America Rant: It's not just the "politicians"


Contrary to popular belief, the so-called "United" States of America is not the freest country in the world. Not even moderately free!!! But here's the thing though, it's not just politicians that try to give this country a bad name.


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America is only a free society compared to those run by actual dictators in authoritarian countries like Russia, China, Venezuela, etc. Even compared with collectivist homogenous societies like Italy and Saudi Arabia, America is a joke full of misinformation in the mainstream media and scare tactics used by supposedly God-fearing parents to hurt their children. Henry Ford is still taught in schools as a legend, when he was literally the only American to have been praised by the contemporary German Chancellor before World War II.

At or before the age of 12, I began to realize that this "free" shit-tier country was full of capitalistic corruption with a shitty school system and assholes for teachers too concerned attempting to get too involved in their students' personal lives. I was semi-ignorant of politics and racial issues at the time, even. All this "zero tolerance" BS for bullying and drugs.

Other countries, including Canada and Mexico, are laughing at us. American parents (mostly Christian and/or Republican) expect their kids to follow all aspects of whatever their own vision of "mainstream society" tells them to do, unless a part of that vision goes against their agenda. Opinions are considered or implied as "facts", and facts as "opinions".

America's overton window has shifted so far right over the last four decades that its "solid-left" (Biden, Harris, Newsom, Pelosi, etc.) is unofficially the equivalent to Germany and the UK's center-right. Funny thing is I say this as someone who voted for Trump over Biden, yet no one believes me when I spread the truth about the so-called "left-wing" in America. It's why I laugh (at least in my head) at my family members when they proclaim to be "centrists" or "independents."

Parents and teachers openly pick favorites, as it's considered "normal" in America. All this fake patriotism talk. The politicalization of religion and sports. America is a globalist country wearing a nationalist suit, that Henry Ford's racist and antisemitic "ideas" inspired countries from all over the world such as Germany and South Africa; and George W. Bush (the man behind ... well, y'know) literally pressured pastors and The Salvation Army to convert people in African countries (such as Rwanda) to Christianity.

Many kids become "sensitive" or "spoiled" or "bratty" (the correct term is "scarred") for the rest of their lives because their parents instill fear in them at a very young age (usually 5-11). This is considered "normal" behavior from the "parents" in North American (particularly US and Mexican) cultures.

Some countries in Europe, especially Sweden and Finland, are much happier places to live in than the US. Universal healthcare at no cost, universal college at a semi-no cost (even the government makes the students pay very little in taxes).

When my fellow Americans rant about inflation, gas/egg prices, etc., it doesn't affect what I do in my daily life. These f*ckers are broke as hell. Who cares about price. Especially when billionaires are starving some of us to death. Unless you're on some SSI or EBT shit, the government won't take any student seriously. Here's the funny part, you can't earn more than a certain amount per month and definitely not on a debit card. The government is the most ableist and classist sector of this entire country.

Age is treated like a numbers/market value/hierachal type of game even outside of hot topics like consent.


Parents tell their kids not to be racist, while also spouting lowkey ethnonationalistic and blatantly homophobic, transphobic, and fatphobic BS. Total f*cking hypocrite

I'm done ranting about America and the conservatives. Also to the hardline progressive side: Family Guy, South Park, and stand-up black comedy are not real-life 🤡

That's the end of my 4,226-character rant.

America Rant: It's not just the "politicians"
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