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What if feminism is actually right? What if it’s the saviour of humanity?

A new dawn of a new world maybe?
A new dawn of a new world maybe?

So I can’t sleep and my brain is active and here I am. This is strictly my opinion of course.
With all the controversy around feminism I thought I’d share myTake.
For me - feminism promotes honesty amongst women. Women no longer need men to provide for them and to “look after them” and so it means men will or should receive honesty in return. So because men aren’t needed for their economic value then they’ll get turned down more. Because women realise they have a voice they’ll be more inclined to enforce boundaries and give proper consent. We won’t see any disgusting abuse of women by men in positions of power and influence. Gone would be the days of say Harvey Weinstein and rightly they should.

They would be gone because a woman wouldn’t need to have to get into such a situation. A movie producer would be honest and it might even be another woman.

I remember during my time as a Christian I was curious - with the rampant sexism in the Christian denomination I was in (this is my opinion remember, based on my experience) - I thought “why did God make women with intelligence if they’re meant to just stand closer to the sink/do the dishes and cooking for a man?”
Why did God do that? Is it some kind of sick joke? Of course not

Women have agency and value. Women are humans too. Women have intelligence and some woman somewhere may have the cure for cancer. She may be the breakthrough we need.

But she won’t get to where she’s needed because she has to dodge toxic men or she’s stuck being a mother to a grown man.

This is why I believe that if feminism is promoted and encouraged we will see difference. We will see the world that we all want or close to it - a world where people are being honest and transparent and open

Finally - feminism benefits men as well because a woman can be honest with them. They don’t have to worry about the guessing game if she likes me or if she doesn’t. The woman can come up to them and say “hey! I like you” even more because she’s free to do so.

Perhaps also a man may see that him giving a woman money isn’t “simping” but it’s supporting her. Perhaps also he may see that if he gives a woman money he’s saying to her in some way “I am prepared to invest in you and if we have children I’m prepared to stay around and invest in them”. Perhaps also he can give the money out of kindness and genuineness - not just for entertainment or for him as a door to get in her pants or to try to

Finally, perhaps we will do without the “friend zone” and we will have men actually wanting to be friends with a woman instead of being angry that they don’t get sex.

Perhaps it’s time we take a different look at feminism

What if feminism is actually right? What if it’s the saviour of humanity?
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  • Anonymous
    This was obviously not written by a man, because every man who has lived in this world for 25-29 years knows with certainty from experience that feminism is not about any of the things you've said here. Not at all. Feminism is about female power over men and about dividing the sexes. Here's a good example...

    "... feminism benefits men as well because a woman can be honest with them. They don’t have to worry about the guessing game if she likes me or if she doesn’t. The woman can come up to them and say “hey! I like you” even more because she’s free to do so".

    What? Feminism has not done any such thing. Women still take a passive role in dating and still expect men to approach them, ask them out and pay for the date. Why? Because they can, and it's their nature to do just that. And that nature is never going to change. Women were always free to show they were interested in a man, and they don't do it any more today than they ever did.

    There is no benefit to men here. Are there some small ways in which feminism has helped men? Probably, they they are SO FAR OUTWEIGHED by all the negatives so as to be insignificant in comparison. If you were a man you would have known that

    This question was obviously not written by a man.
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    • This is not what feminism is. You are describing misandry. The feminist school of thought is equality among both sexes. This has been lost in translation over the years, but you are still describing misandry.

    • Anonymous

      @princess--mcs Feminism and misandry are one and the same today.

      That wasn't the case many years ago, at least not to the extent it is now, but it is certainly the case today. We need to judge feminism based on what it is, not what it used to be, what it should be, or what we wish it was.

      Feminism is what it is, and unfortunately that is misandry.

    • Like I said: The **school of thought** of feminism is equality. You don't have to throw my words back in my face because I even said that it has gotten lost in translation.

      And you're not completely correct. You can't look at every person who says they're a feminist and assume they hate men or think they're above them. Just like you can't look at every cop and assume they're a bad person. There are rotten eggs in every grouping of people.

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  • edanoleo
    Women want to feel empowered, but they still want men to play their traditional role. The problem is that that world doesn't exist anymore. How are men supposed to impress you, provide for you, make you feel safe, etc. when we're regularly told "I don't need you" and "I can do it all myself"? No, you don't get to be empowered, yet still expect men to pay for all your dinners/drinks and drop $15k to put a

    ring on it. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

    I'm confused now... don't women want to be equal? Why don't they change the tire? Why is that expected from us? Why don't they work in mines? Why don't they go to a battle? Why don't they work at construction sites? Why don't they approach us and ask us to go to bed with them? Pay us a drink? Aren't we all "equal"?

    You want equal rights until it's time to actually be equal. re-state://background_color_rgba (0, 0, 0, 0), font_color_rgb (0, 0, 0), justifyLeft
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  • amyba
    If you are a man please do grow balls you are kisses our female ass too much it makes me cringe... the only saviour is jesus stop worshiping woman
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  • Celtero
    No. It's good for people to be treated equally under the law, but feminism frames the world in a way that all men are oppressors and all women are oppressed.

    It ignores so much history and context of human society.

    It deliberately misrepresents information to make gains for women in an arbitrary effort to be "equal." It does not care for the overall happiness or health of our society.

    If it did, women's happiness wouldn't have decreased over the past 50 years.
  • darkcloud1945
    Just a thought raised R/C so we heard of the Father Son and Holy Spirit. There are two assigned male gender nothing to the third. Anyone think it just might be female. I'm just saying. What a novel thought frightening is it not !!! LOL
  • Mossberg500
    Well, I didn't read all of that cause the title is ridiculous. I imagine you're not a religious person. Which is probably why you endorse degenerate cuckery.

    Like.. LGBT, like Darkies... Give them an inch and they take a thousand miles.

    Feminism already attained equality years ago. Nowadays it's just pathetic excuse to hate men. Is misogyny ok do you think? I imagine you'd say no. So don't promote misandry.. there's already more than enough. Any feminist who might read this can kiss both middle fingers, cause I would never subject myself to being below a woman in standing.
  • bamesjond0069
    I see your name is blue but do you even have balls? 🤔 wtf is wrong with you?
  • 573ff7h3k1d
    I think feminism is right. Women should get paid the same wage as their male counterparts. Women should have the same access to leading positions as their male counterparts. Women should have the same choice between career or family life or both as their male counterparts. Women should be represented in the public (media, politics, science) to the same degree as their male counterparts. Sexual advances should only be okay if all parties actively give their consent. I could go on but I hope you get my point. I still don't believe it's the lone saviour of humanity. We got other problems too.
  • Anonymous
    What if feminism is actually right?
    What if feminism is the savior of humanity?
    What if cats barked?
    What if you were a man?

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