Should Childhood Obesity Be Considered Child Abuse?


So I enjoy watching documentaries on YouTube, especially ones about obesity like Supersize vs. Superskinny and My 600lb. Life. I came across this clip from Our America with Lisa Ling and it interested me. Childhood obesity is growing at an alarming rate, and not just in the US. Most developed countries are fighting the obesity epidemic, especially the UK and America.

People have thought that childhood obesity should be considered child abuse even though obesity usually doesn't impact a child's health until they're in their early 20's, if that. Also, some people say that even though parents are responsible for what is on the table, that doesn't control what their child eats outside of their house. For instance, at school, students have access to different foods and their friends bring in food from their house that they share. Also some kids just overeat when their parent isn't looking, even though the parent is providing proper nutrition and portion sizes at the dinner table.

Others say it's the parents responsibility and if they can't get their child under control, then it should be reported to child protective services. So what do you think? Should childhood obesity be considered child abuse or neglect?
Yes, parents need to take responsibility
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Depends on the severity of the situation
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Should Childhood Obesity Be Considered Child Abuse?
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