How I see Virus 19 here in America

How I see Virus 19 here in America

There are 350,000,000 Americans.

If 10% of them got Virus 19 and died , that would be 35,000,000 million deaths.

If 1% died ,that would be 3,500,000 deaths.

Only 100,000 have actually died , that is 0.00028571 % and we close down economy and life? That is stupid, crazy, overreacting , and over reaching. Again if you are going to shut down economy over these numbers, you can never again have an economy. There are far worse things spreading among us all right now. Aids is far more reaching than this virus ,so lets shut down anyone having sex.

I just can't believe people are letting the media ruin their lives like this. I always said Media planned to blame Trump for this so Biden can win the election and once again I will be proven correct.

Our New Flag if Liberals and Media have their way!
Our New Flag if Liberals and Media have their way!

The virus has spiked and on the way down, but they won't show curve downwards on chart, which reminded me of election night when Media refused to call Florida for Trump. He won it four hours earlier, but they just could not call it for Trump, when they wanted Hillary so to win so bad. Yes the media would love economy to fail. The media and other Democrats like China's system , one party rule, concentration camps, and Gov't run corporations . They need the economy to fail and blame capitalism and free market principles, and need all small businesses to fail. We will have no individualism in this country, no free speech, and no guns, only one child per couple. Yes abortion is a great tool to control the population, just like China. No religions , environment will be out God now. Cameras everywhere to spy on the citizens and social point system to determine who succeeds and who doesn't . Government agents (handlers) that will be your neighbors to report back to Government on what you have been doing.

How I see Virus 19 here in America

I told you so:

The media will not let this virus die . Already , they are saying it is going to rebound and kill all of us yet. This virus must last until election day , so Trump can lose. It must, it just must. They need economy to collapse because that is Trump's strength and they know it. They failed with Russia vote stealing(it was invented by Hillary Camp), then Pro quo of Ukraine(which was Biden not Trump) failed, The sex with porn stars failed, the "Trumped " up Impeachment with no evidence failed , now they are after his tax returns again, and they have Virus 19 to destroy economy (which is going to fail also) .

We know FBI lied , cheated ,and tricked Judges to spy on Trump campaign all to help Hillary win. The Rule of Law was destroyed in the process.

I just wanted to do the math here because so many here (liberals) are saying more than 1% have died. I can tell you that 100,000 have not actually died from virus. They are counting everyone that dies a victim of the virus. Hospitals get more funds when they do.

I also love the way the media censors anyone that tells the truth about the virus. Doctors that say it is not a big of a threat as media makes you believe. The doctors that tell you that masks do nothing to stop spread or keep you from getting it.

If you compare total population to individual deaths , it is like drip of water compared to the ocean. There have been many diseases that have killed more of the population than this virus and we never shut down economy. Obama had Ebola and SARS when he was President . Where was all the liberals and media calling for economy to be shut down?

Lets quit being wimps , cowards, weak minded, and biased against one man and open the economy and get back to being Americans. Life goes on. When one person dies , one is born(if liberals don't get a crack at killing them). When a family member dies , do we shut everything down , do we dig a hole and bury ourselves? No we must go forward and live life to the fullest.

This is my My Take .

How I see Virus 19 here in America
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  • Flower7
    These were some interesting ideas.

    The cameras everywhere thing seems to have already happened.

    I don't understand what the media's purpose is of wanting people to wear masks when doctors say they don't help.
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    • that was what most said at beginning , then they under pressure changed it

    • Flower7

      I do know that at first, it was being said that no one needed to wear masks unless they had the virus. Then they changed to saying that everyone needs to wear one every time they go in public.

    • news was saying it wouldn't help, then said it would

  • Secret6620
    GREAT Take! 🎀
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    • Thank you Lovely ;)

    • No probs πŸ˜ŽπŸ––πŸ€“

    • Live long and prosper my cute little friend

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  • Sevenpointfive
    i say survival of the fittest. it's not like elderly people are out and about, but precautions should remain especially if you are a caretaker for old people. that's my myTake
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  • WCWMondayNitro
    You are right and the economy got ruined and the stock market was manipulated all because this is the beginning of the New World Order.
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    • Most here won't agree with you

    • Most here are as dumb as a rock. It doesn't make sense they shut down small businesses yet a packed place like Walmart or Home Depot could still stay in business. If it was about the virus that would not have happened.

    • They wanted to kill those small businesses they want the middle class gone and while the middle class is still not gone this did damage that will not be repaired.

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  • NaultD
    And there's only 919,559 hospital beds in America to take care of all hospital visits. So go fuck yourself if you think 3,500,000 deaths is in any acceptable.

    That's the power of exponential growth in 30 days. This virus is exceeding that infection rate and is going on for over a year and will still grow more and more. Once we hit that 3,500,000 million deaths it's not going to stop but will continue to go faster and faster.
    • 1) that many have not died , 678,000 which we also know is over inflated. No that is a drip of water in the ocean

      2) We don't side effects of vaccines , and we won't for 10 years.
      3) There are plane crashes, should there be no planes flying? Death is a common thing , live to deal with it.

  • goaded
    This turned up in my feed. How do you feel now it's well over half a million Americans dead, and the ICUs in mostly Republican states are full?
    • Obama destroyed healthcare system. They can't handle all the shootings in Chicago. That is not Covid. Hospitals are too small to handle anything. No money for new hospitals. Thanks to Obama.

    • goaded


  • Yads_Is_Back
    Nice! Smart take, my friend
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