I'm Not a Feminist But...

Im Not a Feminist But...

I want you to imagine you’re living in your dream house. It’s got everything you want. Nice big AC, your personal theatre, lawn, swimming pool, underground dungeon, game room, everything you can imagine. Your forefathers spent their lives building it, improving it. Now it is your house! You can do whatever you want in it!

Then, someone knocks at your door. They ask you if you're aware that half the world's population is homeless. And even though some of them got help from the government, their homes aren't as good as yours. And the reason they aren’t allowed is that homeowners like you are telling them they aren’t allowed to live comfortably. That there’s just enough land on earth to build on and they have to prove they’re worthy of an expensive house.

If your identity is built around your expensive house and you believe that other half of the population being denied proper housing is justified, you’re not really going to fight for them to have the same house as you do.

That’s kinda what’s going on with feminism. If you haven't understood analogy by now, the first half, with a nice house represents men and the other half represents women in the world.

Many people who are granted various pieces of privilege don’t want to face said privilege. When people who lack these parts of privilege bring it up, sometimes it can be challenging to think of yourself as having something that you didn’t earn, solely because you were born with it.

And that’s a problem.

See, privilege isn’t good or bad. It just is. I’m tall, and thusly while I’ve had problems in my life, they aren’t because I’m tall.

But if you’ve never looked at your own privilege, it can be daunting. Why are you being called out for owning a nice house? Answer: you’re not. But you need to be aware that others don’t get to have a livable house and they want to have it too. Feminism is asking men to look at the privilege they’re granted solely for being born as men.

When was the last time you had to prove you were good at the things you were good at, in spite of your looks or weight, even though your work spoke for itself? Women in almost every field have to do that every day. And they have to be pretty while doing it. When was the last time you had to worry about being raped? As a man, I never had to.

Feminism needs to be spread across the globe and just like industrialization, you're gonna have to make way for it.

Just FYI, here's some info around what's going on with women in the third world.

In Africa, Women and girls carry the majority of the care and domestic burden in every country in the region, are less likely to be employed in the formal sector (and where they are employed, earn lower wages), are less likely to be able to influence government policy, and experience high levels of violence. Differentiated treatment according to gender is particularly acute during adolescence, when many girls are faced with the prospect of marriage (often before reaching the age of 18), adolescent pregnancy, and gender-based violence, as well as a heightened risk of HIV transmission. The risk of dropping out of school is high for girls at this age.

Four decades of rapid economic growth in China have created unprecedented economic opportunities for women, but gender discrimination in employment remains widespread.

Nearly 40% of female suicides occur in India. Study indicates early marriage, male violence and patriarchal culture are to blame

In Russia, gender equality still a long way off

Two-thirds of the world's illiterate adults are women, report finds

Bangladesh Women Making Progress But Still Face Gender Gap

and many more.

Look at the map and tell me how much percentage population/are exactly represents.

Im Not a Feminist But...

While opposing feminism, one must look at the whole picture. By spreading hate around it on the internet, you need to understand that you're spreading it across the globe. In third world countries, where feminism isn't making any difference yet, your hate is adding fuel to the flame of patriarchy. America or your own country isn't the entire world.

If you got defensive reading this, you need to consider that this is why feminism exists.

I'm Not a Feminist But...
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  • Anonymous
    My biggest issue with feminism in the 1st world is their “patriarchy” implying that men are always the ones on the top and that women are always the ones on the bottom. The fact that they try to push lies like rape culture where they instill fear and paranoia among each other that all men are out to kill or rape them or misinformation like the wage gap which would have caused a serious imbalance in the economy if it was really the wages when it really is an earnings gap where almost all of the variables are self chosen.

    I think many countries need feminism but the classical feminists where they preach egalitarianism instead of Marxism.
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  • I don't follow feminism or feminists, but I feel like the word feminism has been hijacked by these loud mouth, rude women who identify as feminists or 3rd wave feminism which has givin the movement a very bad look and reputation.

    I support social equality and social equality of opportunities between genders, but I'm seriously sick of hearing the word feminism. 🤢
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Most Helpful Girls

  • DorkVader
    Good myTake. This could speak to privilege just as well. I really hate that people choose to make the Feminism the bad guy. It's like if you're left handed and one left handed guy is an axe murderer, then all lefties are axe murderers. Feminism isn't a monolith, but I think it needs a new name.
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    • jspl90

      Well most loud so called feminists are those who are toxic and they are the ones who ruined feminism🤔well it name if you will. Equal pay equal rights and responsibilities for all is what it should be

    • DorkVader

      Whoever gave me thumbs down and didn't comment are part of the problem.

    • DorkVader

      Thanks for MHO

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  • Anonymous
    Awesome mytake. I definitely think feminism is still needed in many 1st world countries, but people insulting feminism and forgetting its also really needed around the world is an important issue we need to talk about more.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    Nope, feminism is a lost cause. It has been so polluted by extremist elements that both men and women who once called themselves feminists have become disillusioned with the movement.

    The major weakness of the feminist movement is it’s hypocrisy it exhibits via double standards. It constantly preaches all sorts of progressive ideas yet still does the contrary by marginalizing and scapegoating those who don’t fit their standards. It’s a proto-totalitarian movement that if it were to take over a nation completely it would be a dystopian dictatorship where all the deviant groups are either persecuted or marginalized by the feminist regime.

    Long story short, I don’t criticize the feminist movement because it caters towards women, I criticize it because it’s a hypocritical proto totalitarian movement.

    On a side note, I’m not a misogynist. I actually agree women should have the same rights and privileges as men worldwide. But feminism is not the way for women to achieve said parity.
  • MackToday
    Fuck "feminism" because it's not feminism and it doesn't do shit for women just like it never said shit about the grooming gangs or the rapes in Cologne Germany or any of the rest of that. I'm Not a Feminist But...
  • BigDikEnergy001
    Oh shut the fuck up you dumb cunt. If I work hard for the things I get they belong to me and some dumb bitch isn't going to come around and tell me I deserve to hand it all out. Life isn't fair deal with it dumb bitch.
  • YourFutureEx
    A solution to a problem that creates two more problems is not a good solution.
  • KrakenAttackin
    Feminism has its roots in Marxism, which is brutal ideology. Anyone who refutes this should do just five minutes of research to verify.

    Modern feminist should be labeled as a hate group and treated as such.
  • TravisT2007
    This isn't a good position to take. It said in Africa women are the primary caretakers. And it compared that how we live here in America. You can't use that as a valid argument. It's a completely different culture, background and ethnicity. Although I respect the opinions of others, I strongly disagree with this article or post, whatever you wanna call it. Bc it's relative based on cultures of other parts of the world. In short, it's a weak and invalid argument.
  • Brindale
    ngl got confused when you said you weren't a feminist but that's probably the only way to keep them reading
  • peoplehello
    A few ideas that come to me mind:
    Privilege is not and objetive thing -is a notion society says and where do you sit. And the notion of privilege changes -dramatically, you can see the old definitions of the word. The social position in which we are are always changing, having born in a certain place doesn, t make you privileged.
    Also, the same is valid for feminism, patriarchy is not the same structure in every place and time, it has dramatically changed over the last centuries.
  • Optymistyk
    I've never been to Africa/India/China/Russia

    That said, first of all, the issues you mention are extremely vague. What does it mean women in Africa carry "the majority of care and domestic burden"? And what do guys do, sit on their asses all day? And how exactly can you measure employment discrimination etc?

    Secondly, even if all that was true I don't care. I live in Europe, not Africa, and here women are already way more priviledged than men. If there's really such a big problem in these countries it's up to their population to make a change. But I'm not gonna let them cut my balls and make me a slave because "there's unequality in Africa"
  • Smegskull
    ? But what powerful men of the past gathered they passed on to their children, male or female... In fact when powerful men don't leave things to their children that's usually because they are leaving things to a charity (which predominantly employs women) or a woman.

    Everything I have (except a bit of inheritance from grandparents and luck with bitcoin), I've earned off of my education and my classes were pretty 50/50 boys/girls.

    I get that women are afraid of a lot of things but statistically men should be more afraid (I don't know why we aren't as a gender but we just aren't)... Maybe women are irrationally afraid or men are irrationally blasé, theirs not much we can do about people being irrational though.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good mytake.
  • Quinpeace
  • msc545
    Bullshit. Feminism is cancer.
  • kim45456
    Good take
  • Anonymous
    I strongly support equal rights for everyone under the law. However, feminism has nothing to do with equal rights; it’s about special privileges for women, almost always at men’s expense. Ever been to divorce court or family court, for example? There are no special privileges for men in there... quite the opposite, I’m afraid. In a gynocentric society that still has the audacity to claim that women are the oppressed demographic, the cognitive dissonance is staggering.
  • Anonymous
    People should hate feminism though. For countries that haven’t had feminism make a difference, they should have feminism make a difference. It is not a positive ideology. What they need is individual rights and liberalism, not feminism.

    Thing is, your house analogy just isn’t reality. And the irony is that women can live in the best house and still be able to claim that it’s the poor people outside who are oppressing the women in the houses. There’s no reason why that isn’t at least as valid a perspective, but feminism acts like they’re saints and call everyone else shit.
  • Anonymous
    Are you actually suggesting the blame should be placed on men who protest against the hatred feminism mongers against the entire male gender? Come on now, we all know better than that. The fault lies with the feminists who have turned the entire world against them.