Being a girl must be fun. Being a man is not


Not gonna say "i hate being a man" as much as I would like to.

I am saying "it's fun being a girl" with an implication, that life is better being a girl. And I have not been a girl yet and I doubt I will go that way. I am too old for that now.

Girls are basically the center of society and have access to many diverse and fun things compared to men.

If you are a man, have you ever stopped and dived into "what are the girls up to?"? Then you'd know girls have a lot more possibilities than men unless you are rich or you'll go through being socially alienated.

What fun do girls enjoy, that men can't? In no particular order:

Girls are blessed to be born with the body and it's contents, that shape the girls "rig" to be attractive on a fundamental level. Girls take huge advantage of this almost like an exploit to 10x enhance their beauty. It is no wonder that even many girls are into other girls and not into transgirls. Men don't have that in their biological blueprint.

Girls can maximize that with make up and a vast selection of clothing options. The clothing stores dedicate no more than 10% of it's space towards "men's sections" and the biggest portions towards ladies. Men's section consists of what? Jeans, shorts, sporty/lounge pants, cargo pants, hoodies, t-shirts and suits. Girls can choose all that from men's section plus very many things including but not limited to stockings, skirts, dresses, ponchos, kimonos, forearm sleeves, heels & stilettos, high boots with zippers, short and fluffy fur coats, blouses, hanboks and many more things. Is it any surprise, that men do cross dressing?

Being a girl must be fun. More so than being a man
Being a girl must be fun. More so than being a man

Girls can get sex by just asking. And they can get plenty of matches online.

Girls can get away with not making good money.

Girls can be attractive and cute and boys are seen as gay or weak or sissy if they replicate that.

Girls craziness is excused.

Girls can get free meals, gifts and sometimes money. And never see that sucker again.

Girls can do many fun things with their hair and have bigger hairstyles selection than men's generic "short and styled" unless they want to rock some hairstyles, they can do that too but girls have a much bigger selection.

No one is expecting you to have the strength to singlehandedly lift car engines or delivering deadly punches.

It is fine for girls to be quiet, introverted, passive and lazy. Men will move mountains for them. Good f---ing luck boys, who happen to be the first 3 in dating. Your hands will be there for you.

Men do all the work in dating for girls, so that all the girls have to do is say yes (or no), look pretty and show up.

And then people act like transgirls are the sickos. No, this is exactly why they have turned into transgirls and it shouldn't be a surprise that transgirls are becoming more common. Watch this. It is one example of many.

Being a girl must be fun. More so than being a man

So like what? Men are doomed?

Being a girl must be fun. More so than being a man

Men of course can attempt to do that too but they'll face significant obstacles such as being socially alienated for cross dressing (and not finding the fitting sizes because women's clothings are quite smaller, so a XL on their clothes corresponds to S for men. How do I know? I tried), being deviants or being plain unable to do the same. And so have the transgirls became what they are.

At this point, why shouldn't i turn into a transgirl? What's my excuse? I don't really have any. Why inhibit myself like that when i can probably rock it like they do? Except I am not that young anymore.

Being a girl must be fun. Being a man is not
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