Is being a Christian and a liberal a oxymoron in your opinion?

This guy on YouTube said I can't be a Christian and liberal as that is a oxymoron.

I'm a liberal at heart personality wise because I deeply hate conventional ideals (which mostly is bias, unfair and favors the rich and powerful only) status quo and conventional structures and philosophies of men as its some sort of rules I have to obey because they say so.

Screw that! I proudly rebel against all that hot trash.

I'm free spirited by nature and desire to break free from traditions of men passed down and set my personal values and ideals.

I don't support LGBT, gay marriage, abortion, gender dysphoria nonsense, which a lot of liberals do, at least here in the U. S. but I don't.

LGBT and killing babies has been going on for thousands of years, so that's nothing new in the world and I will never support disgusting evil acts.

I'm fairly balanced politically. My views, I support big government, workers unions, gun rights, free markets, closely regulated capitalism, strong military, universal healthcare, strict limited immigration policy, progressive tax on the super rich, protecting the environment with the best quality clean energy, right to education for all, protecting animal rights, social equality and justice, decent and fair wages for the working class, protecting women, the poor and those susceptible to mistreatment, abuse and oppression of any kind.

I'm for government social programs to help the needy and disadvantaged in society since vulnerable and weak people exist in our world.

I believe in creating a mini paradise for a nation and its citizens to the best of the ability possible to have happy, healthy and productive citizens.

I'm very religious and deeply and truly love and fear God, Jesus Christ and the Bible and hold to the tradition God's word only; as I'm willing to die for the lord Jesus Christ and the gospel, yet because I mostly reject conservativism ideals of men from the past then I can't be a Christian?
Is being a Christian and a liberal a oxymoron in your opinion?
Is being a Christian and a liberal a oxymoron in your opinion?
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