Why I think the Main Stream Morons are traitors!

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When our Constitution was drafted, adopted, and ratified, the Framers had a conception of a free press as being an absolutely essential component of democracy.

They wanted a system that would work!
They wanted a system that would work!

Unfettered by government regulation and control, the press could tell the people the truth about current events. That's vitally important, because an informed electorate is an important ingredient of the democratic process. So let's recount how the press is doing lately.

1. The Wuhan lab-leak theory is just another conspiracy theory touted by fringe elements on the right. This is what they insisted was the truth until it became obvious that the Wuhan lab-leak was, in fact, the most likely origin of covid-19.

The Wuhan lab, investigating the coronavirus, and the pandemic starts in that location.  Sheer coincidence!
The Wuhan lab, investigating the coronavirus, and the pandemic starts in that location. Sheer coincidence!

2. Did President Biden keep checking his watch during a ceremony for the 13 Americans killed in a terrorist attack at the Kabul airport? Not according to USA Today; President Biden would NEVER do anything that disrespectful.

There he is, being disrespectful!
There he is, being disrespectful!

After public outrage, USA Today reported that its earlier story was not wrong but taken out of context.

3. Axios reported statements from VP Harris that the Trump administration had left Biden "no stockpile … of vaccines" or a "national strategy for vaccinations," even though those statements were refuted by Dr. Fauci and were patently false.

4. Several of the main stream morons were fooled and ran stories about Oklahoma hospitals being flooded with people overdosed on ivermectin, a drug which some on the right suggested as an inexpensive and effective treatment for covid.

Why I think the Main Stream Morons are traitors!

When the right thought that the source of the story was a liar, CNN went on the attack to defend the story, but . . . it turns out that the source had never been employed at one of the hospitals supposedly overrun by ivermectin victims, and the hospital system administrator denied that it had treated a single patient for ivermectin overdose. So . . . the source of the story was a liar.

5. A black man - Jacob Blake - in Kenosha, Wis., was shot by the police while they were trying to arrest him after a domestic violence incident. The media widely reported he was unarmed, including in a USA Today fact-check declaring the notion he brandished a knife before the shooting "false," although there was insufficient information then available to make that determination. Enraged by the reports, local citizens protested with violence. In fact, Blake later admitted that he was carrying a knife whch he dropped and then was picking up during the incident.

Why I think the Main Stream Morons are traitors!

Does anyone see a pattern here? The media is not doing its traditional job and has, instead, taken on the role of acting in concert with the Democrat party to try to manipulate public opinion for political gain. They no longer support any American traditions or values and their apparent goal is to destroy anything recognizable about the USA.


Why I think the Main Stream Morons are traitors!
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  • Aerissa_Jade
    Sad thing is, it has been this way my entire life. Not sure when the last time it was ever not the propaganda piece for Democrats. We all see how the media was attacking Trump but they defend Biden, to no end.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Likes2drive
    Yeah it’s hard to know what to believe anymore from the media, they have their own agenda on what they report, usually have to listen to the news outside the country to get the real news
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  • nightdrot
    There is much here that is valid and not without merit. However, let us keep perspective here.

    The media at the time the Founders laid out the First Amendment were almost all partisan news sheets. The very idea of an unbiased media would have been laughable.

    Moreover, the term "yellow journalism" came out of the 19th century. Indeed, it was media reaction to the sinking of USS Maine that pushed a very reluctant President McKinley to ask Congress for a declaration of war against Spain. Indeed, speaking of "fake media," it was later discovered that the sinking was probably an accident and not a Spanish attack.

    The notion of an unbiased media really only came about as an accident of technology. Television had three - four if you count PBS - networks. Radio had two national news networks - CBS and NPR. There were three newsmagazines - Time, Newsweek, U. S. News & World Report. Newspapers were always locally focused and it was only due to their location that The Washington Post, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal gained national prominence. (Later USA Today did create a national identity.)

    Because of the limited outlets, in order to get the broadest possible audience, the news business had to attempt a high degree of balance. Moreover, during much of this period there was a stronger sense of social cohesion, which tended to reinforce the tendency toward balance.

    However, beginning in the 1980s with cable and the first cost effective lap top computers, it became possible to target a specific audience. Throw in the proliferation of outlets and social media and audience segmentation took off. Then, as night follows day, a more biased journalism followed. It was as much effect as cause.

    Indeed, ironically, it was Fox News - under Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes - who first saw the potential for audience segmentation and who really began the tilt in media coverage. In this MSNBC and CNN merely were echoes - reaching the audience that Fox opted to forego. (Foregoing it because, especially in the 80s and 90s, the conservative audience was much larger than its liberal counterpart.)

    Put another way, a biased media has been the historical norm. The trick is to be aware of your media and - most importantly - to be discerning about facts and aware of one's own biases. That, however, as George Washington said long ago, in the obligation of any good citizen.

    What is more worrisome is the sloppiness and slipshod nature of journalism. In part it is fair to say that bias plays a part - when you see President Trump getting, as he did at the time, 90% critical coverage, it is fair to say it is not just about the facts. It is doubtful Hitler got 90% unfavorable coverage. (Yes, that was a joke.)

    However, allowing for that, the pressure to get out ahead of a story - particularly in an age when every citizen with a phone is able to be a journalist, albeit an untrained journalist - is causing the media to get the story wrong and is reinforcing a mob mentality.

    In a populist age when established institutions are under attack and when the public is apt to judge its own actions as higher than the law and social peace, that is highly dangerous. See also the story of Nicholas Sandmann from Covington, Kentucky, who was effectively subject to a mob all because of a smile and an edited and unexamined video.

    This was, perhaps, the most odious episode. Adults, who should know better, reacted to visual stimulus, making no attempt to use reason to suspend judgment and get the facts, processing everything through the prism of their own bias and emotions. Thus feeding a 16 year old boy to the mob. This was the response of animals, not civilized human beings.

    Still, the fault lies as much with a vulgar public as a lazy slipshod and biased media. To be sure, the media failed in its first obligation. Yet the public were no better. Indeed, arguably at a fundamental level were worse and the cause of that media behavior.
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  • BeenThereLovedIt
    You are wrong about it being democratic leaning. There's a huge difference between leftist and liberal, just as there's the same equal difference between neocon and conservative sides.

    Most mainstream media is either liberal or neocon. Most independent media retains those same badges of shame.

    Someone once said that in order to get a true story, you have to jump on what happened the moment after it happens, because both sides will almost immediately start producing spin. Reuters tends to be a reliable news source, as they don't editorialize the story or give opinions, just the who's, what's, when's, and sometimes the how's. The why's are up to you to figure out, but common sense usually prevails if you don't consider all the spin done by the major networks.

    The huge difference between left and right is individualism vs. collectivism. There was once a time they co-existed fairly well together, and those times were the "great" times MAGA fans tout. So it's all a neocon and neoliberal freak show.
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  • Massageman
    The country - the society - the government- the governed (not getting into a chicken and egg discussion here) have strayed far from original intentions of the basic tenets of the founding of the United States of America. Had better "circle back" before it's too late, if not already (assuming current trajectory).

    So, no argument from me!

    ( I just keep getting their initials confused with my supplements to keep my body moving. )
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  • exitseven
    Yes, my wife works with the elderly and many of her patients cannot afford cable TV so they get their news from the networks. She was amazed at how many people were totally unaware of Hunter Biden's dealings with China, Russia and Ukraine. Most said if they knew about thi they never would have voted for Joe "The Big Guy" Biden.
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  • globetrotter22
    Funny that back in the 60s and early 70s the conservative censorship was a real thing and liberals fought against it. They believed they were “fighting the man” and this had some merit whether you agreed with their views or not back then.

    But not only did they get what they want but they eventually BECAME “the man” given the incredible power leftists have over institutions today. Yet they still have this attitude that they are still “fighting the man” which is insane.
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  • Daniela1982
    You are surprised by these revelations? We have half the people who don't believe the government and the other half that don't believe the press. So who is left to believe in
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    • I don't believe the Gov't or Media , so where am I?

    • @888theGreat In Blinken and Nod.

    • I somewhat trusted Trump , but I also know , he was competing with Reagan. So, he was going to one up him every time he could. He also inflates successes. Again , I knew that. Economy was best since Clinton tough. Reagan was like able and Trump just isn't. Again , i was OK because I understood how Trump worked. So, better economy , but not as good as Clinton or Reagan. I did not trust FBI or CIA , or other departments when Trump was President. I don't believe any in Gov't now.

      The Media stop being Independent in 1980's , and I have not trusted then since.

  • TadCurious
    Well done. And you and I both know that you could have gone on with a great many more examples of how the mainline media are just the propaganda arm of the American left/Democrat party.
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  • ctgent
    The truth is main stream media get's it's talking points straight from the DNC, if you watch them all, they say almost the exact same things. Our news is broken and become nothing more than propaganda!
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  • Avicenna
    There is nothing mainstream about these Communist propagandists unless the CCP is what one thinks is mainstream.
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  • Luopio27
    All politicsl systems, all over the world have loopholes, traidors, and what not.
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  • Seangreen
    Yeah it's called an agenda dude and a lot of people make a lot of money and a lot of us don't know why we don't have any money
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  • MannMitAntworten
    Read the Federalist papers and one can see the slant has carried on from the beginning - spoils system. This isn’t a recent phenomenon.
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  • MCheetah
    It's all part of the slippery slope. People accepted the Gamergate lies back in 2014, and then they accepted the "everyone who hates Ghostbusters 2016 are misogynists" crap. There were all kinds of "test trials" about the media lying and making stuff up, before they went full force with it during the 2016 US election and from 2017 onward.

    And the media can lie and make up all the BS it wants. But the onus is on the people to stop accepting their lies and propaganda. Ultimately, it's people who decide to watch CNN and FOX News, and reading New York Times and Washington Post clickbait articles online.

    I do agree we need to "defund the media" but they were made obsolete YEARS ago. They literally are just propaganda now, and their paychecks come from more than just advertisers and views.
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  • msc545
    Does this also apply to Fox, the mouthpiece of the Republican party?
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    • Write your own myTake if you want to talk about Fox.

  • Surely
    The news media must be on conference calls with the White House several times a day. That way they know which way to spin their yearns.
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  • BillyBalls
    The same Main Stream Morons went off on Trump when he called the media fake news.

    Seems he was correct.
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  • Grond21
    Jordan Peterson was right. They are ideologically possed
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  • adidas0169
    99% is controlled by the extreme far left. the same people that control what we learn in schools.
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  • captain_voidwalker
    None of this surprises me. Most people are sheep and they will be led to slaughter. The question is who will assume control after. Will it be people who believe in the US constitution and rebuild what this nation once stood for. Or will it be the socialists who want to usher in a 2nd Soviet union. There's a few minor factions in between to be sure but those are the 2 biggest and most powerful factions who will be fighting the 2nd civil war. And make no mistake there will be a 2nd civil war. Collapse is unavoidable at this point and nothing, not reelecting trump nor getting republican majority in the house and senate 2ill stop it. The moneys been printed and the inflation set in motion. So my advice is stock up of food and ammo, god knows you are going to need it.
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  • WhiteBoyChill
    The news media today is about promoting left wing agendas not factual reporting
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