved if we kicked out all the immigrants because if you'd even bothered to read and understand what I wrote you'd see that in the UK 90% of the sex offenders register consists of white males! So even if there were no ethnic minorities in Britain, rape and other types of sexual offence would exist!

    • Let's ask the people of Camden and Zimbabwe.

    • @SpiderManFan2002 "GOV. UK came to this conclusion.." You have to be careful with these data/studies/conclusions because most of them are conducted by and funded by liberal government funding sources. So, the they typically agree on the answer they want first with the funding source and back fit it with cherry picked raw data to support the answer. This is how they ensure future funding for future work to select institutes. And they are good at it.

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  • Kaneki05

    Sexual offences in britian: It needs to be ended. Welp i didn't know that sexual offences only happen in britian and it needs to end in britian and no where else.

    Plus not like it can be "ended"

    • I'm focusing on Britain because I am not knowledgable about the rest of the world, once I study this subject deeper I will speak about everywhere else.

  • Fanme

    Great take.
    I will say though, the police definitely didn't do enough, social services too, about the grooming. I know/knew a few girls and their "boyfriends" and they were pretty much left to it. Nobody cared because of who the children were and their background. Those men always know who to target, the ones who nobody cares about.

    Boris Johnson makes me sick. It's basically oh who cares if children were abused, that was aaaages ago, it doesn't matter anymore. Disgusting. Hearing that, and knowing about the police incident at his home recently... He doesn't sound like a pleasant person at all when it's all put together.

    • Britantic

      Boris Johnson? It was a Labour council that was in charge. A Labour mp even tweeted that the victims should shut up in the name of diversity.
      In the Rotherham case politicians and official were so afraid of being called racist& islamaphobic that they had to bring in a Pakistani Muslim to prosecute the case.
      20 men from the Pakistani community raped 1400 kids in one city repeatedly

    • Fanme

      @Britantic did you read the take?

  • Smegskull

    I just don't interact with women at all, where possible. Figuring out what is currently "appropriate" for someone of my appearance is more effort than any women are worth.

  • Sweatyotterr

    Sounds like Britain needs Batman make a Bat symbol and shoot it in the sky there is a 20% chance he will show up

  • Hagijoe

    Can I private message you about a serious question relating to this? Awesome job putting this together by the way

  • up_64

    Killing rapists. With a large dose of torture on the way. Would probably dissuade others

  • theHalflife

    you're getting there but most sexual abuse crimes are comitted by our leaders

    • You wouldn't believe how corrupt the British crown is.

    • I'm not a royalist. But are you saying there's been sexual offence within the royal family? I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.

    • Not only sexual offences.
      I'll give you a huge piece of info,
      The declassified 'blackbook' held by Jeffery Epstein has records of royal family members traveling on his plane. Not good for their narrative they are exemplary christians... Just criminals

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  • I didn’t know any of this. Thank you.

  • The British are having very offensive sex.

    • spesh

      the British are jus sexually repressed because they all to act prude and like the queen,
      thats why it happens, girls dont wann put out so the males build up sexual tension,
      and since these bitches are always bitches, we dont care about their feelings so we jus unload on em, u feel me?

  • KandyKane1


  • Anonymous

    im gonna add to these stats 1day cos i hate the opposite gender

  • Anonymous

    I would say that's about right in America too probably more than 90% of the rapist and sexual offenders there are white males but I'd also say more than half get away with no conviction or consequences so that number might be even higher