Feminism Must Go


There's nothing wrong with women having rights. There's nothing wrong with women being able to hold positions, have a business, or representation in government.

But let’s be real about it: feminism is not about equality. And it never was. This is just their political declaration to try to appease both sides or seem so humanitarian, but the truth is on a much deeper level feminism is about control and a love of Self. Be honest, what feministic woman truly has any real love in her heart?

And the influence of these women has poured over into our culture through media, schools, universities, and even family dynamics, poisoning our modern women. To where so many western women are the same, having selfish, arrogant, and unclean hearts that feel being a woman to a man or ever needing to have humility is weakness or “giving in” to men. Look at how sick our women are today that they see their value or power as only being based in how much sex they can have in comparison to men, or only because they’re pretty and can attract men. Yes, feminism believes that sex is power and that women = sex = power.

Feminism Must Go

It isn’t a movement of equality or respect. Rather it’s one that is more interested in trying to prove that men commit more murder, have higher suicide rates, etc. as a way to devalue men in general. And it is extremely paranoid and schizophrenic with its perpetual worrying about “misogyny” and “patriarchy,” like a bunch of medieval Catholic inquisitors wanting to make sure that no woman is left behind and mistreated. Women in 2022 still talking about patriarchy! Wanting to ignore the failures and irresponsibilities of shitty mothers, unfaithful wives, and slimy women politicians. These are the same women who want to brag to you and me that women have influenced the men of the world, but then can’t take it when I tell them “Then I guess that means women are actually to blame for all the wars, deaths, genocide, and corruption in the world.”

Equality means equality

Hey, feminists. Does equality also count when women are doing something wrong and should be punished for it? Or only when it suits you? A woman’s car insurance should go up just as much as a man’s when she’s at fault on the road, regardless of whether women in general are “safer” drivers. Five women who do something just as damn stupid on the road as 20 men should get the same insurance penalty as those men. The gender is different but the action is the same.

Feminism Must Go

A teacher who sleeps with an underage boy should be given the same prison sentence as a man who sleeps with a kid. No few months in jail and probation bullshit, regardless of how many more men are pedophiles than women. A woman who murders her kids, someone else's, her lover, or anyone else, should receive the same criminal penalty for it as a man, regardless of how often men do the same things. The gender is different but the action is the same.

Doesn’t equality mean equality? Or only when it suits you if women can get the benefits of it?

“Men don’t open up”

These are also the same women who claim men should talk about their feelings, but then get angry and try to minimize them when they do. Men are not hiding everything like people believe. Men are telling us all the time how they feel and what they think, but women can’t deal with it and want to make men feel bad for expressing their concerns, frustrations, etc. Every response from a woman is that he’s being “bitter,” that a woman “hurt” him, or that his frustrations are in some way related to not having sex. It is both ignorant and insensitive, but also tactics of trying to purposely deflect and disregard what men are expressing. They’re even being derisive to their own boyfriends/husbands, saying they’re “overreacting” or even laughing at them as a way to minimize their feelings or make them feel foolish for it. Seems to be that women want to pick and choose what they’re okay with hearing men open up about.

Feminism Must Go

Feminists are lying to both you and me when they talk about men needing to share their emotions. They can’t handle it and deep down think that what we feel is too heavy for them. They are selfish and want it to be that women are the ones who are always listened to and taken seriously, while they like to keep pushing their stats on male suicides so that we look like emotional cripples.

Weaponizing sexual violence

The United States is not even at the top of the list of countries with the highest rates of rape or sexual violence, but comes in third, and on other stats even lower than that. According to statistics - and even these are probably not accurate, the no.1 country is South Africa https://gazettereview.com/top-10-countries-highest-rape-crime-rates/. India didn't make the top 3 but should because rape is incredibly common there and they have a higher population in comparison to the U.S. But feminists want you to believe that the west is plagued with rape to extreme.

Feminism really is to blame for much of the sexual assault worry that’s been used for many years now. They are the ones who have generated “rape culture” concerns and paranoia since the ‘70s, creating an evil fear-mongering propaganda revolving around their obsession with rape, sexual harassment, ‘catcalling,’ etc. that has caused our culture to see men as potential sexual threats and predators for almost anything. Am I saying that rape/sexual violence is a lie? Of course not. But feminists try to weaponize it against men.

Feminism Must Go

They also simultaneously influence young women to believe that they are being preyed on or that anything a male does or says is a potential move at sexual violation that she should be on the lookout for, or is a “misogynist” act of sexually brutalizing or disrespecting women.

Sexual violence against women is always going to be an issue, but it shouldn’t be used as a political weapon against men or a tactic to gain support by any means.

Feminists are more misogynist than anyone

The group that is the most paranoid and phobic of misogyny is the one that hates women the most. They hate true femininity and female energy and believe these things are what actually make women weak, and is why they want them to be like men, which is unattractive and destroys the feminine energy. It’s like literally telling a woman with long hair that she looks ugly and should get a pixie cut and wear a suit instead. Which, feminists have pretty much done without saying it. They absolutely do hate what a woman naturally is and want to change her into something they feel is better, stronger, and powerful like a man, or what can compete with a man.

Feminism Must Go

They also hate women who don’t agree with them, and hate women even more who actually understand where men are coming from. A group that touts “equality” should be able to tolerate and respect people who disagree with them. Instead, they bury these women alive deeper than they do men who don’t agree with feminism.

A glorified hate group

Ultimately feminists are women who have deep personal insecurities about their own femininity or even sexuality as a woman, and project their mental and emotional issues onto the world as problems that affect all women. Feminism has never been about helping all women. It has always been about the cries of individual female figures who gained a voice loud enough to make them famous and talk about problems that are supposed to be all women’s problems. You’re upset because you want to whore around and not get called a dirty slut for it and march in the streets about it, meanwhile the woman in the rural parts of India just had floods devastating her land and her husband’s farm, and that’s what she’s concerned about.

Feminism Must Go

Feminists are a hate group that mechanically repeats the same stats like sexperts who still go by the Kinsey studies, contradict their own logic, literally look for reasons to abuse anyone who says the slightest thing they don’t like, and teach young women to learn their foolish, occultic rituals and political views. They are the most wicked, confused, and divisive of all the so-called “rights” movements of today.

Danger and destruction does not always come in the form of guns, bombs, or gas.

Feminism Must Go
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