The current state of feminism is affecting young women, more than helping them, and here's why,


1. The glamourization of sex work.

Now, I personally believe adult women can choose to do sex work if they wish, but glamourizing it is a HUGE issue. Just browsing through Tik Tok, I see loads of underage girls saying they cannot wait to start an OnlyFans. On top of that, glamourization leads to misconceptions. It's not empowering, it can take a huge impact on your body image, make you competitive towards other women on the platform, if you fail, then you develop a complex of constantly comparing yourself to others, and losing your confidence. The AVERAGE OF creator earns 129£ (180USD) per month on OnlyFans, which is not even a quarter of most peoples rent, these things need to be spoken about before young women decide to join these platforms, as once you do there's no going back, yet New wave Feminists seem to be pushing it as empowering and fail to talk about the huge issues with it.

All I've seen in recent months is a rapid increase in the sexualization of young girls. Danielle Bregoli joined the OF platform as soon as she turned 18, however, uploaded multiple different 'outfit' pictures on the SAME DAY almost immediately as she joined, this means most of those pictures are from when she was 17.

The current state of feminism is affecting young women, more than helping them, and heres why,

2. The normalization of fetish wear being worn out, every day by teen girls.

Now don't get me wrong, I love garters, chokers, and so on, but do I love seeing them on underage girls? No. I have seen ownership collars on young girls from age 14 and up, full suspender belts and so on, I agree to an extent clothes don't hold sexual meaning, BUT to include literally BDSM wear in that? Is absolutely stupid, Mouth gags, ownership collars, they originate from BDSM fashion, and they should be worn when of age, not to school or as a fashion accessory, again I see feminists push the normalization of this more than anybody else by saying 'Clothes don't hold sexual meaning'. (Just a side note, I don't include normal garters, they actually originated to hold up socks. However, there's no denying the sexualization of them.)

These girls are younger than me, Im 18 (Ignore profile age lol)
These girls are younger than me, I'm 18 (Ignore profile age lol)
The current state of feminism is affecting young women, more than helping them, and heres why,

3. The seeing everything as an attack on women, within professional environments.

So, I'm from England. Here we have a school uniform, and luckily our regulations aren't 'stupid', unlike some I've seen in America where a girl can't even wear a tank top in summer because her shoulders are 'revealing'.

School uniform is a long tradition, and serves many purposes, for me it prevented a lot of bullying because I couldn't afford fashionable items growing up, school uniform made me look the same as everyone else.

However apparently now, if you cannot have your skirt hiked up to your arse, your blouse unbuttoned with a massive push up bra on, while underage (secondary school is only until 16 here) then you are being 'sexualised' and targetted by men. I'm sorry, but some body parts are DEFINITELY sexual and do not need to be shown off in school, keep it to when you're out with your mates, even then you are underage. Again, this is another thing I've seen new wave feminists behind, portraying school uniforms as oppression and misogynistic, these girls can dress however they want outside of school, but right now they are in a professional environment, with a focus on learning, so what does it matter?

I've recently found since I go to college now, and don't need a uniform I spend so much time choosing an outfit, and getting ready/getting insecure about my appearance, School uniform stops a lot of this, with making the main focus on your work, not a competitive playground on who does their eyeliner the best. Again, new wave feminists are pushing to sexualise young girls, even in a school environment, an environment thats unfortunately already heavily sexualised by porn. But sure, let's let 11-16-year-olds run about with their skirts hiked up their arse, blouse unbuttoned, thigh highs on and more makeup than a drag queen, that's freedom, right?

That concludes my tedtalk, I guess I'm 'anti-feminist now lol, Nope I just see things for how they are, women have much worse issues to deal with right now than whether girls in first world countries are allowed to show their thongs in school. Check your privilege.

The current state of feminism is affecting young women, more than helping them, and here's why,
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  • SlightlyEccentric
    You really have to wonder what women like Susan Anthony would think of modern feminism. Like, is this really what you had in mind for women when you were fighting for the basic right to vote: young girls being told that being a whore for the humans you supposedly hate and blame all your problems on (men)? Decades and decades of progress all to become the very thing many men like women to be: a living cock sleeve. It's really sad that women aren't being encouraged to aspire for better, that being a whore is the best you can and should do.
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    • t-8900

      I'm sure she would have decided to never support the idea of feminism at all lol

    • Feminism is a Neo-Marxist Ideology where men are pathologically labeled oppressor, and women pathologically labeled oppressed. Men are pathologically demonized, and women pathologically put on a pedastal.

      Susan B. Anthony never referred to herself as a feminist, after her death in 1906 feminists simply claimed she was one of them! Revisionist history is one of the many tools of the Marxist and Neo-Marxist ideologies!

    • PAcc92

      Susan B. Anthony initially opposed suffrage because she felt that Women effectively controlled their husbands through sex.

      Now marriage is dead, Men are walking away, and you can get pussy basically anywhere so why marry?

      Studies show Female happiness decreases every year, guess Feminism is working

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  • hi_it_is_me123
    No you ain't anti feminist. I agree with your take. I have the feeling feminism is used to glamorize sex work. The sex work industry is corrupt as f and many girls get mental issues due to it. Sex industry aka porn industry can be linked to sex traficking. I dont understand why people in america can't drink at 18 but can be a sex-worker etc. at 18
    Teenagers should not wear fetish clothes or revealing/sexy clothes as you said since they are legally kids.

    https://youtu. be/m5a3RBPs6xs
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  • NicoletteXO
    I agree with you. Nothing wrong with sex work - I work as a stripper for a year while I was at law school, and then full service work for six months a decade later when the corona lockdowns crippled my international business. I made money and had a wonderful time in the sex industry, but I saw that my experience was exceptional. Most women don't have the physical attributes or the emotional discernment to do the job well. Also, I live in a country where sex work is perfectly legal, and we had wonderful security who kept us really safe. I never posted any nudes or vids online which might haunt me later. To delude teenage girls into thinking that it's going to work out for them is deeply problematic. It will work out for about 1% - the other 99% will end up with a terrible reputation, alongside emotional or physical trauma and really no money to show for it either. Contrary to what guys seem to think, you really do need talent to make money in the sex industry. Most women do not have it.

    The bondage gear being worn by young girls is also really gauche. The funny thing is, the people I know who are actually the most sexually liberated (including myself) don't wear any of that - certainly not in public. It's just going to draw the attention of bottom-feeders AND - dare I say it - increase the risk of getting raped or assaulted.

    Also, I am so sick of everyone perceiving everything as a slight or attack on us! Honestly, it's ridiculous. There are now many spheres in which I'm well aware women get privileged treatment. I joined a political party recently, who are looking for candidates to run for the next election. I was (of course) the only woman at the meeting. In that environment, being a woman is CLOUT. I know if I want to run, they will be slavering to have me, since it looks good for "diversity". Honestly, I don't know what feminists are complaining about.

    I think the biggest problem facing women today is the demonization of femininity and motherhood, and economic systems which make it very difficult for men to support a woman to stay home with their children - thereby both emasculating the man, and masculinizing the woman.
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  • lizchill
    I agree with you. Young women now a days are ultra sexualized. Teenage girls are wearing clothes and makeup in such a way now as too appear like a porn starlet. Sex has become to regularity too mainstream now. The taboos and rules placed upon sex have somehow faded away after the years. Modesty and respect are slowly eroding away.
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  • VanillaSalt
    Feminism lowers the quality of women for men, lowers the quality of women in their own eyes (even if they don’t believe it), and lowers the quality of people all around as their the mothers and ones expected to raise the children… they used to complain about the promiscuous nature of men then as soon as it’s Not taboo their taking up the mantle they got mad at men for…

    I respect women less today then I ever did in my youth before being a gothic whore at 14 was a thing…
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  • SaoirseS
    Where is parental involvement and influence in all of this?
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    • Anonymous

      I didn't add a sector on this, because I have soooooooo much to unload when it comes to parental responsibility, and how badly its affecting our children. I'd be here writing it for days, and at the time I wrote this mytake at about 2am? But yes, parental responsibility, comes into this HUGELY.

  • Oram52
    Oversexualization of girls is a problem but you can't just blame feminists or feminism, even though I am not exactly pro-feminism either. We need to put things in perspective and realize these girls are still smaller proportion overall.

    First we need to distinguish between natural instinct to look sexy and sexualized. Especially when you're young, hormones are raging you're naturally going to be interested in sex, fashion etc. So girls putting effort in to look pretty or sexy needs to be distinguished with them oversexualizing themselves. Problem here being they think sexualizing themselves is normal.

    Also there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with sex and nudity, its natural. Nothing shameful. Of course keeping in mind age and context, when you're underage clearly its not something that should be accepted or encouraged.

    Yeah double standards exist with feminism, sometimes its sexual liberation others its objectification. There are no clear boundaries, only what feminists dictate.

    However what's missing here is Parental responsibility. Primarily its their responsibility, doesn't matter what feminists say. Social Media also plays a role like you said, its difficult to police what these girls get up to there. It can lead to further problems, like bullying, mental issues, possibility of being groomed etc. So its not just feminism, there are other important factors too.

    If this issue is to be tackled then things have to be put in perspective, and understand girls will dress sexy or pretty, they want attention from boys, hormones are raging. That is fine. So what we need to distinguish and help them realize is - sexualizing themselves at that age is not something that they should accept as normal. When they're 18 and go clubbing that is fine. When you're 16, even if you think you're mature enough, its not something you should think is appropriate.

    It doesn't matter - girls will post sexy pics on social media for likes, its natural. You simply can not prevent that, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, depending on how it is done. What needs to be done is help them realize the distinction between sexy and sexualized. Help them understand social media use is fine but being addicted to is not. Help them tackle bullying and mental issues they may end up incurring.

    It needs to be a social issue, we need to recognize this as an issue, as it is now a growing trend. Parents can't police 24/7. You can't just pin it on feminism. Their is also thing called personal responsibility, sure we're not mature enough at that age to fully comprehend our role to take responsibility, but it has to be them to take appropriate actions, and we need to figure out what are they best means to achieve that.
  • hellacray
    Haha yup starting an OF and selling your bodies is empowering. But... Sexy artwork in a video game that's bad and degrading.

    Yeah some of these feminists got everything backwards.
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    • Anonymous

      Yep I agree, also glad you said 'some', a lot of guys are taking this take the wrong way and not seeing my take properly.

      I also play videogames and have no issue with the amount of boobage I see! They're fantasy characters, as long as their lore is of age etc I couldnt care less, Guy characters are also sexualised lmao.

    • hellacray

      Yes they are and guys don't care.

  • t-8900
    I honestly think Feminism is just a tool by raging lesbians to curb birthrates by making women as unappealing as possible to men and also making them spend more time focusing on careers until they are no longer fertile to have kids. That's just based on what I'm seeing. Feminism doesn't benefit society really and it lowers birthrates and they've known about it yet still push it.
  • FilmGuy93
    I agree with you. I think women basically don't realize how badly they screwed themselves by being "liberated." They literally created a culture where men can sit on their asses and play video games while claiming to be house husbands. I want to be perfectly clear; I know that there were a lot of very serious and unfair problems that women had to face with the old way of doing things, but y'all threw the baby out with the bathwater on this one.
  • Luckycharms12
    Why are é girls or emo it's a trend just like goth was when I was grown up. What has that to do with feminism?
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    • And teens rebel all part grown up

    • Anonymous

      Because radical feminists are linking BDSM/Sex themed clothing to youngsters and saying it's okay. I'm also an alternative girl, have been since about 13 BUT the girls in the images are all 14-16 and you can see their thongs, and one is also wearding a bdsm harness/collar. The others are 'ok'. I have no issue with alternative kids, wearing their thigh highs, piercings and so on, but I do have an issue with extreme feminists saying its ok for kids to show their panties for an outfit, and to wear bdsm gear.

  • XSea-Sonic
    Those are “feminists”? Yes. I’m sure those represent ALL feminists. GENIUS. Absolutely genius. This site has got to require college educations and an ID check.
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  • bannacookies
    So fashion from minors is all about feminism? I'm a bit confused.
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    • Anonymous

      Hi, incase I didn't make this clear enough. Many of these 'fashion' items were created for sex, and being worn by minors, which extreme feminists are normalising as okay. Thats the issue.

    • I see.

  • PAcc92
    Cam Girls and Sex Trafficking have always been linked.

    For a long time sex traffickers have used it to place their mark, and many women on cam girl sites are actually forced to do so by sex traffickers.
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  • MCheetah
    Excellent MyTake. Feminism is and always has been toxic. But since no one does their research, they just like to assume feminism is nothing more than "helping women gain equality," and "giving women rights" and all that garbage. Women have been gaining rights since before feminism and feminism never actually HELPED with any of these things; they just wanted them. Kinda like how SJW's claim to want more rights in society, but never actually help with bringing them to life. If anything, they hurt their own causes, and first-wave feminism was exactly the same way (they delayed women's suffrage by nine years due to negative public reception).

    If people want equal rights for all, then they need to just treat people equally. Feminism is the antithesis of that. It's giving lazy, entitled, stupid, talentless women hand-outs and taking away opportunities from deserving, hard-working men. I'll always despise feminism, and social justice in general, for their bigotry.
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  • Drag254
    I don't know about what to say about this topic but do u know that girl wearing a neon top in 2nd pick?
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  • Smegskull
    They are just paying the debt for the lies of their predecessors.
    Every bill comes due eventually.
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  • BeenThereLovedIt
    "The AVERAGE OF creator earns 129£ (180USD) per month on OnlyFans"

    Source please.
  • backblueblack22
    Ironically modern feminism has ushered back in patriarchy.

    Men are no longer openly allowed to sexualize young women (especially underage ones). Okay fair enough. Good.

    However now its mostly women who are doing this to themselves in the name of “freedom”. Then they enable f boys and discard/get bored with chivalrous men.

    Back in the 1970s feminists where very much against pornography. Now they see it as “sexual expression”. There are porn companies run and operated by all women.

    Instead of pointing fingers let’s just try to figure out WHAT is right vs BEING right. The bogey man “patriarchy” is a convenient scapegoat anymore.
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  • bamesjond0069
    Your biggest mistake is you think society can function with women being equal. You cannot both have women occupying work and education in equal or near equal numbers as men and expect to not have a feminism dominated society. Thats dream land. Women should stop formal education at like middle school and go to finishing schools and learn how to be a lady so they can get a husband. Anything else even if they are not themselves feminist, pushes a feminist society. Either society can support working women or stay at home moms, not both because each requires society to be set up exactly opposite. Your personal life choices are your political vote.
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    • I think what you are saying is that any person person cannot "have it all at the same time".

      Is that a fair assesment?

    • @FoghornLeghorn99 true. And neither can a society.

  • NorthwestRider
    Why you care soo much Miss Karen
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  • Mauryandrew
    All your femins need is to be fucked like this
  • Partaken
    eh if girls wanna be thots let them be thots
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  • Anonymous
    Start cracking that whip!The current state of feminism is affecting young women, more than helping them, and here's why,
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  • Anonymous
    Thank you for pointing out some of the many negative aspects of feminism. It seems most women are happy to ignore those and blindly focus only on what they perceive as positive things. The reality of today's feminism is that the net effect it has on women, men and society is overwhelmingly negative.
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    • Anonymous

      Yep I couldn't agree more with what you said, it seems you've understood the point of my take, not to shit on all feminists, but to highlight the negative aspects of the extreme side of feminism, that often go overlooked. A lot of feminists, as you said turn a blind eye to these things as they think pointing them out will make them 'anti' when in reality, it just means they can think for themselves, and forumlate a proper opinion, instead of following the movement as a whole, even if there's wrong within it.

  • Anonymous
    Thats liberal feminism. Be a radical feminist
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  • Anonymous
    But feminist me are pushing for things like federal maternity leave in the USA, the only developed country on earth without it. That alone screws over millions of women just for being women.
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    • Other than the feminism has made it clear men are the enemy to the point that any man with a brain keeps himself far far away from women so maternity leave will be pointless if no one is having kids

    • Anonymous

      This is my take, and I didn't target normal feminists, but it seems I didn't make that clear enough - Maternity leave is a right, as every first world country has it, even some third world, yet America doesn't I strongly agree America needs it. But do I agree with the type of radical 'KAM' type of feminism I mentioned in the take? No.

    • Boppy

      Also, "There is no federal or state statutory minimum paid vacation or paid public holidays" in America, says wikipedia.

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