Why Does Feminism Seem to Matter to White Women The Most?

Why Does Feminism Seem to Matter to White Women The Most?

This is another post I originally intended to be just a question but the details got too long for it, so I decided to put it in a Take instead again.

I'm not "hating" white women, it is just ironic to me. When you see the marches, all the books and articles written by feminists, and see them on news programs, the vast majority of them are white women. Even the majority of white women journalists have feminist allegiances.

It's simply ironic to me because white women have been the least oppressed of any female demographic. They have actually been given a lot of favor above other races of women and even men. White women were voting in peace long before blacks even though blacks were technically given the right to vote first - which white feminists actually resented and scorned blacks for. White women have held more seats in Congress over the years than both black men and women. White women have also advanced to being company presidents and CEOs sooner and more often than blacks or other races. White women also had an easier time getting into colleges than blacks and other races. And white women are the least convicted demographic when it comes to crime, as many are also let off the hook more often.

Why Does Feminism Seem to Matter to White Women The Most?

Yes, we know there are some black feminists. Yes, we do see feminism in other nations, and an increase of it in countries like India and the Middle East, although it seems to be mostly prevalent in the young circles and especially in universities. Yet overall women in other cultures - including black women - who have faced a lot more difficulty than white women, have not felt that feminism is all that necessary. They definitely do think that women should be treated better and regarded more, but still don't think feminism should be an actual thing.

Why Does Feminism Seem to Matter to White Women The Most?

Years ago in the early 2000s, when I was a young guy writing my own "gender book" and studying both feminism and the 'men's rights movement,' I found out a lot of bologna about feminism. Make no mistake, I'm no fan of MRA either - which I wrote about here some time back: How Men's Rights and the Men's Rights Movement Are A Lie , but I learned a lot of bullshit about white feminism. So it just always baffles me that this group who has faced the least oppression and difficulty, has felt the need to cry about oppression the most. Why is this? Is it still tied to some form of white privelage? Or is it just still a mindset of princess entitlement period? It also seems to be that the issue of casual sex is such a big deal to them. Is it because white feminists know that they've already achieved a lot and don't really have anything else to complain about? Or is it because they simply have a selfish desire for the rights to have casual sex?

So I do ask, as the title says: why does feminism seem to matter to white women the most?


Why Does Feminism Seem to Matter to White Women The Most?
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  • Anonymous
    I'd say two reasons.

    One, as a group women are not materially oppressed. Poor people are. The disabled are. Some ethnic groups have big challenges. But for a lot of non-white women, their bigger challenges around 'diversity' or opportunity are not driven by being female.

    Second, to the extent they do have challenges due to being female, those challenges are often intertwined with their culture or class. Feminists nowadays talk a lot about intersectionality, but they seem to ignore the most significant intersection (class/money) the most.

    Finally the whole project tends to be lead by wealthy background women with advanced degrees in field's that don't pay much complaining about … their problems.

    So we end up with a form of feminism that traditionally focused on highly educated underemployed rich white women, who wanted to wield the same power their husbands did, changing the world for working class women by insisting they could also have the same shit jobs their husbands did, while not doing a whole lot to change the cultural factors specific to poorer women improving how they're treated (some of which they care about, but some not. How harmed have poor black women been by the war on drugs taking potential husbands away? White women's solution is always daycare so you can go to your awesome and validating job).

    When they do take up intersectionality, it's generally allowing a disabled black lesbian who also attended an ivy league school to do a grad program in sociology to speak before them.

    Generally it's fair to say that feminism tends to be focused the most on the desires of the educated and well off class of women, who are predominantly white, with a scattering of south Asian for instance (east Asian women seem more likely to take a stem or business degree and actually just go make money).
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Most Helpful Girl

  • katieExplainsItAll
    No offense but white women aren't used to the word " no". Most white women are privileged and used to getting what they want. So if one thing goes wrong they won't sit down and discuss it like civilized adults.. they either protest the crap outta everything, call the ceo, call the president of United states , or form some feminist group. 🤣 no offense it's how it is..
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    • ManOnFire

      So true!

    • Knuxx

      I think the anonymous example above is the only rebuke that doesn't attack anyone in particular. But I feel the person is confusing the opportunity allowed by privilege for liberty, strength... etc. it's easy to have those things when everyone is afraid to tell you no. The only difference now that the signs have been taken down is that we dont look at the men behind out of fear. We simply fear saying no because we (non white women) dont want to be attacked for saying no.

    • Bingo!!!

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  • I truly think black women do not give a fuck. They are who they are. They do what they want. And who stop them? No one.
    • White women just care too much.

    • ManOnFire

      Exactly. That is exactly what I wanted to include but forgot that. Our women really do see it as 'they are who they are,' yes.

    • “Our” women? You don’t own them lol

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  • HerLucidNightt
    I'll get hate, but whatever: White women only care about themselves. Seriously.

    They give no fucks about black, brown, or Asian women. That's why minority women literally had to coin a NEW term called "intersectional feminism". A whole new term so they could be included and their issues could be heard because white women are a big echo chamber of "me me me!"
    • Wow. That was a lot of racism right there

    • ManOnFire

      @angeliquedevereux2 All she did was state the facts and you call it racism cuz you got in your feelings about it.

    • Dude, there are no facts in saying white women only care about themselves. If I said the same about any other race people would take a lot of issue with it. That's racism, directing hate at a group of people for the soul reason of their skin colour

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  • Lynx122
    I think it's exactly because they're white that they care so much. White women noticed that their lives were becoming too good for anyone to take them seriously anymore when they complained about oppression. So they had to come up with a new idea.

    Intersectional feminism was founded so white women could distance themselves from white men and say we're victims too because we're women it's only the white men that are evil. This is when the counting of privilege and oppression began too. It doesn't matter how objectively privileged you are in your life if you're a woman you can never be an oppressor so you're all good.

    I think the casual sex angle of feminism is just a side show the real core of it is the virtue signaling and making sure you're on the "good side" where the "victims" are and not lumped in with the evil white men. And along with the victim status there's also a tremendous power in todays society a power to judge others, a power to discredit and silence others based on their gender and ethnicity, even a power to ruin other peoples lives sometimes.

    Nowadays most people have woken up to this and don't just accept that when you're called a sexist or whatever they throw at you you don't just ave to shut up and take it but for a while there it was almost like an automatic win in any argument that's what it seemed like anyway :D. In the end though feminists have run to their own demis with their extrimist positions and their unwillingness to let other people talk. There's still feminism in the mainstream but it's being challenged a lot more often than before and not just accepted as gospel anymore.
  • jess54
    i think especially in Europe and the us, a large majority of white women are aware of their white privilege. this gives them the ability to speak on behalf of people in middle eastern countries, where women are still very much oppressed due to factors such as religion or traditions within their cultures. these women will not have the ability to speak out, or be able to voice the act of feminism to the extent that white females in other countries can. because if they do they most likely will face some sort of punishment. however, this doesn’t justify the other majority of white women who use this privilege to scream from the rooftops ‘all men are wrong! i hate men’ which i think is a form of misogyny (i think that’s the right term), commonly confused and associated with feminism, as they label themselves as feminists. this gives a lot of feminists a bad rep, because down to definition, a feminist is someone who believes in equality for all. and you don’t have to be a female to be a feminist.
    • Knuxx

      Well sad and sadly true.

    • ManOnFire

      @jess54 Except that white feminists do not really care about women's struggles in other countries. They just pretend they do so that they can look international and as if they give a damn.

    • jess54

      so what do black and other ethnic minority feminists do that is so different to white feminists? what is it about the white feminists that suggests they are only pretending to give a damn? and also, how are they benefiting from ‘looking international’?

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  • youknowbetter
    Because many of these women have shortcomings that have NOTHING to do with sexism. But this is their access to the victim card.

    Attractive young white women are probably the most privileged class in the entire world in the 1st world. Some of them know it but most of them don’t.
    • ManOnFire

      Actually most of them know it. They know that the world glorifies them that's why they act however they want cuz they know they can get away with it.

    • I’m white and I’m FED UP WITH IT. I see myself marrying an Asian girl (dated several) in the long run. I find it easier just to talk to minority women in general. They are usually more genuine.

      Liberal white women are the worst.

    • I know that most minority women politically vote liberal also, but I think you are kind of right, here. There are many minority women, even perhaps those living in the Western countries, that seem less difficult or uptight. Just gives off a more relaxed vibe.

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  • Cherokeehp
    I think they just want something to rally against. I’m not saying all, but a lot of white feminists focus on the wrong issues. I constantly hear white women complaining about “manspreading” and “free the nipple” and stuff like that. Majority of the “feminazis” and women who right books and make quotes saying “kill all men” and “all men a rapist” and stuff like that are white women. There are more important issues to deal with, and demonizing all men is not the answer to those issues. I think that there are plenty of black feminists, we’re just quieter about it and we focus more on more important problems.
  • ovie_obvs
    I think that white woman will fight more for feminism, because some would assume a majority earn more money and are higher class due to racism aswell.

    I also believe that black woman hav more to deal with I. e. racism etc

    I dont hav any facts or figures and I cld be wrong tho
  • abc3643
    Q: "Why does feminism seem to matter to white women the most?"
    A: This isn't rocket science. If you are a minority, chances are more likely two things:

    1. You are lower on the economic totem pole and are too busy worrying about surviving than worrying about the problems that feminism is concerned about.

    You don't give a shit about women making 78 cents to ever dollar a man makes when you are making a helluva lot less working minimum wage or afraid immigration is going to deport you.

    2. You have to worry about being discriminated against for not being white.

    That's what "white privilege" is. It's not really privilege, per se, as it's the extra burdens for those who are a minority like racial profiling. So, minorities are more interested in their attaining their civil rights relatively denied to them by ethnicity than their by their gender. For example, when the Republicans try to limit voting hours in the inner cities, why are they doing that? Because minorities have a tendency to vote Democratic. White people live in the suburbs and are more likely to vote Republican so you make sure these people have plenty of hours to vote. See? That's a civil rights issue based on ethnicity, not on gender. And it's a real problem because it affects everyone. It's not a gender-centric problem like the ones that feminism addresses.
  • Dargil
    Black urban culture is Matriarchal. The women have nothing to achieve. They already have it. They way out earn the men and almost exclusively raise children.
    The men largely serve as entertainment and semen donation. That does not mean the culture is healthy. Absent fathers replaced by government largess is the central cause of trouble in the Black community.
    Asian and Hispanic cultures still subscribe to the traditional roles of women.
    Asian women manage to prosper in the workplace but remain adequately traditional at home. Thats part of the reason men love them.

    White women bought into Feminism thinking it would liberate them from something. It has actually locked them out of the satisfactions of authentic femininity and motherhood and they (!) blame it on men; "the patriarchy", because they think they should be able to "have it all" and men should accept and celebrate it. Urban males buy in to keep the steady supply of easy pussy coming. Or maybe this is all nonsense.
  • I-am-a-nobody
    White women are more likely to be indoctrinated at universities that hate social order. Thus they're more likely to believe in feminism, socialism, 122 genders and that Bernie Sanders is the savior of the world.
  • LoU_Hades
    because white men's prosperous societies give them too comfy life quality, they can focus on pointless ideologies instead of thinking how to obtain something to eat.
  • 007kingifrit
    its because people who have luxury need purpose. life needs purpose and if you have nothing to fight against... well you might aswell invent something huh?

    I think the death of religion also has a lot to do with it because that's something that can fill a person's life with meaning

    ultimately if you have no meaning craven ideologies will scoop you up. feminism among them.
  • Bribree18
    White women have the ability to preach their beliefs without being degraded and racially profiled. When a woman of color speaks for her beliefs she is turned against, hated, and seen as being a stereotype. The media villainizes women of color for doing the same thing as white women... this whole topic is really a large portion of what feminism is. Equal rights for all, regardless of gender or race. White women are using their voices because they are notably less discriminated against than women of color. However, there are plenty, PLENTY, of women of color in the movement. What the media shows you and what you choose to consume is your responsibility... you have to see all sections of the movement and open your eyes to all of it. You have to actively, non-aggressively, seek out answers and there will be plenty of feminist women, white and of color, who would willingly explain everything about the movement.
    • ManOnFire

      Whether that's true or not, and which it isn't, white feminists don't care about black feminists, and are not marching to help black women or any other women who are facing issues. Back in the 90s when Andrea Yates killed her kids, NOW actually funded her legal defense. They have never done that for any woman of color in a criminal case.

      True, there are women of color who are feminists, but even the "plenty" that you perceive exist are still few compared to white women feminists.

    • Bribree18

      How can you say that? That white feminists don’t care about black feminists? I need to see some proof of today’s feminists (as feminism and most politics has rapidly changed since the 90s) refusing or proving they don’t care about black feminists. Also, how are you speaking about all white feminists as if every one is the same? In any group or social movement there will be different people with different goals... it’s ignorant of you to refuse to see all sides because you’re blinded by your own opinion.

    • BabyBirdy

      This whole thread is hilarious. This is clearly about racism and not feminism. He keeps talking about white woman like white women are one person 😹
      People still base an entire group of people from one person or a few people in 2020. Crazy

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    It's part of a malicious indoctrination plot going back to the 50s. The radicals knew American whites had all the stable homes and families, and therefore, all the power, to shape society and resist the radicals. So white women were targeted for indoctrination the most heavily, to see everything for their benefit as "the enemy."

    Whenever the initial narrative starts to get a bit weak, and God's model for family still finds a way, the anti-God radicals just remix the lie with a stronger, more insane dose. So with each passing decade, the feminist narrative gets a little more warped. However, because blacks were encouraged to abort their own futures into oblivion, they aren't seen as a threat to the radicals. And neither are Mexicans. Operation Paperclip doesn't care about them, and neither does Soros, because it was White America that defeated the Third Reich. So it's White America that is being punished with the most extreme prejudice. And that includes turning it against itself.
  • CAT80
    It's all about power and dominance. In short a bunch of entitled white women having a "pissing" contest.
  • NiWash
    Feminism in it's origins as an ideology was political in nature. The purpose was universal suffrage in the age of industrialization and liberal politics in Europe ( this origin is, like most things, debatable). It is therefore no wonder that, like other political thought, it shifted from white to 'other'. Like all other ideas that require adjustment, an attempt at decolonizing the term and it's implications has taken root from as early as the slave abolitionists in the US to the sexual revolution of the 1960s which saw more intersectionality in feminism grow. However, naturalizing feminism is something that is still a challenge today since it has always been viewed from it's suffrage origins championed by white women at the time. This sense of ownership or privilege has persisted. It is not that white women care about feminism more, it is only that their brand of feminism continues to be used as a global benchmark which is problematic because women and also feminists are not homogeneous. From the comments I have read here from a lot of the guys, they believe feminism=male bashing. While this is not fundamentally the case (because men can be feminists too) , the face of feminism in the west as propelled by a white minority (in which case I am only referring to white women in places of influence that have propagated this) that we must trample on men to get ahead has continued to be the face of feminism.
  • Laura_Marx
    As I'm sure you know, the majority of white women also voted for Trump. I don't know that its correct to say that feminism matters to white women the most so much as white women's feminism is hegemonic because white women are hegemonic. White feminism is a sort of 'repressive desublimation' of women's radical challenge to patriarchy, and white feminist's articulations along with their victories limit the progress of the women's movement toward gender abolition. I think this is the point of 'the master's tools cannot dismantle the master's house'; white women were subjugated to their white slave owner husbands and their petition for equality meant equal access to owning slaves and not a whole lot else. I think that thinking through what 'doing feminism' looks like as a white woman is not simple because this trap is so immediate.

    But I'm not sure that its true that black women are less inclined towards feminism. Ime women of colour tend to occupy the more militant cells of the women's movement, rather than backing away from it. I don't know how that shakes out on a population-level, if more women of colour are antifeminist, but as I said, most white women are antifeminist anyway. I think if there *is* less of an inclination towards feminism among women of colour, it might be because race appears as the more immediate priority to organize around on the national stage. The black community is an internal colony of the United States & it just doesn't make sense to petition the Supreme Court to handle black misogyny; it has to be dealt with in a more direct, immediate, decentralized way, which means breaking rank with the broader women's movement. White feminists agitate for more laws to protect women and harsher sentences for men who commit violence against women; black women agitate to get police out of their communities & stop the mass incarceration of black people. These forms of organization are just not commensurable. But if you look at the way that black women do agitate over misogyny, and especially form women's communities, is it true that few black women care about patriarchy? At the least, it seems crazy to me to suggest that women of colour were simply happy to defer decisions about abortion and family planning to their husbands or fathers. If there was a limited participation on those issues it has to be for strategic reasons.
  • SaraSmithishere
    Probably because they have the most time to explore it. I went to an expensive liberal arts college filled with white people who enjoyed smoking weed and sunbathing all day. Of course, they loved loved loved learning about and talking about feminism. Do you think that lower-income women who are not white have time to think about feminism when they have bills to pay? Probably not.
    • I had a similar academic experience for both undergrad and grad school.

  • captain_voidwalker
    Because white women ha e zero problems in modern society save thier own bad decisions. So they made a whole movement to blame others for thier bad decisions
  • bluehen46
    White guilt. I think these marches and voting patterns are exhibit A why women needed a special amendment to vote. Women are more emotional. This can be a good thing, but how many people honestly think the average woman as president could order a nuclear strike like on hiroshima as a man could?
  • Electric_Dreams
    I speculate that it has something to do with the fact that there are more privileged caucasians than there are of any other race, and people in a privileged position tend to concern themselves with trivial or perhaps nonsensical matters; fallacies such as the gender pay gap and rape culture.
  • CasaNorba
    Probably because it was created by them so they now feel entitled to take pride in it.

    I think I might also be because white men actually allow it more
    • ManOnFire

      That ALSO is true about white men, yes.

    • CasaNorba

      we can't forget that it was the white man who initiated. white folks are the most capitalist minded people and it will benefit them more if women renounce their mother/wife roles and choose to work

    • ManOnFire

      And I think that it ultimately comes down to the white man's sexual weakness for white women.

  • Felicityoyo
    Maybe because women of other races are more affected by racism on a regular basis than strictly gender related issues.
  • Aislin9
    Don't you get tired of this topic? How many times does this need to be done on here?
    • DianaWest

      he clearly has some beef with white women. they are always on his mind.

    • Aislin9

      @DianaWest Is he racist?

    • DianaWest

      from his posts, yes.

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  • piscesbluedreams
    Cause men keep making fucked up decisions. Not all men obviously... but the good ones never win power.
    • ManOnFire

      But what does that have to do with WHITE women giving so much more of a damn about it than other women?

    • @ManOnFire I reckon you are talking about the NEO-LIBERAL feminist movement. This comes from being raised with feminist values for 3 generations.
      I'm anarchist, so I don't relate to that movement. For me what matters is having strong allies of all genders and races. To defeat this made-up Money God and Master Bank. Lmao

    • It just so happens that Western banks are all owned by white men. And white men tend to be the billionaires that own everything. White men also own the media. It's not the responsibility of black women to change the narrative. They are busy trying to protect their whole communities.
      White women essentially maintain capitalism with modern day feminism.

  • wilfh1965
    Not being racist but it's a power trip I just refer to it as the white mens attitude they just feel a need to elevate themselves above others for minorities it's mind over matter because if you mind it still doesn't matter
  • 101dalmation
    Feminisms from the outset was about white middle class problems, those were the perspectives that were given privilege, I think intersectionality has become much more prevalent. However, I think we are living in a postfeminist context where neoliberalism has incited greater need for individualism and self care. I think it's really interesting because a lot of women don't see the need for feminism and are even rejecting it. Instead of fighting the systems of oppression, women could be empowered by choosing how they would fit into these existing power structures. Post-feminist culture hides the central symbols of patriarchy and provides a narrative for women that places the responsibility for empowerment or failure on the individual.
  • As quoted by you “It's simply ironic to me because white women have been the least oppressed of any female demographic. They have actually been given a lot of favor above other races of women and even men.” This is quite true. White women have such freedoms as voting, protesting, equal pay, working jobs, attending school, choosing to marry, choosing what to wear etc. Now with the muslim women on the other hand, they enjoy none of those rights.
  • M3_Charles
    I think that this reflects socioeconomic status - whites are better off financially and therefore have space to consider issues such as these. Other ethnicities with lower socioeconomic status have a tendency to focus on immediate / practical concerns for everyday survival etc.

    For more information, Google Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
  • Yes it's very hard to believe , as white men are gentlemen compared to every other ethic race. Knowing we are treated as hell by most men, except in the western world were white men literally are the real victims treated as hell
  • ovixs90
    Well honestly i don't understand why white women are the most yelling for womens rights when they have already more rights then many men. Give a set to a lady, open the doors for a lady, give a mother with kid a seat,,,, etc privileged in many ways. I think when they have many rights and to much time they don't know what they want anymore and complain just the same like in marrage blaming men for all of there problems.
  • TheLittleInnocent
    I wonder the exact same thing.(๑° . °๑) i had to sit and think for a long time on how to answer this. They're bored.(人◕ω◕) You know how in the 1800s during the social reforms they were all out there doing something. A lot of women contributed to the reforms... some behind the scenes and others upfront if they were bold. That made me think of this game that I play, now in the game you fight battles to rank up. There is an ultimate rank. And so i wondered... what will i do once i get there? what is the purpose of the playing the game anymore? i considered deleting it but then i'd be bored without anything to do... so i decided that once i reach that rank ill just continue playing matches to keep from being idle (for an idle mine is the devil's workshop) that or they are just ignoring or completely oblivious to the privileges they have._(┐「ε:)_
  • treetreena
    Because there white. White peoples in general have this false sense of entitlement. They believe they own this plant we live on... no one owns this earth
  • Hunter7754
    Probably because feminism has always been a movement for white women.

    Feminism is less about equality and more about getting revenge and getting back at men.
    Its usually filled with disgruntled upper class white women
  • taleswapper
    Because you're a racist. Everything is about race to you. So naturally, you see differences in how the races respond, or should respond, to different things. You're looking through your race-based glasses, and confirmation bias is blinding you to reality.
  • cloud9vortex1234
    I think it's because a lot people always find something to complain about. Many don't stop to think about how privileged they are all until someone who is less privileged gives them a Reality Check when they're complaining. Also when your less privileged you don't really have much time to complain because you're too busy trying to make ends meet.
  • ThiccNigro
    Because white women are the most privileged people in existence. They have so little to complain about that they get bored and start making up shit to complain about
  • jmfillin1
    Modern femanism is garbage, it doesn't matter what the color of the person is. My mother was a traditional feminist, was a welder for 16 years, was around construction workers all od the time, stood her ground, is a badass, and could care less about going around wearing a pink pussy hat, or acting a fool in these ridiculous protests. Every man who knows her and worked with her learned real quickly that she was to be respected by her actions and work ethic.
  • MackToday
    You first have to understand what "feminism" really is. Whites are the majority race in the US, in the 60's even more so. Things like feminism are the result of our culture being attacked through our educational institutions. White women act that way because they've had their heads messed with by experts.
    If you want to get a grasp of what was done this video is a good place to start. https://www.youtube.com/embed/knOwcZ0y5IE
  • Jackblue
    Minority women don't protest as much because they are scared to and brainwashed. When 60% of black women are molested, and half of Chinese men admit to abusing a woman and the women of their cultures continue to stand by them, that tells me one thing, minority cultures=cults. Not that all minorities are bad people, but the wise ones need to avoid being seduced by the dark aspects of their culture which put vague notions of racial solidarity and white privilege over truth and justice.
  • It’s true. White women seem to get energy by being with other race women to become more feminist.
  • marckbcn
    Behind feminism I think there is a lot of money invested in some countries to promote this ideology that from my point of view nowadays damages relationships between men and women and, as you've said "They have actually been given a lot of favor above other races of women and even men". I don't like feminists.
  • Lloyd_the_Ace
    I think it's because there's simply more white women in America than women of other regional backgrounds
  • mohammad92
    before everything. I have to tell you that you have a great illusion, and that having the right to vote or having a seat does not mean power and influence. The real power is in the hands of the rich and the Zionist lobbies and the like. And the second point is that feminists are a tool in the hands of real powerful people to manage and direct societies. Don't pay too much attention to their deceptive stories
  • Yennefer
    Because white women are the most privileged arrogant borderline sociopathic group of females. It's all about power
  • sawno
    To answer your question: Indoctrination. Mostly at the schools to recruit people for their causes under false pretenses. They will for example discuss how a gender pay cap exist but not use the data from the same profession and even if such a pay gap exists for the same work like potentially existed in my previous work place it is not because they are women but its a place where you have to negotiate your salary. I did a terrible job negotiating myself so i was underpayed for my skillset and initially extremely underpayed. Won't be making that same mistake again but it does show it is not exclusively women but a general problem blamed on a gender dis-balance which is a completely dishonest way of framing it but also the kind of way thought in schools.
    because entitled white womens are broken and need something to cling to and make meaning to their life... particularly the more undesireable ones
  • AlienParasite
    In a mainly white country, obviously the percentage of white women caring a lot is higher than any other race. So for most westerns it's normal to have this perception.

    Also, in general, in western countries there is more freedom of speech, making easier for any movement to spread and make their complaints, whether those complaints are reasonable or not. While in other countries even complaining about what's reasonable is harder or even persecuted. Let's say that the more freedom and comfort we have as a society and as individuals, the more freedom we have to complain... and complaining it's too easy, even addictive.
  • I am not really sure. I am fine if they want do that but I am okay with men being men and women being women. I don't have much in common with guys anyway.
  • When are we going to stop posting about this subject? Is this not spam? Why do we talk constantly about feminism or about women where we blame them? It becomes really boring. I also dont post a shit about mgtow thousand times. I do not care about it and i am done with it. This site really becomes a place for incels and misogynistic people. Dont comment under my post to say that there are also feminists. I know that but if you compare the quantity of manhating feminists to the number of incels or or sexist people on this site, it is nothing.
    • ManOnFire

      "Incels and misogynistic people" are what everyone complains about nowadays simply because they don't like what guys are saying. Not all of them are right, but plenty are. Everyone has their hey-day. About a decade ago, if you were on GaG or even on any other forum, you would've been met with mass opposition from feminist-thinking females on almost every site you went on. Hell, they would even be flagging you. We don't see that very often anymore while we see a lot more dudes talking about issues with women. Like I said, everyone has their hey-day.

    • I am really done with them. I would not bitch if it was only some but seriously it gets annoying seeing mass of fags here only blaming women. I also dont understand the dislikes. Just fucking admit that the site is full of incels instead of disliking and 20 years ago, Internet was something new and so i doubt that there were full of antiman feminists and 20 years ago feminism was a need when it comes to societal hypocritical norms but i am not sure. The thing is also that so many guys act like they are not sexist but also make many generalizations and spread hate towards especially white women. I am not saying i am better and yes, sometimes i am an asshole but at least i dont spread hate towards a gender every second on gag on every comment.

    • ManOnFire

      @hi_it_is_me123 Guys generalize women AND other guys as well. None of it bothers me. I generalize other men myself. "Generalizations" are often true, whether any of us likes them or not, people just don't want to accept them.

      The topic of this post is why does feminism matter so much to white women, which you have so far dodged and not given a relevant answer.

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