For ZPGer is coronavirus a good thing?

My dad is a ZPGer. Looking at if just from a population growth perspective, he argues we need to reduce population. The only way to do that is by either letting people die off naturally or controlling the rate of births. Everything from climate change to fresh water to food for everyone depends on reducing the population. Now I agree with him on reducing population. I would like to see it done as well as banning abortion (I don’t believe killing an unborn child in the solution I think killing babies is immoral regardless if they’re in the womb or not there’s no way you’re going to convince me that a fetus is not a human life. If you want to make an argument why it is necessary for a woman to murder her child before it’s born try doing that but you’re not gonna convince me that a fetus is not a life no I’m not religious I just don’t believe in killing people without it being necessary)

back to ZPG is coronavirus a good thing and yes I’d rather have people die of coronavirus been babies killed in the womb. I’d honestly rather have a law saying you cannot live past the age of 75 thank your babies in the womb
For ZPGer is coronavirus a good thing?
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