Is Mike Tyson a good guy?

Let's analyze Mike Tyson. Basically, people like him because he was a big mean guy in the ring. He beat guys to a pulp and became the youngest heavyweight champion in history. People love the "champ".

But did you guys know he raped an 18-year old woman? He was convicted and only served two and half years in jail. Mike during his marriage to Robin Givens repeatedly beat her and committed random acts of domestic violence. He once claimed the best punch he ever threw was at her. As he described "that b---- knocked over everything in the apartment." He was constantly under the influence of drugs. He was constantly in trouble with the law. He would get involved in street fights outside of the ring. For instance he beat up Mitch Green in an ambush. He sucker punched him.
Is Mike Tyson a good guy?
He beat up a parking attendant. He routinely groped and sexually assaulted various women.
Phyllis Polaner, former aid to Givens, sues Tyson for sexual assault and harassment. He even threatened prison guards while serving time. He bit off Evander Holyfield's ear in a boxing match in a desperate attempt to avoid losing. He threatened journalists, reporters and anyone who dared challenged him.So does he deserve to die? If someone kills him now, will that person go to jail? Will we have to hear endless nonsense assassinating his character, justifying his death? Maybe people have to be punished and do their time in prison. But you can't hang the millstone of their past deeds around their neck. Mike will be the first one to say he got off light. But he is 53 years old now. He has survived and learned how to become a better personThis interview gets me a little bit. "I have not paid for my sins".
Is Mike Tyson a good guy?
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