I don't know any girls, how do I get to know them?

Ok my problem is I don't really know many girls, actually I know very little girls. I don't really know where can I meet some girls that I could be friends with and have fun. All my male friends are constantly texting, chatting, messaging, calling or communicating in any way with girls but I have no idea where do they know them from. You can't just make friend from a random girl you meet?

All I want is basicly to know more girls that I can talk to or call to a party or just be friends or something more. I want to be like my friends, they know a lot of girls and they often call them to parties or go out somwhere. When they (friends) go out they always see some girls they know and talk to them. That never happens to me. I think that's because when I was younger and in school I never dared to talk to girls and now I have problem of not knowing any.

I'm not uncomfortable at all being in company of girls and I don't have any confidence or similar problems. It is just really hard to meet new girls for me beacise I don't know where and how.
Some info:
- I don't go to school (I go but not in regular)
-I don't work
- I have a lot of free time
-I can't be a judge of my personality but I think I'm quite good to guys I have seen.
-I go to parties (not parties in someones house but in a club)
-I'm 17

Why I decided to write this: Few days ago I saw some guys sitting around parked car and listening to music and there were also a lot of girls there and I thought I could never bring girls there I don't even know any. Then yesterday again I saw a groups of guys standing infornt of store at night and some girls passed by and one guy knew all those girls and he talked to them, I thought this never happens to me. And I saw how my cousin (same age) is constantly chatting and messaging and snapchating with some girls, while I'm chating only with guysI knew I had to change something...
I don't know any girls, how do I get to know them?
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