Ever Wonder Why Men Are Approaching Women Less?


"Normal or not, touching someone in public, on their arm or on their waist, does not seem to rise to the level of sexual assault. Just because something is abnormal or upsetting doesn't mean it's a crime.

The magistrates in Manchester disagree. Griffiths now faces a possible maximum sentence of ten years in jail and registry as a sex offender.

It is indeed hard to make friends, or interact with other people at all, if awkward but brief encounters like this are considered criminal behavior."

Ever Wonder Why Men Are Approaching Women Less?

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Ever Wonder Why Men Are Approaching Women Less?
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  • JSmuve
    I read the article and it reads like the girl has PTSD from an awkward guy she knows touching her waist for a few seconds. If she mentally crumbles because of that, university is going to bury her before the end of her first year.

    We live in very unfortunate times if innocent, albeit awkward, social interactions are jailable 'offenses'. I wonder if this is what the metoo movement had in mind.

    "Hey, how are you?"
    "Omg get a way from me. I feel so unsafe. Please put him in jail with all the other dangerous criminals"

    *judge's verdict* 10 years in jail with no parole for talking to a girl. You can share a cell with some guy who has the same sentence as you but for second-degree murder.

    What a world!
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    • Juxtapose

      We're so damn untouchable in western, patriarchal society aren't we? xD

      I would be legitimately afraid to interact with people if I lived in the United Kingdom. At least I have some leeway in the United States.

    • goaded

      Why does everyone keep harping on the maximum possible sentence for the crime? That's obviously not going to be what he gets because that would be ridiculous; it's only the fact he did it twice that got him convicted at all.

  • Tdieseler
    This is new... i know that if you have a daughter as a man and are playing with her in the park, women watch you like hawks and tend to frame you as some kind of molester/predator/perv. Could bottle back to why men are now scared of kids or Having kids. can't play with your kids anymore.
    Now touching is a crime? what is this world coming to? and women still have the nerve to tell men that they aren't being men when an elbow touch is becoming a crime?

    You know what? i dont think its women's fault, its men. Cuz the stupid asses go along with it.
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    • Juxtapose

      I would say it's the fault of the people who came up with the social justice nonsense and anyone stupid enough to go along with it.

      I would be deeply disappointed if even a single woman came here to comment that she thinks the guy deserves 10 years and registry as a sex offender. I'm hoping that the people on this website that come across this aren't that stupid.

    • Tdieseler

      Im afraid you are going to be disappointed sir. BOTH the men and women that are on this site are so rigid minded, its ridiculous. SOME of them.
      Funny thing is, none of them ever explains why. For example, I've been told that im bitter, hurt, been turned down all the time, an incel, and much much more... when in reality and the people who know me, know that i was a hell of a player, an Actual player and broke a Ton of hearts... and im now trying to make up for that by helping people not become who i was... or tell others how not to create people like i was.
      Then i run into ignorant women and white knights. Im punishing myself, and these idiots want to resurrect the past? Sigh.
      Hey, have you ever had a 17 year old female tell you that you have no life? lol... while she is staying in her parents house using equipment her parents bought her. isn't that fucking hilarious?
      I dont listen to society... i do me... and society can kiss the darkest part of my ass.

    • Screenwriter

      I'm deeply disturbed that this could be filed as sexual assault? Waist touching? Shoulder touching? Maybe she felt uncomfortable. But that is crying wolf. So couples walking with their arms on each others' shoulders or around each others' waists are sexually assaulting each other? Absurd.

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  • SydneySentinel
    In my neighboring town, a cheerleader accused the principal of touching her inappropriately at a football game. The principal went and greeted all of the football players and cheerleaders, shook their hands and the ONE girl that was facing the other direction, he put a hand on her shoulder. She accused him of touching her inappropriately.

    It is so ridiculous the way that some people behave. Both men and women. I don't want to be touched by strangers either but that happens almost every time I go in public. It's not sexual or predatory though. And the times that it is, it's not going to be a shoulder touch.

    The girl in the article is accusing him of a thought crime. Ridiculous.
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    • Juxtapose

      It's kind of sad that the coach would have been better off not having any human contact whatsoever :(

      People like that girl would freak out in countries where people greet each other with kisses. Whatever happened to normal human interaction?

    • goaded

      They don't greet complete strangers with kisses, do they?

    • Moonchild714

      @SydneySentinel, touching the Shoulders is very common first approach of Sexual Advance. I'm not saying that's what tjis coach was doing, but you said sexual advances aren't shoulder touches but they are mire often than people realize. When they look back wondering how something happened they realize the shoulder touch was the first inappropriate sexual advance its called grooming feelingg things out see how far I can go...

  • Moonchild714
    Sexual Assault no. But it's possible he was Stalking her. Hectried an Unsuccessful Awkward approach once by touching her arm and he thought putting his hand on her wsist not saying a word and just smiling was going to work. Even in his words he sounds like a Creeper... Why keep approaching her and not someone else why try making guy friends? I don't think he's that innocent I work with putting these people in jail everyday and tgey say the exact same shit he said and guess we usually get tge arrest after they've finally, Raped , Assaulted, or Killed their Prey!!!
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    • Juxtapose

      He is getting up to 10 years and has to register as a sex offender just because he touched her arm and waist.

      Come on now..

    • goaded

      He hasn't been sentenced, yet! I think it's extremely unlikely he will get any prison time. I'd be surprised if he doesn't have to do community service and/or get psychiatric help. British judges aren't stupid.

    • Juxtapose

      @goaded We'll see. I don't trust Britain, I think they've gone the Orwellian route with this social justice nonsense.

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  • It is a batshit crazy world in which we live.
  • BrittBratt2416
    um... well that's something else. mm i don't think i would go that far, touching on the arm is nothing to me. I have plenty of people pat me on the back or touch my arm and i think nothing of it. The waist might be bit to personal, If you're uncomfortable with that then i would just say "hey please don't touch me there, that makes me uncomfortable". If the person keeps touching you and won't listen then reporting them would be necessary.
    • Juxtapose

      I 100% agree with your approach. Tell them to stop, then if they persist, get a restraining order or the like.

  • Screenwriter
    Some people are emotionally messed up in the head. There's alwalys a few. Touching someone on the waist, arm or shoulder might be uninvited and annoying. It is not sexual assault. You simply use your words and say you don't want to be touched. Maybe these people are on the spectrum...
    • goaded

      She'd told him to stop once before, he did it again.


    • Screenwriter

      @goaded OK, so he touched her inappropriately. That is STILL not sexual assault. It might be a misdemeanor. It's not a jailing offense. FINE him. That's reasonable. Going overboard like this is not helping real assault victims.

    • Screenwriter

      After reading the article, I think what's clear is that this guy was STALKING her. That's what the charge should've been. Why was he in those two places waiting for her. That's what's fishy. Also there IS something wrong with this guy. You can't make a precedent of assault for a touch on a nonsexual area. And you can't say he "might" have touched her on her breast if she hadn't turned away... That's supposition. If that becomes a legal precedent any man can be charged for assault for touching a woman's arm or side. It's absurd. Then women will be charged for assault for touching a man's arm or side. This is ridiculous. What should be done is get this man help. He needs behavioral counseling and charge him properly. It was inappropriate touching. He should be fined and sent to therapy. He probably needs medication.

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  • goaded
    Not big on empathy, are you? Imagine someone twice your size putting their hands on you, even after you'd shaken them off and walked away on a previous occasion.

    It sounds like he's got some problems of his own, but it's not hard to know that you don't touch anyone who doesn't want to be touched.
    • Juxtapose

      What about the guy who has to register as a sex offender and could face 10 years in prison? I think it's you who's not the one that's big on empathy.

      What she is doing to him, is a deep, life-changing violation.

    • Juxtapose

      *that big on empathy

    • goaded

      He *might* have to register as a sex offender, he *won't* get 10 years. I'd be surprised if he got ten days. Did you read the original story?

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  • I think it's a good practice to avoid touching people, especially ones you don't know, but there will be cases of inadvertent contact, which shouldn't be overdramatized.
    • Avicenna

      I need to add some additional info to what another person posted about a cheerleader accusing a principal of inappropriately touching her lower back, not her shoulder.

      It was the school district superintendant, not a principal, and he has been under investigation due to a number of complaints about inappropriate comments.

    • Avicenna

      I meant that it was her lower back that she complained was touched, not her shoulder.

    • Juxtapose

      Human contact is natural and in some countries, people greet each other with kisses on the cheek.

      We are creatures that crave touch and shunning normal human interaction isn't healthy.

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  • Wowgirl30q
    Thanks glad to be hereEver Wonder Why Men Are Approaching Women Less?
  • cth96190
    In Britain, the situation is worse than the news report indicates.
    The wording of an anti-catcalling law defines every approach by a male, to a female, to be an Orwellian hate/thought crime that carries prison time.
    A few months ago a man was sent to prison because he cold approached a woman on a street.
    You can read about the law that has criminalised normal heterosexual male activity if you search for ‘Nottingham catcalling’ and ‘Yorkshire catcalling’.
    The Marxist lesbian Feminists have won. It is now a crime to be a heterosexual man in Britain.
    The only rational thing that men can do is to refuse to approach women, or interact with women in any way. This is necessary because, unless he is clairvoyant, a man has no idea whether or not a random female on the street is open to being approached, or will become a neurotic screaming Feminist misandrist who will give the man a criminal conviction that will destroy his life.
    Enjoy your cats and being alone and childless, ladies.
    • Juxtapose

      The UK is now pretty much as absurd as backwater, third world countries that abhere to Sharia law.

      Their far, far, far left ideology has become a religion at this point.. whatever happened to liberals like George Carlin?

    • FatherJack

      The UK... IS a 3rd World country now , with large pockets of Sharia law in many places. Cultural Marxism is just one tool used by those REALLY in power ( the House of Rothschild , and their banking / globalist Cartel ) to destroy modern 1st World states from within

  • naijagurl
    I suggest that everyone should read the article fully before commenting. I definitely don’t think that what he did qualifies as sexual assault and I personally would’ve have gone as far as calling the police but I can understand why what he did made her feel unsafe. Although he may have wanted it to be an innocent gesture or a way to get her attention, his behavior would have creeped anyone out. There were two separate incidents as well so the girl had reason to believe that things would escalate if she didn’t do something about it.
    • Juxtapose

      Am I crazy or would a restraining order have been the appropriate response?

    • naijagurl

      I meant “personally WOULDN’T have gone as far as calling the police”, my bad.

    • naijagurl

      I think that response would be fine. If him touching her made her that afraid and he didn’t stop after she told him to, then she should be able to take measures to ensure her safety.

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  • emmily2396
    Touching on the waist is competely different from touching an arm. I mean, putting your hands on a woman's waist is usually a romantic gesture. I wouldn't be comfortable with someone touching me like that unless I had the same feelings. However, I don't believe someone should go to jail for it. If she tells you to stop touching her though you deserve a fine though. The first time you don't know she doesn't like it, but when she tells you the story is different.
  • betaTester
    17 year olds students preparing for exams are mentally fragile, he should've chosen some more thick skinned party girl to practice whatever he was doing. Tbh I don't believe her completely and I am not convinced he was telling the truth either, he made an excuse and told a story, and a very good story at that, people without critical thinking skill will just take what this guy (who was facing charges) told the court as the truth, well he made international news and might get away with it now, so that's a good skill to have, how to harness the power of SJWs and social media :)) 'an awkward young man trying to make new friends' is a very nice story indeed.
    One thing people forgot to establish is that, is he really this clueless, socially isolated young man he claims to be? this dude has friends, in plurals, so he had to socialize before and I dont believe he lacks common sense, at the moment this happened he actually waited for his friends to leave. I know many shy dudes, none of them thinks grabbing a stranger's arm and smile is a way to make friends, and they don't just go and touch the girl they have a crush on. How many of you shy guys have done it? If he wants to tell that story, I am curious which result from Google tells him to do this to make friends :)) I'd more likely believe he googled porn. He must have gotten this idea from some where, people just don't randomly think about touching strangers. A person who constantly has sexual fantasy would do this. In fact I have a friend who touches random girls as he befriends them (not like this of course), he is very sexually experienced. Also we are told here, she took evasive action, the prosecutors said that they have evidence that the second assault would have happened 🤔
    • betaTester

      by the way I dont live in the UK and where I live men approaching women in public place with romantic intention is a normal occurrence so I apologize if I had offended some UK incels on here

    • Juxtapose

      The thing is, it doesn't matter, the charges are unacceptable for his actions.

  • Monster_Recluse
    If you are gonna be a sexul predator no matter what you do, you might as well just rape stop touching her arm and rape her.

    You might even get away with from Stockholm syndrome. It works for the dudes in Sweden.
  • Gottabsavagee
    Why they don’t approach well times changed. People meet each other completely different than before. We have all this social media, dating apps, clubs...
    • Avicenna

      Quite true. Women dont seem as approachable in public as was the case when I was in my 20s.

    • Yeah it became creepy as it’s so uncommon this days. Even myself if a guy approaches me I would find it weird and annoying. I wouldn’t even consider giving him a try. It’s unfair but it’s all because this things don’t happen anymore and society changed

    • Levin

      So you'd rather meet a guy on insta than in real life? :S

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  • Bananaman177
    Talk about a "Princess Complex."

    I really hope she gets famous for this.
    • Juxtapose

      I don't think I'm even allowed to say what I would do to her if I was in that guy's position right now.

    • Bananaman177

      Nothing, you would have zero recourse. Anything you did would only land you in bigger trouble, and an accusation of something you could have done, hypothetically, would be taken just as seriously as smoking gun evidence of guilt.

      It reminds me of the old JFK quote, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."

      Women are making it impossible for men to deal with them peacefully, and they wonder why men are getting angry. I don't wonder why men are angry, I marvel at the fact that they aren't angrier than they are.

    • goaded

      How hard is it not to touch a complete stranger? I do it thousands of times a day.

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  • Rangers
    Because now women will yell "rape" for just going up and saying you like their shirt, and they toss you right into prison, and strip away your rights just like that.
  • DWornock
    Being on the sex offender list is as bad as prison. You can't attend college or go near any school which means you cannot drive anywhere. You have to keep registering and people attack you with injuries and threats of death because you are on the list. Whatever possible crime the guy committed, the crime the girl committed against him is 100 and maybe 1,000 times worse.

    Those penalties should be reserved for rape. Every time I get on a crowded bus or leave a football game the same time most everyone else is leaving, I am getting touched far more than that.
    • Juxtapose

      Exactly right, but naaah, she was "scared" so because of that, let's treat the guy like a rapist and ruin his whole life!

      I hate SJWs.

  • fox1fox2
    I'm wise enough to take things cautiously and tread on slow and cautiously and if it comes to women now in modern day era of feminism and the metoo of all cases I always at all times if I am to meet with a woman I always have to meet somewhere in the public eyes at all times and I play it safe and choose my words wisely because these days times are changing for the worst and I can't trust women unless I know them but I am wise to do that
  • Djaay
    Of all people , speaking for just myself... I have a lot of attributes for approaching , although I never approach and for the most part I do not like being approach for many personable reasons.
    There not because of a lack of or issues or character or personality things.
    I'm picky and only myself do I do the pickin.
    Then again I've never been single in my entire adult life other than for about a month once after my first wifes death. And what a great woman she was.
    But if I were single today , the pool of selection is not good at all. Women today have put themselves inside of a fuckedup mess by shaming men entirely in an evil notation. They're backlash is becoming very present and I'm fortunate not to be apart of that bs.
    • Juxtapose

      I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I get to your age. Seeing all this crap must be surreal.

      I personally like to get to know women first before I even think of asking them out, just to be sure that they're sane.

    • Djaay

      Women have been on this primary intention of deception since the dawn of man or formally know as the garden of Eden.
      Even today abunch of Adam's following Eves and joining her in her wicked destiny.
      Men were born to lead spiritually , especially the woman out of the darkness.
      There aren't any good ones left... unless you can manage to bring some God into her life. I had to do the same. If you dont , you sleep with your spiritual enemy.

  • errorgoodnameunfound
    Yus! Another one honk pilled! Honk honk brother! 🃏🌎
  • btbc92
    Nope. I don't even worry about it. It just annoys me when they stare like creeps instead of being respectful and say something. Otherwise, as long as they're not trying to do me harm, I don't care what they do. I talk to people who actually is mature enough to talk.

    However I had that happened go me before. It is still not wise to touch anybody without permission. And this so from experience. I however, feel she over did it instead of warning him not to do it again, and then walk away. He should of at least got off with a warning, not jail time. This is why the world is getting very messed up. Quick to punish, but don't correct the action. Some people myself do not want to be touched. And we need to repsect others. But we don't. She is not at fault per se for how she felt and she is entitled to that right. However, to quickly get him arrested is not wise though.
  • Texaskid1
    I thought American women were bad. But British women are 10 times worse.
  • Massageman
    Maybe they're afraid they will get sued for coming within their airspace - - - -
  • worldscolide
    Considering the #metoo situation yeah I avoid women at all costs save for a small select few.
  • Reaperbot666
    Sexual assault/ sexual harassment cases are on the rise each year. When many are false cases.
  • thinkaloudtolive
    Three Reasons:

    1. Feminism
    2. Pornography
    3. Reduced social interactions (digital age)
  • To be honest I dont want no dirt man touching my arm or waist. so its fine this way.
    • Blightly

      Just simple physical contact (nonsexual) should result in 10 years of jail time in your world?

    • Texaskid1

      Enjoy your cats.

  • madgoat
    Clear case of a minority report.
    • Juxtapose

      Thought crime sure is great! Honk honk.

    • Juxtapose

      Actually, they can't even prove he was even thinking that crap. LOL!

    • madgoat

      Yep but she thought he was.
      Newspapers turn these cases into click bait. I trust there was more to it than the journalist chose to share.

  • Ever wonder why women don't approach men in the first place?
  • MonkeyWarrior
    I can tell that picture was just completely random lol
    • Juxtapose

      Are you dense or something?

    • There's a question about why men are approaching women less and then I just see a picture of something completely random. John Cena laughing hysterically which states " Welcome to Clown World! Honk honk"... Like what the fuck?

      You callin me dense? I have to agree that this is funny as hell but your reply is like what the actual fuck bro

    • Juxtapose

      If you can't figure out the context behind that I really don't know how to help you.

      Absurdity = amusing = laughing picture

      Clown world = absurdity + amusing

  • Browneye57
    It's the feminist dick-heads. Hope they like cats.
    • DWD1994

      Yep pretty much. Women definitely aren't as approachable as they once were.

    • Browneye57

      @DWD1994 - It's never bothered me. They either like me or hate me, IDGAF. But I'm old, so seem innocuous. LOL
      I've been told if your shit still works in the old-folks home all the women want you. LOL

  • aa180
    And MGTOW suddenly makes a lot of sense lol
  • CandacePerry
    People are too dumb and just like attention
  • ChiPaPa
    Damn! That makes me want to not go out anywhere.
  • luvstoned4him
    I have
  • RussianBot900
    western women should be avoided at all cost
  • lovelyboy85
    men are better women