Sigh~what do you think about mongolian?

Before it, I check up background, they get involved with many sides after all. like slavic people come from eastern european met viking in north european then Mongolian raped all to be tartar. Are they trouble? I mean you still can smell what Genghis Khan's personality from them now. So I can feel some whys? They are still a part of China, although we take them as a country cause they know how to live in grassland but I think they are bored to run around worlds. so like Genghis Khans, we help them then they would treat you meals but wine take part of it mostly. So you know... to be honestly they are like Goku, I dont know how to describe. Maybe like russian we call them fighting nation, dont know does that come from Mongolian? Caeasar said slavic were weak, I thought that because they were gentle actually.
Sigh~what do you think about mongolian?
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