Have you ever met a millionaire in real life?

I have in school.. The guy had his very own movie theater and some investors. I really wanted to talk more with him but then I'm like I'm broke, my parents can barely afford rent and majority of the students here are in poverty, if I talk to this guy he'd most likely think I was a 16 year old gold digger. Plus my teacher who dressed up and such for the guy didn't want to look stupid or bad in front of the rich dude... I had the opportunity to talk more just didn't think he'd want to talk to someone dirt poor like me...

i can't believe I was more willing to talk to and socialize with a broke high school dropout or broke criminal than a actual rich person who could change my life and possibly help me and my family.. I feel so stupid...
Yes I have
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When I had friends I try not to ask for help or money from them but i had one friend who was willing to give me money or buy me things whenever I needed it... She was Asian. I never had a black friend do that they either stole from you or always asked you for money. I'm not saying that black friends are no good, I'm just saying that they won't help you most likely if it involves money.
Have you ever met a millionaire in real life?
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