Why do folks at GaG think the abortion debate is simply about choice vs life?


It never fails. So many folks here argue over political catchphrases than actual facts. The debate is framed by the media because American media is lazy.

The actual legal argument against Roe was made on the basis of privacy. That Roe had the right to consult with her doctor over issues about her medical condition during pregnancy. And the doctor had the right to prescribe abortion as one of the options to be considered.

I previously stated that Roe was having issues with her pregnancy. That was incorrect, information. That was her claim at the time. According to her statements during her documentary that was a lie. I didn't know, but the woman was an absolute mess. She seemed to be a serial liar. She actually made the claim she was raped by a group of "Black" men because she thought an abortion would be granted because of the racist obsession with mixed babies. But they lacked evidence for rape. She sought an illegal abortion, but couldn't afford it. Nor could she travel elsewhere. So she joined the suit against Texas and the lawyer formulated the opinion about privacy. She never actually cared about the debate beyond being paid. And the anti-abortion movement paid her about a half million dollars before she died.

But the point is, the legal ruling has nothing to do with my body, my choice. It has to do with private consultation with your doctor. Me and my ex never attempted to have a child. But we knew couples that did. And a few had a horrible time of it. One couple had several miscarriages/abortions and the wife had to be monitored constantly because of the jeopardy to her life. This abortion ruling no longer offers women protection against the state interfering with their decisions to abort when their safety is threatened.

Because even if you are in a state that might grant you an exception because of the mother's life is in danger, it won't matter. The decision to abortion is not made by a doctor. It is made by an appointee or a board that has no medical training. So they get to decide whether or not your life is under threat.

Clarence Thomas said they are coming for contraception next. The story there only gets worse. But if you are going to argue, at least argue over the actual legal justification for or against.

Why do folks at GaG think the abortion debate is simply about choice vs life?
Why do folks at GaG think the abortion debate is simply about choice vs life?
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