Why is transphobia getting worse lately?

If you’re transphobic, your opinion is too pointless for what I’m seeking and I don’t need negativity.

If you are transphobic then ignore this because you have no reason to care.

This post is for LGBT supporters ONLY. I will report any hateful comments.

I am a LGBTQ ally. I am concerned that the community is taking things too far. Many LGBTQ people are aware of it.

ALL the community wants is to be accepted but it seems, nowadays, that people are involving stuff that are unnecessary.

I want to talk about the transgender community.

Transphobia is getting worse.

I’m afraid that it’s due to the community doing things that are making them not want to support them and many ignorant people are generalizing the WHOLE community based on the actions they’ve noticed in SOME of them.

As I am an ally, it is breaking my heart, how bad it’s getting. I want to figure out why it’s getting this bad.

I would love to hear what your opinions are. I hope people are interested in reading this.

I hope nothings seems too offensive.
Why is transphobia getting worse lately?
Why is transphobia getting worse lately?
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