Why do skinny girls get treated so badly?

I mean people treat skinny girls like shit for either being to skinny and boney. They always make fun of us saying we never eat. Same goes for vs models, they are beautiful women that were either born that way or had to work hard to achieve there bodies. And when guys go on to say "oh she's too skinny" I mean Ik no one likes anorexics cause they are straight up nasty but don't go bashing girls cause of weight period. Then a curvier girls makes fun of us too. But if a skinny girl says something about bigger girls we are the bad ones. I don't get it. All body shapes are beautiful
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VS models do not stare themselves!!! I can't tell you how many times I hear this. They are not even that skinny yes they are slim but people act like you can see every bone in there body which is not true. They actually work out you can see how hard they train for the fashion show. And I notice its the same one guy on hear down voting everyone that's saying positive things about slim women... Wonder who that is...
Why do skinny girls get treated so badly?
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