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I've been reading these comments about MGTOW and the problem is that MGTOW has been placed in a vacuum that is isolated in its environment. People have been saying vile things about MGTOW because they are full of misconceptions about MGTOW. MGTOW is a response to feminism. Remember MGTOW is a response to feminism. It was feminism that fired the first shot.

Feminist quotes:

Feminist quotes 2:

Feminist quotes by themselves are nothing but when you have the law backing you that changes everything:

Women-only defenses-"Women who kill too much and the courts that free them: the twelve female-only defenses"-chapter 12, pgs.254-282 from the book "The Myth Of Male Power"(to keep this short we will only cover three)

1.The "innocent woman" defense "I am starting with the 'innocent woman defense' because it underlies all twelve defenses. At first I called this the 'Female Credibility Principle' because of the tendency to see women as more credible than men because of being thought more innocent. However, even when women admitted to making false allegations that they were raped or that their husbands abused them, for example, their admission that they lied was often not believed. Therefore the belief in the innocent woman ran even deeper than the tendency to believe women."

Farrell gives an example such as:

*Bessie Reese was angry that her husband was leaving her so she poisoned the lunches of her husband's traveling companion's children and those children died. Her husband's friend, James Richardson, was falsely convicted of killing his own children and sent to prison even though he had an alibi and he sat on death row for 21 years before being exonerated for the crimes. Reese had confessed to the crimes while he sat in prison but nobody believed her and she was no innocent little girl. She was set free after being found guilty of poisoning her first husband and guilty of shooting her second, only this time she did a short stint in jail. The only way Richardson was freed was on racial grounds (Reese is white and Richardson is black). Why was she never considered a suspect? Because the local sheriff was having an affair with her and covered up for her.

2.The PMS defense ("My body, no choice")

"In,1970, when Dr. Edgar Berman said women's hormones during menstruation and menopause could have a detrimental influence on women's decision making, feminists were outraged. He was soon served up as the quintessential example of medical male chauvinism. But by the 1980s, some feminists were saying that PMS was the reason a woman who deliberately killed a man should go free. In England, the PMS defense freed Christine English after she confessed to killing her boyfriend by deliberately ramming him into a utility pole with her car; and, after killing a co-worker, Sandie Smith was put on probation-with one condition: she must report monthly for injections of progesterone to control symptoms of PMS. By the 1990s, the PMS defense paved the way for other hormonal defenses. Sheryl Lynn Massip could place her 6-month old son under a car, run over him repeatedly, and, uncertain he was was dead, do it again, then claim postpartum depression and be given outpatient medical help. No feminist protested."

3.The husband defense "The film 'I love you to death' was based on a true story of a woman who tried to kill her husband when she discovered he had been unfaithful. She and her mom tried to poison him, then hired muggers to beat him and shoot him through the head. A fluke led to their being caught and sent to jail. Miraculously, the husband survived." The husband forgave her and her actions. In fact, a lot of husbands forgive their wives even when that husband has done nothing wrong.

Then there is this:

MGTOW explained
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