Do Not Ever Call Me a Hero -From a Frontline Healthcare Worker


Why did it take me a global pandemic for people to start appreciating what my coworkers and I do every day? Do not make me a martyr, I'm simply doing my job. The President is calling himself a wartime President. Thousands call us heroes for trying to stay alive during a public health fiasco. Soldiers know that their death is a possibility. Healthcare workers do not take that oath. The oath I took was to give my patient the best possible treatment that I possibly can. Our oath is help others. If we get sick or die from a preventable disease then we have failed our promise to the public.

Do Not Ever Call Me a Hero -From a Frontline Healthcare Worker

It is dangerous for us and the profession to frame our work in terms of war. Our enemy is a string of RNA who cares nothing about our country, politics, or if you're the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Wars are political. Pandemics are science. We need to deflect the hero talk and demand proper protection from the virus. If that can’t be done then we need to withhold care. That may sound harsh but it does no good for a healthcare worker to needlessly get sick. A sick healthcare worker only adds to the healthcare burden.

Do Not Ever Call Me a Hero -From a Frontline Healthcare Worker

I'm worried for what will happen when we are no longer in the public eye and are forgotten about. When this role as martyr becomes expected of us and when conditions worsen people will no longer listen because it is old news. I think it’ll be the same thing that happened after 9/11. The cops, the military, and especially the firefighters were all heroes and applauded like crazy. Then 15-20 years down the line they’re sick (PTSD and all that comes with it, cancers related to exposure to fumes, traumatic brain injuries from combat, etc) and no one is lining up to help them pay their bills when they are too sick to work or make sure they have access to treatment. We need to start preparing for that as tired and overworked as everyone is right now.

I'm not a soldier, I didn't sign up to die. I have family and loved ones that worry about me everyday. You can't force or compel me to care for people that I don't want to under bad conditions. I will fight any redeployment to dangerous areas. I'd rather get hurt and be out on short term disability than go at this point. My hospital is taking good care of employees but you'd better believe that if I didn't the proper protections, I would leave. I can't get myself or my family sick and I can't care for someone if I'm dead.

Do Not Ever Call Me a Hero -From a Frontline Healthcare Worker

If I get sick or die due to a lack of PPE, I don’t want it to be painted that the enemy was COVID-19. My enemy is the general public for failing to uphold social isolation and the US Government for failing to respond to the situation appropriately. My hospital administration literally had to scramble together to have masks mass produced practically overnight because patients and patient family members broke into supply rooms and stole a majority of our N-95s.

Do Not Ever Call Me a Hero -From a Frontline Healthcare Worker

If this is a war, it’s a civil war. This entire post encapsulates the anger I’ve been feeling every time I’ve seen the heroes sentiment or the war analogies. None of us signed up for this. We are not casualties; we are victims, and we are being failed by our country and President.

Do you want to help healthcare workers? Advocate for us. California is the only state in the US that has fixed patient to nurse ratios. I used to work at a nursing home. Every night, it was one nurse and me responsible for 60 patients. It's totally legal for governments to do that. Also don't steal the equipment my coworkers and I so desperately need. If you're that scared, just stay home. If you see someone at a grocery store or pharmacy in scrubs, mind your own business. My hospital has told all employees to not wear scrubs in public as so many healthcare workers are being assaulted or accosted. I shouldn't have to teach anyone public decency. Who do you think is going to run your ventilator Karen?

Do Not Ever Call Me a Hero -From a Frontline Healthcare Worker
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  • Cynicaldreamer
    Thank you for this mytake. As a healthcare worker, I am so sick of being called a "hero" for doing my job!
    The same thing I did before this epidemic hit, only now I'm having to work harder and hope the PPE we're forced to reuse until it's no longer salvageable protects me.

    Currently 3, possibly 4, of my coworkers have tested positive for covid... one of which I was exposed to. So yeah I'm a little concerned. Yet there's no word of our facility testing employees as a precaution, like they should! No, they're going to wait until someone shows symptoms THEN test them... smh.

    Right now I'm just fighting to stay safe, sane, and get through this situation.

    To those of you quarantined: just STAY home, practice the proper precautions, and only go out when you have to!!!

    Please be safe and take care of yourself~
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    • Exactly. We've trained for this but I was always told we'd have the proper PPE. I have 2 co-workers who are positive so I'm worried too. My hospital is doing the same thing too. They make me take my temperature twice a day and record any symptoms (or lack of symptoms.) The good thing is that they're being super strict on people who come to work with any symptoms. If you even have a cough, they send you home. It's only after you start showing symptoms that infection control gets in touch and arranges a test. By that point, my family is exposed. I had a runny nose the day after I had a covid patient and I cried because I thought I put my family in danger. Thank you! Make sure to take good care of yourself because you can't pour from an empty cup.

  • AmourHoney
    Whilst I appreciate what you do, that is your own opinion. My aunt is a nurse and she is also a cancer survivor and she chose to go back to work to help out during this pandemic so I chose to call her a hero because in my eyes that is what she is. I’m doing my part, I haven’t left my house in 2 weeks.
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    • Thanks I still appreciate the sentiment. When quarantine is over, hug your aunt extra tight for me. She's at a much higher risk of getting sick than I am.

    • AmourHoney

      Thank you, I will do. Sending virtual hugs your way, stay safe 😊

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  • AlexBlack007
    I have always considered healthcare workers, cleaners, etc. heroes, not just during global pandemics. There are things that need to be done and I don't have the skills to do those jobs, so I always appreciate people who do have those skills and help us out. It's not just doctors and nurses, I consider construction workers, janitors, sewer cleaners, etc. heroes too because they're providing services that a lot of people choose not to. Global pandemic or not, I have always appreciated the work people do for others and I'll continue calling them heroes because they all contribute in giving me the comfortable life I'm living right now.
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  • TonyBologna25
    I don’t understand why you’d be offended by somebody recognizing that the actions of healthcare employees are heroic right now. Just take the compliment and move on lol. Holy shit 😂. You’re getting worked up because of compliments? I work for a sheriffs department in one of the most infected areas in the country right now, and we’re volunteering to help as much as we can. We don’t get offended when people thank us or tell us our actions are heroic. We’re flattered that people appreciate and recognize what we’re doing right now.
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    • Try reading it again. I shouldn't get glory for simply doing my job.

    • You shouldn’t be so offended by a compliment. Your job right now is to put yourself in danger to protect and save others. That’s heroic by definition. Maybe it’s because I’m used to be treated like shit from the public as a cop, but it’s definitely a nice shift to have people appreciate and compliment what we have to go through.

    • I would already walk out if I didn't have my protective equipment. I do this job every day. Coronavirus isn't the only disease I'm protecting myself from. If I'm such a hero, I'm curious why my paycheck doesn't reflect that.

      "I think it’ll be the same thing that happened after 9/11. The cops, the military, and especially the firefighters were all heroes and applauded like crazy. Then 15-20 years down the line they’re sick (PTSD and all that comes with it, cancers related to exposure to fumes, traumatic brain injuries from combat, etc) and no one is lining up to help them pay their bills when they are too sick to work or make sure they have access to treatment." I don't care for being called a hero. I like money, proper treatment when I get sick myself, and an assurance that my family won't get sick. None of which I have been given.

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  • ProfoundNflawed
    The job (be it a doctor or anyother medical worker) requires a certain amount of dedication. And I'd be surprised if you say that you didn't know what you've"signed up" for when you took this job.
    I'm a medical student and I am volunteering, I definitely have the choice to sit at home, just like the lot and admire the ones who are working day and night;24/7... but definitely no, the willingness to put the sick above yourself or your life is the requirement of this job.

    "If that can't be done then we need to withhold care" how ironic? , if you wanna say something then speak for yourself, not for everyone. They're many who are sacrificing themselves for the sake of the people and their country, if everyone had your selfish point of view, we wouldn't have made it this far. I'm sure of it.
    "I'm not a soldier , I didn't sign up to die. I have family and loved ones that worry about me everyday " Do you think the soldiers do not have family/loved ones who care about them? Honestly, how ignorant and selfish can you get?
    Whining on GAG about how utterly unfair your job isn't anything great. Life isn't fair... Each job has its difficulties and obstacles. And if you didn't sign up for this… then what did you sign up for? Icecream tasting job?
    • You're more than welcome to go into my covid-19 positive patients room with no PPE. If you get sick, I don't want to hear you complain. My point is that asking me to take care of a covid-19 patient without proper equipment is like asking a soldier to go to war without a gun or helmet. Also, soldiers took an oath to die while I didn't. I took an oath to take care of people to the best of my abilities, which I have to fail. Like I said before, if I get sick while caring for patients then I have failed my duty. My job is to stay healthy for them. Sorry you missed my point. I only said it over and over 20 times. Poor reading comprehension won't get you far in medical school.

    • Exactly what I've said... Whining!
      Anyway, if you've reached "this" far with your sparingly present grey matter , anyone can make it lol. Carry on!

    • I'm "whining" because I want proper equipment to do my job without dying in the process or getting my family sick? Okay sweetie. Like I said, you're more than welcome to go into my covid-19 positive patients room. You got a good selection because I have five of them. Or you can go in all five rooms. Remember, don't complain if you get sick yourself. Covid-19 has a good survival rate but it will make you wish that you were dead.

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  • MrOracle
    We were not prepared for a pandemic on this scale, and both Obama and Trump (along with Congress - both sides of the isle) bear responsibility. But at this point, that's irrelevant. What IS relevant is that medical workers NEED PPE, and the fact that it's in short supply is more of a selfish people problem than a political problem, as your example clearly shows.

    Industry cannot respond to a 20-fold increase in demand overnight - most existing factories likely ran 2 shifts before the crisis, so, at most, they can add one more shift - that's 50% additional output, not 2000% - and that assumes that nothing else goes wrong and that production lines don't need to be taken down for maintenance and that raw materials can be delivered in time, etc.

    Trump has used the powers available to the president to "turn up" production volume and to prioritize delivery to health care workers over other occupations. Again, it doesn't happen overnight, but production IS up now and deliveries are being made. It may still not be enough, but you can't magic these things out of the air.The other good news is that other (non-medical) mask manufacturers and "home industry" are now making masks. They may not be N97 masks that YOU need, but they're a big improvement over nothing and their availability reduces pressure on civilians to buy/steal those N97s before they reach you.

    I totally understand your point of view, and you are wise to look after your own health, because in situations like this, it's even harder for others to remember to look out for yours, so if you don't, no one will. But LOTS of people are working very hard to solve this problem, and there's little more that politicians can do. Neither Trump or Pelosi can make the factories run any faster - we're already 3-4 weeks in to the national priority for production.

    While the THREAT of this kind of pandemic has been talked about for decades, this is the first time most of the world has actually EXPERIENCED it, and it's not surprising that most were unprepared. We'll learn lessons from this, and priorities will be adjusted, etc., but for now, everyone who CAN contribute to the solution is doing so. The solutions aren't always popular - triage rarely is - but tough decisions have to be made (such as moving ventilators around to meet the immediate need, or hooking 2 patients to one ventilator), and unfortunately, some will suffer and even die as a result of those decisions. Hopefully even more will be saved by them.

    Know that your hard work and sacrifices are appreciated, and that a lot of people are behind you, and will do what they can to help.
    • If we wait for pandemic to get supplies and equipment, it's already too late. I feel like I'm in Soviet Russia with people donating and making masks for us.

    • MrOracle

      As I said, we'll learn from this, and we'll be much better prepared the next time, but the whole world is behind the ball THIS time, and are working as fast as we can to catch up. And we WILL catch up, but unfortunately, it might not be in time to get PPE and ventilators and other stuff to absolutely everyone who needs it when they need it. That IS the goal that hundreds of thousands are working towards, though.

    • You're blaming Obama?

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  • N192K001
    Well, things may not be that way for you specifically, & your U. S. colleagues, but that medical-staff are heroes in other jurisdictions.

    Back in the Philippines, some (stupid) people decided that healthcare-workers are exposed to COVID-19, and hence have to be "cleansed" as not to spread the illness. So they poured chlorine on 1 worker, while another group gang-beat another and poured bleach on his face.
    The now-strained police are now escorting medical-staff and patrolling around hospitals & clinics to keep them safe, over & beyond enforcing a unprecedented quarantine across neighborhoods around Luzon (the northern-most, major island with the capital, Manila) & Cebu, as well as transporting medical equipment & foreign-donated aid. (Luckily, they have some military personnel to help supplement their numbers, but under civilian, police command.)

    To make things worse, the Maoist so-called "New People's Army" insurrectionist militia (declared terrorists by the PH, U. S., U. K., E. U., Australia, and New Zealand) started violating their self-declared humanitarian ceasefire (again, as they always do) and resumed shooting and bombing the police & soldiers… again.

    That your colleagues continue to go to work despite the lack of personal protective-equipment, as well as the threat of gang-beating, involuntary chemical-exposure, and possibly being caught in the crossfire of violent Communists (who may or may not want to steal equipment and/or medical-specialists for their own use) if they're in the wrong place at the wrong time… that makes me call them heroes. But if you don't want that title, then fair enough (since I doubt you're in the PH). Also, you have the right to selecting your associations, so I respect that.
  • RolandCuthbert
    GaG is a bad place for this thread. Your job is politicized. If you are here to talk about healthcare, this is the wrong place. Most males here would be satisfied if you just walked away from your job and let your patients die. Unless they are the one who get sick of course.

    I don't understand why we underfund the healthcare system. I don't understand why healthcare is so expensive or why nurses, etc. get paid so little. I don't understand why it is so hard for many in the healthcare system to get basic needs.

    I just know our politics is insane right now. And there is no way to have a common sense conversation with a select group of people in this country. The next thing you know you are a whiny liberal who is advocating for a communist take over. You love Hillary Clinton and you have sex with babies. Then you come from another planet and are a lizard human hybrid.

    That's how GaG is. And that is the state of our politics. We are basically a third-world country at this point.
    • MrOracle

      "I don't understand why we underfund the healthcare system. I don't understand why healthcare is so expensive or why nurses, etc. get paid so little. I don't understand why it is so hard for many in the healthcare system to get basic needs."

      More than 40% of working-age adults in the US do not have a job or an income (not counting federal or state assistance). Most of them have no health insurance because they do nothing to earn money to pay for it, even though the majority are fully capable of doing so. Many of these people have drug/alcohol addictions, many others are committing Disability fraud (it's endemic), and others simply prefer to be on assistance and live off of "free money from the government" (aka tax dollars from YOUR paycheck) rather than have to deal with the hassles of having a job and having to follow rules. Yes, 5-7% are legitimately disabled or are otherwise unable to work, but the other 35% SHOULD be paying their own way.

      And guys who tends to need the most care? That's right, those very same people, who are substance abusers, almost always smokers, have poor diets, and get little exercise. Do they go without care? Sometimes, but most of the time, they are seen via Emergency services or free clinics run by hospitals - service which is expensive to provide.

    • MrOracle

      Add to that that the US medical system is the most advanced in the world, and you can bet that every hospital has CT and MRI scanners, labs, and other things. In Canada, the UK, and other "socialized medicine" countries, such devices are much less common, and people routinely wait weeks for a scan or a test, where in the US, it's usually done the same day. Many people die, or have considerably poorer outcomes, because they have to wait. But all those scans and tests are expensive, and when you need a bunch of them for someone who has no income or insurance and doesn't take care of themselves, the hospital has to pass that cost on to PAYING customers. So, people with jobs pay AGAIN for the people who don't work.

    • MrOracle

      in my opinion, we really need to crack down harder on drug MAKERS and DEALERS and redirect addicts to mandatory treatment programs that include drug substitutes, and which require WORK. Ignoring the addiction issues - which is what most communities and governments do - is one of the biggest contributors to high medical costs. We lack the will to address that problem, and so we continue to suffer as a society.

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  • TigerRSA
    I think you just looking for attention. Very shallow. Quit if you do t want to do it. We all have hard jobs. When you were sleeping someone was sweeping a street. Is he worth any less than you ? You chose this job. Now do your job or quit. No offence...
    • Obviously I signed up for this job dumbass. My point is that I didn't sign up to put myself in the line of fire by not having personal protective equipment. What good am I to you if I'm dead? We'll try rubbing essential oils on your ventilator as your body struggles to keep your lungs open ☺️

    • Not only that, I literally said in the my take that if I don't have personal protective equipment, I'll walk away from this job.

    • TigerRSA

      I would not do the job without ppe, and neither should you

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  • Sbgirl
    Nice MyTake. I have been thinking about similar things myself when I hear the war analogy. When you sign up to war, you know the possibilities. When you sign up and train to be medical staff, you don't. I really feel for everyone out there in those professions right now. I would hate it, but I know I would hate it even without a pandemic. Really, what you guys do on a daily basis - like saving lives- is heroic but it doesn't get the attention it deserves.

    What makes me angry is that I think of all the nurses and doctors out there, literally putting their lives at risk whilst working hard long shifts with tight masks causing bruises. And there are actually stupid jerks out there who think it's OK to not socially distance and all hang out together at the park sitting super close. I feel so privileged that the best way I can save lives and stop the spread is through literally staying at home. It literally has never been easier and will never get easier than that. If you want to be stupid enough to not follow the restrictions, its not just you that will be affected - you can spread it (especially to the elderly and vulnerable who it is more likely to prove fatal for), you can bring it into hospitals and give it to a hard-working nurse or doctor who is much needed right now, you could take up another space in a bed that could have been for someone else and you could contribute to the health service and hospitals being overworked and having limited space, leading to more deaths.

    Just because you are young does not mean you are invincible. Even if you were, you can still pass it on. Just because you feel fine or it's not in your area yet is no excuse either. Stay the hell home.
  • Regmorus
    Great mytake. I don't really have an opinion, but I wanted to comment after I read how some people respond - sadly they do in the way they do.

    I just can't stand some comments from other people. It's so awful. What the fuck of difference does it make what someone says or more likely how you interpret their words, if their doing is righteous, honorable and needed right now. And you, people, demand from medical staff to have responsibility for their job, you blame for not quitting and still having doubts or fears... It's just sooo wrong. What matters is what the person does. And having fear, expressing fear of what could happen and the requirements of suitable equipment, well, if you would do this job yourself, would you really not have these emotions? Can you guarantee it? And again very funny, you should just quit for your family, and what if too many of them quit? What would you do then? What if they care too much for other people to just let them die? Does that make them a bad person, worse than you - since you like so much to compare with what one should do and what you were then probably capable of doing in their place.

    But in truth, who comment in such a manner, you are just trying to protect yourself from realizing that you really need these people in the current situation on one hand and on other hand that right now healthcare workers get increased attention and that you don't like this circumstance. You are hiding these facts from yourself behind hatred, disapproval and other claims and ideas that make me laugh.

    We have easy talking comparing the nurses and doctors to soldiers or to whomever only that we don't have that right to compare. They can compare themselves with them, but we may not.

    It's just so false, it's soaked with falseness and wrongness, all such claims and comments.
  • i guess this is just societies sick well of telling you "we know your role is important but you're not getting a raise. an applause is the best we can offer, so take it and shut up" xD

    nobody ever cares about old people snuffing out in agony every day of the year. but when there's billions and billions from all the worlds governments for the health industry to gain, suddenly all we care about is our poor elderly people and the people that care for them, that are underpaid and overworked.

    i would like the healthcare industry to get more attention but not for the current reasons. we all will get old and if all weget is someone being paid 5 minutes of work a day to clean us, feed us and emotionally care for us, that future is grim...

    but hey, there is a bright side to all this. when we lie on our deathbed and can't decide for ourself anymore, cause our brain is delirious, you can be sure they will spend every buck that they can find on your bank account to keep us alive and keep us suffering for just another minute... because everything else would of course be murder.
  • ConfinedSoul
    I don't call them heroes, it's their jobs that they picked for themselves and getting paid a ton of money for. If you can't take it then resign, you're not supposed to be only available when everything is rainbows and butterflies.
    • People still have heart attacks and get into car accidents, I still care for them. In August of last year, a patient strangled me until I lost consciousness. You best believe that I pressed charges. Thanks Dave for the reminder but this job has never been sunshine and rainbows. Yes I signed for this job, under the pretense that I wouldn't be putting my life on the line. I have family to go home to just like you.

    • Again, if you can't take it resign and be a housewife.

    • That's fine with me. I'm not going to put my life for anyone. Least of all you. If I didn't have PPE, I'd quit. I have this pineapple and you should shove it so far up your ass you get a girl pregnant from a blow job. My point still stands.

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  • Unit1
    Then what should we call you? Medics? Doctors? Health Friends? 🤔

    Yeah, those thieves, who stole the N95's are dicks! Better lock both up - them thieves and the masks, so that access to the storage is granted with keys.
    • Unit1

      By the way, the real heroes are the working class, the healthcare workers, the construction workers, the farmers, the transport drivers, those, who bring justice and maintain peace, power society, provide electricity and water and internet, maintain the sewers and so on. Politicians, the media, the news, journalists and presidents are doing none of anything remotely similar to contributing to an otherwise functional society. We are pretty much autonomous, as long as we get paid money and pay for the products and services we utilize in our everyday lives. Then there's the mafia, that we pay taxes to just because they dominate us all and have to oblige to their rules they call laws.

      We as people together are the heroes. Some are the smaller heroes, some are the bigger heroes. But it is not a competition.

    • Health friends is good. Lol. I just happen to care and want people to get better

  • coachTanthony
    And then a hero comes along
    With the strength to carry on
    And you cast your fears aside
    And you know you can survive
    So when you feel like hope is gone
    Look inside you and be strong
    And you'll finally see the truth
    That a hero lies in you
  • LuvMeSomeBoys
    You, like me and many others, are in a profession where nobody really likes or cares about you until he or she needs you. So don't piss in the faces of those giving you some respect, regardless of what analogies they use. Your diatribe makes you look like a complete ass and disrespects the entire population. Just do the job, like any other day.
  • my mom was an RN for 55 years, I was a former volly police officer for 15. regardless to say, regardless what you think, pandemic to anything, you are the 1st face someone sees in times of a crisis
    • Thanks I still appreciate the sentiment.

    • Well you tell me. when a bus (or whatever you call EMS) comes through the bay, you got a patient on the gurney, first person they see as they are being stabilized from a stroke, a GSW, a car accident is you. You are the 1st person there to comfort them.

    • To them I am. I'm mostly just terrified. A coworker and I are talking about staying in her RV because we have so many covid patients.

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  • Tomsta
    I dont call them heroes but i do commend them for what they as are doing during this pandemic. Although i do agree that its sad that it takes a pandemic for people to appreicate what Doctors do. And at least here it takes a pandemic for people to stop using the NHS as a crutch for things that can be dealt with via over the counter medicine
  • blutwolfe
    I agree about doing the job, I was in the army but I was no hero, I knew people who were though and on the frontlines, I'm nothing compared to what they did so don't group us all together. And I'm sorry y'all are getting treated badly, the world is just chaos these days
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Sorry but it sounds like it’s just you that doesn’t like being called a hero. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with it overall, it seems like a good thing.
    • Sorry that you didn't get the point.

    • Could you reiterate concisely?

    • No I'm tired of arguing my same point over and over. Plus I have to work tonight so I should get some sleep. Read it again

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  • Piteka5
    Stay strong though! I understand what you are saying and totally agree, covid or not, you are still heroes, because every individual that works towards the functioning of society is a hero, specifically the ones that get forgotten. This thing is starting to calm down in many countries and the number of cases is slowing down, I'm sure it will soon be same in America, but for it to stop spreading people need to stay inside and not let it spread
  • monkeynutts
    Hey sorry, this is truly a difficult time, and unfortunately health care workers are having the worst of it, hopefully this teaches humanity that the health of a nation is more important than ones holiday destination, also that foreign trade is definitely not something that's more important than the safety of your citizens, as for the theft, people need to cut that shit out. Let you guys do your jobs, and also be more prepared for something like this in the future.
  • Gedaria
    You are in a war, a war against this virus. the only weapons be you have to fight is to give oxygen, and hygiene. You have put yourself on the front line, not turned your backs.
    To me and millions of people you are heros, only difference you are saving lives not taking them...
    • Gedaria

      @AinaBabe I just hope you don't this virus, or maybe your dad or you brother, or baby. I wonder who you will be wanting to help you...

  • kitty71
    Inded even if we may as much thank al of these health workers that are int he front line cause thati the human nature to do it so, it is their profession that is the jbo they do the reaosn they dont need people thanking them. Itis what they do, to save lives and they do it as their profession
  • NineBreaker
    It's not a war. It's a disaster. It is literally a disaster that we were not prepared for. The message I got from this was: For God's sake, instead of just clapping for me, help me do my job without dying. Your words of praise are not enough.
  • BeachMaster
    Farts a super loud juicy fart when you ask how's my day going... Walkong the other way... If you were to call me a nasty pig. Just soon as you finish the sentence I'll... Fart even louder with a little more attitude on it this time... Just for that...
  • pervertedjester
    Sums it up for me.
    Sums it up for me.
    ---From a Delivery Driver that even less people care about.
  • Twalli
    You are a hero to everyone's life you helped save. That was true before this, and it will be true after it. I consider the doctors who helped save my life back in 2009 heroes. If I ever need life saving surgery or care again I will believe the same thing. I think people are calling you a hero because you are responsible for saving more lives now than normal.
  • MeatPuppet
    "We need to deflect the hero talk and demand proper protection from the virus. If that can’t be done then we need to withhold care. That may sound harsh but it does no good for a healthcare worker to needlessly get sick. A sick healthcare worker only adds to the healthcare burden."

    I wholeheartedly agree and you have my full support.

    You do deserve some praise though. It's a shame it took a pandemic for people to realize how essential you were.
  • Lucious22
    People need to appreciate health care worker like they appreciate service man in the military and also police officer, they put their life on the line, doctors and nurses save peoples lives, just as important but people seem to forget
  • DiegoO
    Welcome to society.

    Never give your 100%, you'll inevitably drop to 0 if you do, and be the shadow of all you achieved, without anyone capable of giving you back the energy you lost, and all you worth.
    • DiegoO

      I think you are right, as a health worker you're only doing your job, and without any types of equipment, you just can't risk yourself because your effort would be worthless anyway. A sick health worker does not help at all.

    • Well, I am glad healthcare workers don't listen to you.

      Because we would all be dead.

    • DiegoO

      @RolandCuthbert they actually working under that judgment, that's why many are improvising and creating suits out of trash bags. Without that, you really think they would put themself at risk? A health worker has to be in good health, otherwise, their porpoise of helping others would fail.

      In Ecuador, health workers are thinking to renounce. The government is not providing the support they need, there are dead bodies on the streets, corps set in cardboard box coffin. Doctors have died.

      If a health worker can't have the necessary safety to protect their self, the job becomes helpless and suicidal.

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  • iFarted
    tbh, sounds shitty but I don't call people in the medical field heroes. It's a job, a really respectable one until I find out that they're in it only cause it pays well and not that they truly care to help people.
  • Malik00
    Honestly I would just bite my pride and keep it moving. Look I get it your job can feel thankless at times and people only NOW appreciating you feels condesending as hell. But you didn't sign up for this job for accolades and praise did you?
  • Meropatrick
    My father worked many years of his life as a surgeon in ER one time he cut his hands by mistake while performing a surgery on a guy who is HIV positive. He worked 40 years with not even complaining like those snowflakes of healthcare workers those days complaining about coved with videos on social media and crying. really too much we dont need drama queens
    • Sorry I'm not a robot and I have a family who loves and cares about me. If I cut my hand with a hiv positive patient, you bet your ass I'm going to get the correct tests and do the paperwork to file the incident.

  • AllieOops
    There are a lot of people who are forced to work because their job is essential. I'm sure they would all love to be home and safe. To them it is not fair that they have to work and possibly catch the Virus than sitting at home and getting unemployment - which I heard and I don't know if it's true - and get an extra $600 a month on top of there unemployment benefits. The people who have to work because of essentiality also have to work harder when their fellow employees get sick and have to go home. This whole thing is a fiasco and was handled badly from the start. Thankfully 3M is going to be selling their N95 masks exclusively in the US first before anywhere else because of Trump putting pressure on them. There are many heros out there and most of them don't want to be. They don't want to be dead heros.
  • nelly83
    I think that you’re just exaggerating too much about yourself. You cannot complain about dying If you are making the conscious decision to join the police department or become an infectious disease doctor. There are so many other jobs out there, you picked your profession. Why don’t you think most folks avoid joining police departments or fire departments? Because they are too afraid and do not want to risk it all. YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO RISK IT ALL. So do not think you have right to complain about what happens to your kids if you die. Be responsible for your own actions. If I were you, I would simply quit my job in order to save my life to be there for my kids
    • Covid-19 has a survival rate of over 99% so no I'm not afraid of getting sick. I simply want the proper equipment to do my job without getting sick. You wouldn't ask a police officer to do their job without a gun or handcuffs? I said this in my take but I'm going to say it again because people can't fucking read.

      The oath I took was to give my patient the best possible treatment that I possibly can. Our oath is help others. If we get sick or die from a preventable disease then we have failed our promise to the public.

      One more time just for good measure. The oath I took was to give my patient the best possible treatment that I possibly can. Our oath is help others. If we get sick or die from a preventable disease then we have failed our promise to the public.

    • One more time because third time is the charm. If I get coronavirus from a lack of protective equipment then I can't do my job to care for others. In this case, I have failed my promise to care for others.

    • nelly83

      The fact that you are choosing to stay on the job without proper equipment shows you are willing to take on the risk. There are nurses who have quit. There are cashiers ans security guards who have quit their jobs due to coronavirus.
      You are a nurse , so you will always have a risk of Getting infected with diseases. A cop will always have a chance of getting killed on the job even with weapons or equipment. Danger is the nature of the job. So don’t come on here and play victim. I’m so tired of medical professional like you getting high from all the attention you instigate, TAKE FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY OVER OWN LIFE. Don’t want to die, then QUIT. Don’t come on here and fucking Play victim then expect others to treat you like god.

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  • Ratmuffin
    I thought of health care professionals as good ass people before this shit ever happened! My friend Chewy risked his ass working 14 hour shifts way before there was ever a pandemic
  • Guffrus
    I think part of the problem with the health service, at least in the uk is that we keep learning new things and developing treatments for things which were untreatable before but we dont allow extra funding to take account of that so resources just get stretched.

    Its not good enough really, its certainly not democratic, if taxation were to be voluntary rather than mandatory the nhs is one of the things i have completely confidence would recieve funding, actually i think it would be much better off.

    People are assaulting health workers?

    It doesn't matter how dumb you think people are, there is always a new player to plumb new depths.
  • Richirick
    What's the thing about the virus? People who are over 80 years old die from it
    • No it's affecting young people as well. In Alabama, there's a 12 year old who is currently on a ventilator because of this virus.


      I have a coworker who is in her 50s tested positive. Her daughter lives in another state and is 23, tested positive as well.

  • betaTester
    It's okay, we know people who downplayed this virus are the problem, the deniers, the ones who fell behind the curve (apparently 55% of Americans, oops). Ignoring early warnings, failing to understand the basic math of exponential growth, calling the news "hysteria" to make them feel good about their delayed brain being unable to grasp the situation.
    Failing to take early actions lead to desperate response after thousands died and an overwhelmed healthcare system.
    I don't care about label or politics, I empathize with your situation. A large portion of the American public are difficult people to work with. Imagine trying to explain to these folks (who can't wrap their head around catastrophe that explodes exponentially over a few weeks) about a catastrophe that explodes exponentially over a century... lol... their denying of climate science suddenly makes sense, and it is sad.
    • Levin

      The most depressingly stupid people are those who draw comparisons to the flu death rate. What a thick bunch.

  • Texaskid1
    Here Here!
    Here Here!
  • simplelikeme
    I was a fireman. people say that to me all the time. I hate it... it was something I love to do and just wanted to help people. I'm no hero.. I just care.
  • Meatunnel69
    I just saw 3, THREE! n95 masks go for $110 on ebay. You used to be able to get 20 of them for 20 bucks. To your story I would quit even with the proper PPE Its not worth the risk. The more people who get sick the more they will keep their asses the fuck home. I am a truck driver and Im on the highways all fucking day and am extremely disappointed at the level of traffic I am still seeing of people out and about it pisses me off because they are killing health care workers. I would not fight a foreign war for uncle sam and I would not fight a domestic war (covid) for uncle sam either because he was un prepared.
  • Zachage
    As someone who was forced to get the chicken pox. This virus is no different, everyone NEEDS to contract this. The heroes are the ones formulating treatments and vaccines.
  • i1T2daty
    Thank you both for your service and your humility, impressive.
  • RonThirdWheelWeasley
    I think we've always appreciated medical workers. I hope at least.

    I think the pandemic just put a spotlight on you guys.
  • mirou21
    Healthcare workers are super heros, we by staying at home are heros. Finally a chance to earth and ozone depletion to have some rest of US.
  • alex202020
    I'm so grateful I appreciate everything the doctors do as I personally had been in a very serious accident and the doctor basically saved my leg by doing a great job. That being said 270,000 Americans die each year through medical
    mistakes and negligence.. with the high cost of healthcare that seems incredibly High to me.
    I would think that many people who are dedicated this would be like their defining moment I don't know how many soldiers the train for years and then going to battle what they wanted to do. if you get annoyed by people maybe you should have chosen different career path. I would rather have my family taken care of by nurses and doctors rather than rather than rude and grumpy nurses but that's just me I don't know, it seems I pay for that when I get the bill.
    • Wow yes thanks for bringing up a completely unrelated topic. I'm going to get back to the topic at hand.

    • alex202020

      Just throw away you talk you have a very selfish Mimi type personality and it boils through with everything you say that passive aggressive yes thanks for bringing up a completely different topic that is beyond rude and I was exactly on topic my point was seeing as your negligence kills nearly 300,000 Americans why the fuck are you sitting here begging for our support so you can have a huge pension and all this money swindled away for when you think the coronavirus will affect your life in 20 years you are delusional and this is like a scammy type of things to even post or ask my point was yeah maybe more people will get behind you and support the doctors and nurses when you stop killing 3,000 people a year through negligence and sloppy practice and try to do your freaking job and remember why you even wanted to become a nurse or a doctor sweetheart tat being said I truly hope your family stay safe

    • What the fuck are you going on about? I had a stroke trying to read thaf

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  • nikhilesh412
    Hero is the very understatement for the work you are doing. Take care.
  • They are jealous that they can't do that job as well but many doctors would only do it for the money also.
  • TheEagle_000
    America is burning hahahaha. What a pleasant sight to witness.
  • Tryingtoleave
    From a former health care worker, no you are not a hero.
  • BeRealU
    I hear what you’re saying, but by going into a profession as a “Health Care Professional.” You get paid higher starting wages, you get the best benefits, and you face little to no fear of ever losing your job. To do your job may not make you a hero, you’re right, you may just be an opportunist. But to leave when the world needs you most makes you a part of the problem. My friend is dating a nurse and he has three of the six listed pre-existing conditions that put a person at fatal risk if they come into contact with the virus. She can’t go into work now because coming home could kill her boyfriend.. but people with your mentality all quit yesterday and she now is forced to quit because no one would cover her shifts and she could not Fathom killing her boyfriend for a paycheck. Doing your job does not make you a hero when you just do it until it gets tough... but leaving when the world will crumble if you do makes you a coward. Please don’t quit. The world will remember if you do.
  • yellowmgtiger
    Governments have never respected key workers it has taken this crisis for them to realise hiw important and selfless they are