The Right and the truth about their feelings on black men


I know the Right-wing script like the back of my hand, and all of the lies and tactics they use. The same tired transparent lies my 6yo wouldn't believe.

1. The democrats were the racists in the past!!!

2. The NRA has no race bias!!

Funny thing about that....

3. The Civil War was NEVER about slavery and racism!!!

The Right and the truth about their feelings on black men

I love how they referred to blacks as an "inferior race". The truth is that nobody is afraid of, jealous of, or hates anybody that they actually feel superior to.

The Right and the truth about their feelings on black men
The Right and the truth about their feelings on black men
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  • nightdrot
    Well, as you know, all conservatives think alike, right? Just ask Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. Just ask Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson. Just ask Justice Clarence Thomas, just ask former Secretary of State Colin Powell or Condelezza Rice or former HUD Secretary Samuel Pierce and so on.

    Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

    The problem with this MyTake is that it takes a superficial understanding of political philosophy and adds to it a cursory understanding of the nature of American political parties, and throws in a mishmash of unrelated and complicated historical and policy issues and throws in a dash of - gasp! - stereotyping. Other than that it is spot on as both political philosophy and cultural analysis.

    To start, just for fun, care to guess where opposition to gun control is strongest? Rural areas and - get ready - low income urban centers. That latter being predominantly among African-American. Support is strongest in lilly white middle income suburbs.

    Don't get me wrong, I am broadly a supporters of stricter gun control laws - as Burke (the father of classical conservatism) said, "Men have no right to that which is not reasonable." However, the issue is far more nuanced and complicated than the - pardon the pun - simple black& white dichotomy painted here.

    Oh, as to the parties, originally, African-Americans voted overwhelmingly Republican. It was the party of Lincoln, after all. The party that freed the slaves. Indeed, the first African-Americans in Congress were Republicans.

    The change began with the election of FDR. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was a champion for minority rights, but her husband, not wanting to split his party, tread more carefully. Southern Democrats often were as much an obstruction to the New Deal agenda as supporters and this in pretty much where things stood.

    FDR did not make much of racial issues. Truman integrated the armed forces, but Eisenhower signed the first Civil Rights Act of the post-WWII era. The black vote accordingly divided with a tilt toward the Democrats.

    Indeed, many African-Americans were Baptists and Methodists and objected to a Catholic President and Nixon actually gained ground on Kennedy among African-American voters. Kennedy subsequently avoided civil rights for fear - again - of dividing his party.

    The decisive break came, ironically, when the GOP nominated Senator Barry Goldwater for President in 1964. Goldwater was actually quite libertarian in outlook. (He would later come out in favor of gays serving in the military and gay marriage in the late 1980s - decades before that became a mainstream view.)

    However, because of his libertarianism he championed states rights - and in the context of the times that put him, in effect, behind those southern states that backed Jim Crow. That was the break point.

    Then President Johnson backed the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act and African-Americans surged into the Democrat's camp. The next irony being that more Republicans voted for both bills than did Democrats. As Johnson later said when signing the Civil Rights Act, "Thanks to the Democrats, we have a bill. Thanks to the Republicans, we have a law."

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    • nightdrot

      However, as it would turn out, southern Democrats became Republicans - the south had once been called the "Solid South," so resolutely did it vote Democratic between 1865 and 1964. African-Americans went the other way and there things stand.

      It being noted further, that our parties are not ideological monoliths, but are rather lose knit coalitions that have come together in part through common interests and in part by historical accident. Thus a GOP that runs from Susan Collins to Ted Cruz. Thus a Democratic party that runs from Joe Manchin to Elizabeth Warren.

      So it goes and I could go on. However, as it is axiomatic that you cannot reason a person out of a viewpoint into which they were not reasoned to begin with, there is likely little point. Suffice to say that this MyTake is superficial and rife with stereotyping. How ironic. It would be silly if it were not so sad.

    • Side note. Under Johnson a disproportionate amount of African Americans were drafted during the Vietnam war.

  • Blitzkrieg_88
    1. Democrats were and still are the party of racism and race politics. Remember not too long ago the democrats were conscripts disproportionate amounts of young black men to die in Vietnam.
    2. The NRA is about protecting gun ownership rights not race.The Right and the truth about their feelings on black menThe Right and the truth about their feelings on black men3. The civil war had little to do with slavery, it was about preserving the union and getting rid an economic system that was holding the South back from developing and would have prevented the mid west and West coast States from developing because all there would be is giant plantations owned by a single families like feudalism in Europe and all the small ordinary farmers would be unable to compete and be pushed of their land. America wouldn't be the land of opportunity instead it would be an oligarchy like South America or Mexico.
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    • See this is where you are being racist when you presume to speak for the political affiliations of all non-white people as if they all think the same and want to stay on the democrats plantation.
      The liberal policy of branding everyone racist who has other political opinions than there's isn't working.

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  • BlacklightShade
    Dave Chappelle said “If you want to fix gun control get every black person to legally buy a gun. Then white people will fix gun control.”
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    • Gun ownership among black men is as high as white men.

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  • fjh80
    I'm just going to respond to the first thing you said. I'm not going to watch the videos.
    Why? you ask...

    The reason is, because based on that, you seem to think that right wing means racist. It does not. It's the consertive side.
    The VAST majority of the right (conservatives) are not racist. In fact these are the people who want to put rasicm in the past, and move forward.
    Society is moving forward, and everyone is invited.

    I've been on this earth for nearly 40 years, and in that time I've seen less and less rasicm, or any other of the prejudices.
    It's only in the last few years that i saw so much talk about racism, and sexism, and it's all from the left. Also, it's mostly talk.
    I hear about systemic this, and systemic that, but I've yet to see it.

    I'm not white. I'm part of a minority, and a minority that has experienced some worst of racism. I've seen people have encounters with police, and decide that the police are being racist before they even make contact. More often than not, race has nothing to do with the issue.

    The only lies that are being told are coming from the left.
    You talk about lies that a 6 years old can see through. Let me remind you, that even a 6 year old can tell a man from a woman.
  • SkipStop
    👎 Did you ever study history? Nope. And look at what sources you used. One fake need source (CNN) and one far left source (Rolling Stone). You seriously believe that garbage? Liberal media lies everyday. Especially far left sources. And people like you fall for it because you avoid looking at credible, unbiased sources. The Democrats are racist against white people today. And there are plenty of examples that you never see since you only follow fake and far left media. Does white nationalism and white supremacy exist? Yes. A fraction of a percent of extremists hide in their basement and some come out eventually. Does black nationalism and black supremacy exist? Yes. Again, a fraction of a percent. You just never hear those terms because they are never called out because the left runs majority of the media and majority of conservatives don't overreact or fight the bad people on the left. Did racism against black people exist in the past? Yes. But that has been broken over half a century ago. Black people are no longer discriminated against. Now it's white people because of America's history. Things flipped, just not to the same extent.
  • Rangers
    The KKK isn't acquainted with the right at all, they try to enter the wing, but we are unequivocally opposed to being associated with them because they don't even know our beliefs for one, and they're simply trying to justify their hate by stating that it's about politics when it isn't at all, and they bought into the myth that Hitler was conservative and think that's their free pass to do those things.
  • Blightly
    May the actions of a few dictate the beliefs of all.

    Far right and far left do not represent right or left. They represent far right and far left respectively. Good try dude
  • Phoenix98
    Ignorance, generalization and bias they seem to be the flavor of the year this time around.
  • broncobryan
    Who cares, as long as bullshit like this continues there will always be racism in the country. This post in and of itself is racist.
    • maylena3

      Agreed!! Say it again Mr. Bryan!

  • Prof_Don
    Always laughable to hear people belittle American slavery like it wasn’t so bad.
  • zagor
    The Civil War was about slavery, not racism per se.
    • goaded

      Were there any white slaves in the US? (Serious question.)

    • zagor

      @goaded Yes there were, in the form of indentured servants. People would basically sign them selves away for a term, maybe 5 years, in return for passage to America.

    • goaded

      So, voluntary, limited time, not hereditary, and probably no beatings. Not really the same thing as black slavery.

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  • Liam_Hayden
    The "Right" is hardly monolithic. Here is my take...

    1. The Democratic South did not become Republican. Their children did. Almost all of the elected Dixiecrats died as Democrats. The Democrats held majority control of most legislatures in the South till the mid-1990's, and the GOP did not gain full control of the state legislatures and governorships till around 2010, a generation after Jim Crow ended.

    2. The NRA is establishment garbage that supports grabbing guns from law-abiding people.

    3. Of course the Civil War was fought over slavery. The first state that seceded did so because the anti-slavery Republican Party won the Presidency.
  • October808
    Okay Sanford.
  • Wasteland_Wanderer
    You are one pathetic individual.

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