Reforming the military

Reforming the military

We need to stop yelling at our troops. Everyone needs to be respected equally.

Ok that's all.

But it unprecedented. One of the greatest militaries to ever exist treated the officer and the soldier as equally important. You can read history if you can't trust me.

Reforming the military
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  • FýrdracaDócincel
    The thing about this issue is that everyone's experiences seem to be vastly different.

    You got people who are like "Our drill sergeant almost never yelled at us."

    Then there are people who are like "Our drill sergeant forcibly pounded us up the ass at least once every day aND wE tUrnED oUt jUSt fInE."

    So how do you determine if this is actually a problem?
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  • SparklyMop7
    The purpose of the "harsh" treatment is to mentally break down people so they can handle the pressure.

    If you're captured by the enemy, they're not gonna treat you as an equal. Soldiers have to be able to keep their cool and handle these things without giving up information
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  • SafiyaHearts
    How else are you supposed to get everyone’s attention? Your pretty much dumb. It’s when everyone takes it seriously, you have to expect that. You never been to the military have you?
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  • OlderAndWiser
    Did you ever serve in the military?
    • I dont need to. Soldiers get ptsd, even drone operators do, because they feel coerced to do everything theyre told

    • "Serve" is a pretty toxic word to use too

    • Your brief responses speak volumes!

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  • Dargil
    You are astonishingly in error and I can't begin to educate you.
    Semper FiReforming the military
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    • Proud to be raped by a loudmouth

    • Dargil

      I forgive your ignorance. Both I said softly.

    • Your under the control of the stockholm effect

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  • exitseven
    I remember getting yelled at in basic training by a DI who was from the sough somewhere. I could barely understand what the hell he was bellowing at me. I just jumped until the yelling stopped. I figured this was just a way to teach me to deal with confusion. It sure came in handy after I got married.
    • Yea the deal is is that those sergeants are being used by the officers to gaslight you into thinking there's a tangible difference between you and him

    • Its abuse and needs to stop ASAP. Recognition like with a salute or by not saluting them is far different than disrespecting people and their potential

    • exitseven

      I was in ROTC and knew that in a few years I would be an officer so I just kept my sense of humor and dealt with it. I never felt like anyone was really being abused.

  • EnglishEuropean
    I was invited to comment but I don't know anything about the military so I'll just post a video clip from Full Metal Jacket:
  • msc545
    With all the problems that this country has relative to financing the military by enriching the defense contractors, this strikes me as a rather minor problem
    • The structure of the military is minor?

    • msc545

      I don't think this is about the structure of the military particularly. The military has a habit of yelling at people who first join and that is an old tradition in while it is sort of disgusting, that's what they do. I'm not going to worry about it.

    • It reflects on its poor structure. the dummies enforcing it aka drill sergeants are enlistees themselves

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  • Vetera
    This is the dumbest thing I've ever read.
  • Anonymous
    We need to go back to the military of the 1970s and 1980s. There should be more yelling and more, as they called it, "wall-to-wall counseling". We need mentally and physically tough men in our ranks again.

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