What is your stance on marijuana legalization?

I say this as an aspiring officer that I believe marijuana should be completely legal for both recreational use and medical use (from what I read, it's already legal in most states for medical). In the city I'm at, marijuana possession is still a crime, but possession of 4 ounces or less has been made a non-arrestable offense and there's a bill headed to the state senate which would lower penalties further for possession of marijuana. The only condition where I think use of weed should remain illegal is giving it to kids under the age of 15 and use while driving as it puts themselves and the public in danger. Otherwise, if it were up to me we'd just tell people to tuck it away so they don't make themselves a target for less than likable people who might see it and decide to rob them and no citations or anything like that would be given. What is your stance on it?
What is your stance on marijuana legalization?
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What is your stance on marijuana legalization?
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