Well Regulated Militia. What does it mean to you?

Americans talk about a well regulated militia all the time but dont seem to grasp what that means exactly, surely it doesn't mean a bunch of untrained obese AR15 owners. Surely it's more akin to the British Army Reserve (Territorial Army) who gave good service during WW1 stepping into the breach in s time of need to hold the line after the Regular British Army was decimated by superior numbers in Belgium and France at the start of WW1. Part time trained volunteers. Who also answered the call during WW2 right up to the present.In Britain its the Army reserve though it used to be called the Territorial Army (TA). A force of well trained volunteer part-time soldiers ready to serve in a time of war or emergency to serve abroad or as a home guard. Regulated and trained by the British state loyal to the crown.
In WW1 they held the line against the Germans after the Regular British Army being small in number had been decimated until more soldiers could be conscripted and trained to be sent to France. In WW2 I think they served in the BEF along with the regular British army and along with the those conscripted were folded into the regular British so there was no distinction but don't quote me on that because I'm not 100% on that.
You could also include the Army regular reserve which are ex soldiers of the British army that are still eligible to serve.
The Royal Auxiliary Air Force has elements in the RAF regiment that could be considered members of a well regulated militia. The Royal Marines too have a volunteer reserve too. Think Royal navy does too.
I think the national guard is the US version of a we regulated militia.
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Citizenry that is armed and is not under government control is not a well regulated militia
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You can't be in a well regulated militia if your obese or diabetes took your leg...
Well Regulated Militia. What does it mean to you?
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