My ex-boyfriend says he wishes me the best?

Me and my ex-boyfriend of 4 years now are no longer together, instead he is with his ex girlfriend that he only dated for 1 month. we have been broke up for almost a month now and we have only talked once until last night when he texted me. we are both seniors so we we both at a basketball game last night and I seen that he kept looking at me so I done the same thing. so once I got home last night he texted me and said:

*him: "seen you tonight'

-me: "yeah I seen you to.."

*him: "seen you looking j/k"

-me: "seen you looking to, what was you doing looking?

*him: "i wasn't why was you?"

-me: "yeah you were or else you wouldn't have known that I was"

*him: "why was you?"

-me: "i was watching the game.."

*him: "oh ok my bad"

-me: "so why was you looking then?"

*him: "i don't know who's your boyfriend?"

-me: "why you say that for?"

*him: "just wandering I know you have one"

-me: "who said that and if I do then who is it?"

*him: "nobody and I don't know but I got to go to bed"

-me: "oh alright"

*him: "tell your brother I said hey"

-me: "k"

*him: "well goodnight and I wish you the best no matter what ok and you will always be in my heart everywhere I go"

-me: "evidently your heart doesn't include me me so OK goodnight"

*him: "it does but things have changed between us like you said your feelings have changed"

-me: "no the only feelings that have changed is yours"

*him: "you know yours have"

-me: "no I'm talking about your feelings towards me"

*him: "well they have now but you was the one that said it"

-me: "what do you mean you don't have feelings for me anymore?

*him: "well I do but not like they were and you don't either do you?"

-me: "do you care more about her then me? and no they haven't changed just like I told you the last time we talked"

*him: "well I'm going to go to bed talk to you later"

"-me: "ok well don't even bother anymore I'm not gonna waste me time bye"

*him: "what ever"

so did I do the right thing? it seems like he is just trying to play with my feelings just to see if I still care about him, and I mean I would do anything to get him back because I just love him that much but I know that I can't because he seems to like her to much, so should I just move on? but he was the one that texted me first so at least I didn't give in and contact him first. should I try texting him back later or just move on with my life?
My ex-boyfriend says he wishes me the best?
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