Do you ever lose faith in your own people?


Do you ever lose faith in your own people?
Do you ever lose faith in your own people?
Firstly id like to say i dont think im any better than anyone else. I love my Queen and country. Im just im glad i grew up around different cultures.

Im not prejudiced against my own race, but most my friends growing up were from outside my own. I've noticed how a lot of other cultures such as Hindu and Sikh cultures are so much more sharing and grateful for what they have and take pride in themselves and respect one another

I think a lot of people in my country are very ungrateful and in titled for what we have as a country. Especially my generation. They are constantly getting drunk at night and getting into fights. Not thinking about the over worked under funded services we have the privilege to have im are country who have to clean up there mess afterwards. Coincidentally most these people are the same people who praise the NHS on Facebook constantly but don't show it when out in public.

Are NHS and police are constantly getting attacked by people they are trying to help. I think if the NHS wasn't free people wouldn't do half the stupid shit they do and wouldn't take them for granted so much.

When aboard its always British people causing the embarrassment. Getting naked, shagging in the streets of Magaluf whilst high. when other people from around the world come to England they show the up most respect.

Its like the idiots are breeding to much to young in England and raising them to be most feral Jeremy Kyle wannabes.

Coronavirus is what's really let me down. British people pushing elderly people and pregnant women. whilst when they reports on the rest of Europe they are acting claim and polite. They are putting plastic screens up on tills now in shops to protect staff from the virus but not only that but aggressive customers who trying to attack them. Honestly were other countries do you get that.
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Britain is not the county people think it is. Most of us outside of London work shitty hours in factorys for shit pay and its not all pretty little peaceful villages full of cottages. Its dirty council estates full of addicts pissing in the streets.
Were not polite at all if anything very past progressive and as you can see we swear a shit ton even when were not mad its just how we speak, we use swear words in everyday sentences. im not making fun of the working class either
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as the upper classes are just as bad for all what I've spoken about too. They just deny it and thinl they are better than us clips whilst I drink the second bottle of wine to themselves everyday after work but deny they are alcoholics because they are middle class and not doing it on a park bench.

They also keep going out when were ment to be in lock down. Its not fair on the police or the NHS they are trying to do a job and keep people safe whilst they give zero fucks for others.
Do you ever lose faith in your own people?
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