"The thing that sucks about being a Housewife in today's Society"

The thing that sucks about being a Housewife in todays Society

In today’s misandrist feminism dominated world, many women denigrate, disrespect, and condescend to traditional women who choose to stay at home in order to take care of their children and manage the household. I’ve seen it with my own eyes several times.

My mom was trained as a physician, but she decided to stay at home for more than a decade to take care of my siblings and I. Women condescended to her all the time and imagined that she was only staying at home because my dad forced her to or because she couldn't handle “real work”. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Most of these women had bullshit jobs primarily to feed their ego more than anything else. Contrary to popular feminist opinions, taking care of the household, maintaining a good marriage, and raising children to be healthy, well adjusted, responsible, and productive is real work.

I think it's rather hilarious that working outside the home for a boss who doesn't give a shit about you is “empowering”, but raising and nurturing the babies you created isn't. Why have children if some nanny or daycare employee is going to raise them? Anyways, I digress.

Two of my aunts, a cousin, my sister in-law, and few of my friend’s wives are denigrated by feminists all the time because they are stay at home wives and mothers.

Being a stay at home wife and mother is a very difficult job. The fact that such an important role is casually derided by so many is an unfortunate development in my opinion.

"The thing that sucks about being a Housewife in today's Society"
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  • Rocky_Jocky57
    My mother was a stay at home mother, until we where old enough that the older sibling cpuld look after the younger ones. Then she got a job and let me tell you, it really helped. Havifn that extra bit of money takes a lot of pressure off the dad, because he is the main source of money, hut having that extra money to stretch the family through, is awesome.

    And whule i dont disrespect stay at home moms, i have more respect for working parents. Why? Because she and he manages to raise a family, and get that bread TOGETJER. She lives her passsions, makes a difference, and can insipire her daughters to take a certain feuld. Thats why a woeking mom gets more leverage in a lot of epoples eyes. Its "easy" to get a highachool degree and pop out kids. While, im not saying raising kids is an easy task, when its your ONLY task, on top of making aure the house is clean and such, I find a woman family who is able to split the respobilostes and a careers to be more insipring.

    Also, in this economy, unless he is making big bucks and family will struggle with only one soruce of income. That puts a lot of pressure on the father, because he can feel like a failure for not being able to provide enough and some resentment, towards the wife, because she doesn't contribute to the income.

    I for one, didn't get my student loans to be a stay at home mom, not my style. And I will always look to respect a working family more than a stay at home mom and working father. If she plans to get a part time job when the kids are grown enough fine, that ok. But if she just plans to stay at home, I'm sorry, but i dont see anything to look up to with a mother like that.
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    • Lmao typing in the cold has proved to jack up this post lol sorry for so many mistakes, but hopefully you get most of it

  • Ellie-V
    I don’t care. You do you.
    I don’t believe that being a stay at home, traditional mom/woman is easy. But that’s not my path. I don’t shame women for doing what hey want to do whether it’s being a housewife or something else.
    I will openly disagree and have a discussion or a healthy debate but I am not going to waste my beautiful, precious energy on being nasty or condescending.
    I would never choose to have the life that you have, call me a feminist or a manly career sjw or whatever. At the end of the day, happiness will never be a cookie-cutter one size fits all situation. I know that and I am waiting for everyone else to hop on board so we can stop with the nonsense.
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  • glutendan
    Very true, people now have such an obsessive focus on work.

    Guys here will say that you have some innate responsibility to work some arbitrary job simply to participate in society. But it's ironically far less conducive to a health community than actually properly raising the future generations.

    Many may be too brainwashed to remember that industry was created by humanity to help humanity, only now it's been twisted and people feel an obligation to be another cog in the machine at any costs.

    Just think for a moment how little we actually care about community, values, or our own children.

    The one people who it makes sense to push this agenda that you're main goal in life is to do your 9-5 and spend all excess income on consumer goods are the same people who think of us as cattle.
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    • kim45456

      Women were never housewifes in the past.

    • glutendan

      Not in the 1900s American sense. But they did work where they lived around their children.

    • kim45456

      Yes, they mainly work at the farm and care for family. So this stay at hom mums are such a new thing

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  • Anonymous
    I sure as hell am not signing up for a woman who can't make her own money in this day and age, just asking for alimony when she decides she's done with me. Housework isn't rocket science. I do all my cleaning, cooking, etc., and I don't need a special award for it.
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    • kim45456

      Finally someone with common sense

    • EleanorRigby

      Exactly that, housework isn't rocket science.

    • @EleanorRigby neither is pretty much any job except rocket science.

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  • MzAsh
    I understand you’ve been hurt by this but you’re also being disrespectful here about their choices as well when you say bullshit jobs and ego.

    There’s nothing wrong with either life choices.

    I personally prefer to have a career from home, selling my own products, content, and services. Win-win.
    • That's good for you. I think that self owned businesses will be the future again.

    • MzAsh

      I hope so. I hate working for other people’s businesses but even more I hate not having my own earned income.

  • Kurαȷ
    "but raising and nurturing the babies you created isn't."

    Nobody ever said that.
    But if you are going to throw away virtually all your other obligations to society and pretend that you are doing more than everyone else while, in fact, you are doing demonstrably less AND simultaneously disrespect those who actually do more, well, don't expect anyone to respect your opinion.
    • glutendan

      What are her obligations to society? We already have plenty of office drones. I think actually putting in ANY effort into raising our children is much more important unless you want a society in cultural and religious despair (already headed there)

      This economic obligation is a recent mindset pushed by our corporate overlords. Fuck them, I want me kids to grow up healthy and with a good head on their shoulders much more that I want to support slave labor in China and new phones

  • jgokgotit
    "Running a house and raising children is a full time job". My mother used to tell me this all the time. I watched her struggle to both be a soldier (yes she was Army) AND a mom. I decided one day to try to do all the house chores for her to try to show her why she is being over dramatic. I thought I was going to get everything done in an hour or two. Took me a whole week and I was tired. To put this into perspective, I was in high school and working a very physical job 32 hours a week during the school year. The first week of summer I took off from work to relax. I was even more tired at the end of this week than I ever was during the hardest week of balancing both school and work.
    Sorry for the lengthy response, but a housewife with children does have it hard. Also, without a stay at home mom, childcare costs increases so much that her income tends to not matter, so a woman who has a job is basically working for nothing and STILL expected to do housework, even if the husband helps. I have much respect for housewives.
  • It's not just feminists who criticize stay-at-home mothers. There are also men who criticize stay-at-home mothers because they expect their wives to pay half the bills while also doing all the childcare and housework on top of that (in addition to experiencing pregnancy)
    • standardguy

      I think that husbands that have a wife staying at home and she does the job well won't ever say so. Besides he has to pay less income tax if she stays at home in Germany.

    • mistixs

      @standardguy yeah it's mostly single guys complaining

    • glutendan

      And who's fault is that? Frankly it was stupid women who flocked to the side of corporate America rather than their husbands under the pretence of "empowerment".

      As soon as that happened wages stagnated and housing prices went up to require most women to work too. If women never feel for the manipulation one man could pay for his family alone, with an easier, less competitive market. Women very much threw us under the bus.

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    That's how you know they don't actually care about women, they insult and belittle every woman who doesn't obey them. They insult femininity and treat it as if its bad or wrong. Women want to stay at home with their families and raise their children just as men are biologically wired to want to provide and protect their families. Their is nothing wrong with this yet feminist will tell you that only going out and providing and acting like the protector (i. e. the traditionally male role) matters yet the feminine role of nurturing and care taking is some how inferior (again, this shows how much they actually hate women as they demand that the best way for women to live is to live like they are men). As for its importance, that should go without question your quite literally helping raise the next generation of human beings, if you screw that not only is your child going to grow up miserable and a burden but society will suffer as a result. The idea that its not an important job is insane, being a father and mother are the most important roles society has but feminist don't care (because they care about women as little as they care about men (which is to say not at all).
    • kim45456

      Who tf degrade them? Nobody care about housewifes. I actually see the opposite that working women are not good wifes/ mums.

    • @kim45456 Every feminist. They encourage them to abandon motherhood quite regularly and attack them when they want to be housewives (as the original poster pointed out). As for working women, well yes of course they cannot be good moms, how can they be nurturing and take care of their children if they are not their to nurture and take care of their children? I mean you can do one or the other, not both (which is why no one would ever tell a man he can "do it all" because of course he cannot and he would know that but for some reason women pretend like they can and they have just been staying home with the kids for absolutely no reason what so ever instead of because they are biologically wired to want that (which is why when women have kids they are overwhelmingly more likely to either quite their job or cut hours of work (hence them making less money)).

    • kim45456

      It is the minority. I also see tradional women degrading working women.

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  • CubsterShura
    I do agree. Being a stay at home mom is a hard job and no one should ever be shamed for choosing it. I also wish to be a stay at home mom when I have kids.

    However, I also have reasons to not entirely support homemaking if you don't have to look after kids, and I can kind of understand why a lot of people don't consider it as 'real work' anymore. Now in this day and age we literally have anything and everything we need to makes our daily household chores easier and we have so many different kitchen and home appliances for various tasks.

    Women in the past generations didn't have that. They had to walk long distances to fetch freaking water and a lot of tasks that we tend to take for granted today were very labor intensive and time consuming for women who have done homemaking before us. And this is why I believe in the recent generations all we see in homemakers are women who watch soap opera and gossip with their neighbors. Because they have nothing better to do with their free time!

    So while I don't entirely shame homemakers, I do believe that unless you have little children to look after, I really won't be able to take you seriously if you being a housewife who is not having any income, any classes, part time job or even online business, whatever, tells me that she has 'so much work to do'.
  • Bananaman177
    "The thing that sucks about being a Housewife in today's Society""The thing that sucks about being a Housewife in today's Society""The thing that sucks about being a Housewife in today's Society"
    This is my fucking caption.
    This is my fucking caption.
    • kim45456

      Housewife is financially dependent on her husband and she works for free while a working is financially independent

    • Bananaman177

      @kim45456 You have to work for free to clean your own house and cook your own food and wash your own dishes, take out your own trash, vacuum your own carpets, mop your own floors, wash your own windows and do your own laundry. Doing all those chores for two people isn't twice as much work, it's maybe a 15% increase, if that.

      And in exchange, you get to hang out at home watching TV, listening to music, smoking pot, and doing whatever else the fuck you want while your husband gets up early, gets ready, and goes to a job he fucking hates and that hates him for about 9 hours of his 12 hour day, five days a week, 50 weeks a year. Or more. He comes back home completely wiped out with an aching back, aching feet, bleary eyes and an empty stomach.

      I spent a year staying home and doing all the housework for my girlfriend, so I know that it's nowhere near as hard and doesn't take anywhere near as long. I never once managed to take more than two hours doing all the chores, usually it was a little less than ONE hour. One fucking hour of chores. And the rest of the time was FREE time and I loved every minute of it.

      If ANY MAN is willing to let you be financially dependent on him, you should be grateful, but just in case you want a little extra walking around money, that's no problem, you can sell your used panties, used socks, and used bathwater to perverts who will pay TOP DOLLAR for them, and make plenty of money on your own that way without having to lift a FINGER to earn it. You can probably make more money doing that than your husband does at work, as a matter of fact.

      "Well I don't want to sell my panties to creepy perverts!"

      Well then I guess you can try selling little bead bracelets instead, WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT.

    • @kim45456 Really? So she gains nothing? She doesn't have a house, electricity, food, clothes, and everything else? That is something she also has to pay for? What your saying is factually incorrect, she doesn't work for free, she is trading what she has to offer for a home, a relationship, children and everything else (seriously she gains substantially more then he does).

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  • Mädchen
    The thing that sucks about being a housewife in todays society is that you'll most likely be poor since most couples simply can't afford this anymore. And other than that, I personally don't think being a housewife is that hard of a 'job' but it really depends on how many Kids you have and how big your House is. To each their own. I don't care If anyone is a housewife. I think it's great If their can afford it.
  • SpacedCharr

    I find it difficult to respect unemployed stay at home mothers because I had one raise me and she kept blaming me, as a child, that she couldn't hold a job.

    If that's your won't as a woman to stay home, that's your right.

    But women tearing other women for having different opinions is just pathetic.
  • EleanorRigby
    What a pile of bullshit.
    Being a housewife is by no means a difficult job. It takes zero brains. It's something any grodn up can and does do.
    Being a housewife todax is NOT the same zodax as it was before, considering all the help you get from gadgets.
    • The asker is a dumbass who needs to stop whining and thinking cooking and cleaning are soo hard.

  • Matt57
    Agreed. I also don’t believe in Stay-At-Home dads, at least not for babies and toddlers because at that stage, the only thing they really want is Mommy.
    • Matt57

      2 people are denying the reality of life with children😂

  • kim45456
    I see no sense in being a housewife. Housechores and cookig takes very few time due the modern gadgets like dish washer, wash machine etc. So only if you have small kids, it makes sense to me. I also hate when some people says, women were being happy as "housewife" in the past. Do these fuckers even know what being housewife means in the past?
    In the past women were actually the one who provide the family. 90 percent of population in Europe before the modern times were farmers. Being housewife in the past meaned for example washing clothes in the river and this require a lot physical force; after all you have to carry clothes and more from home to the river, wash them, and carry it back and this whole process takes like one day. That is just an example of a "housewife's" life. They literally have to care about all housechores, kids and mainly working at the farm without todays gadgets, while men do nothing but caring about financial shit. Even if you give birth to a kid, you go on working at the farm direct after the birth. So women do 90% of the work while men only do a little. At that time we need a lot people at the farm, and mainly it was the women who do farm work but today it is enough if only do 1% of population thanks to automation.
    The todays housewifes represent the only max. 10 percent of the houewifes in the past and to live like a todays housewife you have to belong to a higher social class in the past- so it was a privilige. Therefore i hate when some people say women like to be housewifes like in the past. Women were the one who provide and do a lot physical work. Look at third world countries, it is still like that.
    In a nutshell, if you dont have small kids, you dont have a reason to be lazy and stay at home.
    • kim45456

      Sorry for grammar errors

    • glutendan

      This is ridiculously dishonest, women worked hard, no doubt. But men were absolutely no slouches. There are many small villages that still live traditionally including some of my family. I can assure you both men and women do a comparable amount of hard work. The man generally does the more physically demanding tasks like lifting large sack or logs.

    • kim45456

      Being a housewife is not difficult anymore. It is a job for lazy people if you dont have kids.

  • leahzrc
    stop feeling sorry for yourself because you don't want to do something meaningful in life
    • mistixs

      Being there to raise your kids IS meaningful.

    • leahzrc

      meaningful for the kids sure but not for yourself

    • mistixs

      Okay, clearly you don't have a maternal bone in your body, if you don't think it's meaningful to raise the kids that you brought into the world.

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  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Well speak for yourself if you're going to talk about your mom and your aunt experiences. And you know what else sucks? Having to work for child and family support if the mother decides to be a housewife herself meaning the father will be forced to work to support everything otherwise because you can just easily file up a divorce if she just decides she don't love him anymore.
    • mistixs

      If he doesn't want to provide, he can choose to not have kids.

    • Aiko_E_Lara

      @mistixs It's not just a man's choice but both. If she's obligated to have kids then she shouldn't take her man for granted as well.

    • mistixs

      Well a man shouldn't take his woman for granted by expecting her to pay half the bills on top of experiencing pregnancy, doing all the housework, and doing all the childcare

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  • Taylor_C
    It´s not a job. Stay at home all you like if you want to and can afford it, but it´s not a job. The definition of a job is to sell your time for money. Nothing else.
  • ItsDave101010
    If the wife actually does her job I have a friend that gives his girl $1000 a week allowance and she is probably the worst mother and always complaining about how he works to much. Also the economy would be better with less women in the workplace, I have worked with some women engineers that had zero drive and place being there but were just there for the title.
    • kim45456

      So because some female engineers, women should not be at the work force?

    • I just said certain not all do you see the word all above maybe dont jump to conclusions

    • Most women assume if you talk about some women you mean all women or you mean them specifically. She can't help herself. She is incapable of understanding, like most women. And in this case i am specifically talking about her.

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  • danfarmbiy
    This is a subject that has multiple factors involved. If he makes enough money to support a family she can stay home and clean house, cook food and raise kids. Now the family's have less kids. Daycare for 3 was 350 a week so a second job must combat that plus pay for a extra car and insurance. Typically and smartly 2 adults have 3 cars. I guess is boils down to number of kids and income. Better be a lot because only 200 a week is not shit in the real world if you have to eat out a lot.
    • Why would two adults have three cars? That is not smart at all.

    • danfarmbiy

      Because what if one breaks. A truck is always needed but not good in gas. In the city it would be different because you would have to pay to park

    • Do you just throw cars out if they break? I think people typically have them fixed instead of keep a spare. I mean they are only thousands of dollars... wtf.

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  • thegirlfromthething
    As a feminist, I believe that women can find empowerment and fulfillment in being a housewife, a career woman, or whatever else they want to be. If being a housewife works for your family, you enjoy it, and you’re not doing it because you feel like you “should” as a woman, that’s fine. You find empowerment in looking after your home and family and that is totally valid. But other women find empowerment in having successful careers and making their own money, and that’s valid too. You shouldn’t bring them down to feel better about your choices or else you’re no better than career women who shame housewives.
  • You silly triggered clueless pink anon

    Being a housewife is not a job or that hard. Being a CEO of a major company is a lot harder or being a doctor
    • Idiots like you are always whining and think that you need some stupid special award for easy work

  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I totally agree. Raising children to be good human beings is one of the most important things a woman can do. Feminists turn on their own and treat housewives like an Uncle Tom.
    • kim45456

      Stop discriminating other women who work. She does not get the kid on her own, why do dads dont stay at home or at least care for the kid

    • @SuccessfulHornDog
      Guys can help rais the children to be good human beings as well.

    • @kim45456 men and women aren’t the same. As a man I don’t have the temperament to be a good mother. My testosterone is way too high. I would end up killing the kids

  • Meatunnel69
    That it’s next to impossible to afford life as a single bread winner
    • Well that's why you shouldn't work at mcdonalds your whole life. That's for high school kids.

    • Meatunnel69

      @bamesjond0069 lol average household income 52k for both combined people barely get by with two incomes these days

  • JKingOff
  • Xyline789
  • WhereAmI
    These criticizing women obs dont have kids.
  • KaraAyna
    Good mytake
  • Anonymous
    I hate what feminism has done to women and families. I see feminists shaming and belittling stay-at-home mothers all the time, and it pisses me off because it is the most important job in the world. Many of the problems we see in society today would be much better if there were more real mothers taking care of their children instead of hiring the job out to daycare workers who don't are about their kids.
    • kim45456

      Stay at home mum are priviliged women and it is something new. In the past most women work at the farm, they were not only housewifes like todays lazy housewifes

    • Anonymous

      @kim45456 You have no fucking clue what you're talking about. But then you're a feminist so you're part of the problem here.

  • Anonymous
    What, that is biggest BS ( not your statement, but that it is bad being housewife) I ever heard and everybody is agreeing with feministick point of view...

    When I'm man nobody will listen to me and I will be told that I just want to enslave some incident women or some other similar BS...

    In my opinion it is VERY hard job, if done correctly.

    It is just easier to brainwash people, when they are in institutions.

    The best think that feminazi movement been able to pull of was convince women that their ability to give birth and beeing naturally good at looking after their own kids is biggest curse.

    Not saying that women have to do it or that women only should do it, women can do whatever work they choose to as long as it will be done to 100%, without any excuses.