How to get over him?

My ex has severe issues with my past. Last night he had told me how he felt much closer to me, and how he was happy that we were doing better, arguing less, overcoming our problems, and started making plans for the future. That made me feel so safe, secure, happy and in love.

Yet today we were on MSN and suddenly he started asking questions about the past and making ridiculous demands. He started telling me I shouldn't see any of the past guys anymore. I told him I can't control who I run into, unless I stop going to college altogether. He said "Maybe you should, if you run into any of them, if you just see them, tehn you'll see...".

Then he started making a huge issue out of this guy who was friends with me when I was a naive 17 year old. This guy was a bit older, and he onced forced a kiss on me at a party. I didn't talk to him for a couple of days, but then I started talking to him again because I thought he was my friend and I didn't want to lose his friendship. Then I stopped talking to him when I started with my boyfriend and talked to him only once when I ran into him at the university, but that was like 3 years ago and I've never spoken to him again and I definitely don't want to (turns out he's kind of a psycho/stalker, he stalked one of my friends and it was ugly).

Anyway, my boyfriend says that if I kissed him and the continued talking to him then "it means something". I insist I didn't like that guy, that he's short, fat and ugly, and a psycho, but my boyfriend says "Well that didn't stop you from kissing him, you didn't even have to keep talking to him after the kiss, that just shows how much of a slut you are". He judges me a lot on that, and keeps calling me a lying slut, because yes I did lie a bit about the past but I came clean, but I'm NOT a slut! He treats me like I'm gonna cheat or whatever or that I still want those guys and that's not true! I love him and want him and him alone, I've never even thought about cheating and nobody comes even close to him.

He says I'm the biggest slut he's ever met, just because I kissed a few random guys, some guy forced a kiss on me and I didn't tell the cops, and because I gave oral sex to a former, close friend of mine who I happened to like. All of that happened before I even met him. I was young and naive and sure, I shouldn't have done those things, I'm definitely not proud, but what can I do about it now? It's done already. I lost my virginity to him anyway. I've only ever loved ONE guy: him. And while I did have sexual contact with my former friend, he never touched ME sexually, only my boyfriend has seen me naked, only my boyfriend has made me orgasm, only he knows me intimately. And everything sexual besides a BJ, I've discovered with my, well ex boyfriend.

But that's apparently not enough for him.
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Oh, just an FYI: When I discovered my boyfriend had issues with my past, I immediately stopped talking to all the guys. He gets mad that I just see them, even from afar. Yet he never stopped talking to his exes or whatever until I asked.
How to get over him?
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