Social Distancing in the Corona Virus Apocalypse

Social Distancing in the Corona Virus Apocalypse

There is nothing that anyone on this earth has simultaneously experienced on a global level aside from this pandemic. We've had other outbreaks, but none on a global scale. As a result of no vaccinations or cures, we've mainly all had to practice the fine art of social distancing---which basically means we have to stay the F away from one another to avoid catching Corona Virus or Covid-19.

I remember at the start of the year seeing the movie "Five Feet Apart," and thinking how difficult that would be mentally and emotionally to have to constantly be aware that getting close to someone for the rest of your life, could mean your death from something as little as a common cold. Surprise, here we all are now.

Social Distancing in the Corona Virus Apocalypse

It's officially been 12 days now, since I've been practicing social distancing and self-isolation with the exception of one crack of dawn trip to the grocery store per week. I live with chronic illness, so everyone around me has been very mindful of my health and respecting that. I've been diligently maintaining space from everyone but my immediate family that are doing the same. I think I've now come to the point where I'm at the resigned acceptance of it all. I already had to cancel my vacation this year to visit my nephews and in so doing, missed both of their birthdays. I've also missed my best friends birthday because she had to cancel all her plans. As a family, we've cancelled all of our Easter plans which consist of a large family picnic and church every year (the church has already closed it's doors).

Social Distancing in the Corona Virus Apocalypse

There is nothing to do and no where to go anyway even if I wanted to. Literally everything aside from some businesses have shut their doors. It's a ghost city of 6 million ghost souls. Even after hurricanes, the next day, life has resumed for the most part as people generally tend to start piecing things back together, but you don't even hear regular noise outside with this. I'm normally and introvert who works from home, but a large part of my work life balance because I do work multiple jobs, is turning off screens and then getting outdoors and going to events with friends in my off time. Now, not having any sort of balance in that respect, has made me a bit stir crazy.

Social Distancing in the Corona Virus Apocalypse

Like most, I've taken to doing all the projects I've said for 2 years needed to be done. Thankfully I know how to cook really well, so I'm basically at a point where I'm on my way to becoming an executive chef. I've Netflixed and Hulu'd, I exercise, I connect through text or Face Time family, I work incessantly on purpose between my two jobs, I'm limiting my exposure to the doom and gloom of the news. Hell, at this point, even doing my taxes seems exciting! But, even with all of that taking up brain space, I cannot help but miss seeing people walking the streets, or everyday social life, and being able to touch or hug or kiss without fear or trepidation. I miss my family A LOT and my friends, many whom I have not actually seen in person in over a month because before they were busy and now you can't see them! Irony!

So how are you handling things? Are you on a mandated lock down? Free to roam? Self-Isolating? How are you coping?

Social Distancing in the Corona Virus Apocalypse
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Even though we have yards surrounding our house, we run & walk our dogs out on the streets, opened trails & beach access while avoiding groups. Soon after we're out of our gates, we see cops during our runs and they don't seem to mind that we go out together as a pair with our dogs. Since they already know we're a couple, they don't tell us to distance ourselves from each other. After greeting them, they'd tell us spots to stay away from in order to avoid getting cited by other law enforcement.

    Although there are lots of things we can do at home on our own, we miss having our family & friends over. Meanwhile, they're going bananas being kept their distance away from us. It also makes me wonder if some of them actually miss us or just our possessions. Hmmm... Lol. Anyway, we occasionally go on video conferencing and have chats with food & drinks in our respective homes while pretending we're altogether since it looks that way on the screens. It's kinda frustrating but it'll have to do for now.
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  • I was going a little crazy in the beginning but I quickly adapted. I’ve found thing to keep me busy, improve myself, and finally be able to relax for the first time in years.
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    • Anonymous

      Good. I think for most, we had to give it a second to allow a mental shift to happen and to re-arrange schedules we are so used to following, and adapt to the totally new and different.

    • Exactly, it’s a lot different than what we busy people are used to

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  • I'm just chilling at home I'm not a person that is very social anyway. I'm just working from home and working around the house at the moment. Working in the garden and cleaning, stuff like that. Also I think about my life a lot and do introspection, that's somehing I always do but now I have more time for it haha.

    I've really liked the quarantine time so far. I am sometimes a bit confused about interacting with my housemates now that we're spending even more time together. I feel like I mess up a lot ^^ but it'll be ok.
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    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you've found a lot of positive in this which is good.

    • Lynx122

      Yeah but I'm also lucky I live in a nice place with great people so that makes it a lot better :)

  • Anonymous
    I have a couple of underlying conditions that would give me a 10% chance of death, if I got infected and had access to hospital services.
    I have been self isolating, but it's hard. Day 21 now, and about every 5 days or so, I've gone outside for a short period of time. I keep justifying it to myself, but the fact is I'm on my own and need some sort of contact with people. Mental health is just as important as physical health.
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    • Anonymous

      A lot of people have gone to stay with friends or family during this time just to avoid being alone. I'm generally fine being alone, but that's when you have choice and freedom and can move about. When you're literally isolated day in and day out, it can be very tough. Maybe if you can, go out a bit more. We need the sun on our skin and fresh air, so try for a walk and just see people in passing and try to face time someone or find an online group in your area who are going through the same thing.

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  • coffeewithcream
    World-wide pandemics have happened before.

    One hundred years ago cinemas were closed, people wore masks, people were diagnosed in make-shift hospitals, were quarantined in their homes, people wore masks. In some cities, like Seattle, wearing masks when going out was required. Seattle was in lockdown for six weeks.
    American manufacturing dropped by 23%, indicating many factories closed up.
    After many thought the worst was over and the pandemic had run its course, the pandemic had a second wave, much more deadly, by far. Then there was a third wave, taking more lives.
    There was no internet then. Isolating was lonely. The telephone was in use by few homes, mostly urban. Most rural homes didn't have a telephone, or electricity. Photographs taken of rural farm people in 1918-19 show they wore masks, even when no one was near, indicating people were unsure and afraid.
    People who survived the 1918-19 pandemic said their world changed after. People visited each other less. There were fewer social occasions.
    Articles on the 1918-19 pandemic are available to read.
    I won't mention the Black Death, but you can look that one up, too.
    • Anonymous

      I've mentioned this in conversation several times and get blank stares. I personally barely remember this being mentioned in school. This is why we will apparently never learn, like with the wars of the world. We are actually far worse off now then we were back then because travel is almost universal now among all continents and people so something that social distancing probably would have nullified much more quickly in the Flu Pandemic and certainly in the terms of the Black Death era, is now a herculean task especially in America where people value freedom above all else so telling them to stop working and socializing is the antithesis of all that we are.

  • FGaines18
    I was already a huge introvert so my routine didn't change much at all. I go to graduate school online and work online which is great. The only things that suck is my sleep routine is a little messed up. Also, my family keeps running in and out of our house so it's making me feel less safe.
    • Anonymous

      That's cool, well minus the sleep issues. Hopefully you can convince the family to stay put.

  • Massageman
    Our town is in "shelter in place" mode. Food stores, hardware stores, restaurants (to-go/delivery only), and "essential" businesses are open. Several places designated early morning hours as "senior hours" so- like you- I get some food and get back home!

    And like you, I've been doing all sorts of little projects in the house. Soon I will be planting a garden and getting some exercise that way.
  • Gedaria
    Personally I find it quite easy living on my own. I go down to the shops when it's quiet. Get my bits and pieces. And go home. I have everything in my house that I need
    Usually I do a lot on the internet and what's app. girlfriend she is in Canada so we cat when she is available, being 8hrs different, I sometimes get to bed about 5am. I'm self employed do not fixed to any work times...
  • KrakenAttackin
    Social Distancing in the Corona Virus ApocalypseThis data only has Italy, but the numbers from China are very similar. This is where the U. S. and UK will be in a week or two. The "Case Fatality Rate" is between 5.5% and 7.2%.
    The ONE bright spot is that no children have died from COVID-19
    • _gigi18

      a lot of people in Italy died because they smoke like chimneys

    • @_gigi18 As did many in China and many will die in the U. S. and elsewhere for the same reason.

    • @_gigi18 Also, younger people who "vape" are at higher risk of experiencing critical symptoms.

  • NatalieKeller95
    the apocalypse would be more like a 5 second thing and then everything would be over like that, like thanos snapping, but instead of Thanos it's God that's doing it
  • MrMntMan
    Spanish flu of 1919 killed an estimated 50 million worldwide
    • crazy8000

      And the population was about 1.7 billion.

      Today is the population about 7.7 billion.
      With a couple of thousand dead.
      Less then pig flu 2009.

      People have list their logic. get scared for minor thing's that most people gonna get anyway. how would it be if it should get a outbreak of something with more then 50% death rate. should they die of fear then.

      It's pretty ironic.
      When society standards get above a certain standard people creates unnecessary fears and problems that isn't just to have it instead of focus on living life and developing it more.

    • @crazy8000 People usually do not see the big picture, in a way it is hard because for some the close one die, but statistically speaking I totally agree with your line of thoughts there

    • Anonymous

      So what is your solution to this current pandemic? We all go out there and get back to our normal lives and allow this thing to basically spread exponentially and clog up every hospital in the country and have people back in and out of work as they get sick or have to stay home to take care of the ill, and continue to have our death toll rise....but to what end? Listing data points is not an actual solution to any of the issues we're having now. You might be healthy as an ox, but god forbid you get in a car accident and get sent to a hospital already choked with sick corona virus patients, and then what? There are a lot of people that shoot out those numbers....well look how many people have died of this, but no one actually has a realistic way of how we can get the country rolling again in good faith or make this work.

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  • Warmapplecrumble
    Next you'll need to distance your brain and from your body, 6.66 feet will be the distance. 😑 I wonder how many will hop along.
  • genericname85
    11.000 deaths in the US doesn't sound like an "apocalypse" to me at all. specially not since in 8 months in the us roughly 2.000.000 people die anyway. you gotta see the numebrs in relation.
  • Littlemissbrat
    Why are people so overdramatic? 😂it's probably all the extroverts. I'm perfectly fine as an introvert.
  • existential_laments
    That's not quite right. There have been pandemics throughout history. The black plague wiped out a third, or possibly even up to over half of the known world in the dark ages.
  • themomo84
    As an introvert I am in heaven. Alas, I am also working. I read quite a bit and need alone time a lot.
  • Unit1
    COVID-19 or not, I feel complete indifference.
    Because I've been enslaved for pretty much my life long (being paid either nothing or so little, that it's enough to not be hungry throughout the days and not being without a roof to share with some loser), earning my way towards my own personal freedom. It's been the same every day. Isolated. Work. Study. Sleep. Repeat. What a life.

    But at 25 I am starting to see a bigger change than the usual small changes. I get paid more. I eat more. I buy more things.
  • _Stefan_
    Not sure if you understand the term "Pandemic" as it just refers to geography, not severity.
  • welshkiwi1994
    NZ will be in a nation-wide lockdown for a month from 11:59pm tonight.
    • That's insane.. Nz makes better health precautions than ozland

  • Kayla45
    I feel the same way
  • helplessLady
    I from UK. We already in locked down.
  • Drtrang
  • Anonymous
    I'm definitely not enjoying it just like everyone else is
  • Anonymous
    I still have to go to work because I work in the welfare department and am not able to work from home. To be honest, I would much prefer to not leave the house unless I had to at a time like this mainly because I dont wanna get sick. At the same time though I am the minority who still is able to continue to go to work and maintain some sort of normality in the middle of all this craziness