The Grooming Gang In Rotherham: Did You Know This?


Before I start, this is a lengthy MyTake so if you have no intentions on reading this, then don't even bother commenting. You need to read this.

So, a topic which sometimes gets heated on this website is the grooming gang crisis in the UK. However, some people who get heated about this issue are incredibly biased and one-sided, as to the identity the give the attackers and the identity the give the victims. And I feel like only one side of the picture is being painted and that isn't fair. So I'm writing this take, to tell you what you might not know about this specific issue.

The grooming gangs in Rotherham. Here we go. What might you not know?

The Grooming Gang In Rotherham: Did You Know This?

A countless number of times I have heard people say things along the lines of:

"Pakistani men are raping white girls"

"Pakistani grooming gangs"

"It isn't safe to be a white girl"

These people talk as if Pakistani men are the only perpetrators and white girls are the only victims. However, this is not the case. So let's take a look at the victims first:

The Victims

White girls were victims. British Asian girls were victims. Black girls were victims.

The "Jay Report" (JR) reported that: "most of the victims in the cases we sampled were white British children" which was true, the majority of the victims were white British children, especially at the time the JR came to that conclusion.

But many came to their own conclusion that: "Pakistani men preying on young white girls" and only young white girls.

However, just one week after the JR was reported, three British Asian girls contacted a local charity called Islam Rotherham, claiming that they had also suffered abuse. The groomers would wait outside of their schools, and demand sexual favours, and abuse these girls with sexual acts including rape, in return for so-called gifts they had given the girls.

These groomers would sexually assault - including rape - these British Asian girls, and whilst the groomers were committing those sick crimes, they would photograph the young girls as they were doing so and threaten to publish the pictures to the girls "fathers, brothers, and in the mosques" if the girls went to the police, consequently, the girls would not go to the police and report the abuse they suffered. They suffered alone just like the white girls, for a long time.

And very similar things happened to the white girls and the black girls who were victims of these crimes. The way the black girls, the white girls, the Asian girls, were victims of these crimes were different in which the ways they were threatened, but however they were threatened and lured- we can't ignore that the same crime happened to these girls.

So tell me why is it that a lot of people, particularly people on G@G, are only looking at the victims who happen to be white? When British Asian and black girls were also victims of these crimes? You can use the excuse "the majority of the victims were white girls" that is true, nobody is disputing that. But that doesn't mean we ignore the minorities which also suffer the abuse because they still victims.

The Criminals:

Now let's look at the criminals.

The gang consisted of men from a predominately Pakistani background. Kurdish and Kosovan men were also apart of these gangs. So tell me why is nobody looking at men from those backgrounds?

When it came down to convictions, in the end, 21 people were convicted. 19 men, and 2 women. Yes, two women were involved with these sick gangs as well. So why aren't people looking at the women involved in these crimes?

And since people on this website have loved to mention the ethnicity of the men involved in these crimes let me tell you, the ethnicity of the women involved in these crimes. They were white women. Yes, white women were involved in grooming young white, black and Asian girls.

The Grooming Gang In Rotherham: Did You Know This?

Now you'll probably be questioning: "How?" Well, let me tell you.

One woman was an MP, aged 58, Karen Mcgregor, a prominent campaigner, and she would befriend these young girls. She was said to behave like "a second mother" towards them to begin with, and gain their trust.

Once she gained their trust, along with the help of the second woman (Shelley Davies) groomer aged 40, the two groomers would lure the victims back to their house in which they both shared and force the victims into sexual relations with the men, who hung around the house.

One victim claimed that the house in which the women lured her to was as welcoming as the house in Hansel and Gretel, but quickly changed when she was forced into committing sexual acts she did not want to commit.

The victim thought of the Mcgregor as a second mother to her, she bought the girl food, clothes, and listened to this girl's problems. But this young girl soon was assaulted whilst she was drunk, passed out, and she awoke to find herself being sexually assaulted.

Mcgregor told the young girls that having sexual relations with various men who entered the house was the girls' way of "earning their keep."

Not only that, but Mcgregor went as far as creating a children's charity called "KinKids" which was masked to look like a charity which helped children from problematic backgrounds.

Thankfully, both of these women were found guilty of:

"False imprisonment, conspiracy to procure prostitutes"

Mcgregor got a 13-year sentence and Davies got an 18-month sentence with suspension.

Why Am I Telling You This?

To ensure another side of the story is heard. We all know Pakistani men groomed white girls and made disgusting sick threats to them, and put these poor girls through hell, and what many people fail to acknowledge is what I've mentioned above.

One girl on this website who is also from the UK told me that as a white girl she does not feel safe with Pakistani men on the streets because of these grooming gangs.

Well my question is if she's going to assume that a Pakistani man in the street is a groomer and apart of a grooming gang even though he could be a doctor, a teacher, a businessman but because he's Pakistani she will just automatically assume he's a groomer, because men who happened to be Pakistani were apart of a grooming gang, the next time a white woman starts talking to me at the bus stop should I assume she's trying to lure me to her house and force me to commit sexual acts because she's white and women who happened to be white were apart of a grooming gang and did such things?

Anyone with half a brain cell would tell me: "No, Spidey, that's stupid. You're stereotyping white women, and that's actually really racist."

And I'd agree. I would never assume that.

So why does that girl feel unsafe because she sees a Pakistani man in the street? He could be a teacher. A lawyer. It could be my father walking past, but because he's Pakistani she'd assume he's a groomer? Isn't that racist? Isn't that stereotyping Pakistani men?

The answer is yes.

The way people make these crimes sound like is, a bunch of Pakistani men emerge from the shadows the minute a white girl walks past and they force her into their car and rape her because she is a white girl.

It didn't happen like that.

So, how, most likely did they happen?

(I'm not saying the crimes happened exactly like this, but I'm guessing, this is how they most likely happened.)

But the truth is the crimes that happen are systematic and organised. These groomers, prey on who is vulnerable. They see who's from a problemed family, whose parents aren't looking out for them, and a woman goes to act as a mother figure the poor girls are longing for. And over time the girl begins to trust the woman. Then is invited back to the woman's house. At first, it seems all loving and caring, but within the blink of an eye, it gets dark. When the girls are forced into committing sexual acts for men, to "earn their keep" and are threatened with death, being burned alive, or even threatening the girls' mothers if the poor girl dare breathes a word to anyone about it. So the poor girl stays silent.

That is what most likely happened, with the exception of some Asian girls.

Because a lot of Asian girls these men abused were daughters of family friends and even members of the family. Now because these men were family or family friends the girl already trusted them. And when the family is out or away or something and the girl and the groomer are alone, that is when it got dark. And that is when the groomer assaults the poor girl, forces her to commit sexual acts - including rape - which she does not want to do. And the groomer(s) take a few pictures. And then because in Asian culture, family honour can be a thing, the groomers threaten the girl to show the pictures to the family and mosque if she tells the police. The girl is worried about family honour. So the poor girl stays silent.

Have you noticed the common denominators in both these scenarios? No matter whether the girl is black, white or Asian it ends up getting dark, she ends up being abused and ends up staying silent. Regardless of race, they are all victims, and regardless of race anyone involved in making these girls victims of such crimes, is a criminal and a groomer.

Last Words?

So... Did you know any of that? Did you learn something new? Did it shock you?

And before I wrap this up, I just want to say these young girls may be victims, but they may as well be made of iron. Because to deal with all that, they are strong. And I applaud them for speaking out about their abuse because nobody should stay silent about it, it's not something anyone should keep to themselves. Them speaking out, was the first step to getting these sick disgusting, vile groomers behind bars, and I am so glad today the Rotherham grooming gang is stuck behind bars because it's where they belong.

And can I just say I recently learned all this about the Rotherham grooming gang myself? Someone said something pretty racist to me on this website, I won't repeat it because it's disgusting, but that pushed me to look into this. And that's when I found out Asian and black girls were also victims of the gang. That's when I found out 2 white women were apart of the grooming gang as well.

That's when I thought: "why is nobody mentioning any of this?"

And that led to me, writing this MyTake.

Another lengthy one, I know but I felt like it needed to be written. I hope you learned something, and I hoped this information really opened your eyes.

Thank you for reading.

The Grooming Gang In Rotherham: Did You Know This?
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  • tartaarsaus
    I did not know that quite a few girls were black and Asian as well, nor that there were a couple white women helping them.

    I thought your MyTake was very well written, and those victims are strong for going to the police.

    As for why people do it. Because sharing those parts of the story simply doesn't fit their narrative that the immigrant groups specifically target white people. Oh and caring about the truth tends to not be something racists care about
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  • El_Heffe
    Very well written and brave of you to give these victims a voice.
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  • Sevenpointfive
    i bet the gang would've got away with it for to if it wasn't for those pesky white girls that spoke up about it.

    you'll have to update that. you didn't mention what the races of the ones that came forward.
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    • It's quite obvious who came forward. White girls, Asian girls, black girls. Did you not read what I said? Three Asian girls contacted a charity called Islam Rotherham and spoke about their abuse. As for the other victim I mentioned who spoke about the two women, her race wasn't mentioned therefore I cannot confirm what her race was.

    • i'm just glad someone spoke up. this shouldn't be happening. why is it?

    • I can't say for sure. Situations like this are always covered up for a long period of time.

      This, Jimmy Saville, Epstein, Weinstein, The Jesus Army- I could go on but surely you get my point.

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  • White-American89
    I'm not sure you proved your point, quite the opposite on fact.
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    • What do you think my point was?

    • That white women were not the only victims and that it's not only Pakistani dudes. I think I know the girl you are referring too, she proved her point on her answer and I'm convinced she speaks the truth.

    • So, are white women the only victims there? Because you clearly read, Asian and black girls were victims too. Or does something about them make them lesser victims than the white girls in your eyes?

      And was it only Pakistani men involved in these crimes? Or are you just going to ignore the fact that Kurdish and Kosovan men were also involved in raping the girls? Are you going to ignore the fact, that white women manipulated these poor victims into having sex with these disgusting rapists?

      And yeah I know the girl who you are referring to. She does speak facts- but only ones which suits her narrative, and you agree not because it's the truth but because it suits your narrative as well.

  • Edanurus
    Well as long as were talking about 'whites vs browns' we're not talking about the real problem.

    The disgusting thing about Rotherham (and other cities that don't get a mention) is how the authorities acted. For instance

    Police picking up a 13 year old drunk girl and letting her 30 year old 'boyfriend' pick her up because they dont want to be seen as racists.

    The child support services telling victims that were brave enough to come forward that they're really just sluts who exchanged sex for drugs and alcohol and were now ashamed so calling rape. Again because they don't want to be called racists

    The government telling local authorities to downplay the issue because they dont want it linked to the ethnic areas of the uk.

    I'm not interested in talking about the actual gangs or even the victims because at the end of the day im more interested in the system that failed, not because of incompetence but fear that they would be inconvenienced by accusation of racism.
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    • That may or may not have a part to play in it we can't say for sure.

      But I'm sure if there were more police patrolling the streets, these crimes would easily be prevented. And I'm not talking about 'whites vs browns' I'm talking about people and the other side of the story which people on here especially, fail to acknowledge.

      "they're really just sluts who exchanged sex for drugs and alcohol and were now ashamed so calling rape. Again because they don't want to be called racists" - What the actual fuck? They're not sluts- they're victims.

    • Edanurus

      Rotherham council have admitted they turned a blind eye due to fear of racism so more police doing the same wouldn't help the situation. Just more people ignoring the situation.

      Im guessing from your reaction you hadn't heard that part. Yes this actually happened from the people who's only job is to protect them. And i don't really know why it matters but it makes it worse in my eyes that it was women telling these girls that.

      I can be quite cold hearted about victims and perpetrators because bad people will always exist and people will always get hurt by them, an unfortunate fact of life. The fact that the system let it go on so long (1997 I think they first knew this was going on?) really boils my blood, yet it doesn't seem to be the talking point.

    • Racism- if they were really bothered about racism, well, Asian girls were getting abused, black girls were getting abused Shelley Davies and that Mcgregor woman were white- anyone with half a brain cell can see that this is calling about abuse, not racism!

      What's their excuse for not calling out Jimmy Saville? Or Eipstein up until now? Or Weinstein? Or The Jesus Army? Those were abuse cases going on for years too, they weren't called out right away. Victims were ignored.

      Because the majority of the perpetrators happened to be of an ethnic minority, it's easy for the system to play the race card, had the majority of these men been white, they still would've hidden it.

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  • EmperorOfRussia
    This spidermanfan girl is overly disingenuous. SMH...
    • In what way?

      Because I mention the criminals who weren't plastered all over the news? Because I mention the victims who didn't have as much coverage.

      Many people don't know about the two women involved, nor do they know about the black girls and Asian girls who were victims.

      So do you not think it is fair I amplify black girls who were victims, white girls who were victims and Asian girls who were victims? Because the common denominator isn't colour, it's the fact they're victims.

  • Jaydon45
    i heard about white and sihk girls being groomed but never black girls. I presumed there wasn't many blacks in these towns
    • Yes, black girls were victims too.

      There are fewer black people in these towns/cities than white and Asian people but there are quite a few black people.

  • Bananaman177
    It's racist not to let Muslims rape your daughters.
  • Sweatyotterr
    What are your police and government doing about it?
  • Freezer110
    Violence is always tied to a belief system. Except for psycopaths.
  • Agape93
    Monsters deserve to be slaughtered