Body positivity should apply to men just as much as women, if it is to be taken serious!


I was watching this video on postfeminism:

And one of the criticisms leveled against it was that women with higher body fat %'s and working class women were excluded from the movement. I was curious about post feminism since it was an alternative to feminism but ultimately I agree that it is not sufficient for the reasons cited in the video.

Which had me thinking, if the goal of third wave feminism is sexual choice for these girls then why don't they apply that same philosophy and match with skinny, short poor men on hookup apps?

That's exactly what I find offensive about feminism. It's inherently selfish because it only cares for one gender. Worry about whether or not your fellow poor or sorta-fat women are having sexual choice, but make sure poor, short skinny or fat men don't have sexual choice.

And what rational is there for this stance?

Overall, I do not support a double standard like that. I don't think it's cool.

I do not believe women belong in the kitchen, nor do I believe they can't be good providers or be really smart and have really great careers. But I find it wrong and annoying that they want things for themselves that they are not willing to give to others.

Sorry if my feminism takes are aggravating people, I just feel like speaking my mind.

Body positivity should apply to men just as much as women, if it is to be taken serious!
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  • genericname85
    women still struggle with reality. if you're ugly you won't make it far in professions that depend on physical beauty and you'll have a harder time even in professions where that shouldn't matter.

    it has nothing to do with being negative about ugly people. it's just how humans work. it's like if you were born without legs, you won't win a marathon no matter how entiteled you feel about that.

    body positivity is bullshit in my opinion. if you're a fat landwhale, you should be shamed and you should feel ashamed. that doesn't mean you failed as a human being overall and aren't worth anything. that just means you're fat and you should change that asap. also if you're told that you're ugly by many people, that doesn't mean they hate you. that just means that you are probably not that pretty. that goes equally for both genders. stop ignoring the real world to feel warm and fuzzy inside. take a good look at reality so that you can structure your life in a way where the things that are not good about you don't have such a negative overall impact.
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  • Rob171977
    Lmfao good luck getting the feminazis to see it that way. They NEVER will. Society is so gender biased it sickens me at times. Like this example you gave with body positivity. You realize if a guy started whining and crying about his body almost every guy and literally every woman would tell him to suck it up be a man and hit the gym. But NO woman or man ever says that shit to a fat chick and do you know why because society partically SJW PC libtard assholes cater to the fat slob chicks and bash men every chance they get. That's the fucked up part about our society how PC SJW libtarded it became. And if someone ever did tell a fat chick to hit the gym and to suck it up like they do a man EVERY SJW PC Libtard under the sun on this god forsaken planet would be up that person's ass bashing him repeatedly all day and night for the rest of his days for being gender EQUAL which the feminazi's utterly despise
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  • Anonymous
    "Body positivity should apply to men just as much as women" sure, I agree but why does feminism have to fight for that? if you and other men care about male body positivity then all of you should simply do something about it. do you also expect peta and greenpeace to fight for your rights? or the lgbt community? lol don't be lazy. women made feminism to help ourselves, If you want to change something then DO something instead of complaining
    feminism means "the state of being feminine" and sense of "advocacy of women's rights" women, not men, we're not against men we just fight for ourselves
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    • Ellie-V

      Ah yes. Some common sense ☺️

    • morrowlow

      but i thought feminism was about equality for men and women but here you say feminism is "the state of being feminine" and sense of "advocacy of women's rights". it seems like the definition of feminism keeps changing to benefit women. plus feminists have always defended feminism by saying "it's not just for us, it benefits men too." but i can appreciate your selfish honesty. it's better than being a hypocrite

    • Anonymous

      @morrowlow equality as in giving women equal rights as men and that's been done in my opinion. I googled the definition, copied and pasted, feminism is still about women and the etymology of the word says so
      "it's not just for us, it benefits men too" I don't say that but I do think a lot of things feminism accomplished benefits both genders, here are some examples
      👉 women's integration in the workforce after wwII translated into massive macroeconomic gains
      👉research shows that men who share domestic tasks with their wives report being happier and have more sex
      👉as gender discrimination became a popular topic of discussion in the 1970s the supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional to treat women and men differently under the law
      👉not all men could request dependent care deductions although tax deductions were given to women, two lawyers using the 14th amendment ended the enshrinement of gender discrimination into law
      👉the sexual revolution affected women as well as men: It gave women the ability to pursue sexual activities much more freely, meaning more sex for men
      👉feminism triggered the FBI to change the definition of rape to include men
      👉ending the discriminatory policy of banning women from combat roles in the military benefitted their male soldiers as well
      👉thanks to feminist activism, paternity leave exists
      👉feminism challenged the commonly held notion that patients with gay men were to blame for AIDS, shattering the stereotypes
      ... and the list goes on, it's all over the internet
      feminism DID things for men even though it's about women but there's no obligation to advocate for your rights, if you feel like something has to change then DO something (ranting online to try and trigger feminists doesn't count)

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  • LeeKenz
    First, feminism WAS originally about wanting equality for all genders, for everyone for that matter.

    Second, speaking your mind is perfect.

    Thirdly, it's this third wave shit that's making everything get fucked
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    • Robertcw

      Somehow I feel like feminism was hijacked in the 2009 -2012 years by ghetto culture, which then introduced the fourth wave feminism that we sometimes see today. With the rise of Cardi B, Hip-Hop and the Kardashians.

      Interestingly, ghetto culture is inherently more hierarchical and therefore actually more conservative and less accepting and open minded than the first, second and third wave feminism that came before it. Intereatibg enough, based on what I have read, third wave was actually founded by the punk rock scene and emphasized things like body positivity, non gender binaryness and the non-existence of universals. Which is a technical philsophocal term that refers to metaphysical existence of generalizations. They argue that everything is subjective in one way or another, and therefore not all women can be considered similar to each other. Nor does there need to be general statements accross genders. And that sort of thing. But around the 2009-2012 era a lot of that was rolled back and undone. Looks became a matter of importance and judgment.

      Tinder became central to fourth wave feminism. And, essentially, heriarchies based on looks and whether or not one conformed to expected hip-hop cultural norms were enforced and used as judgments to rank people's worth.

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  • MlleCake
    Oh, everyone deserves body positivity. Absolutely. I totally agree.
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    • June871

      no we dont. we need good parenting. that's all. good parenting is all you need for self confidence.

    • MlleCake

      It's a component of good parenting.

  • CoffeeWC
    Totally agree with you here
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  • Dali-chan
    I don’t care about body positivity. I workout and eat healthy to stay hot and wear attractive cloths. If a woman or a man want to stay fat then it’s his own problèmes. It’s a real bunch of nonsense if a fat woman who eat burritos even as a breakfast expect to have the same privileges as a hot thin woman who workout and avoid junk food. It’s as delusional as a broke guy who expect to have women over him as much as a rich attractive guy, just because he have his iNeR bEaUtY
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    • Robertcw

      This is exactly what I disagree with, and oppose.

    • Robertcw

      The reason I disagree is because I believe beauty is subjective. And therefore since nothing is objectively hot it does not make sense to push one particular look as hot and another as ugly or not hot.

    • Robertcw

      Current standards that tou subscribe to largly depend on your culture, and the media you consume.

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  • ConfusednClueless
    Men should practice body positivity. Big Boy, Little Boy, Tall Boy, Short Boy, Tough Boys, Pretty Boy they should all love their bodys.
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    • Robertcw

      And should be loved by the opposite sex* as well. If it is to be consistent with third wave feminism.

      Either, we don't support body positivity or we should support it for all.

    • I am a feminist and I support men of all shapes and sizes. 😂 Where do you get this stuff.

    • Shyman11

      Yes because a girls like bodyshapes
      Exactly a same boys like
      So both girls and boys have to practice body posiyivity

  • Taylor_C
    Body positivity should not apply to anyone. It´s just a way for ugly people to fool themselves into thinking they look acceptable.
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    • Anna__M

      I somewhat disagree, body positivity should apply to people with deformities. Like missing limbs, Burn scars, or other things that are not really fixable. But it shouldn’t apply to obese people or those who chose not to take care of themselves.

    • Robertcw

      @Anna__M I could get behind that. But it should apply for skinny guys who can't easily gain weight.

    • Taylor_C

      @Anna__M It doesn´t look any better because it´s not fixable. While I can feel compassion for those unfortunate people, it doesn´t make their looks any more positive.

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  • Ellie-V
    I know a lot of women who are into either shinny or overweight men. Shit, I’m one of them 😂 so honestly, I don’t know what you’re talking about. This concept that feminist don’t want skinny/fat guys to have sexual choice is completely foreign to me.
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    • Women can openly shame and attack men for being fat (and skinny)
      Saying “ewww you fat pig” isn’t uncommon for women to say to fat men.

    • Ellie-V

      I really don’t see that happening unless the dude is like 800 pounds and damn near immobile 😂
      But, Yeah... like it’s also not uncommon for men to openly shame and attack women for how they look. What’s your point? 😂

      Other groups of women will go out of their way to protect that one girl who is being criticized WAYYY more quickly than men will for each other.

      That’s not an issue of a double standard.
      This is about solidarity and unity within each gender individually. If more men went to bat for one another, I really don’t think we’d be having this conversation right now 😂

    • My point is that women can OPENLY do the shaming, a man who does it will be attacked. As you said, women will go out of their way to "protect" a girl. The hive mind is strong.
      It is a double standard. Society is ok with men being shamed it isn't ok with women being shamed, which is why we have megaton models and people losing their jobs because they criticize a female, but those same people are ok with shaming fat men in society and the media.

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  • CubsterShura
    "That's exactly what I find offensive about feminism. It's inherently selfish because it only cares for one gender. Worry about whether or not your fellow poor or sorta-fat women are having sexual choice, but make sure poor, short skinny or fat men don't have sexual choice." Uh but the feminist pages I follow on social media and the feminist friend that I have including myself all support body positivity for everyone including men? Even saw arts and illustrations of plus size men and skinny men on the topic of how they are also worthy of love and don't have to follow societal norms. So uh your whole myTake is based on a lie. If you wanna criticize feminism at least find something real that feminists truly believe in.
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  • Izumiblu
    I honestly think any kind of “movement “ whose motivation is sexual choice is a really stupid movement not worth much consideration.
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  • Randomawkwardness
    First of all, why would they? If they're not attracted to someone then they're not going to hookup with them. As much as I think shawn mendes is hot, I know he wouldn't hook up with me. Men do have a choice and actively use it. The only reason short, skinny or fat men don't get girls is because they're not usually confident and usually do the 'you're too good for me' type of whining - just like some woman who do the same.
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  • hahahmm
    The problem with feminists is that they want the privilege of being treated like men without any of the responsibilities & expect men to value her, someone who has slept with 100-200 men & has poor relationship skills the same as men value women with < 3 partners & attractive personalities.
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  • AuroraRoseat
    It does. Though it depicts majorly women, I have seen commercials in which larger men are being embraced as well. The point is that bigger people can be beautiful and can still exist in a healthy weight range.
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    • I do see a high number of people who are ignorant about the current premise of feminism (even third wave). Excluding the outliers (radicals), feminism has expanded to include equality for all and the dismantling of the patriarchal society to be replaced by one that benefits none more and all the same.

  • MissDawn7961
    thank you for your post here ! I am small and can not do things that a man can do like lifting heavy objects and such ! however if a man can do it then he should and be paid for it too ! if a woman can do the same job as a man then she should get the same money for it as he did
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    • elite665

      True but men and women will never be equal not truly women always get benefits over men maybe not
      In certain job pay but in other aspects of life so 5% less is not worth freaking out over

    • Everything is baby steps if you want to lift 50kg, first you have to lift 5kg, if you can't even lift 10, women think they are weak because they can't do regular pushups, they can but they are not willing to put the effort in to work their bodies to be able.

  • SydneySentinel
    I like your thoughts here. Can't support a double standard like that either.
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  • roflgun
    Fuck body positivity. Work out and stay in shape. No one should be expected to lie to spare your feelings. Don’t be a moron trying to stop people’s freedom of speech and expression just because you’re a miserable fat ass who’d rather feel sorry for themselves than know the honest truth. Because no ones gonna cater to your needs snowflake. No one’s gonna sugarcoat shit.
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    • Yes that is true but you get people that are not able to lose that weight because of medical conditions or because diseases they are born with so not everyone is able to just go with out and have the body they want

    • Nobodyx

      I don't think body positivity is only about fat people.
      As a girl you could also be insecure avout having no boobs, or too much boobs, no hips, no waist whatever..
      It just fucking hard to love your body sometimes, even harder ehen you can't change it.

    • I totally agree with that so body positivity is something that people need to think about

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  • AmourHoney
    It is, but men trash talk it instead. Y’all have the choice spread it, but instead I see men bringing down women for talking about body positivity instead of joining in. No one is stopping you guys, only yourselves.
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  • ClosetHoe
    I disagree with the part where you said "...[women] want things for themselves that they are not willing to give to others." Women don't owe men anything and vice versa. Men (you) could always start their own body positivity movement. However, no one should feel good about being unhealthy. People should be encouraged to lose or gain weight. There's nothing wrong with looking out for others.
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  • youlovelia
    I think there's a lot to agree with and a bit to disagree with.

    First off, I agree with what you are saying about this hi-jacked form of feminism but you use the wrong words.
    That is not actual feminism nor is the current body positive movement. Feminism was originally created because it is not against men, but it's for women. You cannot argue that most professions are all incredibly male-dominated as well as leadership positions in the US are predominantly over 90-95% caucasian males. Originally it was supposed to raise women to understand that they don't have to fulfill certain roles and expectations in life to be considered feminine.

    Men have sexual choice as do women. Just because feminism explicitly states that women of all shapes are worthy of relationships and sexual partners doesn't mean that it explicitly says men cannot also feel self-love. If you take it that way without someone literally saying "Women of all shapes and finance should be loved but it's not the same for men", then you are just being hateful of a social justice because you aren't included.

    In reality, body positivity is INCLUDED in feminism, but ins't exclusive. Body positivity is actually for everyone, but because of society's views on what a "masculine" man should behave like, body positivity usually doesn't include men.

    I understand that the social justice seems unfair to you but also understand that form of feminism is absolute garbage and is not at all what it's really about.
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  • PrinceOfAljazeera
    i agreed with everything until "I do not believe women belong in the kitchen, nor do I believe they can't be good providers or be really smart and have really great careers." WOMEN DO BELONG IN THE KITCHEN and THEY can't BE GOOD PROVIDERS.
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  • RolandCuthbert
    Are you actually claiming that fat old men have problems with body acceptance? I don't get it.

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  • Dchrls78104
    What is called "body positivity" these days is a delusion. It's a convenient means of sidestepping personal responsibility when it comes to healthy living. But it eventually catches up with those who embrace it (premature death and severely compromised quality of life from strokes, heart disease, and even bone damage from the excess weight on the frame).
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