The Struggles of Being Self-Employed During the Corona Virus Apocalypse

The Struggles of Being Self-Employed During the Corona Virus Apocalypse

In a matter of two weeks time, many freelancers, gig workers, and those that own their own businesses, watched all their customers disappear like the wind along with the money in their pockets. Many had businesses shut down by government order, others have businesses like hair dressing, which saw customers too afraid to come in because of close contact, and others due to the trickle down effect of major events, travel, and entertainment businesses having to close, losing contracts and money left and right.

I have two such businesses where two weeks ago it was non-stop busy and I went from calls, appointments, clients, and sales, to now, dead silence. How does one shoot a wedding for example, if no one can gather in groups over ten and the wedding venues have had to shut down and cancel weddings to begin with? How does one sell clothing to people who won't be traveling, vacationing, clubbing, or going to any weddings for the next couple of months. The answer is you don't.

The Struggles of Being Self-Employed During the Corona Virus Apocalypse

I am in disbelief as are so many others out there who are going through serious crisis because not only do they have to worry about themselves and their families, but employees if they have them. I'm used to lean months due to the nature of both businesses and off seasons, but those are ones you prep and plan for. You're not ready for the entire world to shut down on a Tuesday with no end date in site.

I'm lucky in that I headed a friends warning years ago after he lost his job suddenly, to have back up jobs/income. I do have a third job which will have to tide me over and an extremely supportive family who has never let a family member in need, go without help, but I know so many do not have that and they are worried about eviction, car payments, insurance, upcoming taxes, putting food on the table and when they will next be able to see any money coming in let alone if they will still have jobs at the end of this while hoping there will be an end to this soon.

The Struggles of Being Self-Employed During the Corona Virus Apocalypse

Please pay attention to all these warnings to stay home, or wash hands, or not gather in large groups to help stop the spread the virus because for many, the virus may not kill them, but they will be hurting for longer extended periods of time the longer people keep getting sick and prolonging the need to have these protective measures in place.

The Struggles of Being Self-Employed During the Corona Virus Apocalypse
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  • GraveDoll
    very sad indeed. and not even sure how we can flatten anything right now.

    But I know here in the states if we had acted according I think we could have had better plans for it.

    I mean at this point the government has no talk of long term measures or what going on with the science of xyz. Just all about their benefits and what "they" are losing screw the rest of us and things to help the nation's i guess.

    Personally. let say people go back to work I still will not spend my money becasue i know that virus is still lurking and i would not eat the food etc. My mother is on dialyse and I dont want anything to happen to her or other family members. Im fortunate to still go to work and to own my condo and have plenty of family as well and your so so right many people dont.

    Right now i just see a falling economy at it worst...

    hugs to you and sorry im not more upbeat the grief with this ordeal is surreal sometimes.
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  • supercutebutt
    I guess a silver lining to this virus is that it will teach people to save money in case of an emergency. My uncle always told me from a young age to make sure i had "fuck you money." So that if you get fired or laid off you will be able to tell your employer "fuck you!" This also works if you aren't valued where you work. You can tell your boss "fuck you!" and then walk out the door. And of course, this works for a nasty virus, too. Fuck you, virus! Too many people live paycheck to paycheck. That's a scary way to live. So be sure to save some money everybody! :)
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  • ivbnlknfru
    Yes its a huge struggle here as a contractor service business, things were slow about 2 months ago and gradually rose to a comfortable level and was getting busy. Then this, it was like driving off a cliff. Job cancellations, estimates cancelled, no inspections available to continue current projects everything has stopped except the bills, they are still coming...😔
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    • Anonymous

      Do you think a Trump check will actually help? I mean money is money, but one rent check is already over a thousand dollars for a lot of people, let alone having to use it to cover business losses.

    • ivbnlknfru

      No check for me... it only goes to employees of companies with more than 50 employees and less than 500... i am self employed and do sales for a company of 12 employee's so i am S. O. L...😔

    • Anonymous

      There is so much back and fourth on this, but I think there are two versions of for small business and potentially larger businesses that may very well skip over you and one for just being a tax paying citizen which you would be eligible for.

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  • blutwolfe
    well I already fell down due to winter slowing down so I ended up getting another job, and just in time because coronavirus would of shut that down, but this other job I got pretty much considered essential personnel so we can't be shut down
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    • Anonymous

      Great timing for sure.

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  • lightbulb27
    totally agree and so glad you write that. I'm SE as well and things actually picked up, but I can't do some of the work since it is out of the house!

    There are other jobs out ther as the economy shifts, so you could go for something else if you don't have backup funds. For me... I'm leaving those jobs for others who are less fortunate to have savings in place. since there are limited jobs, the people who need them to survive should take them.
    imagine trying to start something up in the month of March...
    • Anonymous

      Oh gosh, right. That and if your business was already in trouble but you were making it and then this hit, it IS going to be the nail in the coffin for a lot of businesses.


  • Jamie05rhs
    I hate to break it to you, but what "flattering the curve" actually means is that this will go on for a longer period of time, not a shorter one. You want to flatten the curve so that hospitals have the ability to treat all of the patients.
  • Sugar100
    I moved to a new city began a job I really liked 3 weeks ago now been a week with no work. I have an online clothing business but still it’s small and I just began to save my $200 sales. I still refuse to touch it. locked in room all day.
  • mattmanyah2
    I work at a computer repair shop that is closed and I buy and sell low end cars. It is so weird right now no one is test driving.
  • Massageman
    My wife and I are health care workers, a counselor and massage therapist respectively. After satisfactory answers to questions about their travels, I would still massage most people with some added precautions.
    As a counselor, my wife can now do phone/facetime/skype appointments.

    I would suggest that "homeworkers" start an Etsy account for things that can be easily mailed or transmitted via internet, or sell things on-line for delivery. People are going to need things shipped in more than ever.
  • joshctlee
    My cleaning business is thriving with the corona virus, woo-boy! Everyone and their mother wants a good sanitizer ion.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    It's not the virus that's making me sick being away from my business is making me.
  • Liam_Hayden
    It is worse in California where AB5 killed off 95% of gig work as of January 1.
    • October808

      I read about this on Rat Race Rebellion.

  • Daniel3035
    Make yourself better not bitter.
    • Anonymous

      Where is the bitter here? Stating facts.

    • Daniel3035

      And there's the problem.

    • Anonymous

      What problem?

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    It's very unfortunate indeed.
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    The risks of freelance.
  • Erica1
    The struggle
  • Djaay
    What type of buisness are you conducting?
  • blondfrog
    Thankfully I am still employees at both my jobs.
  • Anonymous
    I'm semi self employed. The "backups" I have are gone as well, as they're considered "not important." The start of the year has been a slow point for me as it is, so for better or for worse, I've been smart enough to try to save, which helps, (and not going out at all cuts down on spending), but it's still not easy. Being self employed, if the work isn't popular and you're not known is really tough.

    I had three decent sized jobs lined up for March/April. A lot of cash now down the tubes. Two had a quiet, partial opening (limited to drive-through), so who knows if or when that's going to happen. Are people still going to want to go out those first few weeks when the governments SAY the coast is clear or will it take a long time to get back to normal? Who knows?

    In past years, I've gotten a lot of high school events, which is now out, and grad parties may be gone. It's going to be a tough year unless things pick up in summer or fall. I'm trying to come up with a way to work virtually, and I'm trying to see it as a positive - a challenge or opportunity, but it's been a really trying few months in a long series of difficult years.
    • Anonymous

      My heart definitely goes out to you. The American dream is for individuals to create something they are able to make money from and be able to stand on their own two feet but there is absolutely nothing you could have planned for in terms of thinking ahead to when a friggin' pandemic hits and wipes out now up to 32% of the job market in one fell swoop, and that includes jobs where people worked for an employer. As you said, the good thing is you had some savings, but I fear as you probably already do, that it's going to take some time for people to get back to it because the day you get the a-ok to go back out again, a lot of people will have to just try to work some crazy hours to try to put more money into their accounts to pay bills that may all be suddenly coming at once due to "the generosity" of say a landlord not charging rent for a couple months but then requiring all the back rent so if your job or jobs are considered something extra that a person doesn't need for their survival, it may be a while for those in those type of self-employed sectors to see money rolling in again. Best of luck to you. We'll all need it!

  • Anonymous
    I heard there's supposed to be some kind of financial stimulus from the Donald.