Your thoughts on the tragedy of Hana Kimura of Terrace House, Tokyo?

So I live in Canada and recently discovered the Japanese reality show Terrace House and became enthralled. This is not your average reality show (See reviews below)

What it brings to light that many can relate to is the pressure of a life spent on social media and the impact of feedback and criticism that ensues. These are precarious times for many. And I worry about the emotional stability and resolve of some. Add to this the economic worldwide devastation of covid-19, and we may have an environment that is simply too much to bear for some.

So please be gentle with one another. You are not ultimately responsible for others, we all have free will, but your actions do matter, and you could be more integral than you know or realize.

Here, Kai is not to blame for Hana's end, she clearly had underlying issues and much pain, and he did the only thing he felt he could - apologize and absorb her anger. What more was there to say?"In a reality TV landscape cluttered by fame-hungry pseudo-human caricatures Terrace stands alone, simply letting actual humans be delightfully heartbreakingly human."
J. McElroy, Polygon

A. Ridker, New York Times Magazine, described the show as staggeringly banal yet capable of genuine literary excellence.

In The Guardian's "Terrace House: must-watch Japanese reality show in which nothing happens" Aroesti attributed its success to the comforting viewing experience, meditative in nature. An example of truth being more compelling than fiction, "For everybody who has been consistently disappointed with the gulf between the principles of reality TV and the actual reality, Terrace might be the genre’s saving grace."

Yvette Tan, BBC News suggests its success is due to its mutedness "Quiet and calm on the eyes. It's soothing colours, the people are nice and speak in muted tones" contrasting against other "neon" reality TV, which shouts for attention with bright colours and loud contestants, is part of Terrace's appeal as a reality TV antidote.
Your thoughts on the tragedy of Hana Kimura of Terrace House, Tokyo?
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