Pro-Life: So What are the Moral and Ethical Arguments against abortion?

Pro-Life: So What are the Moral and Ethical Arguments against abortion?

1st Moral Argument

A living being doesn't have to be a person in order to have intrinsic moral value and rights.

Is ending the life of a human fetus moral or immoral? Well... does the human fetus have any value and any rights? It's a scientific fact that a human fetus is human life. Those who argue that the human fetus has no rights say that a fetus is not a human. But even if you choose to believe that, it doesn't mean the fetus has no intrinsic value or no rights. There are many living beings that are not humans that have both value and rights: Dogs, cats, and other animals, for example.

Pro-Life: So What are the Moral and Ethical Arguments against abortion?

2nd Moral Argument

On what moral grounds does the mother alone decide a fetus's worth? We certainly don't do that with regard to a newborn child. It is society, not the mother or the father, that determines whether a newborn child has worth and a right to live.

When challenged with the first argument, those of the Pro-Choice circuit usually change the subject to the rights of the mother, meaning the right of a mother to end the life of the fetus under any circumstance, for any reason, and at any time during her pregnancy. Is that moral? It is only if we believe that the human fetus has no intrinsic worth. But in most cases, nearly everyone believes that the human fetus has essentially infinite worth and an almost absolute right to live.


When a pregnant woman wants to give birth. Then, society, and its laws, regard the fetus as so valuable that if someone were to kill that fetus, said person could be prosecuted for homicide. Only if a pregnant woman doesn't want to give birth, do people generally regard the fetus as being worthless. Now, how does that make sense? It doesn't seem to; either a human fetus has worth or it doesn't.

Pro-Life: So What are the Moral and Ethical Arguments against abortion?

3rd Moral Argument

No one ever asks a pregnant woman, "How's your body?" When asking about the fetus. People usually ask, "How's the baby?"

Remember, it's society, not the mother nor the father, who determines whether a newborn child has worth and a right to live. So, the question is why should that be different before the human being is born? Why does one person, a mother, get to determine whether that being has any right to live? People respond by saying that a woman has the right to "control her body" and that it's her body, therefore, her rights. Now, that is entirely correct. But the problem here, however, is that the fetus is not "her body;" it's in her body. It's a separate body.

Pro-Life: So What are the Moral and Ethical Arguments against abortion?

4th Moral Argument

Virtually everyone agrees that the moment the baby comes out of the womb, killing the baby is murder. But deliberately killing it a few months before birth is considered no more morally problematic than extracting a tooth. How does that make sense?

Pro-Life: So What are the Moral and Ethical Arguments against abortion?

5th Moral Argument

Aren't there instances in which just about everyone, even among those who are pro-choice, would acknowledge that an abortion might not be moral?

For example, would it be moral to abort a female fetus solely because the mother prefers boys to girls as has happened millions of times in China and elsewhere? And one more example: Let's say science develops a method of determining whether a child in the womb is gay or straight. Would it be moral to kill a gay fetus because the mother didn't want a gay child?

People may offer practical reasons not to criminalize all abortions. People may differ about when humanhood begins and about the morality of abortion after rape or incest. But with regard to the vast majority of abortions, those of healthy women aborting a healthy fetus; then let's be clear. Most of these abortions just aren't moral. Good societies can survive people doing immoral things. But a good society cannot survive if it calls immoral things moral.

Pro-Life: So What are the Moral and Ethical Arguments against abortion?
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Most Helpful Guys

    You missed the most important moral argument against abortion.
    That is responsible sexual behavior.

    Most people today are sexual degenerates. Abortion is the way they have 0 consequences for having sex outside of marriage. if you can't trust someone enough to have a baby with them. You shouldn't be having sex with them.

    Not to mention out of the nearly 900,000 abortions women have in the USA every year almost all of them are Abortions of convenience. They have nothing to do with rape or the mother's health.

    If we taught men and women to value each other and to abstain this wouldn't even be an issue.
    What civilized society allows for the murder of the unborn? Our society is in a fallen state
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  • Kurαȷ
    Except all these are completely irrelevant.
    The only thing that matters is the well being of the child after it is born and actually develops the capacity to perceive happiness and suffering.

    And abortion is the only moral choice which actually respects that.
    Being against abortion is not about real, tangible issues, it's not about the baby, it's about the feelings of butthurt religious conservatives being hurt, people who have zero regard for the actual well being of the child and have no grasp of the real life consequences that their dumb decisions have.
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    • Snakeyes7

      Why does the well being of the child only matter after it’s born? If what you say is true then why are pregnant women heavily discouraged from drinking or smoking because it has been proven to damage the fetus and as a result to their child. The patriarchy?

    • Kurαȷ

      @Celtero True, I made the sweeping assumption that atheists would generally be more intelligent than that, but of course, there are plenty of ignorant atheists too.

    • Kurαȷ

      @Celtero I made a logical point in response to this question, which you completely ignored and rambled on about how abortion makes "you feel", which is something that nobody gives a flying shit about.

      How "you" feel is utterly inconsequential, because this topic isn't about the subjective feelings of some random people on the internet.

      It's a topic that has real, tangible, far-reaching real life consequences which are far above and beyond what "you feel" about it.
      When you demonstrate that logic is something you are actually responsive to, then you will deserve a logical response.
      But so you don't, so you don't.

Most Helpful Girls

  • elisa_0
    I think the main issue here is that people are obligated to choose between the woman's well-being and life, and the baby's life and well-being. Obviously, both are very important, but it really comes down to that. Who is more important? Some people think the baby is more important, and some say the woman is...

    Honestly I can see both sides of the argument, and I understand both viewpoints... And this is why it makes it difficult for me to choose which one is more ethical. Thankfully, I've never been in the position to decide whether to abort or keep a baby.
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  • neurolove
    Let the sound women decide for themselves. Force the crackheads to have abortions. Or do you really want to support (tax dollars) a crack addicted baby after forcing her to have an unwanted baby?
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  • Celtero
    If I've learned anything it's that pro-abortion people can't be reasoned with. They just wanna kill their kids before they're born and they'll pull any stupid excuse out of their ass to justify it.
  • monkeynutts
    Yeah it kills something that is alive and it's growing. It might not be ready to tackle the obstacles of the outside world, but I'm sure if you ask anyone when they can talk If they want to be alive, the answer is yes. Unless they suffer from depression.
  • akanetuk
    Abortion after a certain period should not be allowed, especially after the baby starts kicking. When the spirit connects the body.
  • msc545
    The moral argument is that abortion is no different than murder.
  • sparke328
    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I totally agree. Good myTake!
  • Snakeyes7
    I agree with all of this.
  • Anonymous
    How is it scientific fact that a human fetus is human life? That's a fundamentally philosophical argument.
    • Celtero

      Nope. There is a clear scientific definition of something being alive, and if it has human DNA than it is a human life. The embryo has the same genetic information as the individual it will grow into.

      Stuff like bacteria is alive, so why is it so far fetched that an embryo or fetus counts as alive according to science?

      The philosophical part is whether or not it counts as a being, or has similar value to something that possesses sentience.

    • Anonymous

      First of all there is no consensus on the definition of life, there is debate about whether viruses are alive, for example.

      One popular definition is that organisms are open systems that maintain homeostasis, are composed of cells, have a life cycle, undergo metabolism, can grow, adapt to their environment, respond to stimuli, reproduce and evolve. Fetuses cannot respond to stimuli until a certain point of development, nor can they reproduce.

      Even if you want to argue that fetuses are alive, that doesn't mean they are a human life. That term implies they are fully conscious and have all the rights a fully grown human would. That's the philosophical part. There's a difference between something being alive and it being a human life.

    • Celtero

      Viruses aren't considered alive because they cannot reproduce with each other.

      Fetus has an immune system and therefore can respond to stimuli, along with other ways I'm not going to look for because I know you'll just be stubborn some more.

      ... They can't reproduce... seriously, are you retarded? They're not sexually mature bud. A 5 year old can't reproduce either but that doesn't mean they're not alive. Ironically, even fetuses start creating their reproductive cells when they're still in the womb. Your mum's eggs were made when she was in the womb herself.

      And that last term you're looking for is "sentience", my dude.

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