My Opinion On Body Positivity

When most people on this website hear the phrase 'body positivity' they probably think it means 'glorifying obesity'. Now I have seen obesity being glorfied in the name of 'body positivity' in certain cases, and that I don't agree with. So I will discuss that issue and the issue of 'body positivity' itself.

Glorifying Obesity

To me, this is not 'body positivity' at all. Obesity is a health problem which nobody should glorify. You wouldn't glorify anorexia, so we shouldn't glorify obesity.

I say we treat obesity like we would anorexia.

Where the problem comes in, is shaming obese people for their problem. Now if someone was anorexic would you shame them? No, you wouldn't- so why shame an obese person?

Now obesity usually stems from problems such as inactivity and over-eating. Some people get addicted to unhealthy food. Some people over-eat because of issues such as depression. So if we want obese people to lose weight, we need to find out what caused them to get to that stage, and then we need to encourage them to lose weight and help them in doing so, if we can.

And not to conform to 'beauty standards', but to be healthy.

Body Positivity Itself

Now everyone thinks this phrase just correlates with how much someone weighs. And whilst that has a part to play in it- it's not solely about weight.

It can be about figure. Everyone has different body types.

Three basic body types
Three basic body types

There are three main body types. Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph.

Ectomorphs - Find it difficult to gain weight and have fast metabolism so they burn calories easily. They're skinny, have a small ''delicate'' frame and bone structure and they find it hard to gain muscle mass- and they're usually tall.

Mesomorph - Have a naturally athletic physique, large bone structure, large muscles, they're physically strong and can lose and gain weight easily and they gain muscle easily.

Endomorph - Have strong muscles, they have thicker arms and legs, they gain fat more easily, it's difficult for them to lose fat, but easy for them to gain weight, they have a round physique, slow metabolism, they're generally short, and they have quite a 'stocky' build, and their muscles are not well defined.

People can't help what body types they are. All can exercise and be healthy- and they still won't all look the same.

And oftenly people can be a mix of two types.

Like me for example, I'm a mixture of an ectomorph and a mesomorph. I'm an ectomorph in the sense, I struggle gaining weight and burn off calories easily, and it's harder for me to gain muscle. And I'm a mesomorph in the sense, I have a naturally 'fit' body- meaning I'm not too skinny or too fat for my height.

So when I see guys acting like "real women" must look something like this:

My Opinion On Body Positivity

And girls acting like 'real men' must look something like this:

My Opinion On Body Positivity

It triggers me. Those pictures look perfect don't they? Because they're photoshopped.

My Opinion On Body Positivity
My Opinion On Body Positivity
Include a caption for your image
Include a caption for your image

So that's one reason why when people make statements as such, it triggers me. Another is, that we can't control our body types. We can control being healthy, so we can control the way our bodies look to a certain extent but not completely.

Other things concerning 'body positivity'

Skin Tone

Certain people consider 'dark skin' to be bad, so they use skin lightening creams to get a lighter skin tone. And it works both ways. Some people may consider 'pale skin' to be bad and therefore will wear fake tan and sit hours in tanning beds just to get a tan.

Skin lightening cream, fake tan, sitting in sunbeds- it can be bad for us.

Sunbeds emit UV rays. Which can cause your skin to age prematurely, making it look wrinkly. Now people sit in sunbeds for a long time. And exposing your skin to UV rays for a long time can increase the risk of developing malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer. And if you don't wear goggles, the UV rays could also damage your eyes.

Fake tan chemicals could damage your lungs- if not applied correctly, so you should avoid breathing in fumes or droplets. And it doesn't protect you from sunburn, like many are led to believe. And often people buy the wrong 'type' of fake tan, so it does damage skin.

Possible side affects of using skin lightening cream could be redness and swelling of skin, burning sensation, itchy and flaky skin. If the creams contain hydroquinone, corticosteroids or mercury, could result in thinning of skin, visibility of blood vessels in skin, scarring, kidney liver or nerve damage.

Why put yourself at that risk of using any of these three products?

Now if you took the time to learn about whichever one of these products you want to use, and knew how to use them safely... Well why learn about that, when you could learn something else? Wouldn't it be easier to just accept the skin tone you have - because all skin tones are beautiful - rather than trying so hard to change it?

You could learn a new language, you could learn about another country, an instrument, a programming language, a new sport, how to build something- but you want to learn about how to change your already amazing skin tone? Because you want to be lighter or darker? Because you don't want to be considered dark-skinned? Because you don't want to be considered light-skinned?

Now I have been considered both dark and light skinned. By Pakistanis and other Asians I've always been considered dark skinned, but black people usually consider me light skinned. But I've never tried to lighten or darken my skin tone.

Your skin tone is beautiful. Don't try to change it.


Again I've seen 'real men' been referred to as 'tall' and 'above 6ft' and to me that just stinks. I've also seen taller girls feel insecure about their height- and that stinks too.

Because people can't control how tall or short they are. So nobody should be made to feel insecure or any less than someone because of their height.

Body Concerning Disability

My Opinion On Body Positivity

People with a prosthetic leg, or a prosthetic arm, or who are missing limbs or who's body is affected visibly by a disability- should feel positive about their body.

Something I used to feel a little insecure about when I was younger was my left leg. It's visibly skinner than my right leg- and my knee looks like it's hanging off kind of, and below my knee it just looks really skinny and uneven compared to my other leg.

I don't show my legs, but I was conscious when getting changed for PE and stuff when I was younger.

But I've learned to accept it and to not at all feel bad about it. If people want to judge they can, and that really shows how sad they are if they do- is their life really that uneventful that they'd sit there looking at my leg and thinking "er, what a horrible leg"😂😂

My disability is apart of me, it's played a part in who I am today- so it's something that I shouldn't be and am not ashamed of.

Now some of you who posts will think: "but you just posted about how your disability made you feel insecure a couple of weeks ago" and I did. There is times, when it gets hard for me and I feel it negatively, and then other negative feelings enter my mind. I don't love it all the time. But when I overcome those feelings, it makes me a stronger person. And I feel much better about now, compared to when I was younger.

Nobody should be ashamed of their disability.

My Experiences With Body Positivity

The insecruity with my 'leg' didn't last that long, and it was only when I was getting changed for PE- and that's really the only challenge I've faced with my personal body positivity.

I consider myself to be quite 'lucky' otherwise. I've never really felt any other insecruity when it comes to my body. I'm naturally a 'small' girl. I have a small waist, a thigh gap, a flat stomach, and kind of an hour-glass figure. I'm a size XS/small. And I'm at a healthy weight. Now why I consider myself to be 'lucky' is because I don't exercise much. I don't workout. Yet I'm happy with the way I look.

And I see girls who are insecure about their natural figures- when there's nothing wrong with their natural figures, they're perfectly healthy- all it is, is they don't look a certain way. I also see a lot muscular girls who are lean and fit being shamed on social media. Being too muscular can be unhealthy to an extent- but these girls are just fit, and strong- they look great yet they get shamed for looking 'manly'.

Equally, I see a lot of dudes trying to look a certain way and feeling insecure about the fact they don't- there's nothing wrong with the way they look, it's healthy.


Girls are great thigh gaps or no thigh gaps. Girls are great flat stomach or no flat stomach. Girls are great muscular and not muscular. Girls are great whatever their waist size. Girls are great whatever skin tone they have. Girls are great whatever their height. Girls are great whether they are Ectomorphs, Endomorphs or Mesomorphs. Girls are great disability or not.

Guys are great six pack or no six pack. Guys are great muscular or not. Guys are great whatever their waist size. Guys are great whatever their skin tone. Guys are great whatever their height. Guys are great whether they are Ecotomorphs, Endomorphs or Mesomorphs. Guys are great disability or not.

Whatever a girl's or guy's natural body is- as long as it's healthy it's great and nothing to be ashamed of. If it isn't healthy, you don't need to feel shame, you need to know you have a problem and be determined to fix it.

And remember, our bodies are just the packaging we come in- it's whats on the inside what defines us truly. <3 <3 <3

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy read :)

Thank you for reading :) <3

My Opinion On Body Positivity
My Opinion On Body Positivity
My Opinion On Body Positivity
My Opinion On Body Positivity
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Most Helpful Guys

  • DanBell
    Body positivity is a revolt against an establishment that glorifies anorexia and shames those with fat. But you miss the mark by categorically casting aside "obesity" as unworthy of consideration under the banner of body positivity. There is not some definition of obesity born in the mind of greatness that declares who is or is not obese. The definition is a product of the medical-pharmaceutical complex and absorbs the inherent bias in society. There are plenty of people who are deemed "obese" by the medical-pharmaceutical complex who reject such labels because they are a product of prejudice and cherry picked empirical research. At its core, the body positive movement must rebel against the establishment and its toxic messages if it is to succeed. This requires self acceptance on the part of all members of the movement. I am always confused by those who claim to be in favor of body positivity in the middle of some diatribe about their weight loss journey. The two notions are not compatible.
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    • Being anorexic and being obese are both unhealthy- and science proves that.

    • DanBell

      You are missing my point. Science is a product of human efforts, and the efforts of a very select group at that. As such it is not an infallible all telling truth machine, rather it is a process supporting an establishment of the same name that is subject to corruption and bias. Science can be used to bad ends, eugenics is just one such example. Science does not produce facts, it produces theories with varying degrees of support.

    • Agreed. It's important to know the boundaries of the models used. Blind faith in science justifying unethical decisions can be like blind faith in anything else, because it shows a lack of understanding, but may be more dangerous because procedures based on the model may have a measurable impact. It's more power to wield, in a way.

  • Ceasar97
    I also hate glorifying obesity or thin shaming, having overly obese models pose for pictures is just as bad as having overly skinny models, if not worse. I am fat, sadly something I have fought my entire life, and see the attraction to not having to worry about some kid bullying me for it, but I know that is is a health risk and needs to be taken care of. I have been losing weight, very slowly, and that is a large part due to the bullying I think. If I weren't bullied I might not have ever fought it and who knows where I would be at today. I don't think kids should be bullied obviously, but I don't think we should tell them to be unhealthy fat either. Thanks for the mytake, I thought it was really well written and informative.
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    • Totally agree with your point about models. :)

      It's nice hearing your personal experience too, and I agree I don't believe children or anyone for that matter, should be bullied- but we should educate kids in the classroom about issues such as obesity and anorexia- and tell them about being healthy.

      Thank you for your opinion :)

    • Ceasar97

      Agreed, education is key, and thank you :)

Most Helpful Girls

  • R_ūshī
    I agree with you on everything you wrote. That my take is just AWESOME. Well written, thought out, explained and examplified. I hope that it helps people realise what real body positivity is.

    I've seen a lot of girls not feeling right because they had put on weight due to their lifestyle. Despite not being happy with excess weight, they sort of try to give a name to their lack of motivation. They call it body positivity yet they still complain about not being happy all the time.

    One of my friends was going through that and she started working out. Now she looks almost like she did 2 years ago. She's really really happy. in my opinion that's what body positivity is. Truly being happy with who you are and how you look, not forcing yourself to be happy with that.
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    • Exactly! Love this opinion too especially the story about your friend.

  • Screenwriter
    The main thing, too, is to love yourself whereever you are. OK you need to change your body situation. Do what you need to do: anorexic, untoned, overweight, obese. If you don't LOVE YOURSELF, you cannot GIFT yourself with changing to get to a better place. Take the time and effort. You are the only you you have, and you'll only be here for your time on earth. Treat yourself well. Others will recognize this and treat you well too. For those who don't, keep away from them. Surround yourself with self- love and friend and family love. It all pays off. Set small goals, reach them and set them again. Over time, you'll get to that place and reward yourself by keeping on track! Your glow will come from your soul!
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  • SarahsSummer
    “ When most people on this website hear the phrase 'body positivity' they probably think it means 'glorifying obesity'.”
    When I see the term body posituvity, I just think it refers to people viewing their own body in a positive light or exhibiting self pride in the face of others negative comments.
  • mistixs
    Well actually yes, some people do shame people for being/looking anorexic. Looking "anorexic" is the most common insult I get when people want to insult my appearance. I won't say that underweight people get as many insults as overweight people, but insults do happen.
    • I wasn't trying to say underweight people don't get insults- I just thought of it as- we all know anorexia is an eating disorder that is pretty dangerous- so most probably wouldn't make fun of that- yet I see many making fun of and being genuinely hurtful about obesity.

      And yes, as a skinny person too- I've recieved a few shaming comments about my weight. One person told me "you look like you don't get fed you're skinny" but I've gotten far more compliments about my body than insults. i. e. I've been told multiple times I have a "lovely figure".

  • hahahmm
    Overeating is a symptom of other issues like:

    Psychological problems and/or childhood abuse and/or what is technically known as ‘being a lazy azzed glutton’

  • my experience with body positivity is that it glorifies unhealthy fat bodies. i know it was probably not meant for that and i'm not saying you should hate yourself if you're fat but you should certainly not feel like it's fine to be so fat, cause you are litterally in the process of slowly killing yourself.
    • the other issue is our media socialization. the media shows us "the perfect picture" not "the realistic one". if you fail to learn that growing up, you have some catching up to do. learn how the world works before trying to change it.

    • I do agree that it has glorified unhealthy bodies before- and I don't agree with that.

    • As for media socialisation I know that is a huge issue. i. e. the photoshopped pictures like the ones of the woman and the guy and then the ones of Zendaya.

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  • alelectro
    I prefer to see it more as staying out of every "body's" business. If someone is happy with their body type, let them be. If they're rail thin, there's no need to put them down. If they glorify obesity, let them enjoy it. There's no need to lob negativity or say they have to fix something. I feel like fat particularly is one the last major bastions of discrimination and it's largely the "health police" that perpetuate it out of the guise of caring for people's health, never mind the impact of shaming on mental health. Also, I suspect the whole cost on health care argument also frequently used by the "health police" is baloney. 100% of skinny people die just like fat people. Cancer or neurodegenarative diseases will likely kill you if heart disease doesn't, and they're often much more expensive to treat. I think what you see is extreme advances in Western medicine are fundamentally very expensive, and the expense is getting disproportionately blamed on obesity because more people are obese. But if everyone were living long enough to die of cancer instead, the costs would be even higher in the long run.
    • tiajoka

      I also don't mind if someones obese if thats how they want to live, I think the main thing is just the media glorifying it and acting like its healthy and good. Because its not, and it leads women and men who would otherwise try to live longer and healthier to live a lazy and easier lifestyle. The worst of them kids under 18 seeing this, and believing being way overweight is a thing to be proud of. I mean its not a thing to make fun of someone for, but its also a thing that you should encourage people to work on as best they can.
      I get genetic diseases, when I was younger I was muscular, 5'6 and 125 pounds
      But when I hit 13 I gained 60 pounds over a couple months and only 2 inches in height even though everything else was the same, it was because of polycystic ovary disease. While I don't want people shaming me for something I've been struggling with and working on my entire teen years, I also don't want someone pretending that indulging in food and being lazy all day like my sister (no diseases, 5'2 and 250ibs) is good for you

    • alelectro

      @tiajoka I do see your point and I don't want to argue much, but I also feel that maybe what you're seeing is just more of a natural balance that happens when people let off the judgement. For instance, there are some women that are proud they can "hold their liquor" and I'm sure there's a few guys that practically worship a girl who can drink them under the table. I think a lot of people's response to that would likely be "not for me, but wow she seems tough." They might even laugh about it. Movies might portray her as some fierce girl who could have hung with the Vikings. I suspect fewer people would immediately lament that she's destroying her liver through cirrhosis. Instead society recognizes that some guys maybe find some aspect attractive about a pint-wielding girl and just let them be. But if a guy finds something attractive about a fluffy belly, then everyone almost instantly turns into an armchair physician. There's no "oh that's different" or trying to relate. At best, people might say it's good to be loved, but keep it to yourself. Yet, people like to take pride in their love.

    • tiajoka

      I understand what you mean, and in general I don't mean people living happy lives either. In the case with my sister, she's unmotivated and doesn't do anything except watch tv all day. Its really sad, and people baby her because they don't want to hurt her feelings but that doesn't help her. I understand that she can have a lot more from life, but she'd rather just be gluttonous than actually strive for real happiness and honestly there's nothing that can make that okay. Girls who can hold their liquor are only attractive until they turn to drunks, same with how some guys might like a girl who eats a lot until its all they do. there's a clear line between addiction and enjoyment, and its clear to see what its become. This is the same for a lot of things, video games for example. Is it positive for someone to do nothing but play video games all day? No its not, not even if they're a youtuber and its their career. You need to have a life outside of your indulgements, because honestly things like these shouldn't be your life, living and experiences should. Repetitive behaviors for things like these aren't healthy at all.
      My mom worked at a homeless shelter, and a lot of the heavy women there did the same as my sister, eat and sit and not work or move hardly all day... That's not a life in my eyes. It's not good or healthy, or anything to be positive about.
      I respect your views and I'm not trying to upset you at all (Which you also seem respectful so I hope I'm not) But I really couldn't ever find it a good thing. Even my brother whose 160 and 5'10, I nag at him because he plays video games too much and it's not good for him either. Its good to push the people you love to do different things to expand their living and growth as people so they don't become stuck in a hole.

  • BladeMan
    Women mostly choose handsome men for relationship.(there are exceptions but most women are like that) They are worser than men, they are more merciless than men. Men don't look at appeanrence already. But the problem is women. Women make it so big deal. İdeal kilogram, face, handsomeness and general physiqual apperance are so important for women. Cuz women are so selfish and heartless. This is how God created them.
    • I wholeheartdly disagree.

      There are men and women who objectify the other gender as you say that exist- but ones who also don't.

  • DWD1994
    Body positivity much like feminism is basically an upper-class white women's club.

    It's never been for those who have been severely maimed from an accident or crippled nor has it been for amputees, etc.

    Its strictly for white women upset about the fact that men have the freedom to choose to date women that aren't them. Its basically like r/incels for women.
    • Not really.

      I'm not of an upper-class background nor am I white.

      Body positivity is a movement created so people feel good about the healthy body they have and don't feel the need to conform to "beauty standards".

    • DWD1994

      Not really. I mainly see women in the body positivity movement upset that men are choosing women that aren't them and being upset about the fact that men are utilizing their freedom to date who they want. In their ideal world, men would be forced to date them and give them attention. And the fact that men aren't giving them attention makes them upset and angry. At its core, the body positivity movement is fueled by entitlement, bitterness and narcissism.

    • zollo

      Couldn't disagree more wow. I don't even know where to begin. It stems mainly from women not being able to love themselves because of what society says their supposed to look like, it's spread to men and people with disabilities. It's not just about "i'm to fat and ugly for anyone to love me so now I have to force people to love me" it excepting your body how it is and being comfortable that not everything about yourself you can change. If you have scars if your short, if you have blemishes, whatever. That's not to say that if you look a certain way that you can never change it, particularly when it come to weight it can be REALLY difficult for some people to put on and loose weight. Similar to Feminism in the sense that some people (you) see it as crazy men hating women out to enact the genocide of all white men when for most sane people it about women and men being able to be treated as equals and having common respect.

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  • MzAsh
    Great take! Not into body shaming. I’ve known too many people gain a substantial amount of weight due to injury and watch as society judged them.
    • Nice to hear a personal experience and it's things like what you mentioned about society that are not at all okay.

      Thank you for reading :) <3

  • TayTay21
    I come from the opposite end of it, being mocked and hating my body for being too skinny. I have to say, disliking or mocking someone for the shape of their body is no better than disliking or mocking them for their ethnicity. The same girls who mocked me for being too skinny were nearing 200 pounds by the time we graduated hs. I never once mocked their weight. I mocked them for being losers who sucked at life and hated on others, but not the way they looked.
    • I'm really sorry to hear that. And I totally agree with you on that excellent point you made about ethnicity- and good on you for not stooping to their level. :)

      Are you at a healthy weight?

    • TayTay21

      Yes. I was underweight until I started weight training and really paying attention to my diet when I was 14.

    • Keep trying! I totally believe in you, you can get to a healthy weight :)

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  • Shark_61695
    Having stopped being obese recently, I have not noticed any reason I should be positive about my body. It is slow, heavy, painful and generally uncomfortable.

    I don't try to fit in with others and stand out generally. I may be content with my body but I could never be positive about it.
    • "Having stopped being obese recently" - That's a reason you should be positive about your body. Your body was unhealthy and you identified that problem and now you have overcome it. :)

      " It is slow, heavy, painful and generally uncomfortable." - Sometimes my disability causes me joint pain, which makes me feel heavy, uncomfortable and slow too. And I'm not going to lie to you, when I feel like this, I am not at all positive about it. But once I've overcome these struggles, I realise it just makes me stronger- and that's what you should realise too. That's what we need to be positive about. :)

    • I didn't overcome the issue with my body being unhealthy, I just reduced the number of times I eat per day to less than one. This is mostly a money saving issue and it would be almost impossible to become a normal weight. I haven't felt any benefits, only my weight passing an arbitrary number (17 stone).

      I occasionally have pain free moments but I don't have a disability, I'm just unfit. I guess I don't really have a concept of myself in a position I could consider "good" and don't have enough sense of purpose to attempt the journey.

  • skyboy64
    What thigh gaps means? Also I don't have a problem with people wanting to lose weight , but not too much because it is not healthy. I do have a problem with photos shopping , they needed to tell the truth. use real picture And don't be ashamed of yourself for having a great body and men need to be looking like men and not a women it make men and women look bad. And women needed to be looking like a woman not a women looking like a man. it make it looking bad for women.
  • Reaperbot666
    I think that weight and height can play a factor. but so long as your generally healthy and like how you look in the mirror. then your over all size should not matter as much.

    just try to enjoy your body. sooner or later you'll find someone else who likes to as well.

    having a good personality helps and maybe an open mind.
    • I agree with your first and last point.

      "just try to enjoy your body. sooner or later you'll find someone else who likes to as well."
      I am happy with my body- and I know what you mean, but as for now I'm not interested in relationships. Studying is more important to me at this moment.

  • The only think I don’t like is when people color their hairs ugly colors. Also I like fat people, they make me, an in shape guy, look better.
  • AshViper
    Sorry to tell you but people most certainly shame others with anorexia & similar diseases. A friend was & am well aware of the disgusting or ignorant comments (a basic one: 'hey look the science class skeleton is out & about today') people said.
    So, no offense, I feel if 'fat shaming' wasn't the 'in thing' making the news nowadays you'd treat 'obesity shaming' as irrelevantly as you did anorexia. Both, after all, are potentially fatal issues & neither is more important than the other in that sense.

    But then being obese is not healthy and no amount of "positive body image" propaganda is gonna change that. Same as how being excessively skinny is not healthy. If anything "positive body image" propaganda should be promoting a proper healthy-weight body instead of promoting one extreme (obese) and ignoring the other extreme (anorexia).
    • I don't treat anorexia irrelevantly. This article was aimed at people on this website- and many associate body positivity with obesity glorification- that's why I wrote a section on obesity.

      Previously I have questioned skinny shaming too and I have known people who have been underweight too- I am aware of that issue. If you read the MyTake I was promoting "being healthy" and that goes for both anorexic and obese people.

    • AshViper

      Your exact comment about anorexia, word for word, is:
      >> Where the problem comes in, is shaming obese people for their problem. Now if someone was anorexic would you shame them? No, you wouldn't- so why shame an obese person? <<
      Kindly don't backtrack. Like said obesity is the "in thing".

      As for people on this website saying body positive image is about promoting obesity -- that's what it predominantly does. The propaganda popularly making the news & media nowadays does widely promote obesity as if it is something that we are to aim for not that it is a health risk. There are many, many adverts showing obese people & far less of people of a proper weight promoting body positive image.

    • I was talking to people specifically on this website. By saying that what I was trying to say is, we all know anorexia is an illness, it's been given the term of "eating disorder" yet when it comes to obesity people say it's just "laziness" and shame it.

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  • xyz94
    The whole 'ecto endo mess' thing is not very accurate for describing body shapes, but I like the general spirit of this post. Being a healthy weight, ie not underweight or overweight, is the most important thing!
    • I suppose it depends on the person- but personally, I've found it to be pretty accurate.

      And yes, that is the whole point I am trying to get across and that's what I want people to take away from this post. I'm glad you enjoyed the read :)

    I feel like I'm in school again when i read your lectures. I love it. Lol 😎*hugs* hey love
  • It's obessing about what people think about you. its tired and nauseating at this point.
    • No, not really. Being positive about your body is more about loving yourself for how you are.

  • westwordbound
    You can’t force a round peg into a square hole. That is you can’t shame a lean/athletic man into not being attracted to heavy girls. The vast majority of them will not be looking for that (small percentage have fetishes)
  • Gedaria
    Being positive about your self nothing to do with your size. If you are happy with your self that's great. But you still have consider other people, they have to be happy with you , if not it's a very lonely life...
  • Sharlet1
    I believe that body positivity should have nothing to do with what other people think is good or 'healthy'. It should be about the mindset of an individual and how they feel about themselfs. Body shaming is a problem ! If a person is 'overweight' and it does not hinder their health then there is nothing wrong with them. Body Positivity is just being healthy and not about a persons weight or size.
  • knowingsoul
    D.. n I'm in love. This is what real people love to hear. An my personal opinion, but I love to here from a sophisticated woman. She knows her study, an she put it beautifully into words that is easily consumed. My hat is off to you. I would love to chat.
    • Thank you, it's nice to know you enjoyed the MyTake. :)

      And sure, if you want to discuss anything just hit me up in the PMs- I don't always reply straight away, but I'd reply eventually xD

  • tiajoka
    This is just perfect 10/10
    If people actually treated the body positivity movement like this, no doubt everyone would be behind it
  • Kurαȷ
    The healthy body is at 21 BMI AND below.
    Being underweight is associated with lower risk to health than being between 21.4 BMI to 25 bmi, which is still considered the "healthy" range.
    The average American, has a BMI of nearly 29, 1 point away from clinical obesity.

    The amount of people who deserve to feel positive about their body are in the absolute minority, and they they often happen to be the ones who this so called "body positivity" bullies and vilifies.

    Those "stick thin" runway models are way healthier than Ashley Graham, and body positivity trying to bury this fact is why I will never respect or support both it and the people behind it.
  • Lliam
    That was a beautiful MyTake, SpiderManFan2002. You nailed it!

    Body shaming is low. Why would anyone want others to feel bad about themselves?
    I know a couple of women who are obese by anyone's standards. They are wonderful people and have great attitudes. They are happily married (to skinny men, as it so happens) and have great sex lives. I'm sure they would like to look like Instagram models but they don't. That doesn't stop them from loving themselves and enjoying life.

    In the end, people are people. Physical appearance only matters when it comes to someone's preference for a sexual partner. If a person isn't looking at another person as a potential mate, then physical appearance is meaningless. People should treat others with respect and kindness.

  • HotJealousy

    Body positivity is fine, but fat acceptance isn't. People (mainly obese people) tend to use body positivity to accept their obesity instead of doing something about it and this is costing my government millions in healthcare which, for the most part is entirely avoidable. My dad is a doctor and one of the leading experts on diabetes and part of his research is into the affect the body positive movement has on diabetes rates... its a bad effect
  • Both genders of our generation are guilty of having become pretty shallow because of how social media and online dating worked.

    Online dating not as great an experience as was promised, right?
  • frostwalrus
    Body positivity was a great idea and then fat women ruined it.
  • October808
    Either way that girl in grey or blue parachute won't ber able to stand up since I put crazy glue on the stilettos.
  • Massageman
    Interesting take. Many (not all, since some have physiological conditions) overweight people use the mantra of "accept me as I am'ism" as an excuse to avoid making some kind- ANY kind- of an attempt at improving their bodies.

    We have a friend who used to be a bread truck driver, would leave at 3 in the morning, hoist trays all day, and work until 6-7 at night bringing back the returns. He was forced into retirement, plopped in front of a TV his only exercise being pushing the remote buttons, started eating snacks by the bagful and died a year later. Take care of your bodies, not because of some foolish fad social buzzword about "positivity this or positivity that", but just because it's the intelligent, prudent thing to do. I've massaged too many people- from pretzel-stick-thin to whale-like-heavy and trust me, the healthiest ones are in the middle of the road on that continuum.
  • KristaGrym
    Actually the body of the emporio Armani underwear belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo a football player
  • Souled_Out
    Of your fat your un healthy. Fact not opinion.
    • goaded

      The very first sentence of this take was: When most people on this website hear the phrase 'body positivity' they probably think it means 'glorifying obesity'.

    • Studies have found that being underweight is worse then being obese (30-34.9) bmi

    • I never said being obese wasn't unhealthy.

  • Supermosh1990
    So very true. I agree with you completely
  • I agree. Keep on spreading the word.
  • I agree right down the line.
  • Thank you
  • Good take
  • Lostinthisworld94