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I've been reading these comments about MGTOW and the problem is that MGTOW has been placed in a vacuum that is isolated in its environment. People have been saying vile things about MGTOW because they are full of misconceptions about MGTOW. MGTOW is a response to feminism. Remember MGTOW is a response to feminism. It was feminism that fired the first shot.

Feminist quotes:

Feminist quotes 2:

Feminist quotes by themselves are nothing but when you have the law backing you that changes everything:

Women-only defenses-"Women who kill too much and the courts that free them: the twelve female-only defenses"-chapter 12, pgs.254-282 from the book "The Myth Of Male Power"(to keep this short we will only cover three)

1.The "innocent woman" defense "I am starting with the 'innocent woman defense' because it underlies all twelve defenses. At first I called this the 'Female Credibility Principle' because of the tendency to see women as more credible than men because of being thought more innocent. However, even when women admitted to making false allegations that they were raped or that their husbands abused them, for example, their admission that they lied was often not believed. Therefore the belief in the innocent woman ran even deeper than the tendency to believe women."

Farrell gives an example such as:

*Bessie Reese was angry that her husband was leaving her so she poisoned the lunches of her husband's traveling companion's children and those children died. Her husband's friend, James Richardson, was falsely convicted of killing his own children and sent to prison even though he had an alibi and he sat on death row for 21 years before being exonerated for the crimes. Reese had confessed to the crimes while he sat in prison but nobody believed her and she was no innocent little girl. She was set free after being found guilty of poisoning her first husband and guilty of shooting her second, only this time she did a short stint in jail. The only way Richardson was freed was on racial grounds (Reese is white and Richardson is black). Why was she never considered a suspect? Because the local sheriff was having an affair with her and covered up for her.

2.The PMS defense ("My body, no choice")

"In,1970, when Dr. Edgar Berman said women's hormones during menstruation and menopause could have a detrimental influence on women's decision making, feminists were outraged. He was soon served up as the quintessential example of medical male chauvinism. But by the 1980s, some feminists were saying that PMS was the reason a woman who deliberately killed a man should go free. In England, the PMS defense freed Christine English after she confessed to killing her boyfriend by deliberately ramming him into a utility pole with her car; and, after killing a co-worker, Sandie Smith was put on probation-with one condition: she must report monthly for injections of progesterone to control symptoms of PMS. By the 1990s, the PMS defense paved the way for other hormonal defenses. Sheryl Lynn Massip could place her 6-month old son under a car, run over him repeatedly, and, uncertain he was was dead, do it again, then claim postpartum depression and be given outpatient medical help. No feminist protested."

3.The husband defense "The film 'I love you to death' was based on a true story of a woman who tried to kill her husband when she discovered he had been unfaithful. She and her mom tried to poison him, then hired muggers to beat him and shoot him through the head. A fluke led to their being caught and sent to jail. Miraculously, the husband survived." The husband forgave her and her actions. In fact, a lot of husbands forgive their wives even when that husband has done nothing wrong.

Then there is this:

MGTOW explained
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  • DWornock
    MGTOW is no more than men realizing that relationships with women can be dangerous and harmful. For any reason or no reason, a woman can claim she was raped or sexually harassed and the man is in serious trouble regardless of the facts and if she is lying. And, women are never punished for lying. And, certainly, most everyone knows that almost all divorces are initiated by women and that the laws and family courts are heavily stacked against men.

    Since in many if not most male/female interactions and relationships for men the rewards are low and the punishment is high. Therefore, men who are far more logical than women are opting out. Sadly, most young men don't know that and never learn it until after the fact.
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    • Men can actually rape and hurt women like they say they are too. Only about 3% are false claims. My sister got into a very dangerous relationship with a guy. Ended up in a coma at the hospital. He tried to pull one over on gullible guys like you and say she made it all up. Someone saw him hurt her though.

    • DWornock

      @Shuttlebus78 Neither you nor I know the exact percentage, but false claims are much closer to 50% than 3%. The false Duke rape case proves that.

    • That’s 1 case. That does not equate to 50%. In fact, it’s sad that you hear of one or two and jump to 50% of all rape claims. Watch Audrie and Daisy to see what happens to women who come forward. That’s why most rapes aren’t even reported. But then guys like you will fault them for not coming forward only to call them liars when they do. Don’t stand up for rapists. It shows your weak character. I guarantee you don’t blame male rape victims and always believe them, do the same for women. I think women are better off without you anyways. What kind of a father would you make? You’re daughter, god forbid, or your son even, would be assaulted and you’d take the guy’s side who assaulted them. Yes I do know the numbers. I’m sure you’ll try to say men don’t lie about their claims of assault because you are biased and therefore no longer trustworthy enough to make important decisions.

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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    I wouldn't say it's strictly a response to feminism. It's more a reaction to particular cultural norms -- many of them also "traditional" in nature. But feminism features prominently in perpetuating these problematic features of society as well.
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    • @AllThatSweetJazz

      "It's more a reaction to particular cultural norms -- many of them also "traditional" in nature."

      If that were the case MGTOW would have sprung up sooner regardless of feminism. Which I believe is not the case. Feminism is heavily tied to MGTOW. As long as both parties respected tradition and were held to tradition there were no problems. It was when men were held accountable while women got a pass is when things went to hell.

    • There was that energy before feminism, it just reached a critical mass as feminism surged.
      Feminism has been a big influence on MGTOW and without it there would be no MGTOW, but it doesn't mean it was entirely a response to feminism. MGTOW aren't traditional either, so obviously they're not generally of the opinion that traditionalism was all fine and dandy.

    • @AllThatSweetJazz

      "There was that energy before feminism."

      I'm guessing alimony reform is a huge factor when it concerns reforms. I can understand that and I support alimony reform.

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  • PhilEvans
    MGTOW is just boys throwing a hissy fit that their generation are finding they have to treat women with more respect than their fathers did. It's dismissive of all the problems that women have had, and a refusal to actually address them.

    It's just the next phase of being an incel. Now they've realised that claiming the world owes them a virgin to sleep with isn't going to work, they're pretending that they never wanted anything to do with women.
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    • Minxxie

      That's a great point, it's like level one of incel initiation into their cult.

    • joeblow123


      Do you think this post will be the one that finally gets you laid? Just as long as you continue with your false "incel" accusations against me no one will notice your very real inadequacies and how you will never overcome them.

    • PhilEvans

      @joeblow123 I'm in a very happy relationship and have been for 6 years, but thanks for the offer. I respect my partner, she identifies as a feminist but has no problem with the way I treat her. We both have all the sex we want.

      For all your bitching that feminists hate men, it's not true. They're women the same as any others, they're just fed up with the kind of shit that people like you lump on them.

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  • Texaskid1
    MGTOW = Men going their own way.

    It means men that do not want to be bothered with relationships. Some might be angry at women but not all.

    I see the writing on the wall.

    I hear my male coworkers talk about how they have to pay alimony and child support , or how they lost the house and the savings account after the divorce or how they will lose a chunk of their retirement pension when they clock out in 30 years because of some women they were married to for a few years. I also hear my female colleges gloating over how much they get from alimony and child support. They buy a nice , new car , expensive cloths etc. Thanks to the sweat of their ex-husbands.

    I am polite to the women around me and nothing more. Beside that I keep my distance from them as I realize how much trouble they can be. Not to mention how other women and white knights will come to their add if they ever decide to go after you.

    I used to slay with the ladies and I get some digits here and there. But as of late women have become more intolerable , angry , and more apt to classify everything as harassment or worse rape - especially younger women.

    For any man in any Western democracy it is best to work , make your money , enjoy your life and just avoid marriage all together. Let other men marry if they chose. It will be there lives ( and finances) on the line.
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  • cth96190
    Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is a rational response to a social and legal environment that has been recrafted by Feminists to make it too dangerous for men to have any form of heterosexual interaction with women.
    Men (especially heterosexual white men) are discriminated against in every possible way in the law, education, employment and the media.
    When women, as a collective, make themselves physically repulsive (fat, tattooed, facial piercings, body hair, weird chemical hair colours), scream irrational hated at men 24/7 for 60 years, have divorce law changed so that men lose everything and are impoverished for life. . . then some women ask "where did all the good men go".
    The lack of awareness among women who are not insane Feminists is stellar.
    They appear to have little to no understanding of how hostile the environment has become for men.
    They appear to be unaware that the risk/cost/benefit equation for men who consider interaction with women has become so unfavourable that a normal heterosexual relationship falls within the risk profile that the military classifies as a suicide mission.
    The reason that women piss and moan about MGTOW is that they have such a sense of entitlement that they think men somehow owe it to them to take a greater than 50 per cent risk of destruction to make themselves ATMs and useful utilities for women, many of whom have spent the past 60 years vomiting hate over men.
    My question is, why should we?
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    • OddBeMe

      Is this a reaction to women getting more and more equality?

    • cth96190

      Are you genuinely that delusional, or are you trolling?

    • OddBeMe

      Maybe. But it’s a natural reaction when people gain rights. Those on top feel oppressed.

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  • Iknowbestgirls
    Hahahaha my dood!🤣 You are the definition of MGTOW. Loser virgin men that can't get woman so they just pretend to swearoff women and say that they don't need women when in reality your just losers that are mad you can't get laid!🤣🤣
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    • Holy shit you sound annoying, like tone it down a couple notches.

    • I don't like MGTOW either but you sound like a whole child here.

    • @Don-__-Don

      Why is it that you don't like MGTOW?

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  • BeefTarTar
    MGTOW is a bunch of circle jerks who can’t stand the idea of treating women like they are humans. Men we’re privileged for so long they thinks it’s unfair that they have to treat women and other minorities with dignity and respect.
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    • Yaaten

      If they don't treat us with dignity and respect, why should we? Women and other "minorities". Holy cow. Right, because 51% of the world's population (females) constitutes a minority. You obviously failed maths class in school.

    • @Yaaten many good women are mistreated because of it. That’s the problem. Many good women are generalized. That’s what I can’t stand about feminism. The generalizations. Same with this. I agree we do have it pretty good as men. There is nothing wrong with others being treated fairly. MGTOW men aren’t real men because they bully women. I hear more men bullying women than women bullying men.

    • Yaaten

      @Shuttlebus78 Yes, what you say here is true. Overall, I don't agree with the MGTOW boys in any case, even though they sometimes make a good point or two. Most of them are just far too nasty, so full of hate.

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  • extremelybored
    MGTOW is good, these guys deserve a space that isn't going to censored off of all forms of media for bringing up men's issues.
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  • Aiko_E_Lara
    MGTOW is no better than feminism. They're both trash. It's not that hard to say "I believe in equality" and that's that. I believe in equality that's why im neither a feminist nor an MGTOW.
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    • I agree

    • cth96190

      You said that MGTOW was 'trash'.
      I have yet to hear a rational argument against MGTOW.
      To date, all that I have heard was rubbish that was as devoid of facts and rational cognitive process as 'orange man bad'.

    • Oh that is the very exact argument that feminists always like to give. Aside from that being a no true scotsman fallacy, feminism and mgtow had been nothing more but a label. You get those advocators saying it's about equality, "fuck men/women", they are mgtow or feminists by choice, those people who don't support equality are not real feminist or mgtow or etc. You just want feminism or mgtow how you all wanted it to be but the label is that one thing you all have in common which is a gendered which is a gendered label and anything gender doesn't demonstrate equality and anything that can be extreme is equality. When equality is about equality, you just don't want to use that word but mgtow for feminism anyway which shows that you're just being salty to the opposite gender.

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  • Shuttlebus78
    Guys- this guy is full of crap. I looked into some facts and figures he quoted and they are completely false. How about search for truth instead of lies? Also- don’t be a simpleton and buy into bs. I was just called a White Knight because I found the truth out and said something. That’s the right thing to do. It appears none of you are into doing the right thing. Maybe that’s why you have no luck in life or relationships.
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  • OddBeMe
    Feminism is just equality of gender. Your movement is based on a dumb definition of feminism and your post is incredibly ironic.
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    • Yaaten

      How sad. A male who believes that Feminism is simply about equality. How childishly naive.

    • OddBeMe

      @Yaaten just think, feminists say: “How sad, mgtow is childlessly naive.”

    • Yaaten

      I don't care about MGTOW. From what I have been able to gather about them, they are just the male equivalent to the man-hating radical feminists.

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  • Marriedwith2
    Funny thing... MGTOW is obsessed with their hatred of women and must scream it to everybody.

    Women give less than a shit about you

    funny the overlap between weak white incels and MGTOW
  • supercutebutt
    So you "explain" MGTOW by never saying what the stupid letters stand for? lol.
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  • Anonymous
    When you filter out the misogynists, MGTOW has a point.

    Marriage has become too corrupt and institutionalized to be worth risking it. The divorce rate is basically a flip of a coin, the woman is very likely to win custody and take half of everything the husband has even if he didn't do anything wrong, if there is a domestic dispute it will be the husband who will be the primary suspect even if the wife perpetrated it. By the way, prenups are useless.

    None of this is against the law but it should be. That is why they see marriage as a trap, there is no benefit to it as the husband. You get more freedoms if you just remained a couple.
  • Anonymous
    funny video... explain a lot... this is parody... but parody is a window to reality.
  • Anonymous
    “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”

    ― Franklin Leonard

    Really though, I think stoicism is a much better life path than MGTOW or Incels or any part of the "manosphere" because most of them end up just dividing people and creating feelings of injustice and rage out of someone merely rejecting someone else.

    They become increasingly extremist and they end up just ruining people over time. Many of the incel domestic terrorists started out in the PUA community then moved on The Red Pill and then to MGTOW and then to incels.

    These communities radicalize people by punishing or shunning those who question the accepted doctrine, so people follow blindly out of fear that their own communities will reject them. They become willing to accept more and more extreme ideas to fit in.

    The inequalities in divorce laws and murder trials happen because women are assumed to still be weak and inferior. This is a great example of how the cultural narrative that any large group of people is inferior harms us all, just in different ways.

    I have friends from several of the "manosphere" communities who have gotten out through stoicism. They are learning how to question things again and they are learning to stop generalizing large groups of people and how to stop thinking in an us/vrs them context all the time.

    Meditation would also be a much more productive use of your time!
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    • “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”
      Women would be the group referenced by that quote though.

      "Really though, I think stoicism is a much better life path than MGTOW"
      And MGTOW generally do practice stoicism, that's a core component of it as a philosophy. So think you've received a warped interpretation of it.

      "These communities radicalize people by punishing or shunning those who question the accepted doctrine, so people follow blindly out of fear that their own communities will reject them."
      No. That's just a mis-characterization of these communities. You're making a generalization based on communities in general. The nature of these communities makes them resilient against functioning in that way.

    • b5fan

      By your quote you seem completely ignore of the concept of Female Privilege. An objective look at the laws relating to gender relations shows a massive bias in favor of women over men.

      Some examples of this bias are:
      A child is raped, rapist gets pregnant, rapist gets to choose to keep the baby, the rape victim must pay support.
      A wife cheats, gets pregnant with another's child, husband must pay.
      A husband makes 90 percent of the money in a marriage, gets no fault divorced, looses 50 percent of what he earned.

      In a true patriarchal society:
      Adultery is a crime.
      Paternity fraud is a crime.
      Fathers get default custody.

      An examination of our laws that pit a woman vs man results in the woman winning every time. If a privilege exists in our society it is female privilege.

    • b5fan

      “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”

      ― Franklin Leonard

      Take a look at this daily mail article about the Agony of 50 50 custody.

      I think the case of the existence of female privilege is closed...

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  • Anonymous
    The majority of men who identify as MGTOW do not hate women they just do not wish to have a close personal relationship at this particular moment this is not set in stone it depends if they meet someone they feel they are compatible with, all these men have done is performed a risk/benefit analysis and decided that marriage/family life is not for them.

    True some but not the majority of the men in MGTOW have had bad experiences through divorce and the family court these are the ones who are extremely vocal.

    Feminists and their supporters think that MGTOW is one homogeneous movement, it isn’t, each man goes off on his own track they are all individuals responsible for themselves and no one else, this is why feminists have a problem dealing with it as there is no one target to aim at so they try to smear anyone who identifies as MGTOW, that is why they follow the 'Fight Club' rules and don't talk about it with anyone they don't know.

    The MGTOW philosophy is now in the wild and has been given the oxygen of publicity courtesy of CNN no matter how much they tried to smear it.

    But - Feminism Has Liberated Men by insisting that women are physically equal to men and do not need men. So men have taken that to mean that they no longer have to marry, they can take jobs that give them just enough earnings to be comfortable, by not having to support a family, to not do killing amounts of overtime working more hours than living, take on debt through mortgages, they can pursue any hobby, just by being a bachelor and interacting or not with women as the mood takes them.

    Men are doing what they want to do, not what women want men to do and that is why women are upset because they have no CONTROL over these men any more, that is why they say that MGTOW is sexist, because men are now looking out for themselves first and foremost.

    Well done feminists you created this and you are now learning about the law of unintended consequences.
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    • R4zor

      Bravo mate well said

    • @R4zor yeah sure while they sit there and claim 99% of all rapes are false. Horrible people.

  • Anonymous
    It's a pro male organisation so all the progressive organisations will not want to know, regardless of whether it has valid points or not.
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  • Anonymous
    Men and women same, trans people are the same. Gender is a social construct.
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    • Yaaten

      No it isn't.

    • @Yaaten exactly so how about instead of holding one’s gender against them you let it go and be a good person? Bullying may have been cute in school it isn’t in adult life though.

    • Yaaten

      @Shuttlebus78 What are you even talking about? Who have I been "bullying" here?

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  • Anonymous
    While the motivation behind the MGTOW movement is certainly valid and justified, it is no better than feminism in that it has become a hate movement whose most vocal members do nothing more than spread hate for the opposite gender and widen the divide between men and women that feminism created.

    Feminism and MGTOW are two sides of the same bitterly sexist coin and both do far more harm than good.
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    • I was involved in a conversation the asker was involved in. He actually talked about raping some poor lady just because she wanted to vote. I think someone else posted something about it on here. Looks like he had it deleted though.

    • Anonymous

      @BeefTarTar Yep, he's a good example of what I was talking about. He's just exacerbating the hatred that feminism started.

    • I don’t know. I just recently found out women in the USA couldn’t even have their own bank account until the 70s. There are other things too. Hateful feminists need to go away. But so do guys like this one.

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