Königsberg and the revenge of Prussia


Yeah I know, it sounds like the title of a Steven Spielberg movie but in reality it’s a historic fact. The story is centered in a City originally called Königsberg(now called Kaliningrad) which is located by the Baltic Sea. The story of this city is quite sad and is a perfect example of why communism is called a destroyer of cultures. However, the Prussians did leave a parting “gift” that humiliated the commies.

Königsberg castle during WWI
Königsberg castle during WWI

The City Königsberg founded in 1255 originally belonged to the Prussians(modern day Germans) but it was also a multicultural city that hosted various other European ethnic groups like Poles, Russians, Lithuanians etc. The flourishing city would remain in Prussian and German possession up until 1945 when it was overrun by the red army. The German army managed to hold off the red army for about 3 months(late January through early April 1945), buying enough time for many German civilians to flee from Königsberg via train and Ship. The red army captured the city on April 9 1945. What followed for the destroyed city would be absolutely despicable.

Königsberg castle 1945
Königsberg castle 1945

After the reds captured the city; they mistreated the civilians who stuck around, plundered, looted and vandalized. But the biggest disgrace wouldn’t happen until 1968 when the Soviets(on Brezhnev’s orders) would destroy the ruins of the Königsberg castle, a castle that was built in 1255. A castle that has been there for centuries demolished in the blink of an eye. And to add insult to injury the commies would build headquarters for the new communist regime in it’s place. But little did the commies know that the spirit of Prussia was still there and would have none of that commie nonsense.

Konigsberg castle above, “House of the Soviets” below
Konigsberg castle above, “House of the Soviets” below

So after the Soviet authorities destroyed what remained of konigsberg castle, they erected a big ugly building called the “house of the Soviets”. Too bad for them, they picked a swampy most to build it, with various subterranean tunnels of the old castle. This proved to be very bad for the “house of the Soviets” as it started to suffer damage and became unstable. By the time they erected the building, it was too late. The Soviets had not choice but to stop construction of the building and cancel their plans to turn it into their own headquarters. Even today in 2020, the vacant “house of the Soviets” is still there as a reminder of what happens when you try to destroy culture. A big ugly piece of commie architecture that could collapse at any moment due to it’s architectural errors.

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Königsberg and the revenge of Prussia
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  • WoodChopper
    Prussians are NOT "modern day Germans", they were originally a Baltic nation related to Latvians and Lithuanians (see Old Prussians and Balts).
    They were occupied by Germans and lots of them were assimilated (see Germanisation).
    Indigenous Prussian language wasn't even similar to German (see Old Prussian language).
    Prussians who have preserved their ethnic and national identity still exist, and they don't like Germans, they are trying to revive their old language (see Prussian reconstructionism).
    In short, when USSR freed Prussia from the nazi Germany, they should have restored Prussian language and give them their own republic, however, they didn't do it, they turned Prussia into a part of Russia - They just replaced the role of previous occupiers (invaders).

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balts en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germanisation#In_Prussia
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    • Typo, this page didn't open in the previous post: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balts

    • This is the flag of the Baltic Prussians: Königsberg and the revenge of Prussia

      This is what the real Prussian language sounds like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dppCZDU7Zjg

    • Old Prussian isn’t low or high Prussian which are German dialects. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_Prussian_dialect


      And no the Soviets didn’t “liberate” the Prussians, they merely expelled the German civilians and replaced them with Soviet citizens, mostly Russians.

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  • MarkRet
    It’s sad what the Soviets did to Konigsberg Castle. It looked almost as cool as Neuschwanstein Castle. That’s communists for you, they try to create some “worker’s paradise”, but they end up creating a monstrosity that has no soul.

    I was aware that the original Prussians were not German, and sad for what was done to them, but I heard that the people that the Soviets moved to Prussia were ethnic Germans from Russia who were so Russianized for generations that they didn’t even think of themselves as German anymore.
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  • anon1903
    Cool history, man. If only you could sneak me notes in upcoming exams
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  • Bismarck_96
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  • monkeynutts
    Yeah that building is the pits, they should have used one of their space engineers to design it, then maybe it would have had half a chance of being a useful and functional structure.
  • Waffles731
    Meh, my German Ancestors had the right idea about leaving Germany in the 1800s.
    • @Waffles731
      At least the “forty eighters” still embraced their German heritage.

    • Yeah, we saw how meaningless our German Heritage is when my family member serving with the U. S Army in Europe in WW2 participated in the liberation of a concentration camp.

    • @Waffles731

      Far from “meaningless”. It can be argued that German immigrants contributed a lot more to America than the Anglo Saxons (English) did. Not to mention they managed to amalgamate their culture with American culture.

      Heck, it was a Prussian General who reformed the continental army into an effective fighting force, who is still honored today. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gp83W76QE3A

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  • Lliam
    Very sad.

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