Saving The Libraries: Round 6


Another day, another MyTake from SpideyFan for you guys. So today, I'm actually really happy with the progress we're making with saving the libraries- and I cannot wait to tell you all about it. I've just got back from the library, and just told my dad and brother all about it and have now made some tea so I drink it whilst I'm writing about saving the libraries.

I found this funny xD
I found this funny xD

Today was my day off college and I planned to get up early so I woke up at 8:30 am... And went back to sleep... Anyway, I woke up again at 10:00 and just went on my tablet for a little bit, got up, did all my bathroom stuff, then headed downstairs... I just spent the morning watching the news, going on my computer, reading of course. I kinda just lazed around the house a little because why not it's my day off and I was a little tired anyway.

After all that lazing around, I knew it was time to get into action... Meaning, finding some clothes, going upstairs, getting dressed, doing my hair and that I did.

Today I was planning to go to my local library and get some signatures on the petition I was given.

So after I got ready, I came downstairs and took all of the college stuff out of my bag, and put my petition stuff in.

Yesterday, I spent the evening making my own little folder for the campaign- I went out and bought some more plastic wallets, and some A4 zip wallets for the campaign. I already had colourful dividers and a folder.

And in that folder I have a section for the petitions, a section for some posters I was given concerning public events about the libraries, and some stickers for the kids.

So I put that folder into my bag and some smaller posters, and the rest of the stickers and one petition which already had a couple of signatures went into a zip wallet. So I put that in my bag too.

After that, I walked up to the library- and not surprising me at all, it was fairly busy.

I went inside and got all of my things I needed out of my bag, and took of my coat and put it on a chair with my bag- and I was kinda worried that people were going to get irritated with me for bugging them whilst they were doing something, but everyone was really nice.

I first spoke to a few elderly people who were aware of the cuts the council are making and told them what I was apart of, and why I'm doing this and asked them to sign and they all happily signed... One of them even said to me (not in a mean way more like a joking way):

"You seem a bit young to be doing this" and I just laughed and replied "I'm 16."

I then asked the library staff if they would sign, however, they said they were not sure if they would be allowed to whilst they were working- they wanted to but it was a rule that they have to remain neutral of any cause whilst working as library staff, I understood that, it was a factor out of their control.

After that, I headed to the children's section of the library where I saw two little girls both looking at me and smiling, one was 8 the other was 10, so I went over there and explained the cause in a more kid friendly way. By kid friendly, I mean, I let them ask questions, and didn't use big words which they might not understand. And they happily signed- and one of them told me she actually goes to the primary school I used to go to.

Then I went to this mother with her kids, she was unaware of the cuts, but once I explained them to her, she was against it and appalled by what I had told her and signed at once, and she got her children to sign too.

And just as I was about to head to my table again, two more mothers with their children came to the library. So I went over there and explained about the cuts and they also signed and got their kids to sign too! And one of the mother's son's actually had the boy version of my name, so we found that quite funny!

And I know I talk about this a lot but again today, I saw how happy the kids were at the library. They kept on picking up different books like: "Look mummy! We read this at school!" and it was the most adorable thing I'd ever seen- they were so happy! ^_^

Remembering I had stickers to give the kids, and mini-posters to give the public, I went back to my table, and got the stickers and the mini-posters. Since my table was in the adults part of the library I quickly gave the mini-posters to all the adults who had signed, and they thanked me, then I got four different sheets of stickers and went back to all the kids to give them stickers then gave the mini-posters to their parents.

Again, I found it really cute how the kids stood their examining all the stickers making the crucial decision of: "which sticker should I pick?" I remember those types of decisions.

And then the 8-year-old and the 10-year-old girls started talking to me again. I remember as they were picking their stickers they said to me "There's so much choice!" which was really cute. They asked me which school I go to, and I was just there like "I don't go to school anymore, I go to college" and I told them the college I went to and one of them asked if I knew their sister because she said her sister goes to the same college as me.

And the 10-year-old told me, that she's starting secondary school next year, and she told me where she thinks she's going to go for secondary school and the 8-year-old isn't going to secondary school next year, but she told me where she wants to go for secondary and they asked me about my secondary school and when I told them which one I went to... Well, my secondary school doesn't have the best reputation so they instantly said the same little rumours I'd heard about my secondary school when I was their age:

"Everyone gets into fights there all the time"

"Kids smoke there"

And it just made me laugh how it's been almost 6 years since I left primary school, yet the same rumours are still going around about my secondary school.

I told them that, I went to my secondary school and I have never gotten into a fight and I have never smoked in my life- and I know lots of kids who haven't either, some kids do- but not all the kids that go there.

And I told them: "When I was your age, I heard all these crazy things about secondary school too. The most important things to know about secondary school is there will be kids who behave good, and kids who behave badly. If you keep away from the drama, and those who behave badly and you just get on with your work, it's not as bad as everyone says."

I can't remember exactly what I said but it was something like that.

And one of the little girls said to me: "That's what my mum tells me!"

Then they both asked me if they could sign the petition again (so cute) but unfortunately you can't sign twice. But what they did do, is take a 'save the libraries' poster each and told me they'd get their teachers to photocopy them and stick them up around their schools. So again, really sweet and adorable.

And the 8-year-old girl was asking me about all the teachers I knew, because she goes to the primary school I used to go to, and it turns out there was still a lot of my old teachers there. And then she was telling me about their recycling competition and how they made posters for that- and I found that so freaking cute!

And I told them, that I might be coming to some primary schools to tell the kids about the libraries and to do some activities with them, so they might see me again.

After speaking to the library staff, about saving the libraries and some projects I wanted to do in the libraries- I went home.

Any Last Words?

I'm really pleased with all the public support I'd got. All the parents I met were for this cause, all the elderly I met were for this cause, and even all the kids I met were for this cause.

One of the parents told me she'd been coming here since she was a baby and she said it's really good what I was doing.

And one library staff member told me, after I thanked her for letting me do this in the library: "It's good what you're doing, thank you really you're doing us a favour, it's nice to know there are people out there fighting for this cause!"

And I just loved everyone's enthusiasm, especially the kids with all their questions about the library, and how they wanted to help me by getting posters to stick up around school and stuff.

I really do want to go to some primary schools to get more kids involved in saving the libraries. The two girls I spoke to today, were really young but for their age they were intelligent and it gives me hope that there are even younger people than me for this cause as well!

So definitely a positive turnout today! <3

I've finished my tea and am now going to eat, and do some reading :)

Thank you for reading! :) <3


Saving The Libraries: Round 6
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  • NickiB
    This is awesome that you are putting this effort in to save something that's so valuable to the community!!
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  • WhiteShoulder
    Peter Parker would be proud. So would Tom Holland xD.
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    • 😂😂 My best friend is pretty convinced Tom Holland is a male version of me minus his physical strength😂

    • U and him are both adorbs <3

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  • wankiam
    i see you thanking other users but seriously... thank you
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  • Sevenpointfive
    i hope it makes a difference. even if you only save one
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  • tartaarsaus
    Very wholesome mytake. I hope it works out for that library and others, they are nice, useful places!
  • 10/10
    Cool. 😎
  • alance99
    Nice take, hats off to you
  • SissyFrenchMaid
    well done
  • yourfavperson
    Please stop
  • ILoveAnime
    Aww, that was cute! What a nice gesture!
  • What a legend, keep up the awesome work